[Video] SPIRIT ANIMAL – Radio Brain

Radio Brain

After you slowly climb out of bed, throw away the remnants from last night’s festivities and piece together your life, know that we have you covered. Screw Red Bull. We have a tasty serving of gold old fashioned Rock and Roll to wake you up.

Yet again we find ourselves writing about another Brooklyn band. This isn’t on purpose, we swear. It just so happens that Brooklyn is churning out tons of solid tunes, and SPIRIT ANIMAL is the latest in our findings. The Big Apple based quartet has more than just a solid beard to offer up. While that is an impressive feat of manliness that even Ron Swanson would give an approving nod to, these cats also have a electrifying sound that could get anyone up on their feet.

Today we’re proud to bring you their video for “Radio Brain,” which serves up monstrously crunchy guitar riffs, a frenetic vocal range and of course, a bad ass video. As depicted below, we see the band panicking as they search high and low for “Radio Brain” on Spotify, to no avail. Take a look for yourself!

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The Trap Dojo #59 [MP3 Playlist]


This weeks Dojo is got some serious heat for, prepare to stay turnt all weekend long. First up we got 5 tracks Unreleased tracks from RL Grime and Baauer. “Favelas” by Aquadrop & The Golden Toyz gets hit with a glorious ‘Private Pussy Edit’ from RL Grime. Next are 4 tracks that Baauer put on a USB drive and through into the crowd during one of this shows. “SNAP”, “BADDST”, “XTC”, and “RASBERRY” are available for FREE download. What So Not also giving away tracks for this mind blowing track is titled. “Touched”. DJ Scene and Jayceeoh come through with a huge release on Fools Gold Records titled, “Damn”. Get familiar with Tropkillaz, because they are blowing up with every new release, this one is a Remix of N.A.S.A.‘s track “Hide”. Make sure not to miss the rest of the tracks featuring: Milo & Otis, Kaytranada, Exmag, staRo, Djemba Djemba, Skrillex, Ookay, Jacuzzi, King Henry, Neon Steve, and Vindata. Cheers.

Aquadrop & The Golden Toyz
Favelas (RL Grime Private Pussy Edit)
What So Not
Touched (Original) FREE DOWNLOAD
DJ Scene & Jayceeoh
Hide (feat. Aynzli Jones) (Tropkillaz Remix)
Milo & Otis
Love 2 Love U (Original Mix)
Creep Steady (Part I)
Chase & Status
International (Skrillex Remix)
Without You (Vindata Remix)
Jack (Neon Steve Remix)
Waiting Game (Kaytranada Edition)
Disparate Youth (Jacuzzi Remix)
The Crowd (Ookay Remix)
See Me At The Penthouse (Fund raising to free Mike.P)
Auto (Djemba Djemba & King Henry Remix)
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[Get Crunk] Clayton’s Friday Party Playlist #75


What is up, ninjas? It’s finally the best day of the work week. Looking back on the previous four days, we’re ready to give a hearty middle finger the air and rush out into happy hour. We know you’re right there with us too, and knowing that, we’ve provided you with ample dance inducing tunes to help propel that finger high in the air.

As you race out the door, punch your time card, and dance all the way to your car, please remember one thing: #danceirresponsibly.

David Puentez
Tommy Trash
Fuckwind (Original Mix)
Right Now (Gorillas On Drums Remix)
Silver (3LAU Bootleg)
Calvin Harris and Alesso feat. Hurts
Under Control (Filtercrush Edit)
We Love To Jump (Koyote Edit) Krewella // Hardwell // J
trick // W&W // Noisecontrollers
Hot Love Dreams (Leo Laurettis Mashup)
M. Hawkins, Henry Fong, T. Green, Jetfire Feat. Bob Marley
Martin Garrix & Jay Hardway
Wizard (Radio Edit)
Hardwell & MAKJ
Countdown (Slander x Goshfather & Jinco Remix)
Mara (Original Mix)
Timeflies feat. Various
I Choose You (3LAU Bootleg)
Wasted (Original Mix)
Bugatti (Diamond Pistols Unoriginal Mix)
Naughty Boy feat. Wiz Khalifa & Ella Eyre
Think About It (TWRK Remix)
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Izzy Bizu – White Tiger (Star Slinger Remix)

Izzy Bizu
White Tiger (Star Slinger Remix)

Thank God it’s Friday, but, for many of us, a full day of work or school remains before reaching the glorious weekend. Luckily,  Star Slinger is here to save our morning, day and night with a funky, soulful remix of Izzy Bizu‘s “White Tiger.” In typical fashion, the UK producer lets things build before slicing and dicing the vocals over his unique brand of manic percussion. The end result proves both relaxed and danceable. I found myself jamming out to this in bed this morning, but it just as easily could be a great track to fuel your Friday night shenanigans. Peep above and head to Star Slingers FB page for a free download.

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Q & A with Pigeon + Two Moon Love Premiere [TMN EXCLUSIVE]

PIGEON (official)
Two Moon Love

The internet is a funny thing. No, I’m not talking about anything in your search history (you should probably clear it though), I’m talking about the connectivity of the world in the snap of a finger. Just yesterday we started speaking to Brisbane based five piece Pigeon on twitter, and today we’re bringing you a premiere of their newest track, “Two Moon Love.”

