20110419 211919 [Fresh] Freedom Or Death   EGO

I could possibly post 15 songs a day of upcoming “good” bands/artists and push for a lot more posts but in all honesty, I created this site to not feature “good” music but AMAZING music (or at least what we consider amazing). For this reason I am EXTREMELY excited to see GroopEase, a new music group buying service (similar to Groupon but for albums) share the same philosophy, quality over quantity every time. I have been involved with GroopEase since they launched a few weeks ago and knowing they are going after AMAZING indie bands like Freedom or Death, gives me a lot more confidence in their service and future.

So it is my honor to let you guys know that for the next 5 days,

GroopEase is offering Freedom Or Death’s ‘EGO’ EP for about the same price as a Grande Chai Tea Latte at Starbucks

You can check our review of EGO we posted last week and also STREAM the entire album at the GroopEase site.

Invitation only but we got more invites: 206FM3DD

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