[Multi-Genre] Bad Royale – Treasures From Tomorrow EP


Bad Royale kick ass. I could leave the post solely with that sentence and let the Treasures From Tomorrow EP speak for itself. Several days ago, Good Enuff dropped this three track EP on the world, and the world wasn’t ready.

Every time Bad Royale releases something, it’s more than dope. Treasures From Tomorrow keeps up their their streak without wavering. As usual, they have a few collaborators on the project; this time around being Mark Hardy, Brukout, and Future Fambo. Bad Royale’s caribbean bass style is expressed in full, as usual, but with this project they integrate new sounds and flavors that even their oldest of fans will enjoy. Throughout the project, Bad Royale move between genres, not only between songs, but within them. It’s one fun ride that you can stream/purchase or download for free. Whatever you choose, enjoy it!

’Bad Royale – Galaxy Ranger (feat. Mark Hardy)’
’Bad Royale – Vibrate (feat. Brukout)’
’Bad Royale – Gyal Ya Shake It (feat. Future Fambo)’
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[Hip-Hop] Stööki Sound – My G’s feat. Jelacee

Stööki Sound
My G's Ft. Jelacee

October is a big month for Stööki Sound, and that may even be an understatement. Today, we have their single “My G’s” which features the duo’s own Jelacee as an emcee, and at the end of the month they drop their full Ösiris EP. Then, North America gets a taste of their sound as they embark on their tour.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s focus in on their lead single “My G’s.” America better be ready for some grime, because this is one killer record that will be a massive treat live. It’s more rap than dance, but the beat is a savage slap that will no doubt get crowds moving. The sound design is incredible, laying the background for Jelacee to bring the heat that so many of us are going to want to hear more of in the future. We just might on the rest of this EP. Stream or buy the single today, and prepare for the full EP release on October 28th.

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[House] Roby – Waterfalls (Dear David Remix)

Waterfalls (Dear David Remix)

If a song gets premiered by Pete Tong on BBC Radio One, chances are its good. Dear David had that opportunity with his remix of Roby’s “Waterfalls” and we have to say, it is indeed a great record.

This isn’t Dear David’s first official remix, and it probably won’t be his last. You know a song’s good when it passes the time quickly, without you realizing just how much time you spent. David’s tune comes in just under six and a half minutes, but those minutes fly by thanks to his infectious grooves and intoxicating basslines. His Soundcloud lists this tracks as “truly house” and we’d have to agree. Not only does it pay homage to classic sounds, it brings new flash and flare to the genre to create something completely memorable.

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[Techno/House] Wehbba – Trust


Brazilian-based producer Wehbba released his new bundle of singles with Stay Right this month. There’s one track in particular that especially stands out among the rest, and that’s the track “Trust.” Wehbba has been producing techno and techno/house fusion works that have made our ears perk up in the recent years. His tracks, like most techno, have a drive to them that would hook anyone who listens. But with his new track “Trust,” the level of pull is so much more real.

The tune begins with a little guitar sample that’s reminiscent of something old Sonny boy of Skrillex would have produced as an intro back in his Bangarang days, and we were very curious to see where the track would go. It sounded far from a techno track in the beginning actually. But then, the vocal sample begins to slowly crescendo in until its peak drops a techno/house bass beat that comes in like a tsunami that totally wipes away the vocals for the next few measures, leaving you drowning in a techno wonderland. If you were at a festival on the outskirts of a crowd, contemplating going and getting a bucket of crab fries at that delicious stand, this drop would make any techno lover about-face and walk on beat right back to the center of the crowd like a champion.

And that, friends, is where we leave you. In the middle of the techno pit with Wehbba.

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Aircrafting – Temecula [TMN VIDEO PREMIERE]


Originally crafted as a DIY recording project between Jon Tehel and Daniel Jacobs, Aircrafting has since grown into a full, five-piece band with the addition of Nicole Lawrence, Pat Floyd, and Lee Bones. Back on October 7th, this Brooklyn-based group released their first LP together, with “Temecula” being showcased as the 2nd single from the collection.

Dreamers was impressively self-produced and tracked live to 1/4″ tape in their Brooklyn studio in just two days. We’ve had a chance to delve into the diverse and highly engaging recording as a whole, which was released by Sinking Spaceships Recordings, but today is less about the collection, and more about the single and this newly released music video.

Leading in with some lazy guitar strums and an woeful lead riff, “Temecula” comes to life quickly with a beautifully somber soundscape. It’s Americana at its finest, calling on memories of long, late-night drives, dusty dive bars, and greasy spoon diners that seemingly dot every exit along our country’s highways. The accompanying video pairs perfectly with the sorrowful musical vibes, showing a painful trip to spread a loved ones ashes. The combination will most assuredly tug on your heart strings, so make sure you’re in the proper place and frame of mind to watch. After all, we wouldn’t want you shedding some tears in front of your co-workers.

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Mat Hunsley – Fires [TMN PREMIERE]

Mat Hunsley

The changing of the season seemingly brings us to different musical selections, sometimes entirely intentional, and other times purely coincidental. The falling of the leaves push away the carefree and lighthearted tunes carried through the summer months, welcoming in more complex works, both lyrically and musically. Today brings an example of a pensive piece perfect for the greying skies and chilly weather, and it’s brought to you by a brand new artist, Mat Hunsley.

“Fires” is the lead single from this young man’s debut EP, To Being Free, which is already available to pre-order from iTunes. Showcasing his ability to harness personal experiences for the sake of storytelling, Hunsley breathes life into each and every word, skillfully displaying his folk-centric songwriting abilities and encapsulating vocal cadence. Set to the backdrop of only a softly strummed guitar and accentuating strings, you’re left to only focus on his message and nothing more.

Hunsley is already garnering the attention of tastemakers in the UK and US, with the rest of the world surely catching on soon. Make sure you follow him on Facebook so you can be in the know from the get-go.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (October 2016 Round #3)

As days go by, we definitely aren’t getting any younger. But as weeks pass, we are building up our indie music collection with a couple indie dojos here and there. And that…that might just make it all worth it.

’North Downs – Nothin”
’I don’t speak french – Dawn Of The New Age’
’Jasper Sloan Yip – Today’
’Von Sell – Miss Me’
’Gert Taberner – In Need’
’Noah Derksen – In Search of the Way’
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