The Chill Dojo #126

chill dojo

If the Easter weekend hasn’t left you as rested as you’d liked, as always we’ve got the perfect playlist to help ease you into the coming working days. Future maestro WRLD was at it again with another instant favorite in ‘Razor Leaf’. As you’ve come to expect from the talented producer, the uplifting melodies leave nothing wanting and deliver all the right vibes you’ll need to get you through anything that lies ahead. Similar inspiration can be found from this next track from a Dojo newcomer in Hyleo. If ‘Whispy’ is any indication of future potential, then we definitely have another youngster to be adding to our watchlist. With blissful bounce and sampling galore, this one is just made of pure fun. The head bopping continues with a super chill jam from another fresh name in Vancouver native SYRE. The soft vocals of Kendra Dias work in glorious harmony with the smooth groove laid down here, melting together to form a song that is asking for Summer to arrive much sooner than scheduled.

If the last song was asking, then this next one is screaming for the season, as young Melbourne talent Baro introduces himself to our humble Dojo with a mellow hip hop anthem in the making. ‘Bears’ is a delight for the ears from the sweet lyrical game to the lush acoustic soundscape and everything in between. With the promise of more fire in his EP to come, you’ll no doubt be seeing his name popping up to bring more good feelings to future editions. Milwaukee producer Melvv rounds out this week’s write-up in a fitting tone with his latest remix of Didrick’s ‘A Part Of You’. Where the original’s highlights came from it’s energetic electro style, Melvv brings new life to the vocals with a slower majestic vibe that floats through its melodic journey, showcasing all sorts of charming elements along the way. Those plucks are an absolute treat!

So even if the weekend was full of chocolatey regret this year, you can take comfort in there being no downside to the sweetness we provide in every edition. Peace out.

’WRLD – Razor Leaf’
’Hyleo – Whispy (w/ Ollygon)’
’SYRE – Burn (feat. Kendra Dias)’
’Didrick – A Part Of You (Melvv Remix)’
’Baro – Bears (featuring Venus Court)’
’JAPANESE WALLPAPER – Forces (ft. Airling)’
’Sizzlebird – Wonderland’
’Daniele Di Martino – Time (Original Mix)’
’Loframes – Get Real (Can’t Touch Your Love) (Digitalfoxglove Remix)’
’Caroline Koch – Timeless (Tchami Remix)’
’Duncan – On The Run’
’MØ – Say You’ll Be There (Absence Remix)’
’ODESZA & Justin Timberlake – Suit My Name (TNAN Redux Remix)’
’Cavalier x Brasstracks – Everyday’
’Jack Ü – To Ü (Akouo Rework)’
’GARREN – Bout It’
’Feki – Fly Away With Me’
’a l l i e – Remedy prod. Nick Wisdom’
’mAsis – Salt’
’WMNSTUDIES and Waspy – Photographs (Feat. Sundays)’
’Midoca – Lost and Found (Feat. Cal Zafiro)’
’Niia – Body (Stint Remix)’
’What So Not – Gemini Ft. George Maple (Ekali Remix)’
’Evil Needle – Past & Present’
’Losco – Pupunanny’
’Auram & Kyross – Nothing Else’
’SBTRKT – nO less’
’Blackbird Blackbird & AViDD – Bodies’
’Tenkai – Suede’
’.sinh – early spring ft. masego’
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Sunday Night Soul [Vol. 47]

Sunday Night Soul

It’s Easter Sunday everyone, and although none of us are the Easter Bunny, we hope what we have to offer is a bit more appealing than any pastel colored eggs–unless of course those eggs contain chocolate inside, because there’s probably no way we can top that all. Either way, we hope this week’s Sunday Night Soul is the perfect nightcap to your holiday weekend. Once again our playlist is packed to the brim, so we’ll keep it short on the text so you can get straight to the listening.

We would like to conclude with one last note though. For those who haven’t had a chance to hear it yet, we highly recommend checking out alaya‘s recently released issue 02 compilation. Many of this week’s songs are from the project, and though I wish I could include all of them, there simply wasn’t enough space. With that being said, we hope you enjoy tonight’s selection. Make sure to follow us on SoundCloud where you can find our playlists after they’ve been published.

