Why does it feel like the moment your paycheck hits the bank, it’s gone before you even offer to buy it a drink? Can’t it just stay for a while? Just a little? If you feel abandoned by your hard working dollars, no need to fret. You’ve got the Indie Dojo to get you through the next excruciating couple weeks before your next one arrives. Not only is the Dojo as frequent, if not more, than a weekly paycheck,  it’s free-er than air, requires no hard work and stays in the internet bank from the first playlist deposited. Consider it a savings account that continues to grow will little to no effort. And the best part of it is?….It wants nothing more then spend time with you….

’Palehound – Pet Carrot’
’The Daydream Club – Soundwaves of Gold (Remix)’
’Second Hand Heart – Spending My Time’
’Magic Trick – Come Inside’
’Keston Cobbler’s Club – A Scene of Plenty’


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