Anytime a new Bondax track is released, you just know it’s going to be a good week for the Chill Dojo. That together with all the other amazing tunes in our playlist again prove that to be the truth for this edition.

As for the song in question, ‘Fires’ opens in a majestic fashion as can be expected from the prodigious UK duo. The stunning vocals of Josh Record make the opening minute a simple joy to listen to. And then there’s what comes next. Words actually can’t do it justice. You’ll just have to listen for yourself. Is there even a point in trying to describe what Bondax do? We do need to include something in this write-up though, so instead we can talk about the smooth stylings of Cherokee and their work on this Amerie classic. As we’ve been taught numerous times before, this seasoned French duo have a way with funk, and the bassline on this remix will quickly have you under its spell. While we’re high on this groovy feeling, let’s kick things up a notch with this absolute jam from another Frenchman in Jean Tonique. There are some things that the French just do better, so there’s no way to decipher how exactly he has made this fresh Jay-Z remix so goddamn funky. You’ll be too busy in a state of uncontrollable dancing to even care anyway. Now this dojo isn’t known for posting a whole lot of progressive house, but every so often there’ll be a special tune we come across with the perfect vibe for what we stand for. MaHi’s latest release is a prime example of this, with ‘Wake Up’ providing dreamy melodies and an uplifting feeling that just needed to be shared. Since the dojo’s first beginnings, we’ve seen plenty of unknown chill producers set the blogosphere alight with a consistent stream of amazing music. One of the hottest names right now is Kygo, and this week we were given another reason to be heaping praise on the young Norwegian. No stranger to the top of the Hypem charts, Kygo has quickly scaled them once more with this beautiful take on Ed Sheeran’s ‘I See Fire’. His charming melodies and infectious percussion are once again on full display for another track to be replayed again and again. And if you still can’t get enough, check out edit from DJ AA for a different blend. We could keep writing about this week’s additions forever, but we’ll keep things short so you have more time to enjoy the newest jams from our favourite beatmakers like Mr. Carmack, IAMNOBODI, and Flofilz.

Enough talk, more chilling. Peace out

Chill Dojo #65 zip

’Bondax – Fires Ft Josh Record’
’Amerie – 1 Thing (Cherokee Remix)’
’Jay Z feat. Pharrell – I Just Wanna Love U (Jean Tonique Remix)’
’MaHi – Wake Up (Original Mix)’
’Ed Sheeran – I See Fire (Kygo Remix)’
’Kygo, Morgan Page & Ed Sheeran – I See Fire (AA ‘Longest Road’ Bootleg)’
’Mr. Carmack – Humbled’
’Jeftuz – Spaced Out’
’IAMNOBODI – Needs & Wants & Bad Habits’
’IAMNOBODI – Home Hiatus’
’IAMNOBODI – Dancing In Eden’
’Joe Space & FloFilz – Dünnes Eis (Cuts by fLOwTEC)’
’Goldroom – Adalita (Figgy Remix)’
’Fabich & Ferdinand Weber – Stay Away Too Long’
’Moon Boots – Got Somebody (Free Magic Dub)’
’Rhye – The Fall (BRONX Night Dub)’
’Oscar Key Sung – All I Could Do’
’Citadel – Stand Next To Me (Pretty Pink Remix)’
’Ben Khan – Savage’
’Purple – The Club (Shlohmo Remix)’
’Shmallen – Tell Me’
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