Pixies – Where Is My Mind (Bassnectar Piano Cover)

bassnectar about it

In Bassnectar’s most recent mix, he dropped a mesmerizing Piano cover of his remix for Pixies track “Where Is My Mind”. To say the least, it is nothing short of amazing, and allows you to fall in love all over again. The original bass heavy remix that Lorin threw down was epic on it’s own, but once you mix in some piano for the intro, you better believe it’s amazing. Odds are this track will never get released so here is a rip from his most recent mix titled, “Immersive Music Mixtape – Side One”. Cheers.

Where Is My Mind (Bassnectar Piano Cover)
Immersive Music Mixtape (Side One)


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Zammuto – Need Some Sun

Need Some Sun

While it has only been a few years since Nick Zammuto left his one-half of experimental-folk duo The Books in order to focus more on a fledgling solo project aptly named Zammuto, the ever evolving musician has released the first meaningful piece of music in an entire calendar year from the project, entitled “Need Some Sun”. As far as comparisons to The Books, and Zammuto’s self-titled debut long player from 2012, “Need Some Sun” is far more straightforward than his previous body of work would indicate. Immediately, an energetic, but subdued bass line takes its listener on a walk before Nick Z’s patchy vocal reverberations create a dreamy, but pop soaked vibe.

Zammuto’s second LP is being released through an Indiegogo campaign, which is essentially an avenue from which you can pre-order the record along with making donations in order to receive special items such as a sound sculpture (seen in the mini-documentary on Zammuto Shape of Things to Come), silk screened posters and more- similar to a Kickstarter campaign. You can read more and help be a part of finishing Zammuto’s sophomore LP, through the link here, and stream “Need Some Sun” above. Did we mention it’s available as a free download on Soundcloud as well? Well there you have it Ninjas.

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[Fresh] TOTEM – Rich Girl

rich girl

We admittedly got really excited reading the title of this tune, thinking that it was a cover of one of our all time favorites, Hall and Oates. Once we figured out that it wasn’t a cover, we surprisingly weren’t disappointed. In fact, we found ourselves fully enveloped in the audibly delectable vocals of TOTEM.

We know it was forever ago in internet time, but a few months back we brought you a premiere of the relatively unknown sounds of TOTEM with their sultry tune “In and Out.” While “Rich Girl” isn’t a far departure stylistically from their first release, it’s equally impressive. Once again we find lyrics from this 26 year old masked marauder of a lead singer dripping with sensuality. The focus is entirely on the vocalists voice, with the instrumentation only playing a part in accentuating his lovely tone and marvelous range.

While we wish we had more information for you, we regrettably do not. Not because of the fact that we didn’t do our homework, but simply because someone on his/their team is playing up the mystery, and we’ve taken the bait full on.

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[Electro Pop] The Hongs – Magazine

the Hongs

Did someone just turn on the Playstation 2 and put in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City? This latest track from Miami-based outfit The Hongs (off their forthcoming Pet Scans EP) features Aaron “Abomb” Johnson of the Brazilian Girls on drums. The band has taken us back a few decades with electro pop feel that calls on memories of Duran Duran, DeLoreans, and the big 80′s hair.

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[Pop Folk] Percy and the Gunslinger – Andrew EP

PATGS005BW1500 (1)

A large part of the business is heavily rooted in relationships. You connect with people. You connect with artists. Through those connections you hear random side projects from the connections you’ve made. Percy and the Gunslingers is a new project from a very talented musician in Santa Monica, and we couldn’t be happier that he IMed us today.

Frankie Pedano is a seasoned musician, but this project we found particularly interesting. Part Fleetwood Mac, part Lana Del Rey, Percy and the Gunslingers have a truly classic and infectious sound. Take “Andrew” for example. Lead singer Ali Mills emotionally charged lyrics leads you to associations of Lana Del Rey and BETS. The simplistic rhythmic drumming compliments the soft guitar strumming and trumpets, and magnifies Mills’ haunting vocals. “Gunslinger” on the other hand has a pop structure with catchy powerful bluesy guitar riffs and saloon style piano breakdown. With such a dance inducing pop folk feel, pretty much anyone that hears this tune can’t help but picture themselves drinking some Coors Original dancin’ around a dive bar. Yes, I’m a Colorado boy, and enjoy the banquet beer. I digress.

Take a gander at these three tunes from their debut EP by clicking on the links below. These guys are already gaining attention, and it won’t be long before they get the attention they deserve.

Percy and the Gunslingers
Percy and the Gunslingers
Gunslinger Shuffle
Percy and the Gunslingers
Magnetic Metal
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[Indie] HAIM – The Wire

The Wire

The LA sister trio immersed us in their vivacious number, “Falling”  in February but hung us out to dry for the months after that. We’re glad that HAIM returns with their newly unveiled single, “The Wire”, which engulfs us wholeheartedly. We’re pretty sure that the three-part harmonies, rhythmic lyrics and effervescence of the song will be leaving you with fingers snapping at the very least – characteristics that we know their freshly completed debut album is sure to embody.

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[House] option4 – All the Girls

All The Girls
option4 (Original Mix) FREE DL

House maven option4 has been seeing his stock rise both locally, nationally and internationally on the heels of an ever-burgeoning and soulful catalogue. Today, the Denver based producer has lit up our ears again with another club-centric, peak-hour original tune “All the Girls” out on Night Supply Records. “All the Girls” takes its listener on a sonically textured journey, employing a swinging house beat, beautifully rendered synth line and rhythmically dominating pads culminating in an effort sure to flood dance-floors all across the world. Wrapping this Deep-House gem up in a nice and tidy little bow was a seemingly superlative chopped and spliced vocal sample from another more straight forward club anthem- N.E.R.D.’s “Everyone Nose”. This one is sure to induce a healthy dose of twerkage from our TMN contingent, and as an added bonus, option4 is giving away the track in exchange for the price of one Facebook “like” here. Stream “All the Girls” above.

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