[Hip Hop] Kane Grocerys – Columbine Suicide (Prod. D33J & Shlohmo)

Kane Grocerys
Columbine Homicide (Prod. D33J & Shlohmo)

LA-based beat collective WEDIDIT, hands down, has some of the most talented DJs and producers around right now. One of their most successful members in terms of mainstream gigs, Shlohmo, has risen to the top of the electronic game through his displays of sheer talent with what seems like anything he touches. From his beautiful EP “Bad Vibes” to his works with Jeremih, Shlohmo has a knack for producing that is unparalleled, and bringing in fellow collective member Djavan Santos, better known as D33J (who has his own impressive repertoire of quality electronic), resulted in this new hip-hop gem by Kane Grocerys, “Columbine Homicide.”

Belonging to the independent, DC-based label Goth Money Records, Kane Grocerys lays a commentary on the nature of street violence—imposed by peers and reinforced by authorities. Grocerys demonstrates himself as a critically wise and skilled rapper in this work, and that combination with the talent-ridden production of WEDIDIT makes for another leap in the direction of conscious electronic meeting conscious hip hop. This release has us wondering what else those WDI boys have up their sleeves… they’re always up to all good.

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[Mutli-Genre] Vaski – Night Sessions LP

Night Sessions Square

Vaski has been teasing his debut album for a while now. We’re happy to relay that Night Sessions is finally here as an independent release. Vaski took on this project nearly all by himself, only getting some help from artists Anna Yvette and Zippy Laske. The ten track project is largely made up of trappy beats with some dubstep jams, however the Los Angeles producer extends his creativity even beyond that for some unique records.

Vaski flexes his abilities while gaining new ground, as well as harkens back to some classic sounds that he initially built his career on. Tracks like “Everybody Knows” and “One Night Only” have the listener venturing down into some hood vibes, while “Ex Machina” and “Molecules” bring a heavier bass sound that’s more akin to the earlier music from this dynamic creator. With “Los Angeles” he brings the BPMs down for a production that is unlike anything else on the LP. With so many good tracks, it’s hard to pick a favorite, but if we had to toss out two, they’d be “Pacific” and “Spin It Back.” Check out the entire project and head over to iTunes if you’d like a copy.

Pacific Ft. Anna Yvette
Everybody Knows
Los Angeles
Ex Machina
Willy Wonka
Wake Up
One Night Only
Spin It Back
Molecules Ft. Zippy Laske
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[Trap] ATB – Flash X (Said The Sky Remix)

Flash X Remix Artwork
Flash X (Said The Sky Remix)

Said The Sky always kills it. No matter if it’s with an original, or remix like we have today. His musical ability and knowledge surpasses most producers, which is why ATB tapped this Colorado cat for a remix of “Flash X.” As with many of his tracks, Said The Sky creates a landscape of his unique trap sound, while also brings into play his piano prowess. Emotion is key in his works, and this remix has a ton of feels packed tightly inside it that you experience from beginning to end.

“Flash X” in its new form is a soothing record that has the energy shifted from the “hands-up” style of music, to a much more intimate sound. His composition pierces deep into your soul with mystifying melodies and courageous chords. The introduction is a hit in itself, then moves through short tasteful build into the heart of the song. After the drop, we are met with something that simply can’t be expressed in words. You must lend your ears to this wonderful piece of music, and if you haven’t already ran through Said The Sky’s Soundcloud, then you’re in for something special.

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[Event + EP Review] SHIP2SHIP San Diego & The Silence is Deafening EP


(PC: Fixation Photography & LED Presents)


If you know Gary Richards, otherwise known as Destructo, then you probably know about his Holy Ship! events and SHIP2SHIP tour. The HARD Events entrepreneur has recently brought on good friend Justin Martin and Isabelle Rezazadeh a.k.a REZZ to join him for this year’s SHIP2SHIP shows. The up and coming producer from Niagara Falls never ceases to amaze with her new brand of dark techno, as she completely wowed everyone during her set at the Quartyard in downtown San Diego last Sunday. Destructo’s techno-friendly sets are also great complements to what REZZ has to offer for these SHIP2SHIP sailors. We could tell that he really showed REZZ the ropes of touring as shown in her maturity as a DJ. The crowd quadrupled as soon as she started spinning, and she quickly heightened the atmosphere with her hard-thumping basslines. The pivotal part of her performance was when she dropped tracks from her new EP, which was released on mau5trap only two days before the SD show.

