Oyinda is one up and rising artist. Born in Nigeria, raised in London, and currently residing in NYC, this artist has been turning heads with her first single releases. The third song off her upcoming EP, ‘The Devil’s Gonna Keep Me’, got a recent rework by the highly talented WO and we are fortunate to get to premiere this catchy track today. Oynida has a very mournful voice, thick and low, she easily speaks to the very core of your being. With this particular remix, WO played off of that and added an electronic melody and beat that turned the song into an almost Bond-like theme song, sexy, even more seductive, and enticing to hear. This is the perfect combination of the original feel of Oyinda combined with the mixing style of WO, adding a new feel to this song. Watch out, after listening to this song you might just believe the Devil is going to keep you, and you might be ok with it.

’The Devil’s Gonna Keep Me (W/O Remix)’
’Oyinda – The Devil’s Gonna Keep Me’
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