Tyson Kraft – Haunt Me (feat. Tiff Fung) [TMN Premiere]

Tyson Kraft
Haunt Me (feat. Tiff Fung)

Enter the dojo for the exclusive first listen to “Haunt Me” by Tyson Kraft to help get you over this week’s hump. The Australian producer enlisted Tiff Fung to hop on this original for some vocal work and together they created a mesmerizing tune.

“Haunt Me” hones in on a future-centric sound. Many producers aiming at this style simply miss the mark, delivering flavorless messes that are anything but memorable; however, Tyson hits the bulls-eye on making a phenomenal record that you can come back to time and time again. A majestic introduction captivates the listener before Tyson tightens his grip with the riveting chorus of the instrumental. “Haunt Me” has everything going for it. Want a copy? Get it on iTunes today.

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[Electronic] Natty Reeves – Under Your Thumb

Natty Reeves
Under Your Thumb

“Under Your Thumb” is the latest from Brighton’s own Natty Reeves on DeepMatter. This jazz-infused crossover original is not something you hear all that often which makes it all the more special. Sit back and relax, this one is a treat.

Natty Reeves goes all out smooth with this soulful single. It’s organic elements make the song inviting, giving it a sense of reality rather than keeping things robotic. You can’t help but to have your nerves calmed while this one is playing and you’re likely to keep it on repeat to maximize the comfort. “Under Your Thumb” is currently available on digital platforms for those of you who would like to add it to their digital library like we have!

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Yitaku & Madnap – Finding Myself (ft. Restless Modern) [TMN Premiere]

yitaku & Madnap
Finding Myself ft. Restless Modern

We’re coming off the holiday weekend with the premiere of a brand new single for you. Coming from Yitaku and Madnap, “Finding Myself” is a future focused original that features Restless Modern. Together these three acts created an emotionally charged tune we just couldn’t pass on sharing.

“Finding Myself” starts out with soft pads that ease us into the song with grace. Once we get into the heat of the introduction Restless Modern starts serenading to further hook us into the track. Without any need for a drawn out build and booming climax, Yitaku and Madnap come in with the drop to whisk us into their cloud-like synths. From start to finish this song is incredible. Enjoy your first listen and make sure to get a copy if you like what you hear!

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (November 2017 Round #4)

Here we are. On the fast track to the joyous, yet extremely overwhelming, money sucking holidays. May we suggest an Indie Dojo to help you through the chaos of the next few weeks? Did we mention it was free?
’Lake Jons
Breathe Out The Fumes’
’Matt Pond PA
The Moon Rose’
’Ghost Love
Change Your Mind’
’Jordy Maxwell – Blue Eyes’
’No Mono – Violence Broken (Single
’Nana Adjoa
No Sleep’
’James Walker
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[Indie Folk] Galapaghost – Pulse


Meeting somewhere in-between alternative and folk rock, Galapaghost’s, “Pulse” is a moving listen. The plucked chord progression is slowly layered with minimal sounds building into an impressive final verse. Subtle guitar work in the background, acoustic and electric, adds a lot to keep things interesting. Not to mention how the lyrics cut through with a raw, heart wrenching vocal melody. The rhythm stays mostly low key but the songwriting holds things up without a problem. Discover a new artist and I think indie rock fans will really dig “Pulse.”

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 273)

Hope your belly still isn’t full from Thanksgiving. Today instead of stuffing your face, we’ll be stuffing your ears with some fat beats from incredibly talented producers. We’ve got another batch of twelve free downloads for you to enjoy whether you’re going to simply stream or collect them in your digital library. We’ve got quite the party for you today with a lot of great electro tunes making up the meat of this, along with plenty of other heavier and lighter sounds to mix things up. Songs this week come to us from Wet Paint, Bandlez, Downlowd, The Frederik, Soltan, Notixx, Vincent and more. Take these treats with you over the weekend and continue to let loose this holiday weekend!

’Post Malone – I Fall Apart (Wet Paint Remix)’
’Aryay – Always Wanted You Feat. Kimbra(Bandlez Remix)’
’Switchblade – Send Off’
’Downlowd – Unplugged’
’Snavs – Riot (The Frederik Remix)’
’NuKid – Lose Control’
’Soltan –

’Notixx – Better Slow It Down’
’Tascione – Get It (Snafu Flip)’
’Nato Feelz – Thumpin’
’Selena Gomez & Marshmello ~ Wolves (Vincent Remix)’
’Kids Want Techno x Rosé Throne
Back To House (Original Mix)’
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Someone – Forget Forgive [TMN VIDEO PREMIERE]

Forget Forgive

Earlier this year, I brought you a first look and listen at former popster Tessa Rose Jackson, under the gleaming new moniker of Someone. Since then, she’s been busy releasing a handful of new tunes, each one showcasing the sophisticated breadth of both musicianship and songwriting abilities.

“Forget Forgive” is the most recent offering. Softly sung and set to a repeating guitar strum, it has an intentional simplicity that’s positively haunting. The uncluttered soundscape is perfect for the emotive lyrics and beautifully layered chorus, which will leave you completely and wonderfully enveloped.

This release came out earlier this month via [PIAS], but today, you’re getting a first look at the accompanying music video.

Because the subject matter of this track is so straight-forward, I wanted the video to give the song a twist. During a brainstorm with my manager, we settled on the idea of translating this internal struggle into an actual struggle. A fight. Skin-on-skin action; rough, ruthless and messy. Just like the way we treat ourselves sometimes. But to support the dreamy, emotional quality of the music, we wanted to film it in super slow-motion, so that the colliding movement between the two characters can become almost like a dance.

Being a massive sci-fi lover, the intro to the video is a big nod to all my favourite B-movies from the 1980’s (which also gave me a great excuse to write an intense opening score full of vintage synthesizer madness). – Someone

Have a look below and then make sure to mark your calendars for the 27th. She’ll be playing at Cinetol in Amsterdam, and if you’re in the area, you should definitely go catch her live performance.

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