[NEW] Chance The Rapper & The Social Experiment – I Am Very Very Lonely

Chance The Rapper & Social Experiment
I Am Very Very Lonely

With today marking the one year anniversary of the release of Acid Rap (wow, that flew by fast), Chance The Rapper decided to hook his loyal fans up with some new material. Despite the occasion however, the Chitown native doesn’t seem to be in a celebratory mood. In fact, he’s very very lonely.

Continuing to explore fresh new sounds with his band, The Social Experiment, Chance begins the track by softly crooning, “It’s just me and la cucaracha tonight,” continuing on to perfectly capture the sentiments of all the reclusive (and hungry) stoners out there. It’s the ultimate anthem for anyone who catches themselves alone on a Friday night with nothing better to do than curl up on the sofa and scroll through their Netflix queue. While it’s rather amusing to listen to Chance run through his thought process, the song also serves as a reminder that despite his recent fame, he’s not too different from you or me.

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[Feels] Disclosure – Help Me Lose My Mind (Ta-ku Bootleg)

Help Me Lose My Mind (Ta-ku Bootleg)

As if premeditated by music lovers of the internet, Perth-based soul/electronica producer Ta-Ku has served up a big ol’ plate of Hype Machine climbing goodness with his take on the blogosphere darling duo, Disclosure.

Released just minutes ago, this bootleg of the hit tune featuring London Grammar features a subtle tribal essence to “Help Me Lose My Mind.” Coupled with a gorgeous little piano melody, this production has a whole new groove while still paying homage to the original.

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Art Department Official
Much Too Much

Known for their pulsing, progressive live performances, the Canadian music production duo known as Art Department has quickly made a profound impact on the underground deep house scene. The sensual dance swagger put together by vocal dynamo Kenny Glasgow and No.19 record label founder Jonny White has elevated them to be considered some of the top DJs in the world right now. From Ultra Music Festival to Coachella, along with an upcoming set confirmed on the Hyte stage at Mysterland, Art Department’s momentum continues to gather devoted followers with every show. The two recently released a new track available for free download on Soundcloud called “Heartbreakers Techno”, which was featured not too long ago on Clayton’s Friday Party Playlist. We highly recommend you give their latest release a listen, and be sure to groove to Art Department’s recorded live performance from the BPM Festival this year in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

We recently had the chance to catch up with Kenny Glasgow and Jonny White prior to their performance at Ultra Music Festival. They let us in on some exciting news and upcoming projects, and gave us some perspective on what they’re trying to do with their music.

TMN: I’m here with Kenny Glasgow and Jonny White of Art Department. Jonny, you’re the owner of No. 19 records, correct?

Jonny White: Yeah.

TMN: I hear that you guys have a five year anniversary coming up. Is that right?

Jonny White: Yeah we’re celebrating 5 years and it’s fuckin’ flown by, right!? (Looks at Kenny) So yeah we’re really excited about that, and we’re doing compilations showcasing a lot of people that have been involved over the past 5 years. It’s mental.

TMN: And what are these parties that you’re throwing?

Jonny White: Social Experiments.

TMN: Tell us a little bit about that.

Jonny White: It’s like everybody does with their label showcases, but we’ve branded ours “Social Experiment”, which kind of describes what we’re doing. We’re incorporating a lot of different genres of music, and different types of artists that are on the label. For me that’s the best way to interact directly with our fans and represent exactly what we’re about. We want everyone to feel that energy from the most current music that we’re releasing, or planning to release over the next while. That’s the concept.

TMN: Why Art Department? How did that name come about?

Jonny White: It’s just a great name I thought.

Kenny Glasgow: It was supposed to be a record label in the early, early days.

Jonny White: I’ve got a list of names for shit, you know, and hopefully I’ll get around to using them for something. Art Department was at the top of the list for a while.
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Moon Bounce – Whore (Jack Deezl X Keppler Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

Whore (Jack Deezl X Keppler Remix)

Self-proclaimed mutant pop musician Moon Bounce has been gaining some steam since the first single off of his EP, Dress Rehearsal. If your memory serves you, you’ll recall that we wrote up “Shake” back in February, and haven’t been shy with playing it pretty heavily in our regular rotation.

