[G-House] Big Boi – Kryptonite (Dr. Fresch x Tendra Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Dr. Fresch X Tendra Kryptonite Final Art
Big Boi
Kryptonite (Dr. Fresch X Tendra Remix)

The L.A. king of housey hip-wiggle Dr. Fresch has tickled our dance fancy through a multitude of niche and underground sub-genres over the past few years; from his self-titled EP, to gleaming remixes of artists as varied as Nelly Furtado, Snoop Dogg, and No Doubt; but the aurally bending dance maestro’s work within the realm of modern day G-House remains our favorite wrinkle in Dr. Frech’s production game.  Today, Dr. Fresch has teamed up with newcomer Tendra to take on Big Boi’s 2005 Purple Ribbon All-Star collab “Kryptonite” and it’s got us all twerked up around the monitors. Musically, the pair seem to coalesce as superbly as PB& J, using a perfectly swung analog bass line and Big Boi’s pitched down vocal stem to maintain the stylistic aesthetic of the original while simultaneously transporting it to another end of the club spectrum completely. When we pressed the pair a bit more about their joint remix, Tendra gave us quite the juicy little story: “Earlier this Summer, I was playing Blackjack with Big Boi at a Casino after Firefly Music Festival in Delaware, and cashed out huge. I landed back in LA, told Dr. Fresch the story, and we decided to get working on the remix – I had to show Big Boi some love for filling my pockets with stacks.”  While we may not quite be cool enough to stack our chips with Big Boi, this remix of “Kryptonite” surely is. Dr. Fresch and Tendra have offered an outstanding Tuesday pick-me-up, so put on your dancing shoes, grab the free download here, and let’s work it out.

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[TMN Resident Artist for November] Fei-Fei


Did it seem like October just flew this year? One minute you were stumbling down the street in your banana costume and the next thing you know, it is already November. The leaves are all falling down now, the wind has a certain chill in it, and holidays are just around the corner.

Personally, I love November and everything the month has to offer. Probably the thing I like the most is the new Resident Artist we have for the month. I was ecstatic when we were contacted by this talented artist’s publishers to coordinate a little Resident Artist action.

I believe, hands down, this artist is making a name for herself this year and hustles harder than many people I know. She has an ear for mixing genres and creating a unique and personal sound all of her own. She constantly leaves her Feided imprint wherever she performs and has lent her hand with releases on the ever vibey Symbols to the elite Toolroom to Datsik’s Firepower.

If you hadn’t figured it out yet, our Resident Artist for November is the electronic girl from LA Fei-Fei. With rumors of a debut artist album, a constantly evolving sound and a fearless attitude, she’s guaranteed to keep you on your toes. What will be the wild child’s next move? Nothing but fresh. And lots of it. So get ready to step outside your music comfort-zone this month because Fei-Fei is going to show you just how much fun that can be.

Little White Lies
Back To You
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[Indie] Close Talker – For the Sun

Close Talker
For The Sun

The precision and complex sound structure, that’s almost angular in it’s execution, has become as much a British affair as a cold summers day. There’s something distinctly London-esque about new track For The Sun, from Canadian four piece Close Talker.

This refined nu-indie effort abstains from explosive outbursts and rather than building to fruition, it’s quality is refined and showcased throughout the 3.28 minutes of majestic composure. Drawing comparisons to early Bombay Bicycle Club, their measured and compact form has also conjured fitting nods to LA’s own Local Natives.

Close Talker’s second full length album Flux, is released November 4th on Nevado Records.

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The Chill Dojo #106

chill dojo

If you find yourself whistling along to a particular song all week, then that’s a surefire way of knowing you’ve got the perfect tune to be sitting at the top of the playlist for the next Chill Dojo. Lindsay Lowend delivers just that with a playful take on Lido’s ‘Money’, led from beginning to end with a blissfully sweet melody and plenty of mellow future trimmings in his signature style. Not content with merely resting on his laurels though, he also throws in a stunning orchestral break to really put the icing on his addition to Lido’s recently released I Love You Remix EP.  Coming off the back of his popular hit ‘Fiona Coyne’, SAINT PEPSI teams up with Maxo to slow things down a little for a celebratory anthem. We all need to take some time to reflect every now and again, and this is the perfect soundtrack to your next daydream session, filled to the brim with feel-good vibes that capture your ears in warm embrace. We’re dialing up the trap factor with another collab of a different kind, this time thanks to the partnership of Diamond Eyes and Sté Louse. Melodic genius is again at the forefront of this electrifying jam, expertly crafted to take the listener on a ride through emotional lyrics and energizing highs all within the space of just two and a half minutes.

