Mansions on the Moon
Somewhere Else Tonight (Juno Ray Remix)

A couple TMN favorites have come crashing together as South Korean dance producer Juno Ray takes “Somewhere Else Tonight” from So-Cal four-piece Mansions on the Moon into the realm of Nu-House and Disko. Juno Ray’s made appearances on these hallowed Ninja grounds a few times behind a club edit of David Bowie & Queen’s classic “Under Pressure” and a nu-disco retooling of another MotM cut, “Radio”, but his latest remix is also the most textured release from the disco bender’s impressive output. Juno Ray takes auditory production cues equally from early Röyksopp’s poppy disco to Underworld’s educated blend of progressive house, trance and big-beat through this one; instilling a perfect counterpoint to Ted Wendler’s soothing incantaions; stating: “The ‘dream-like’ vibe of the remix was inspired by Ted’s dreamy vocal style. I wanted to support this vibe with a full blown dream-tronica set up, using meticulously chosen vintage synths. ”  Those aforementioned synths play as if they were manually modulated on a Roland TR-909, which is about as perfect of a sound this writer could hope to aurally consume on any dance record, while also revealing quite the creative flare in the process. We’ll be on top of Juno Ray’s 2015 campaign as it develops, but for now, stream his revivalist remix of “Somewhere Else Tonight” above.

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