[Indie Electronic] The Japanese House – Still

The Japanese House #87C5AB
The Japanese House

New Music Tuesday continues to charges ahead, and this one in particular is bringing us a ton of top-notch debuts.

Mixing melancholic lyrics with inventive and intelligent pop hooks, London based newcomer The Japanese House impresses with debut track ‘Still’, the lead single from her upcoming EP Pools To Bathe In. Co-produced with The 1975’s Matthew Healy and George Daniel, The Japanese House’s layered harmonies flow through subtle synth textures, delivering a bewitching introduction to a very exciting new artist.

Pools To Bathe In will be released on April 27th on Dirty Hit Records. We strongly suggest you set a reminder in your phone this instant.

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[Future] TYR – Escapades


Boulder-based TYR is set on providing clean drinking water to those in need, and he’s doing so by donating his brand-new original track, “Escapades.”

Coming out just a few days ago on the newly launched Cadence & Cause website, this track features a playful section of strings, aptly timed vocal samples, and of course, plenty of bass. The best part about this tune though is what it’s going towards, which is providing clean drinking water for those who don’t have access to something we take for granted on a daily basis.

Below you’ll find an impact report that shows the amount of impact that happens every time someone purchases this song on Cadence & Cause. If you’d like to contribute to the campaign, click here.
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[Future] Venessa Michaels – Touch Me ft. Kiana Brown

Venessa Michaels
Touch Me ft. Kiana Brown

Ooh “Touch Me” right there. You know I like it like that. You know I’m all about those future vibes, which is just what Venessa Michaels brings along with Kiana Brown on this insatiable original. The two ladies wrote this to make us feel some type of way, and it certainly succeeds at that. Lively, vivacious, yet simple, this empowering tune is too much fun not to want to spread around. It’s new age, but the sound has a slight OG status that can’t be ignored. It’s so many things wrapped up into one incredible package. Venessa and Kiana have given this out for free, which you can directly download here. Stay tuned for more dope work from the Los Angeles act by following her on Facebook as well.

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Keith Ape – It G Ma (Madeaux Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

Keith Ape
It G Ma (Madeaux Remix)

The forward thinking trap sound is exploding. Artists are receiving attention from elites like Skrillex, Diplo and numerous others. Over time, we have shared more and more of it, and today, we’re fortunate to premiere this new flip of Keith Ape’s “It G Ma” from rising talent, Madeaux.

Combining hip-hop style progressions and percussion with dubstep bass synths,  Madeaux creates an exhilarating atmosphere. The intense vocals and razor sharp synths are definitely dead set for a Saturday night, five star turn-up. Just don’t blame us when you wake up with a wicked hangover on Sunday morning.

Stay updated with everything Madeaux on Soundcloud, Facebook, and Twitter.

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[Stunning] RAINES – Ghosts


You gotta love New Music Tuesday. Today has been rife with top notch tracks, but RAINES is breaking away pack with his debut track, ‘Ghosts,’ a rather stunning debut from a brand new artist.

A sparse arrangement decorated by beautiful keys, RAINES (Mike Nelson) immediately wows with his spellbinding vocal. Boasting a tone that fits somewhere in the space between Hozier, James Vincent McMorrow and Bon Iver, RAINES manages to make ‘Ghosts’ sound equal parts triumphant and heatbreaking, haunting and hopeful.

Speaking on the track, the Liverpool artist states that it’s origins are:

About love and loss, but also the idea that these feelings don’t stop just because a relationship does.

The next steps for RAINES are not clear just yet, but what is clear is this guy is astonishingly talented.

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Howie Lee – Sink Like Titanic [TMN Premiere]

trapdoor records, howie lee, forward thinking, trap music, gangster, tupac, fart noises

Howie Lee, Bejing born and London educated, pursued a degree in sound art opposed to sound design, or audio engineering. He takes the meaning of “deep” to a gallery status. The jazzy time signatures on “Sink Like Titanic” create a groove that provoke more thought than rigid 4/4 time signatures.

Discover more from Howie Lee on Soundcloud, Facebook and Twitter.

Howie Lee & LinFeng
Sink Like Titanic
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[NEW] Kid Cudi – Love

Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi has been showcasing his versatile talents outside of music recently–from starring in acclaimed Sundance films to joining the cast of Comedy Bang Bang. Even with a budding acting career, though, he recently announced  that he’ll be working on the long anticipated next chapter in the Man on the Moon series with the same team of collaborators who helped created his classic debut. This morning, Cudder took to Soundcloud to sneak release a new loosie titled “love.” Keeping the throwback vibes alive, Dot Da Genius, the producer behind “Day and Night” among other hits, adds to Cudi’s own production featuring a Ratatat sample making the perfect backdrop for his signature swooning, uplifting vocals. The chorus on this one erupts into stadium-worthy proportions and the layering of Ratatat guitar riffs add to that epic sound. Hopefully we’ll hear MOTM3 sooner rather than later but this should do a great job holding fans over until then.

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