Hailing from the City of Brotherly love, this alt-soul electronic-based act is anything but ordinary, fusing together an interesting blend of genres to create…well…mutant pop. With an original and overwhelmingly unique progression and a soulful voice, it’s only natural to see some stellar remixes come down the pike.

Today we’re excited to bring you a new look on “Whore,” which has been given a facelift, just in time for summer. Fellow Philladelphian Jack Deezl teamed up with Keppler to deliver a glitchy, hip-hop inspired remix that starts off with a smooth bassline and fluttering synths. As it progresses through untreated and pitched down samples of Moon Bounce’s vocals, it gets a little more obscure, bringing in breakbeat spattering of drums, synths and samples.

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[Hip-Hop] G-Eazy – Let’s Get Lost (Feat. Devon Baldwin)

These Things Happen
Let's Get Lost ft. Devon Baldwin

After months of promotion and teasing that included multiple singles, videos, and even a nationwide tour, we finally have a solid release date for G-Eazy‘s upcoming album, These Things Happen. Shortly after revealing the June 23rd date last night, pre-orders for the project shot straight through the roof, landing the rapper at the number one spot on the iTunes hip-hop charts. It’s clear that the hype for this album is very real, and deservedly so. In case you needed a reminder though, we’ve got you covered with another brand new single from the Bay Area native.

“Let’s Get Lost” is a dulcet tune that’s all about letting go of reality, and living in the moment. This is portrayed beautifully through the single’s stunning visuals, which finds the smooth emcee engaging in a spontaneous, whirlwind affair with a stranger he encounters in a hotel lobby. With frequent collaborator Devon Baldwin assisting on the hook, you’re guaranteed to get swept up in the melodies as you lose track of time until the album drops.

As we mentioned above, pre-orders for the project can currently be found on iTunes, and if you’re curious, you can take a peek at the tracklist after the jump, which includes collaborations with A$AP Ferg, E-40, Blackbear, Jay Ant and more.

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[Hip-Hop] Big K.R.I.T. – Mt. Olympus

Mt Olympus
Big K.R.I.T.
MT. Olympus (Prod. By Big K.R.I.T.)

Southern producer and rapper Big K.R.I.T. never fails to surprise fans with a new track every now and then. After accruing 500,000 followers on Twitter, he took to the interwebs to drop another gem for our listening enjoyment. The track “Mt. Olympus” is a new kind of K.R.I.T., with the the Mississippi native dropping a fiery, aggressive flow about the fickle industry. Taking shots at the game that has, somewhat, shunned him from reaching mainstream notoriety, K.R.I.T. also takes a moment to spit a reply to Kendrick‘s “Control” verse. The self-produced single is a pretty dope first listen of what is to come from his upcoming sophomore project Cadillactica, dropping soon.

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[NEW] Vic Mensa – Down On My Luck (Prod. Stefan Ponce)

down on my luck
Vic Mensa
Down On My Luck

After nearly burning out speakers everywhere for two months straight with the wobbling bass of “Feel That,” Vic Mensa provides some relief to fans in the form of a spacey, ethereal cut entitled “Down On My Luck.” Continuing to experiment with new sounds in 2014, Vic’s latest single draws heavily from Chicago house, similar to the Smoko Ono remix of “Magic” that dropped earlier this year. Complete with a skittering bassline, cascading vocals, and lush, intricate synth work, the expertly produced single is one that feels right at home on the dancefloor or in the comfort of your own living room.

With the slew of stellar releases that he’s been sending our way over the last few months, we don’t imagine the Chitown emcee will be feeling “down on his luck” for much longer. Check out the link above, and stay tuned for any details that may emerge about the talented SaveMoney rep’s upcoming project.

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