[NEW] Ellie Gouding – Life Round Here (Feat. Angel Haze) (Prod. Noah Breakfast)

Ellie x Angel
Ellie Goulding
Life Round Here (Feat. Angel Haze)

When James Blake released his Chance The Rapper assisted remix to “Life Round Here,” late last year, we assumed that would be the ultimate version of the single that we’d hear. Then again, we never expected a team up quite like this. Covering a James Blake song is certainly no easy task, but this revamped crew consisting of Ellie Goulding, Angel Haze and Noah Breakfast, give the original a run for its money, rebuilding the track completely from the ground up. Crafting a dense, ambient instrumental for the ladies to play with, Noah opts for a sounds that’s arguably far more melancholic than Blake’s forerunner. Ellie’s vocals float through the track almost aimlessly, yet they still feel purposeful as they lead in to a fierce verse from Angel Haze. Stream the single above, and let us know which version is your true favorite.

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[Out There] Beaty Heart – Kanute’s Coming Home

Kanute's Comin' Round

Coming out of the South-London hub of Peckham, the lovingly unique psych-pop trio Beaty Heart are set to welcome in the New Year with a new single, ‘Kanute’s Comin’ Round’. Due out by way of Nusic Sounds on March 3rd, this tune is another taste from the band’s debut record ‘Mixed Blessings’, which was recorded with Dave Eringa.

The eclectic nature of this track takes you to the plains of the wild with its buzzing didgeridoo, playful guitar riffs and tribal style drums. It’s all of the place, but only in all the best ways. For a brief moment, we asked ourselves, “what the hell do we classify this as?” As soon as that thought came in our head, it left as we pressed play again, with a huge smile beaming across our faces.

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[Indie] ETCHES – The Charm Offensive

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. – Leonardo Da Vinci

In it’s simplicity, we find ourselves overwhelmingly charmed by the guitar centric nature of ETCHES new track. Focusing highly on non-traditional guitar structuring, and post-rock inspired lyrics, we’ve been won over with one listen of “The Charm Offensive.”

This single, coming out on the 24th of this month, has nothing complicated to it. Yes, the structure might not be something that you’re used to, something that may be more complex than your traditional pop tune. However, there’s no guitar solo. There’s no intricate sampling, looping countless clips over and over, endlessly. Quite the contrary. However, it’s laid back and unassuming nature will captivate your ears, asking you to hear more from this Liverpool based outfit.

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[RnB] KRONO Ft. Cimo Fränkel – Sweet Goodbye

KRONO Ft. Cimo Fränkel
Sweet Goodbye

Sporting a sultry RnB beat, simplistic piano chords, and the glorious voice of Cimo Fränkel’s vocals, “Sweet Goodbye,” is an emotional roller coaster. It’s dripping with painfully deep sentiment, causing a deep personal association with each and every lyric.

Coupled with Parisian based KRONO’s production, this tune is the stuff we look for when we’re listening music. It evokes emotion effortlessly, not letting you out of it’s grip for a single moment. Take a listen and decide for yourself. When you’re finished, make sure to download this tune for free.

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[Indie] Wake Owl – Letters

Wake Owl

Walking out of a decorated 1950’s gymnasium, Wake Owl’s tune, “Letters,” is something you would come to see from another Back to the Future film. While this song starts off with something you’d expect Marty McFly to be endorsing, it crosses musical eras with it’s strings section. As a whole, the track boasts a nostalgic feel, giving these Vancouver BC based musicians a spot in music lover’s hearts, both young and old.

With an album coming up soon, we can guarantee that we’ll be writing up more of this talented outfit’s work. Make sure to keep your eyes open.

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[Rock] Meg Myers – Go

Meg Myers

There’s no mystery around the fact that we’re huge fans of Meg Myers. Spawned out of an affinity for her music, and some rather quirky interview responses, she’s always held a little piece of our ears and hearts here at TMN. Today reinforces why we’ve come to love this LA based indie rocker, as we feature her newly released single, “Go.”

Harnessing classic women of rock like Joan Jett and Heart, Meg’s softly sung lyric float over twangy guitar riffs and eerie piano chords. The chorus of “Go” is anything but soft, breaking into a frenetic bout of power chords coupled with intense screaming that would make any punk lover proud. We’re once again left impressed by the ability to combine to vastly different soundscapes into one track, culminating in something that’s both raw and beautiful.

“Go” drops later this month (2/11) on her upcoming EP, Make a Shadow.

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