As if we didn’t love LARCY enough for her work, she does something that blows our minds. Recently she put out a music video for her single “Thinkin, Drinkin” that will be a part of her upcoming EP. This isn’t just any music video, as there are some recognizable themes present. Oh yea, and she put it together all herself.

The video for “Thinkin, Drinkin” centers around lost love. The video, which is entirely comprised of Snapchat cuts, is supremely intimate, as though you are a friend of these two. LARCY is featured in the video, alongside a male counterpart, and we as an audience get to see their relationship’s past, and the results of its demise. Many of us have been through this situation, so it’s going to hit close to home. If you don’t get at least worked up a little bit, you might want to see a doctor. “Thinkin, Drinkin” is an emotional single, and in conjunction with the music video, it is doubly so. Watch it today and prepare yourself for LARCY’s upcoming EP!

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