The final phase of Mecca is here. LEViT∆TE. has pushed out three sets of songs taken from his album with the fourth and final being brought last week. Today, we deliver the installment to you.

If you have been following this release schedule, you already know these tracks are available for free. The whole album is free. It’s not something you want to sleep on either. Haven’t checked out the rest of the album? Make sure you do. For now, we’ll focus in on the four songs that close out the project. The first is the collaboration with Ian Delile and Taane Jr on “Let Me Go,” an emotionally charged song that is one of the most unique on the album. “Air Raid” comes next and continues the more laid-back style, which is furthered by the title track; one of the best on the album. Lastly, we come to “Finale” which starts with some potent piano chords, then develops into something entirely unexpected. This one is another favorite of ours. As we said, check out the whole project, follow LEViT∆TE., and download everything; all thirteen. You need them.

’LEViT∆TE – Let Me Go (feat Ian Delile, Taane Jr)’
’LEViT∆TE – Air Raid’
’LEViT∆TE – Mecca’
’LEViT∆TE – Finale’
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