[Future Funk] Seven Davis Jr. – Try Me (I’ll Funk You) + Mono/Poly Remix

Seven Davis Jr
Try Me (Ill Funk You)
Seven Davis Jr
Try Me (Ill Funk You) (Mono/Poly Remix)

LA-based producer and vocalist Seven Davis Jr truly possesses a technique all his own–one that combines elements of funk and tech-house/disco for a fresh, dance floor ready sound. His debut album Universes, which dropped last month, encapsulates that style giving long-time fans a treat while taking the his audience size to new levels with infectious tunes like “Sunday Morning” providing the perfect amount of accessibility without sacrificing artistry. For those more familiar with EDM than old-school house and techno, which is probably most TMN readers, Davis’ music helps bridge the gap and might just tempt you to dive down the musical rabbit hole of the still thriving, legendary tech-house scenes of Chicago, Detroit and San Francisco.

As a bonus track to his critically acclaimed project, Davis has released yet another funktastic banger with “Try Me (I’ll Funk You).” Featuring his own strangely hypnotizing vocals backed by a bouncy, steadily building groove, it’s a great introduction to Seven Davis Jr’s approach for those not yet familiar. Along with the single comes an absolutely stunning remix from Brainfeeder producer Mono/Poly who completely flips “Try Me” into an equally irresistible psychedelic hip-hop tinted jam. It’s a rare situation where original and remix are both incredible but in altogether different ways.

“Try Me (I’ll Funk You)” along with the Mono/Poly remix will be available to cop tomorrow, August 21st, via Ninja Tune and can be pre-ordered now on iTunes or Bandcamp.

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Motion Cntrl – Motion Cntrl [TMN EP PREMIERE]


The City of Angels continues to prove itself as one the top, if not the top, place for up-and-coming musicians. Yes, some will argue that Seattle and NYC deserve the top spot, but it’s nearly every day we come across an uber talented, attention-grabbing artist from Los Angeles. And, today continues to confirm our unscientific hypothesis, as we showcase a first listen through Motion Cntrl’s debut EP.

This synth-heavy duo garnered an appreciative nod from the blogosphere with their first single from their self-titled EP. “It’s On You” racked up a sizable amount of plays, and it’s not hard to hear why. An immediate comparison to The XX comes to mind when enjoying this artfully crafted tune, drawing on those associations with the synth-led, female/male lead singer duo. Their casual harmonies flirt perfectly with alternating verses from each of the lead singers, coming together in an extremely memorable and infectious manner.

Prior to “It’s On You,” fans can enjoy “Heavy Loss,” which kicks off this seven-song journey. Taking some time to build, it eventually draws them in with a flirtation, uptempo beat and warm, fluttering synths. Following that, tracks like “Messenger” and “Say When” highlight the duo’s softer side, boasting calming, lush, and textural soundscapes that pair perfectly with the subdued, filtered vocals.

We’re fortunate enough to bring you a full, top-to-bottom listen of this impressive EP before it’s released to the public. So, throw your headphones on, press play, and get ready to get lost in everything that is Motion Cntrl.

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Viola Beach – Swings & Waterslides [TMN PREMIERE]

VB - single artwork (web version)
Viola Beach
Swings & Waterslides

With the warm, summer days slowly winding away, and fall’s grey, gloomy head peeking around the corner, it’s important us all to live every sunny day to its fullest extent. We needn’t look any further than our television for examples, as advertisers across the globe seem to visualize these experiences to a tee, showing smiling faces sitting around a fire, drinking whatever alcoholic beverages they’re pitching. So, pack up your tent, cooler, and the essentials to build a long-lasting fire, but most importantly, bring your solar charger for your Bluetooth speaker.

As if it were crafted specifically for these epic summer adventures we’re always so fondly planning and executing, “Swings & Waterslides” will roar into your warm-weather playlist with ease. Catchy? Yes. Anthemic? Most definitely. Able to get both genders up and dancing around a campsite? We’d bet our life savings on it.

With a vocal style that beckons on other notable Brit-pop bands, there’s an immediate familiarity with Warrington-based Viola Beach. Yet, as much as it reminds us of a few other notable frontmen, it carries a unique and boisterous attitude of its own. The lyrics are easily captured in the memory, highlighting the deft songwriting abilities. When mixed in with some playful shouts, inventive guitar work, and delightfully raucous percussion, we’re left unable to wipe the toothy grin from our face.

