There hasn’t been a project that Cloudhead Records backed that wasn’t dope. This past week they released an EP called finite from an Icelandic cat-loving producer named dark cat. After listening to one of the tracks, we were a fan, but after listening to the whole EP, we were blown away.

Over the past year, dark cat has been releasing a myriad of tracks here and there, but we feel that this new EP is the start of something special in his career. The musicality throughout this EP will knock you off your feet. From the start with “BANANA STREET,” you get sucked in and dark cat never lets you go. This EP builds strength and speed as it progresses, with the first two future tracks seducing your ears, then “IRENE” hits with its dynamic sounds. After that, “PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS” brings the pace down a bit with its jolly composition that will give you frisson at least once. The last song on the finite EP, is the only collaboration on the project. dark cat teams up with lonemoon for what may be the best track on the project, as well as the most different stylistically. Safe to say, we’re all about dark cat now, and chances are you will be too. Check out the EP and open up iTunes if you want a copy.

’CAN’T YOU SEE (w/ lonemoon)’
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