Machines (Tru Fonix Remix)

Whether you’re a fan of this unofficial holiday or not, one thing remains to be appreciated by all music lovers across the globe – 4/20 brings some incredible music releases. This remix from UK-based duo Tru Fonix definitely fits that build, and will quickly become one that will find it’s way into regular rotations for smoker’s and non-smoker’s alike.

Putting their spin on “Machines,” which is coming up on Modestep’s brand new London Road album (out May 25th), these two welcome us into an industrial, bass-heavy soundscape, complete with robotic, mechanical synths, and light, accentuating percussion. The vocal samples are crafted perfectly, adding to the enveloping and decadent experience. And while it would absolutely destroy a dancefloor, we have a feeling that it will also heighten the festivities for those who partake in today’s festivities, as they lay back with their headphones on and drift into higher state of consciousness.

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