[Electronic/R&B] DiRTY RADiO – Illegal

Illegal (Beat by: Darius)

After their first installment, “Relentless”, in what we were promised would be a series of mixtape style remixes from Vancouver’s DiRTY RADiO, they’ve held up their end of the deal and are back with their sophomore entry: “Illegal”. Following the blueprint of molding tunes around their favorite producers as they did with Pomo on “Relentless”, this time around DiRTY RADiO has taken a wonderfully malleable, disco tinged R&B beat from French producer Darius and  cobbled together yet another irresistible dance ditty. This one leans on the beatsmithery of Darius to lay a shimmery gloss across the tune, coalescing harmoniously with the DR boys’ sultry vocal track which all results in a listen sure to satisfy dance and R&B fans across all walks of life. Slip into something comfortable, pour your favorite glass of wine or whip up your favorite cocktail (that is if you’re over the legal U.S. drinking age of 21 of course) and let this one wind down your Tuesday. We promise it’ll do your night right.

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[Rock] Waters – I Feel Everything

I Feel Everything

San Fran five-piece Waters, sing a scuzzy statement of intent via new track “I Feel Everything.”

Waters delivers thrashy riffs and simple sentiments, retaining the raw roots that encapsulated the 90’s alt rock genre. Having worked with Grouplove (the band, not dabbling in orgies) their semi-ethereal charm is evident, but “I Feel Nothing” is executed in a particularly carefree fashion. Definitely one for fans of Cage The Elephant, or a good old fashioned honest sentiment.

“I Feel Everything” is taken from the bands forthcoming EP, It All Might Be Ok via Vagrant Records.

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EXROYALE – Stuck In My Head [TMN Video Premiere]

Stuck In My Head

God, we love a good story to go along with a music video. See here’s what happened, at the end of May while in Portland, EXROYALE awoke in a loft to the gleam of the Toronto skyline. He set out to get an espresso before the day’s writing session. On his morning walk, the artist-producer came across a message boldly displayed on the side of a building: “YOU’VE CHANGED.”

In that moment, he connected with the truth and how it related to someone that was on his mind and returned to the studio filled with inspiration that quickly turned into EXROYALE’s new single, ‘Stuck In My Head.’

The video feels almost dream like with the lyrics appearing briefly before disappearing in giant white light spots. It is almost as if you looked at the sun for a second and then looked away to see the circle of the sun’s outline in your visionary line. A video that fits perfectly with the thought and feel of trying to get rid of a person who has made themselves at home within your head and refuse to leave.

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[Progressive House] RAC – Cheap Sunglasses ft. Matthew Koma (Two Friends Remix)

Cheap Sunglasses ft. Matthew Koma (Two Friends Remix)

After spending all morning stuck indoors aimlessly studying for some exam, we were bound to put the books down and cruise through Soundcloud to see what the latest was. We went through a few tunes but nothing really popped for us until we stumbled across the names RAC, Matthew Koma, and Two Friends. Being the RAC supporters that we are, we couldn’t help but get all bubbly when we first heard this remix. The Los Angeles duo, Two Friends, are notorious for putting two and two together to produce double the amount of heat in all that they touch and today they just gave us auditory proof that they know how to make us all feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

During our Soundcloud listening session, we happened to come across a freshly uploaded remix from the Two Friends of RAC’s sensational Summer tune, “Cheap Sunglasses” featuring one of dance musics most well-rounded vocalists in today’s day in age, Matthew Koma. Filled with uplifting progressive elements,  a tropical percussive flow, and a fist-pumping breakdown to get you up on your feet, the Two Friends took this original RAC piece of work and turned into a symphony enriched with enough Vitamin D to make your heart burst rays of sunshine. Take the Summer vibes with you for the remainder of the week because we don’t see this one escaping the repeat button any time soon. Get your copy on iTunes today!

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[Indie/Synth-Pop] GEMOLOGY – First & Last [TMN Premiere]

First & Last

We’re starting this fine Tuesday morning with a beautiful bang in the form of a TMN Premiere for Brooklyn dream-pop duo GEMOLOGY‘s first ever single “First & Last”. The translucent and multifaceted pairing of Natasha Chitayat and Joanie Wolkoff, GEMOLOGY respires a new life into an often times saturated synth-pop genre while providing their listeners with a visionary brand of pensive and introspective pop assemblage. While Natasha is a multi-instrumentalist/producer with an unwavering pop sensibility with Joanie cutting her teeth as a songer/songwriter with credits on projects such as Foxe Basin, Safra Nikoto and a forthcoming project titled “Her Habits.”; it seems they’ve both found the perfect musical balance for each others’ strengths. “First & Last” is a brooding slice of Chitayat’s resolute pop sensibility coupled with Wolkoff’s penetrating voice and lyrics; pulling from us a sense of longing, but also simultaneous hope. They say art in its purest form makes its audience feel something; and “First & Last” delicately pulls its listener in a number of welcome directions.  This one from GEMOLOGY got us off on the completely right foot this morning. Let it do the same for you.

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[R&Bounce] Shay Lia – 3 Months (Prod. Kaytranada)

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 9.57.42 AM
Shay Lia
3 months (prod. by KAYTRANADA)

About a month ago Kaytranada released the lead single from his upcoming EP, “Leave Me Alone,” featuring the airy vocals of fellow Montreal-based artist, Shay Lia. Today, Kaytra returns the favor providing the backdrop for Shay’s latest release. “3 Months” features a more subdued take on Kaytranada’s signature bass-bounce, which allows Shay Lia’s vocals to shine. The subtleties of this one showcase the versatility of both artists making for a relaxing listen. Vibe to this one above and check the video out after the jump. You can also check out an interactive version of the video for “3 Months” hereContinue reading

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Brolly – They Run, They Hide [TMN PREMIERE]

unnamed (1)
They Run, They Hide

We’ve admittedly never heard of Yuba City, as we’re sure most of you haven’t. This small city of just over 65,000 people may have previously been known for the world’s largest dried fruit processing plant, and a sixteen-year host to the California Dried Plum Festival, it’s claim to fame is about to become something very different, as the world becomes familiar with Brolly.

Wikipedia research aside, this California-born five-piece is part of the growing hotbed of indie rock coming out of the northern part of the golden state. Founded by childhood friends Jacob Ithurburn, Cody Martin, and Jacob Michaelis, as well as Kristen and Chelsea Famularo, Brolly have created an ambient and circumferential sound, capable of encompassing your every thought.

Calling on associations Cold Play, The National, and Band of Horses, this outfits talents engage it’s listeners with ease, as heard with today’s premiere. “They Run, They Hide” features cinematic-quality progression, carried through with booming kick drums, driving finger picking, and absolutely stunning vocals.

Coming off their beautiful and emotion-rich EP Wolfe, this tune and a handful of other absolute gems will be out on Sept 23rd.

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