NALL Feat. Samuel
St Jude

Dirty Soul Music are the people to know if you’re looking for good house music. Today we share with you the premiere of a brand new single they released from Paris producer NALL. “St. Jude” is his creation, alongside Samuel who provided a memorable vocal topline that you’ll be singing through the rest of the day.

“St. Jude” starts out with an ethereal intro that quickly leads into a smooth verse delivered by Samuel atop a chill piano-centered beat. The deep house style continues with Samuel’s vocal that runs throughout the record apart from a break in the middle of the song, where we meet a short cut time break. NALL put something really special together with “St. Jude” that has potential to make some waves on the web and the radio. For all you students out there coming back home to visit the family for Easter, you have yourself the track you need for your long travels. Throw it on repeat, and you’re set.

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