[Giveaway] Enjoy Pizza Party With MUST DIE! At EP Release Event


Today is the last day to enter into a contest for something special. MUST DIE! is soon to release his EP, Forever Digital, and will be having a release party at Foundation Nightclub in Seattle this Friday, September 15th.

Want to meet the man himself and enjoy a pizza party with him? Of course you do, who wouldn’t want that? This one-of-a-kind meet & greet experience is available to you if you happen to win the contest that’s currently running. Not only that, but the winners will receive signed posters of the Forever Digital artwork too. As we said before, this is your last day to enter, so hurry!

MEET & GREET - SEATTLE (Contest on Hive.co)

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[Electronic] San Holo – I Still See Your Face

San Holo
I Still See Your Face (Official Music Video in Description)

San Holo is making his return to The Music Ninja with yet another stunning masterpiece, “I Still See Your Face.” The new release is undoubtedly following the path towards the same massive success seen with his previous originals like “Light” and “The Future.” But this time, the bitbird head honcho throws quite a large curveball at listeners. Known for enlisting vocalists that perfectly complement each track he’s put out thus far, “I Still See Your Face” showcases Holo’s vox for the very first time and boy, we are definitely not disappointed.

The song stays true to the Dutch producer’s signature brand of sound as it features a buoyant, enrapturing melody constructed by youthful synths and chimes. “I Still See Your Face” will be the first single on the second Gouldian Finch compilation album. Also make sure to peep the official music video here.

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[Electronic] Autograf – Sleepless In NYC

Sleepless in NYC

It’s been some time since we’ve posted about electronic trio Autograf, but they’ve made it back on our radar with their brand new release. “Sleepless In NYC” is an irresistible jam that you’ll want to bump on every road trip. The dreamy, euphoric production makes for the perfect backdrop to the singer’s ethereal vocals, which are later greeted by an unexpected and lively drop. What catches our attention most with Autograf’s latest is the divergence in sound compared to their previous works. “Sleepless In NYC” is definitely a step in a new direction for them and leaves us on the edge of our seats as we eagerly wait to hear what they have in store for us next.

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GiovanFish & Oceans – Don’t Tell Me [TMN Premiere]

GiovanFish & Oceans
Don't Tell Me

Let’s end the day with an exclusive first listen, shall we? The premiere of “Don’t Tell Me” by GiovanFish & Oceans is what we’ve got for you in the dojo today. Not only do we have the song to share, but we have a free download of it for you as well.

“Don’t Tell Me” is a hybrid delight. At first we dive into a future bass sound that could stand on its own as a song, but the two acts didn’t stop there and take the easy route. Instead, they progress the sound to a completely new arena by trapping things out. Essentially you’re getting two good songs in one with this. Stream it today and make sure to grab the free download before you head out for Taco Tuesday.

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[Music Video] Hitimpulse – Cover Girls feat. Bibi Bourelly

Hitimpulse‘s new single with Bibi Bourelly is a complete package. Every single component of “Cover Girls” is of top quality and the creative direction behind the track is deserving of a standing ovation. The same goes for Bibi’s vocal performance, but that’s not the whole project.

Now the song has been expanded into a music video. Dark, yet striking, “Cover Girls” plays with the idea of mystery, centering itself upon a single masked character. By the end you’re dying to see beneath the mask and we can’t confirm or deny if you get to see who’s behind the figure. Give the video a whirl and see for yourself. Enjoy and if you want to get a copy of the single, you can grab it from a digital platform today.

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[Electronic] LEMA – King (Radio Edit)

King (Radio Edit)OUT NOW

“King” is the newest single from the Las Vegas producer LEMA. Released on Enhanced Music, this original song is just what you need to take you from Summer into Fall. This melodic treat will be stuck in your head for days to come and quite possibly even longer than that.

LEMA delivered a track that is both listenable in a chill setting, as well as dance-able in a party setting. The mixture of vibes makes it just right for those still trying to live out the end of the current season, while helping others to usher in the laid-back mood of what’s to come. “King” is out now on digital services for those of you who would like to grab a copy of the track.

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Infuze & Team EZY – Tell Me Again feat. FATHERDUDE [TMN Video Premiere]

A unique song stands out above the masses. The more unique, the more it stands out. “Tell Me Again” by Infuze, Team EZY and FATHERDUDE is like Shaq in a baby nursery, you can’t miss it. Today we’re the first to share this one-of-a-kind single, as well as its music video in this premiere thanks to Fool’s Gold Records.

“Tell Me Again” doesn’t hold itself to a genre, although some could make the case for future bass given its influence from the more experimental side of the genre. Together Infuze, Team EZY and FATHERDUDE cooked up a song that is as spastic as it is amazing. The introduction sets a smooth stage that the drop shatters into oblivion in the best way possible. For the video, the crew keeps it simple by focusing in on a televsion that shifts through simple imagery including its creators. “Tell Me Again” is out now, so grab a copy from digital platforms today.

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