moonboy inc.

We may be miles away. We may be hours apart. No matter how you choose to measure distance, we’re on the same page as Berlin-based Moonboy Inc. It’s Thursday, a notorious party night around the globe, and “Why Lonely” has us feeling that groove.

While the lyrics swing towards the more melancholy side of songwriting, the instrumental elements are very much lively and danceable, driven by a lead piano melody. The inventively manipulated vocal samples are what first brings the song’s personality to life, latching listeners in from the get go. From there, it’s a mix of light percussion work, layered synths, and an additional, quite impassioned set of vocals from another singer.

This track is streaming on Moonboy Inc’s SoundCloud, as of today, but will eventually be found on his upcoming EP, Postcards From The Moon. We suggest you follow his account and keep an eye out for it.

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