’The House of Suede – The Audio Nude’
’timmies – dreams ft. leirene’
’Angel Davanport – How You Due Me ft. Bernie Levv’
’April + VISTA – Lanterns’
’Darius – Helios Feat. Wayne Snow’
’SZA – Warm Winds (Di Prodigy Edit)’
’a l l i e – Remedy prod. Nick Wisdom’
’Janine and the Mixtape – This Moment (Eckhart Tolle) Lontalius Remix’
’Fetty Wap – Trap Queen (Z.Woods Unplugged)’
’Denai Moore – Elsewhere’
’Izzy Bizu – Diamonds’
’Stalin Majesty – Distant (Prod. Dexter Dukarus)’
’Kehlani – Down For You feat. BJ The Chicago Kid ( Prod. by Jahaan Sweet )’
’iamJENI – Dahlia’
’Wiz Khalifa x Ty Dolla $ign – Say No More (Produced by Nice Rec)’
’BANKX – 4sho’
’Emilio Paredes – Close / Far (Prod. ATENRAYS)’
’Sonya Teclai – Far Away’
’Danny Cainco – Outlaw’
’1st Born – She Knows It (Official Single) (Produced By 1st Born & SDM) ‘
’PLUTO. – Cold Water (Prod. By Kaz & Pluto)’
’ELHAE – End of Time (Angels) Prod. by Rascal’
’April Fool’s – Eric Bellinger’
’Jordan James – Distant Call (Interlude) (Prod. By VRSYJNES)’
’Rob Write – Official’
’August Alsina – Hip Hop’
’Greg Banks – Your Love’
’Justine Skye – Bandit (Prod. Insomniaks)’
’KLOË – Feel’
’Russ – Brand New (Prod. Russ)’
’Py. – Sealion’
’Naomi Bowler – Unthinkable (Prod. Drewsthatdude & Karbon)’
’Sam Dew – Lie’
’Emmavie – Love Drunk’
’Ursula Ft. Fabolous – Down With Me (Remix)’
’Fortune – BU2MU Ft. Kenyon Dixon’
’One T – Touch’
’Ginette Claudette – Options (Prod. by DJ Marley Waters & ItsKeyzBaby)’
’Terrence Spectacle – Look Alive (ft. Danny Cainco)’
’descending – boske’
’v b n d – ive been needy’
’OnlyOne – Ever’
’Mvkxxx – Shade’
’bsd.u – you told me’
’Bipolar Sunshine v Drake (How About Now )’
’ohnomoon – VVV (brandUn DeShay Remix)’
’C Y G N. – One Two’
’saen – suit and tie’
’MISOGI – Slow Now’
’MISOGI – LOVE U (w/ Andrea)’
’Duncan Gerow – Brandy + Stwo = Full Moon’
’Whitney Houston – Dance With Somebody (Lumba Lumba Remix)’
’Cherokee – Dont Matter (Myles.William X Reefa Remix)’
’Real Slow – Fiji Water’
’PARTYNEXTDOOR – Bout It (Di Prodigy Edit)’
’Future Bounce Presents: CLBTS – Drinks On Us’
’SAY YES – Khalil (guff☆ X Hec. edit)’
’401W – Jayd Ink (guff☆ Edit)’
’Theodore Carl – Say (ft. Bijoux)’
’Slippery Jibberish – Don’t Think’
’El. Train – Why Don’t You’
’Body Language – Really Love (Gold Fields ‘Body Funk’ Remix)’
’rgry – 4eva’
’Fortune – All Alone Ft. Alexander Lewis’
’Golden Vessel – Control (ft. Caleb Hodges)’
’Kenyon Dixon – Make Love To Me (DrewsThatDude x Fortune Remix)’
’Boycott – All Night’
’salute & Exyle – We Built A House’
’Chiefs – Float’
’Krs. // Rihanna ~ BBHMM (krsmix)’
’ryanjacob – ready if u ready’
’everett orr – By Your Side demo’
’My Baby (Lege Kale x OY VIP)’
’padillion – Love U Seek’
’VALENTNO – piano improvisation & samples’
’Gallant – Open Up’
’SYRE – Burn (feat. KendraDias)’
’LA NO – Forthenight. ( Me And You )’
’Beyoncé – Me Myself & I (Maarius Late Mix)’
’Kayloo – Forest Ft. Clara Casey’
’Venetia – Away (Soulraq Remix)’
’LAKIM – Survival…’
’GARREN – Bout It’
’Jack Ü – To Ü (Akouo Rework)’
’What So Not – Gemini Ft. George Maple’
’Masego x Medasin ~ Girls That Dance’
’D.K. the Punisher – Rock The Boat’
’Bryson Tiller – Don’t (EMPT Edit)’
’Cyrus – 17 feat. Packy’
’Y//2//K – Nite Wine Ft. Mark Johns’
’Lido & Canblaster – Superspeed’
’The Knocks – Collect My Love ft Alex Newell’
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P Reign Ft. Drake & Future – DnF (Stellar Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

P Reign Ft. Drake & Future (Stellar Remix)

With Coachella just around the corner, Sin City’s savage Stellar turned up a strong flip of the collaborative original “DnF.” P Reign, Drake and Future were turned up into a synth heavy trap behemoth. With the Las Vegas native playing the KROQ tent on Sunday of Coachella, you can be sure that the place is going to explode when this bad boy drops. Even though this track is festival ready, it does without excessively long builds and other sonic cliches, making it a usefool DJ tool for most events. Even if you’re not trying to rock a crowd, Stellar’s remix is an electrifying listen that will get you moving. The turn up is real. Stellar’s got some serious skills when he takes on remixes, and his originals are equally dope. Get your fix of Stellar with this Music Ninja premiere and make sure to check out his other works if this remix tickles your fancy.

