Another installment of the madness of the mellows. Songs to pamper your heart rate. This time I am trying to reach out into different genres for mellow songs. We have some amazing chill trance thanks to Velvet Girl, a slow spanish rock by Nacho Vega, the interesting sounds of Rob Dougan, a remix with the one and only radiohead and soothing vocals from Landon Pigg and new music from Andrew Birds latest EP titled “Fitz & the Dizzyspells”

The very song from the Tv Commercial Diamonds are Forever that appeared early last year from Landon Piggs. A slow and heartfelt song with melodies carefully put together for your enjoyment.

“Falling in love at a Coffee Shop” – Landon Pigg

”Falling in love at a Coffee Shop”

Have you ever seen the Matrix? If so, you will probably recognize Rob Dougan’s “Clubbed to Death (Kurayamino variation)”. Rob is a genre-blenind music composer from Sydney, Australia known for mixing elements of orchestral music, tirp hop and bluesy lyrics. His voice is soo damn cool and chilled.. its perfect for this mellow post.

“Nothing At All” – Rob Dougan

”Nothing At All”

Self-described as a rock-singer-songwriter, Nacho Vegas blends the polyhedric language of rock and the most stark lyricism into an intense whole. His lyrics are painful and celebratory, pathetic and grand, brutally lucid and of an intimate beauty; a desperate philosophy of survival shines with a wicked sense of humour and a longing for the divine.

“Dry Martini, S. A” – Nacho Vegas

”Dry Martini, S. A”

The talented songwriter multi-instrumentalist from Chicago, Andrew Bird, just released a new ep Bird’s new Fitz and the Dizzyspells. “See The Enemy” which is a variation on “Anonanimal”

“Andrew Bird” – See The Enemy

”See The Enemy”

And of course we have to have some electronic mellow trance courtesy of Velvet Girl.
“A New Dawn” Velvet Girl

”A New Dawn”

This might not be the chillest song in the world, but I am a sucker for anything radiohead. Due to their huge sucesss, I would say hundreds of remixes are being created everyday and it is just a delight when you come across a good one.

Radiohead Vs. Dave Brubeck – Five Step

”Five Step”
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