Dawn Golden
All I Want (Illenium Remix)

Often times we come across a song that completely takes us on an emotional journey from start to finish. One such artist that consistently perfects the art of melodic music is Denver producer, Illenium. With his impeccable and genius song choices, the young producer continues to take our favorite songs and transform them into something truly ethereal. After his sensational remix of Oh Wonder’s “Shark”, Illenium has returned easily his greatest remix to date.

Taking on Dawn Golden’s breakout single, “All I Want”, Illenium creates an elusive and emotional experience for all who listen. Filled with atmospheric, uplifting elements that intertwine with a soft, yet, moving piano melody, Illenium infuses this track with angelically reverberated vocals, haunting synth harmonies, and bone-chilling breakdowns that will cover your skin with goosebumps. We here at TMN are impressed with the level at which he has taken his sound design and this remix is clear proof that he is paving the way in music as we speak. So grab your free download, press play, and elevate your soul today because lord knows we need a moment to breathe.

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