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[Folk] Axel Flóvent – Forest Fires

Axel Flóvent
Forest Fires

We’re not quite sure what it is about Iceland that seems to culture amazing musicians. Maybe it’s the stunning scenery? Or maybe it’s some sort of mysterious mineral in their water? Whatever it is, we’re glad it’s there.

Following in the footsteps of other supremely gifted Icelandic musicians (Sigur Ros, Asgier, Olafur Arnolds), Axel Flóvent is throwing his name into the mix for reasons why we love music that originates from this northern European country.

Having just released the news of his upcoming EP Forest Fires, this hopeless romantic hopes io instill the true essence of charm into his modern songwriting. It’s not hard to call on associations of Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver, Guillemots and the aforementioned Asgerir, but this small-town musician has carved out his own sound, which is evident in “Forest Fires.”

His voice is painfully beautiful, harnessing tremendous depth in emotion and craft. Set agsint the backdrop of crashing percussion, slow, rolling guitar strums, and an illuminating piano melody, everything seems to come to life with thoughtful storytelling. It instantly grabs you, sending you on a journey you hadn’t expected. But, we’re pretty sure you’re glad that it did.

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[Progressive/Melodic] Calvin Harris Ft. Ellie Goulding – Outside (Anevo Remix)

Calvin Harris Ft. Ellie Goulding
Outside (Anevo Remix)

Melodic house recently surfaced onto Internet sound waves, attracting fans of more mild tones with its incorporation of live instruments like guitars, flutes, and others to keep the mood sublime. But with the surge of producers putting their hands into the melodic pot, the genre quickly became flooded with many soundalike tracks that created a need for a new innovative style.  Cue in Sweden’s newest star, Anevo.

The young producer has definitely turned some heads with the surprise factor in every production he has released thus far, but his most recent remix of Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding’s “Outside” is one that people should genuinely take the time to listen to. Whether you see it as infusing progressive house into melodic house or infusing melodic house into progressive house, the fact is that Anevo hit it out of the part. Developing a harmonious juxtaposition between Goulding’s soothing croons and serene guitar strums, Anevo strips the euphoric characteristic of progressive house to integrate it into a melodic house sequence to birth something truly refreshing.

This remix is perfect for those late-nights, early mornings, or 3 p.m. coffee breaks where you just need to chill out. Check out the stream above and grab the free download you definitely need here.

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[House] Jeremih feat. J. Cole – Planes (StevenLee & Carl Kennedy Remix)

Planes (StevenLee & Carl Kennedy Remix) -- Jeremih feat. J. Cole

As you slowly make your way out of your most assuredly blacked out room, desperately trying to figure out what happened last night, throw on this laid back, vibe-heavy tune from StevenLee and Carl Kennedy. While it won’t help with that absurd amount of drunk texts you sent out, it will definitely contribute to your overall recovery.

The original tune had a strong focus on vocals, backed by a very minimal instrumental section of booming bass and sparse percussion. With that format, it’s easy to see why someone would want to pull samples and put them to a club-friendly house tune, which is exactly what we have today.

Featuring a funky bassline, strong hi-hats, and classic 90’s dance samples, “Planes,” leaves the Top 40 radio station and heads directly into the club. It pays thoughtful homage to the original, yet develops a strong persona of its own. And while it is dance-centric stylistically, this is definitely a relaxed tune, which makes it perfect for both night out and just chilling out in bed.

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[Deep House] Duncan – On The Run

On The Run

Although there’s no public release date yet, “On The Run” by Duncan is already making its way around the web. Having been featured on tracks before, this is the first public track on the Denver to Miami producer’s Soundcloud that is exclusively his own. Might we add that he did a kick ass job with it? Yes, we’ll add that, because he did.

As most good deep house tracks go, this original has a vocal that just pops with the instrumental provided by Duncan. Over the last year, Duncan has been on the film soundtrack grind, but we’re glad he’s come back to the dance music world. “On The Run” is just the beginning of what we are hoping is a fruitful journey for this talent. Check out the producer’s Facebook if you would like to stay up to date on this single; as we mentioned before, the release date has yet to be announced.

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