[Mix] Kicks N Licks – REFILL

Kicks N Licks
Kicks N Licks

Kicks N Licks are coming at us from the West Coast with a new mix called “REFILL.” Thirty minutes of banger after banger is what these two scrapped together, with tracks coming from acts like MUST DIE!, Barely Alive, Habstrakt, Jauz and Dabin. Aside from bringing in quality tracks from other producers, Kicks N Licks dish out some of their old music, as well as five of their own IDs and one complete ID that has no artist labeled with it. Electronic styles of music that are more hip-hop oriented (trap, twerk, dubstep) are mostly what you get within this mix that you can download for free. Anybody traveling to or from SXSW this week definitely should hop on this bad boy. If you’d like to see these guys live soon, check out their upcoming dates below, with more to be announced soon. Continue reading

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[Dubstep] Downlink & Twofold – Darkside

Downlink & Twofold

Everybody’s saying dubstep is dead, but they have yet to venture to the “Darkside.” We mean that both in a macro and micro sense, with the latter more specifically referring to this collaboration between Downlink and Twofold. You want heavy? You got it here. These guys don’t mess around one bit, bringing the gnarliest basses you can expect to find anywhere. The nuances of each have their own appetizing qualities that you just want to eat up for as long as you can. Rage hard, and don’t let up because there are no doubts that Downlink or Twofold held back nothing. Love having your face melted by the “Darkside?” Get yourself a copy of the Uplink Audio release.

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Tropics Talks Inspiration, Artistic Evolution and the Making of ‘Rapture’ [TMN Exclusive Interview]


’Tropics – Blame’

The “chillwave” movement has matured phenomenally in the last couple years with acts like Toro y Moi and Washed Out evolving their sound from lo-fi bedroom productions to beautiful and complex musical compositions. UK producer and vocalist, Tropics, has architected his own chillwave aesthetic that, true to its name, features a vibrant sensibility and deep sonic textures. On his debut album, Parodia Flare, Tropics put together a beautiful collection of colorful compositions and began experimentation with his voice, but his recently released follow-up, Rapture, feels like a true breakout project. With stripped down organic instrumentation and a newfound focus on vocals, Rapture proves a cohesive, deeply emotional and soulful project that reaches new depths without losing the glowing energy of its predecessor. We had a chance to catch up with Chris Ward, the mind behind Tropics, about his musical background and influences, the evolution of his sound and more. Check out the interview below and, if you like what you hear, head to iTunes to grab a copy of Rapture.

TMN: What was your first experience with making or playing music?

Tropics: The furthest back I can remember was this little early learning centre tape player with a microphone attached to it. It was really kid-like and colourful. I remember it having this weird echo which probably sounded quite cool. I used to record songs off the radio. Then my first memory of playing music was getting a drum kit at around 10.

TMN: You studied music in university and are a multi­-instrumentalist, right? How integral has that been in allowing you to bring your vision to life? Or do you feel like you’ve learned more from just from experience?

Tropics: I wouldn’t say I’m a multi instrumentalist, I’m a producer, who like most of us can play keys and a strum out a few jams on guitar, drums. I feel I’ve learned a lot from experience but some more theory and things about the industry when I studied music, but to be honest; I didn’t do a lot of studying, I just wanted to go to university with all my friends and have all the free time in the world to party, take recreational drugs, have lots of sex and make as much music as I could.

TMN: The colourful aesthetic in your music definitely brings some influences to mind. Who are some artists you grew up listening to that you feel continue to inspire you today? Any ones who’ve influenced you in unexpected ways?

Tropics: I think there’s influence from a lot of 90s electronica, in my sort of ‘go to textures and sounds’. My older brother played me loads of Leftfield, Massive Attack, Faithless and Underworld when I was around 11 or 12, which I ended up getting back into quite a lot at 16 and 17.

 I think one of the great things back then was that the Internet wasn’t so revolved around the music industry, or if it was, I wasn’t aware. So I’d get records/albums, without taking interest of reading into when they were released or how current they were . If I connected with it, I just connected with it and it became my new love affair. I feel I’ve lost this a bit ­or, a lot of us have, with the pressure to keep up with this quickly moving industry with 100 new flavours and artists coming through a month!
Continue reading

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[Moombah] Jay Fay – It’s You (feat. Jessica Vox)

Jay Fay
It's You (Feat. Jessica Vox)

Hats off to Jay Fay who just dropped a moombah bomb on the world today. I would say rest in peace, but instead of killing, all this explosion will cause is ravers to go bonkers. “It’s You” plays with the more electro side of the genre, with vocals being provided by Jessica Vox of Miami. Moombahcore records like this don’t come by often anymore, but there is the commencement of some new life within the 110 world. Jay Fay will no doubt contribute to that, since he was one of the guys who originally got some of us ninjas into the genre a few years ago. “It’s You” is a fresh reminder that 110 is not a bad place to be producing records at. In kind spirit, Jay is dishing this original out for free.

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[House] LarryKoek – Premiere Fois (Edit)

Premiere Fois (Edit) [OUT NOW]

Although their name may translate otherwise, LarryKoek is no bull poo. The Netherland’s production duo came out recently with a new original of their’s entitled “Premiere Fois” that was released through Dirty Soul Music. Certainly soulful, this piece is a repeat tune, no doubt. For their first original track, these guys did incredibly well, using playful melodies to capture the listener. Eke Schutte provided the guitar work, which is the centerpiece of this amazing tune. All three’s talents came together for what can only be described as a beautiful song. Soak this one up in the Spring sun by getting yourself a copy. Expect more original material from the duo in the future!

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[Deep-House] Need & Necessity – So Listen

Need & Necessity
So Listen (Original Mix)

As is the case with so many past Hump Days, we had a bit of a hankering for some jackin’ dance music. Luckily, Denver based underground house unit Need & Necessity came through at the most serendipitous of moments with a brand new original “So Listen”. After last stopping by TMN with a self-released subteraranean house edit for The Internet’s “Dontcha”, the assiduous duo have returned to the throne they helped co-found, Night Supply Records, with a bullet. Riding the intoxicating pitched down vocal chops from Timbaland’s “The Way I Are”, “So Listen” bolts out of the gate with an army of Roland TR-909 tipping bass and a lovely interplay between shuffling cymbals and crisp claps before Need & Necessity’s hooky synth progression usurps the entire movement as its primary focal point. We’ve been on top of Need & Necessity’s career arc since the beginning, and seeing the clearly adept pair begin to assume a warranted spot near the top of rising house acts has been nothing short of taste affirming for us Ninjas. “So Listen” is available exclusively through Beatport for those wanting to add this to their personal libraries or DJ repertoires, but since we’re already here, go ahead and stream this deep groover above.

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The Eiffels – More [TMN PREMIERE]

the eiffels 2
The Eiffels

With a vividly playful and melodic start, “More” delivers an energetic yet nostalgic approach to post 80’s synth rock, something this Los Angeles trio knows how to execute. A follow up to their previous single “I Did It Now“, this second release containing thriving power chords and anthem like lyrics, builds on top of their current momentum. Some people have described their sound to be somewhere between Phoenix and The Killers, and while there is an absolute truth to that, I like to believe they came from the Breakfast Club soundtrack.

The Eiffels is set to release their debut EP this spring, having worked with producers Ethan Kaufmann (Wild Party) and Will Brierre (The Killers, Neon Trees, Walk The Moon, Imagine Dragons). And with a massive U.S. tour starting this May, it is obvious you will hear more of them in 2015.

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