On June 22nd, XXL magazine will be issuing a Freshman edition that is going to highlight some up and coming talent. One of those emcees that will be featured is Mix Fox. We have the pleasure of hosting Mix Fox’s newest project, an official music video for his single “How We Roll,” as a premiere in the dojo.

“How We Roll” has been released by Soundlink Records and is currently available on iTunes. With the song we get a shaded, minimalist beat whose vibe sets the tone for a low-key party track. Nothing is over-the-top with this tasteful instrumental, and Mix Fox’s rhymes are fast and ferocious. With the music video, instead of getting a first-person point of view, we follow the front of Mix Fox as he performs the song throughout a house party. It’s an interesting flip that makes for a cool visual counterpart. There’s also a guy in a banana costume following the rapper around with a boombox, so you know it’s good. Check it out below, and get ready for more work soon from Mix Fox.

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