According to the calendar, its summa, summa, summatime. So what better to do then sit back and unwind with a playlist or two. Right? If you haven’t checked out “The Love Playlist” yet, we suggest you do. We’re talking 60 songs to swoon your seasonal crush for the next 3 months. Once that’s in the bag, keep the love on a continuous flow by slipping in a weekly indie dojo every now and again to keep those sentimental feelings going. ‘Cause really, love and music is all we need…..Agreed?

Download Zip: Indie Dojo June Round #4 [Mediafire]

Wise Children – Winter’s Wall
Right Away, Great Captain! – When I Met Death
The Lighthouse and The Whaler
Kalle Mattson – Water Falls
Hoots & Hellmouth – Why Would You Not Want To Go There?
Brett Detar – The Devils Gotta ‘Earn
Samuel Tucker Young - In The Background
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