Sam Feldt has been riding the success of tropical house craze of 2014, and his latest release with Chris Meid will show you just why the popularity of this style continues to grow as the year goes on. The vocals of Jose Gonzalez are the perfect platform to launch another summer-flavored remix that is sure to satisfy the sun-drenched cravings of listeners all over the world. As always, throw in some sax and you’ll have us won over fairly easily. Germany’s Felix Jaehn is catching a similar wave of popularity of late, and the newly released ‘Eagle Eyes’ puts his musical talents on full display. It’s an instrumental feast of xylophone, piano and flute, blending in perfect harmony together with the dance vibe and glorious vocals from Linying. For those needing their deep house fix for the week, EFIX and Henri Pfr have that covered with an amazing original, graced with spectacular production and the breathtaking vocal partnership of Florence Welch and Kid Harpoon. It’s certainly a star-studded affair, and has all the elements of a sing-along anthem that yearns to be belted out at the top of your lungs.

Our heads are swimming with infectious melodies this week, and this list has enough replay value to last a lifetime. Luckily, it’s only a few days before we do this all again. Peace out.

Money (Lindsay Lowend Remix)
Celebrate Me
Diamond Eyes X Sté Louse
Times Square
Jose Gonzalez
Stay Alive (Sam Feldt & Chris Meid Remix)
Felix Jaehn feat. Lost Frequencies & Linying
Eagle Eyes
EFIX & Henri Pfr
Im Goin Down (feat. Florence Welch & Kid Harpoon)
Weekend (Oliver Nelson Remix)
Never Really Mattered (Theodor Remix)
Running Ft. Cleopold
Cant Wait (ft. SPZRKT)
B O S S  (ノ゚▽゚)ノ
Lil Gravity
Gemini (feat. Telana) (Gravez Remix)
Josef Salvat
Open Season (The Chainsmokers Remix)
Embers ft. Jill Harris (T Mass Remix)
Tell Me
Feelin (Le Flex Remix)
Sam Feldt & Kav Verhouzer
Hot Skin (Original Mix)
Becky Hill
Losing (Just Kiddin Remix)
You Were Mine (Daniel. T. Remix)
Moon Boots
Theres No Love
Christina Perri
Burning Gold (Bit Funk Remix)
Julian Kruse
Free n Losh
The Girl From Ipanema (Remix)
The Theorist & Y E Λ R S
Marz Leon
Fire (Trapwell Chill Edit)
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (November 2014 Round #1)


Halloween has come and gone, which only means we are about to be bum-rushed by a plethora of holidays. The excitement of travel plans, massive food consumption, and money spending can all be a little overwhelming, so when things start to tailspin into a blur of pumpkin spice, turkey stuffing, and peppermint dreams, kick your feet up to an Indie Dojo. Don’t worry, the holidays will still be here. You can take them on whenever you are ready.

Hollow Coves
The Woods
go back
Northeast Party House
Horror Hud
Bird In A Cage
Backyard Dreaming
Emotional Connection
Cambio Sun
Mad As They Come
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[Electronic] Giraffage – Tell Me

Tell Me

San Francisco producer Giraffage has been steadily gaining momentum over the last couple years developing a unique sound that combines electronic elements with hip-hop, R&B and lo-fi influences. Gearing up to release an EP later this month, the talented artist dropped off a gem of a first single last week and it’s certainly one of our favorites to date.

“Tell Me” starts off with a synth-driven, hi-hat heavy backdrop that makes way for a brilliant breakdown at the 1:18 mark. Through the track’s unorthodox arrangement, Giraffage brings the infectious, minimalistic melody to the forefront creating an atmosphere of absolute euphoria. Give this incredibly original cut a listen above–Giraffage’s No Reason EP drops on November 18th via Fool’s Gold Records and is available for pre-order here.

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TM003_Hideout_Rookie_cover (1)

We were lucky enough to take a walk down memory lane today, casually basking in sweet musical nostalgia. With our headphones in, we were practically transported to a different era, cruising around Haight Ashbury, enjoying warm, sunny vibes. How were we able to achieve this higher level of musical experiences? Quite simply, really. Press play on the first track below, and enjoy the ride.

Formed on the road, HIDEOUT is Gabriel Rodriguez (guitar/vocals) and Cory Stier (drums), two longtime friends who are also touring members of the NYC indie act Cults. Even despite a severe geographical issue (living on opposite sides of the country), these two were able to share pieces back and forth of, culminating in their 11-track debut album, Rookie.

The album as a whole has a really unique story behind it, all set to hazy rhythm guitars, crunchy riffs, understated percussion, and a shimmering soundscape that truly evokes sentimentality. While the piece as a whole does give way to rocks greatest era, the subject matter is anything but, boasting an intergalactic storyline. Check out what the band had to say about it:

Three songs on the album are actually an interconnecting story, starting with “Skylights”, which tells of a young boy’s kidnapping by lights in the sky. The boy is returned home with no recollection of his family or life before the lights. “Battle Lights” gives the listener a peak into the boy’s life a few years after his return. Now having visions, the boy hears voices that tell him to preach the lessons learned during his space journey. And of course, he’s seen as delusional. “Stronger” is told from the perspective of the boy’s mother. After he is committed, she sits in his hospital room wondering where she went wrong. Was there more she could have done? The visions have taken over.

Enjoy this full album stream a day before it comes out via on Thrill Me Records. Simply click, kick back and enjoy.

All I Want
Where Youve Been
It Ends
Neon Lighting
New Music
Stubborn Child
Battle Lights
Changing Us All
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