Every once in a while we experience a mini life freakout.  “What the hell am I doing?” “Where the hell am I going?” “What the hell is happening next? Unless you are totally secure in your world, which is pretty awesome if you are and many kudos to you my friend, we’ve all had these questions swirling around in our brain at one point or another. The trick is to drown it out. We can only live in the present, so whats the point of stressing out about the past or future? Make the most of the moment. Appreciate your surroundings, be grateful for where you stand, and enjoy a free indie dojo. It should only take a moment or two..

’Cari Cari – White Line Fever’
’Hello Satellites – Television Screens’
’Ernest Ellis – ‘Shine Like Me”
’LION BARK – Longhorns’
’Sea Change – Let’s Dance’
’Terminator – Preston Lovinggood’


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