Begin Again

Photo Credit: Myles Pettengill

We’ve been writing about Noosa for quite some time. In fact, our adoration for this indie act dates all the way back to the debut EP, which dropped in February of 2012. Fast forward a couple of years and we’ve grown even fonder of this collaboration between Noosa and her producer, Mickey Valen.

Aside from a few releases here and there, Noosa has been relatively quiet for a while, and now we know why. Today marks the first release from their upcoming LP, Wonderland. Featuring nine songs, this album is self-released under her own label. The goal behind this is to inspire other people to take charge of their own creative potential.

Everything you hear was recorded in an apartment. Vocals were literally done in a closet. It’s just taking what you have access to and finding ways to maximize your potential”

We’re fortunate enough to be bringing you every single song from this new album over the next week. Each day, we will be premiering multiple tracks, and frankly, we couldn’t be happier about doing it. First up is one of our favorites from the album, ‘Begin Again,’ which offers up a slightly more electronica-based exploration of Noosa’s sound, in comparison to the rest of the album. Of course there’s a glowing piano melody, as we’ve come to expect, but we’re also offered up a light section of strings. Coupled in with layered levels of synths and chopped up vocal samples, we’re helplessly enchanted by Sky’s lyrics. Her sensuous and nurturing voice helps illustrate a wondrous message that has us completely lost in our day dreams.

This is just the first song of many that you’ll hear first on The Music Ninja. Make sure to check in every day to hear what’s next!

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