We absolutely love when we stumble upon those tracks that make us want to boogy ourselves back into the 80’s synth days full of big hair, bold colors, and a pair of black lungs to match our chainsmoking alter-egos. These scenario-inspired tracks are difficult to execute and extremely rare to come across, however, we always seem to find them because we are ninjas and we have been training for this moment our entire lives.

Disco duo and groove masters, Televisor, recently unleashed their inner diva personas with a new original, “Neon”. This track is the perfect song for any occasion, whether you’re BBQing with your friends at a pool party or you’re getting ready to watch an intense episode of Cops – you can pretty much choose you’re own setting and it will be suitable no matter what. With its strong synth lead and Nu-Disco flow, Televisor takes us on an intense journey back to a time most of us didn’t even exist (instead we act as if we did and call it a day). If you love 80s synths and some Daft Punk vibes, then “Neon” is going to rock your boat more than anything else out on the internet today.

So before you prepare to watch multiple re-runs of “VH1: I Love the 80’s”, make sure to grab those dancin’ shoes, tease your hair the Farrah Fawcett way, and bump this tune all the way up because you’re about to experience a blast from the past.

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