Ready to get weird? We are. So was SLINGER when he decided to make “Caribou Sundays,” a creation that is one hell of a musical drug. Just ask the music video that was created for it. We don’t even need to talk about what craziness goes on in the comedic animation. You’ll just have to watch and see how a chemical-heavy drink leads to a battle for a girl between a hunky jet pilot and an average Joe on a… bird with his grandma? Yea.

The greatest thing is that when you hear “Caribou Sundays” it’s almost too appropriate for the music video. It’s a wild ride of supercharged disco house. This track is all fun all the time, and it’s one that can really pick your spirits up quickly. SLINGER’s gearing up for a big summer with this jam. Be on the lookout for more solid records that are on their way from this mysterious act.

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