nøll – breathe [TMN Premiere]


Today the Texas talent nøll drops his debut EP, the empty set. We’ve got the opportunity to premiere the closing track “breathe” for you right here in the dojo. This ethereal treat will start your weekend off nicely.

One thing that is apparent right from the start of “breathe” is that it’s going to be an ultimate dose of musical relaxation. From its vibe to the lyrics, this track is definitely one that you want to jam to by yourself, in some headphones with your eyes closed. It can be enjoyed elsewhere, but to really let it take hold of your mind and sooth your soul, perform the former. nøll flexes a unique, simple composition whose power rests in its minimalism. Enjoy the first listen here and make sure to check out the full EP on Spotify.

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[Electronic] Autograf – Dead Soon Remixes EP

The good ol’ creatives that make up Autograf have recently unveiled remixes for their single “Dead Soon” that’s still gaining its own steam. Augmenting the heat are three remixers who have completely different takes on the original. They’re all fire and all flips the original deserved.

First we kick things off with a future bass cut from Scorsi that rides its wave of synths right into the pleasure centers of your brain. Next comes Detroit’s Golf Clap with one of the coolest, grooviest remixes we’ve heard in a bit. Lastly, the Birthdayy Partyy twins turn up the energy to astonishing levels with their bass-driven take that pays homage to the electro house sounds of the 2012 era, while bringing everything forward to 2018. All together, this is an EP you need in your library.

PS, if you didn’t check the chill mix, we’ve got you covered here too 😉

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[Dubstep] Stabby – Blade EP

Oh Stabby, you dirty dirty man. There’s been a lot of great dubstep that has come out this year, but Stabby’s new EP on Buygore, Blade, slices through most everything else with ease and stands above the bloody mess tall and proud. Although he’s been one of the best up and comers, Stabby solidifies himself further in huge way with this EP.

In just three tracks Stabby shows why, without a doubt, he deserves your attention. It’s one of those projects where you really can’t pick a favorite and when you finally do, upon listening through again your change your mind and are left wondering, how can all three of these be so damn good? We don’t know the answer, we can try to talk about what sounds and motifs make up each track, but it’s better if we just let it simmer on your ears. Blade speaks for itself. And it also needs to be added to your library.

’Stabby – First Duel’
’Stabby – Musket’
’Stabby & Chime – Permadeath’
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[Hip-Hop] Armani White – casablanco freestyle (ft. Sango)

Armani White
casablanco freestyle (ft. Sango)

The Philly to LA rapper Armani White has some big things coming. He’s got a major debut project on the way, but in the mean time he’s shared its lead single, as well as the “casablanco freestyle” that we’ve got for you today. Featuring the producer Sango, this heater is not something you’ll want to pass by without engaging.

Armani really brought the flames on this one and so did Sango with a beat that is hood majestic. Although Armani states that this isn’t like what is coming on his upcoming project, we’re still excited all the same. “casablanoc freestyle” breathes a confident creative edge that is sharp and cool. If you’re not adding this to your Spotify playlist, then you’re depriving your future self and your friends.

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[Future Bass] Jaron – Time, Real & Imaginary

Time, Real & Imaginary

Jaron is living proof that age is just a number. For his 16th birthday (you heard me…16th birthday), this kid decided to put out a track called “Time, Real & Imaginary” and boy did it blow my mind.

With such vast instrumentation, Jaron channels back an forth between classical instruments, electronic sounds, and a singular voice. By doing this, the song manages to have two completely different sides to it. One side is soft, pretty, and calming. The female voice hums notes while a beautiful sounding piano accompanies her. Meanwhile, the other side of the song is an incredible display of heated passion. Drums practically burst out of your speakers, and the synths play with such intensity. The song is a constant battle between these two very different sides, and the product of this battle is this incredible piece of music. Although this might not be something you’d hear playing at a club or music festival, it is something you can really listen to and appreciate. It’s songs like these that remind you that music is an art.

So throw this beautiful piece of music a free download!

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[Pop] Josefine – Do It For Me

Do It For Me

The Los Angeles pop-crossover artist Josefine has come through the pipeline with a new single. Her jam “Do It For Me” found its way into our hearts and therefore all our Summer playlists – likely, it’s going to do the same for you.

It’s not what you’d expect from a poppy electronic record called “Do It For Me.” Josefine switches up the love-laden Summer single by flipping the script for a liberating track. Some might find it a bit sad, but ultimately it’s aim is to motivate and allow oneself to let go. This one is definitely worth the purchase price if you still buy tracks, otherwise you can add it to your playlist – either way, do so here.

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[R&B/Electronic] Latir – I’ll Be There

I'll Be There

Hailing from North London, Latir has come overseas to the dojo with via his latest single. “I’ll Be There” His bridging of R&B with electronic is just what our ears needed this week. Let Latir usher in the weekend with this one.

“I’ll Be There” is a memorable laid-back love track. It’s dreamy, soulful and the chorus will be stuck in your head for quite some time. Latir enlisted Danny George for the production and together they knocked this one out of the park. Safe to say, next time Latir drops a record, we’ll be there. Check this one out and stay tuned for more from him!

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