The Landing – Anxieties [TMN PREMEIRE]

The Landing

New York based space pop group The Landing is an act of creation and discovery. With little information out this newcomer, all we have to talk about is the music.

Today we’re excited to offer up a premiere of “Anxieties” from this mysterious, soft-sung pop outfit. With calmly welcoming outer worldly notes fluttering across a slow, repetitious beat, we’re left focusing in on the lead singer’s voice, which is quite enjoyable. In the same vein as Mansions on the Moon or Carousel, these guys (and/or gals) have a good thing going with just their second tune. We’re already looking forward to their next release.

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[Album Review] Eminem – The Marshall Mathers LP 2

Love Game (Feat. Kendrick Lamar)
Bad Guy
Headlights (Feat. Nate Ruess)

In the entertainment world, the mention of a sequel to an original work that was borderline perfect is usually a polarizing experience. When you first hear it, you are excited because the original story was so great but you are also nervous because the follow-up could just ruin the first. Unfortunately, most of the time, sequels fall into the latter and are never anywhere close to the quality of the original. Such can also be said for Eminem‘s 10th studio album The Marshall Mathers LP 2.

When you mention some of the greats in hip-hop, Eminem should be one of the first names out of your mouth. For 17 years, the Detroit emcee has changed the game by breaking through multiple barriers of the corny white rapper (Marky Mark, Vanilla Ice, etc.) and delivering a raw flow that is as equally controversial as it is dope and cynical. The one thing that separated Em from his counterparts was that he had no shame on the mic; no pop-culture icon nor topic was really off limits for his comedic and aggressive rhymes. From detailing  his dark upbringing in an abusive home to his battles with addiction and later his recovery, Marshall Mathers’ trauma has fueled some awesome music. Now at 41, he drops a sequel to his iconic third album The Marshall Mathers LP that attempts to continues his story and sets out to trump the mediocrity of his last few albums.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (November 2013 Round #2)


Why does it feel like the moment your paycheck hits the bank, it’s gone before you even offer to buy it a drink? Can’t it just stay for a while? Just a little? If you feel abandoned by your hard working dollars, no need to fret. You’ve got the Indie Dojo to get you through the next excruciating couple weeks before your next one arrives. Not only is the Dojo as frequent, if not more, than a weekly paycheck,  it’s free-er than air, requires no hard work and stays in the internet bank from the first playlist deposited. Consider it a savings account that continues to grow will little to no effort. And the best part of it is?….It wants nothing more then spend time with you….

Pet Carrot
The Daydream Club
Soundwaves of Gold (Remix)
Second Hand Heart
Spending My Time
Magic Trick
Come Inside
Keston Cobblers Club
A Scene of Plenty


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[Remix] Kenna – Relations (Feat. Childish Gambino)

Relations Featuring Childish Gambino

Childish Gambino has been all over the place lately as he prepares for the release of his upcoming album, Because The Internet. This time he teams up with Kenna, hopping on the remix of his recent single, “Relations.” You know Bino knows a thing or two about relationships, which is exactly why he fits right in with the kooky 80′s inspired atmosphere, complimenting the funky vibes with some bold punchlines and hilarious ad-libs. Check out the single above, and stay on the lookout for Childish’s next project, set to drop next month.

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[Nu-Disco] Mansions On The Moon – Radio (Juno Ray Remix)

Mansions On The Moon
Radio (Juno Ray Remix)

While we may have slightly missed the ship when Juno Ray’s (who’s real name is Tae Gyun Kim) poppy nu-disco remix of Mansions On The Moon’s hyper-successful single “Radio” first released; we were delighted when it once again recirculated into our stream of consciousness.  Juno Ray, the young case study in question here, hails from South Korea and cut his teeth as a classical musician before jumping into the world of electronica. Already taking on the likes of Chromeo, Yelle, and The Knocks; Mansions On The Moon fell perfectly in line with the recent body of Juno Ray remix work. This new take on “Radio” makes sure not skimp on that four-to-the-floor nu-disco shimmer or robust synth play and takes MOTM’s luminous dream-pop in another direction entirely. Check out Juno Ray’s remix above, and grab this one as a free download while you’re at it.

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[Deep-House] option4 – Deep Diamonds

Deep Diamonds

option4’s stock once again continues to rise behind his ever consistent, layered and soulful brand of house music. ”Deep Diamonds”, option4′s latest record on fledgling house label Night Supply, reveals yet another layer of artistic prowess as the tune rides a carefully composed knife edge between old-school House, Deep-House and pure pop instrumentation. Immediately, precisely compressed kick-drums charge up the build before a brief breakdown grants its listener a tinge of breathing room, while a deeply rooted synth pcarries the entire movement into clubland. Furthermore- in what has been becoming an option4 staple- it is a spliced and reworked vocal track which ultimately steals the show, this time from Lou Vega’s 2008 house anthem “Diamond Life”. As 2013 begins to wind its way down, 2014 appears to be an absolute breakout year for the surging producer with an already steady stream of melodic dance output racking up serious plays and support from the world over; which in turn has also resulted in his being tabbed as author of the most recent mix for the almighty Discobelle Records. We recommend you give that set a rinse as well if you have the time today. “Deep Diamonds” is being released as a free download, and we can’t help but urge our dance aficionados to nab a copy. Hop to it.

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[Chill] Jhené Aiko – Stay Ready (What A Life) (Feat. Kendrick Lamar)

Jhené Aiko
Stay Ready (What A Life) (feat. Kendrick Lamar)

Following the release of her “Bed Peace” single and video, LA singer/songwriter Jhené Aiko drops a new gem this Monday. The single “Stay Ready (What A Life)” is another rap-assisted track with Kendrick Lamar stepping up to the plate and delivering some bars over a chilled-out instrumental. Aiko keeps her usual sound of mellow vibes, soft vocals, and raw lyrics. She still has the ability to keep it sexy no matter what she belts out and the verse from Lamar adds a little lightness to the moody single. This is yet another release off her excellent Sail Out EP, available now on iTunes.

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