Back in November of 2015, Crywolf shook the world with his Cataclasm LP. The sounds contained within it made it more than just any ol’ electronic album. It transcended boundaries, pushing us to redefine what we categorize as electronic music. One of the leading singles off the LP was “Anachronism,” which now has a visual partner.

That’s right. Crywolf has recently released a music video to go along with the emotive original. Although the video is quite simple, it features Crywolf out in the beautiful wilderness, there is more to it than meets the eye. Crywolf has always had minimalist tendencies, which shine especially in this video. If one were to look at his album and this new augmentation of the project, it’s quite clear that Crywolf is bringing the art back into musical artist. In electronic music, as well as elsewhere, the common characteristics of music aren’t as unique as they once were. Crywolf is attempting to bring that sense of artistry back by setting an example for others to look at. The “Anachronism” music video is just another example of that.

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