The Silence Is Deafening EP perfectly showcases the Niagara Falls native’s musical style and it digs deep into what she represents. Of the four tracks in the EP, three of them are what she claimed to be having a lack of melody. You might be thinking how is that ever a good thing? Well the hardhitting kicks and recognizable sounds on her tracks are so uniquely dominant that you might just be fascinated. Her hit single, “Lost” featuring singer Delaney Jane, stuck to us like no other. Among the eerie strings and knocks in the background, REZZ is mastering the art of incorporating her distinctive sounds into her tracks. If you’re not convinced yet, try listening to “Edge” – it’s one of those tracks that you will fall in love with in an instant. The cricket-like sounds at the drop really had the crowd going nuts at the show. At only 20 years of age, we think it’s safe to say she is slowly revolutionizing the game with her innovative sounds. Check out the full playlist of The Silence Is Deafening below and let us know what you think!


REZZ (feat. Delaney Jane)
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (February 2016 Round #1)


So wait…It’s February already? Anyone else feel like 2016 is already flying by? Geez. Well, unfortunately, we can’t stop time, BUT we can make sure we have an awesome Indie Dojo to accompany the passing minutes. And while we can’t guarantee it will slow anything down, we at least have something good to listen to while we travel through this thing called life at an incredible rate.

Western Man
Ghost Hours
Dahlia Sleeps
Black And Blue
Ali Robertson
Something About Your Love
Laura Gibson
The Cause
Blanco White
The Lily
Sometimes Im Wrong
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Emerson Long – Heatwave [TMN PREMIERE]

unnamed (2)
Emerson Long

Happy Monday folks! You may be reading this thinking, “Omg, work sux and so do Mondays,” and you would be right, until moments like these when TMN gets to bring you a fresh track that will lift your spirits and get your week off to a skippy lil’ start. With this new release we at TMN are ready to send you on your happy day way with a premiere of Melbourne-based producer Emerson Long’s new track “Heatwave.”

The first in a set series of releases scheduled for 2016, this track is sure to bring a tropical lightness to your day (don’t let its February release fool you). Starting with a sun-dazed electropop synth intro, Long’s vocals come in smooth creating a soundscape that puts you in the vaycay mindset, filled with visions of palm trees and Coronas. How much more anti-Monday can you get? The track is exactly what Emerson is quoted as saying he hoped it would be: “Something that can add a little touch of summer to your life, no matter who you are or where you are in this world,” – Emerson Long.

Dang Emerson… nice.

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[House] Aprés – Prophet


We first ran our ears into U.K. club stalwart Après back in July when we featured his Annie Mac ‘Sunset Mix’ supported house gem “This Ain’t Love”. So, leave it to Miss Mac, who this time graced the Après cut with a full on BBC Radio 1 ‘First Play’ (along with plays on Danny Howard & Monki’s respective BBC Radio 1 programs this past weekend), to cause us house heads to perk up and take notice of the Kent based musician once again. Certainly an artist who’s already asserted himself at the foreground of 2015’s breakthrough house producers, fresh-faced beat-maestro Après returns to one of our favorite boutique electronic labels, Love & Other Records, with “Prophet”. Again, Après trots out his signature sound with an infectious classic house piano hook, steady but vibrant synth play and a thumping low-end to achieve a pulsing, yet subtle house cut. And one we simply just can’t stop rinsing either. Let’s take Mondays back, starting with a little proper house from Après. Stream “Prophet” above.

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