You might be stopping and asking yourself, “did I just read that correctly? Is The Music Ninja posting a news item?” You’re correct in your second-guessing, as we rarely post anything but music, interviews, or show reviews. However, this new music platform is something that we believe strongly in. You may have caught wind that one of our co-founders has a new site on the horizon, which is entirely true. While he will still be a part of TMN, Clayton Warwick has plans to unroll a new music platform different than anything we’ve seen.

Cadence & Cause is a new website which connects musicians and their fans to worthy causes. Think of it as a combination between a music streaming service, a fundraising site, and kickstarter, all designed to create much needed revenue for worthy causes.

While we can’t go too far into what this site will entail, we can assure you that there are already large artists on board. It’s being revered as something incredibly positive for the industry, and we’re happy to be on board to support it.

Below, we have an exclusive VIP code that will get you onto our guest list for the beta rollout. This means that you will be able to get into the site before anyone in the GA line, and get the earliest access to some really unique opportunities from some amazing artists.

Click here, then enter your email address and the code below in the VIP side of the landing page.

Code: CadenceTMN

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