With admittedly not knowing much about this group, we wanted to ask a few questions in hopes to get to know them a little bit better. Check out what Chris Paget (Bass & Synths) had to say about the name Pigeon, the Brisbane music scene and plans to head up to the States for a proper tour.

TMN: Hey guys, thanks for taking some time to answer a few questions for us. Let’s start from the beginning. How did you guys all meet and decide to create Pigeon?

P: Thanks for your time! Well… more or less we all met in high school or uni. Pigeon is made up of five lads and we had all played together in various musical projects before forming Pigeon but nothing too serious. None of us had ever played around with dance / electronic music so there was an excitement to give it a go and try something new. It was early 2011 when the five of us came together in the studio and Pigeon was created. The intent was to form a electronic / dance band that had a killer and energetic live show.

TMN: We have to ask, how did you land on that name?

P: The old name question… every time I get asked this I wish I had a more exciting answer. Pigeon was just a word that we all agreed on that looked and sounded cool. We tried to find a simple word that has a blank canvas and hasn’t been used before… this can be quite a mission! We still have a little while to go before we take priority over our flying grey friends on a google search.

TMN: You guys have a really infectious electro pop sound, fusing indie dance with some more mainstream EDM styles. Talk to us about what goes into your production.

P: Cheers. A lot of work goes into the production element of the band. We work out of a studio in Brisbane and this is where most of our time is spent. The standard writing process is someone will come in with an idea and we pass it around to each other to add to / make changes. More often than not we will complete a song before we have ever played it live.

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[Secret Ninja Pass] This Week at Beta 11/7


Alright, ninjas. We’ve been hooking you up with free entry to Beta for over the past year. We know you’ve have some epic times, catching some of the most legendary talent EDM has to offer, and we’re on board to keep this thing going. We recently spoke with the Rolling Stone #1 Club in North America just last weekend, and you know what they said about you? That they love you guys, and they love the energy the ninjas bring to the crowd.

So, we’re once again giving you an opportunity to check out the best night club in North America for free. What all do you have to do to get in? It’s pretty damn easy. Just follow these steps:

- Get in line up front door before 11 pm
- Show this post to the cashier

Boom. That’s it, ninjas! The only stipulations are that this deal is for FRIDAY and SATURDAY only, you have to be 21 and up and in the door by 11pm.

Who’s going to be lighting the decks up this week? Peep the killer talent below.

Paul Oakenfold - November 7th
Paul Oakenfold ft. Azealia Banks

Liquid Stranger - November 8th
Liquid Stranger vs Ajapai
Ty Tek - November 9th
Ty Tek
Tribal Mountain Calls (Teks Dark Sunrise DJ Mix)
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Q and A with Bobby Nourmand + Set Me Free [TMN EXCLUSIVE]

Bobby Nourmand
Set Me Free

There’s no doubt in any EDM fans mind that deep house is here to stay. Anyone who has been paying attention to music for more than a few years knows that it’s cyclical in nature. In the past two years, we’ve seen a resurgence in so many types of classical music stylings. Deep house, with it’s loungy and bass driven vibes, has a clear path to the spotlight with its heritage enriched stylings.

At this time, we feel like to introduce newcomer Bobby Nourmand. While this LA based Producer/DJ has graced the walls of TMN before, it was only for a mashup. We should add that his mashup that we posted was particularly impressive, but what we’ve really been waiting for is something original from him.

When approached with an opportunity to post his debut track, we gladly obliged, and asked to get to know this up and coming producer a litte better. With a quick Q and A fired back and forth across email, we have a little insight into the man behind “Set Me Free.”

TMN: Hey Bobby. Thanks for answering a few questions with this premiere today. Let’s kick things off talking about your musical upbringing. Were you classically trained growing up?

BN: Yes, I played the Violin at the age of 4 years old. Then one of my role models told me that girls dig the saxophone, so I quickly picked that up at age 10 and played it for 2 years. In high School I would write a ton of song lyrics and poetry, which I hope to use someday.

TMN: Fast forward to a few years ago. You gave up a very successful career in real estate to focus entirely on music. What was the breaking point for you?

BN: After getting sober, I began to follow my dreams. It started off by pursuing a career in Real estate, which was very rewarding and taught me a lot about life. There came a point when I realized that Music was my calling and I have been focused on it ever since.

TMN: With only a handful of posts on Soundcloud, it’s tough to peg who your inspirations are. Talk to us a little bit about who you look up to, and who you draw from musically?

BN: I have been listening to music since I was kicking beats in my mother’s womb, literally. She was listening to her favorite record at the time and I kicked a hot cup of tea out of her hand. Movies like Rocky and Blood Sport put me onto Electronic Music as well as bands like Depeche mode and New Order. Tupac was a family friend and I was really influenced by the amount of heart and dedication he put into his music. I’m affected by everything around me but if I had to list a few current artists: A-Trak, Gesaffelstein and Oliver. I look up to all artists who follow their dreams.
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