What’s one of the best parts about this newly released, highly-addicting, and incredibly infectious tune? It’s the bands first release. That’s right, you’re getting the very first online look and listen at what will soon become a widely popular band. At least, we certainly believe so.

“Swings & Waterslides” will be available as a free download for the next 24 hours following this post. Head over to their Soundcloud and pick it up.

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[Pop] HONNE- Loves The Jobs You Hate

Loves The Jobs You Hate

HONNE waste no time and immediately energize us one second into their brand new song “Loves The Jobs You Hate.” A perfect fit for the last song of the night, this is taken from the forthcoming Over Lover EP out on Tatemae Recordings/Atlantic Records on September 2nd. Since emerging with ‘Warm On A Cold Night‘ over a year ago, HONNE continue to hypnotize with their romantic music. They force you to listen to them differently than any other band–nobody does it like they do. On November 4th HONNE will play their first US show at Rough Trade in NYC, tickets here.

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[Indie] Piranhas And Sharks – Red Road/Wake Up


There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that the internet has completely revolutionized the way the music industry works. From back in the Napster days, all the way to twitter and facebook interaction with labels, agents, and publications, it’s evolved into a space where any artist can get their music heard. We have one of those examples today, as we highlight Glasglow-based Piranhas And Sharks.

Earlier today, we were followed by this act on twitter. While, this is nothing out of the ordinary for us, we felt compelled to click on their profile for some reason. It only took us one listen through “Red Road,” before we were loading up this post to hopefully shine some light on this small, independent act.

Below you’ll find two tracks of theirs, which have a combined play count of under 1,000. Both boast a nostalgic sound that effortlessly fuse multiple decades of musical style. Lyrically, both capture your attention with ease, making it simple to start picking up on the choruses after just a few listens. Both are coupled with some inventive progressions, guitar work, and energetic percussions, all of which add up to an extremely enjoyable listening experience. Both are a shining example of why we love what we do.

Make sure to follow them on facebook and Soundcloud to keep track of upcoming releases.

Red Road
Wake Up
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[Indie] James Vincent McMorrow – How To Waste A Moment

James Vincent McMorrow
How To Waste A Moment

Taking a break from his usual, slow, sensual, and swooning style, our favorite Irishman is back with a freshly released tune, and it delivers on multiple levels. Per usual, we’re welcomed into the soundscape with James Vincent McMorrow’s painfully beautiful vocal tone, one which we’ve fawned over more times that we can count. This time, though, that soft, yet distinguished voice is set to an upbeat, walking synth melody. Coming in on the back of a booming bassline, and pronounced percussion, it all culminates into an addicting combination.

We can only imagine that “How To Waste a Moment” is being incorporated into his live acts. If you’re one of the lucky ones that’s planning on catching it, we’re sure you’re eagerly waiting hearing it live, just as we are.

Catch JVM on tour at one of the following dates below. Having seen him multiple times before, we highly recommend picking up some tickets and checking him out.

Aug 19 Mishawaka Amphitheatre Bellvue, CO
Aug 20 The Bluebird w/ Blake Mills Denver, CO
Aug 22 Gentlemen of the Road Stopover Salida, CO
Aug 24 Weesner Amphitheater w/ Kevin Garrett Apple Valley, MN
Aug 25 Majestic Theater w/ Kevin Garrett Madison, WI
Aug 26 Thalia Hall w/ Kevin Garrett Chicago, IL

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[Electronic Pop] MUTEMATH – Monument


Did you just do a double take? We know we did when we first glanced upon MUTEMATH in a newly released song. But, when we clicked play, we were immediately rushed with a wave of nostalgic emotions from those late-night, headphone-adorned listening sessions close to a decade ago. In fact, after one listen through “Monument,” we immediately went back and relived hits like “Control,” “Typical,” and “Blood Pressure.”

“Monument” is the first release in quite some time from Grammy-nominated alternative rock band MUTEMATH, and what a return it is. Yes, the style has changed slightly from that of the aforementioned and quite adored songs, but the underlying nature of this storied NoLa band is very much there. Heavily rooted in glowing synths and upbeat percussion, this newly-released tune still has that classic anthemic nature that we’ve come to love over the years.

While citing bands like Steely Dan and The Police, we can’t help but hear associations of current electro-pop acts (ahem, Phoenix) coming through in their highly-engaging tune. It’s warm, shimmering and leaves listeners clamoring to hit repeat, over and over again.

Expect this tune and more on their upcoming album, out in late 2015. There’s also an accompanying tour, but it is literally sold out, top-to-bottom.

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