[Indie Pop] Ryn Weaver – The Fool

Ryn Weaver
The Fool

If your ears haven’t come across Ryn Weaver’s latest release off of her forthcoming 11-track album, The Fool, then it’s time for you all to listen up. Only two weeks ago, Weaver exposed the album’s title track, “The Fool,” which truly introduces listeners to Ryn’s abilities as a vocalist.

Deviating far away from her sound in “OctaHate,” Weaver invites you into her mind, letting all guards down, allowing you to get intimate with her doubts and imperfections when it comes to relationships. The lyrics are centered around the idea that she is more prone to messing up a relationship while she is deeply conflicted with the desire to make it last.

Paralleled with the idea that a lover doesn’t know what he’s signing up for when getting involved with her, Ryn throws listeners off by entering the song with unheard of deep vocals that have “independent woman” written all over them. But naturally, she throws another curve ball during the chorus when she suddenly shifts the deep pitch to one that reaches incredible heights.

With Passion Pit’s Michael Angelakos and the brilliant Benny Blanco as co-producers, “The Fool” is nothing short of stunning. If you’re as excited about Weaver’s album release as we are, make sure to jump on the pre-order!

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[Giving Back] Lincoln Jesser – Tops

Lincoln Jesser

Los Angeles-based producer Lincoln Jesser is fighting global diseases with his widely popular hit, “Tops.” Released last year, this song garnered the adoration of the blogosphere, racking up over 300 thousand plays on Soundcloud.

Today, he’s re-releasing this song and donating it to Cadence & Cause to help raise money. In addition to being able to purchase this song, fans will also have the chance to buy a private Skype call with him, with proceeds going directly to the cause. When asked why Jesser chose this cause to support, he said:

There are millions of people, young and old, dying every year because they don’t have access to effective vaccines. Some of these kids would otherwise grow up to have amazing impacts on our world. The change in your pocket could change that reality.

You can purchase the mentioned items by clicking here. Head over and do your part to help eradicate global disease.

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option4 Shares His Favorite Songs Right Now [TMN EXCLUSIVE]


What does option4 listen to when he’s not in the studio making some sweet house tunes? What song does he throw on when he’s making his bagel with cream cheese, cherry tomatoes, and salt and pepper? What does he relax to when he’s vibing out on a Denver rooftop?

We were genuinely curious to find out what he’s been listening to at the moment, so this Denver-based producer/DJ served up five of his favorite tunes he’s jamming on right now.

Dont Wanna Be Your Girl
Bye Bye Macadam
Martyn + Four Tet
Glassbeadgames (8 Hours at Fabric Dub)
Like A Drum
Roots Manuva
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[Future House] Bebe Rexha – I Can’t Stop Drinking About You (Loud Luxury Remix)

Loud Luxury
Drinking About You (Loud Luxury Remix)

We’ve all been through heartbreak before. It’s a sensation so much deeper than any other that swallows us up in a dark pit of misery. Though usually only temporary, it still remains one of the most feared experiences, as we succumb to our sadness and allow it to take over our lives. To cope with it, we desperately seek comfort in almost anything. What is one of those common ways? Drinking of course. Drinking to become numb to that ungodly pain. Another common method is listening to songs about break ups or missing someone while bawling our eyes out, punching walls, or shoving pints of Ben & Jerry’s down our throats.

Bebe Rexha’s broken-hearted tune, “I Can’t Stop Drinking About You,” incorporates the idea of drinking to forget into a song written about attempts to move on from a failed romance, but only finding that moving on is nearly impossible. But as relatable as this song is, sometimes bleak lyrics are not the best method for coping with heartbreak. Instead, joyful and poppy music may serve as a better way to pick ourselves up. That’s where Loud Luxury steps in. They transform the melancholy track into one that listeners will inevitably find themselves dancing to. The original vocals lose their feminine quality and take on a deeper, but less dramatic tone, which allows us to listen to it without feeling so emotional. Though the pained lyrics remain intact, the pain is masked by a fuego beat that invigorates you in such a way that you’ll forget about that old lover and move onto the next person you see on the dance floor.

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[House] SNBRN – Raindrops (Hotel Garuda Remix)

SNBRN - Raindrops (Hotel Garuda Remix)
Raindrops (Hotel Garuda Remix)

Before Hotel Garuda took on the future house scene, they were masters of the sax. Reworking SNBRN‘s “Raindrops”, the duo puts out a sax-y track that is reminiscent of their “Summertime Sadness” remix. The beginning melodies fill in just the right mood for the tune, and the deep bassline comes in for a dance breakdown. The emotionally driven vocals by Kerli are perfect for the electro-pop tune, as it captures hearts and makes everyone sing along. The fusion of summertime vibe and future bass works wonders.

Hotel Garuda manages to turn the electro-pop tune into a one-of-a-kind dance track. Picking just the right tunes for edit, the duo always finds a way to impress everyone. This remix will be available for purchase April 28, so get your popcorn ready because Hotel Garuda is about to take over the electronic dance scene.

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[Electronic] Big Wild – Aftergold

Big Wild

Last month, production duo Odesza, a seemingly omnipresent force in electronic music, announced the launch of the Foreign Family Collective, an outlet they’ll be using to highlight their favorite up ‘n coming musicians and visual artists. After a strong first release, the second single from the series came yesterday with an absolute gem from Big WildThe LA-based producer, who supported Odesza on a few stops of their US Tour, has been bubbling on Soundcloud for over a year now with an approach to electronic music that combines live instrumentation with a similar emphasis on hip-hop and tribal inspired percussion as Odesza.

“Aftergold” may be Big Wild’s best work yet continuing the maturation of his sound with a playful backing beat that erupts into an addicting, enormous chorus layered with a powerful vocal sample. The track comes together as an anthemic composition and is sure to make you a fan if you aren’t yet familiar with Big Wild. Give it a listen and grab a free download above.

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[Future/Trap] Prince Fox – 25K Facebook Giveaway Pack

Prince Fox

Prince Fox is a man of musical wonder. All his released tracks are pure fire, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Aside from his yet to be released work, the producer has many edits/bootlegs that he creates and uses in his live shows. With his recent milestone of 25,000 Facebook fans, he has decided to release some of those.

Six tracks in all make up this giveaway pack, including flips of tracks by Dirty South, Cazzette, and Florence & The Machine. Only two of the tracks were uploaded to Soundcloud, which are the Major Lazer and Martin Garrix with Usher bootlegs. Prince Fox’s future pop style comes out strong in these edits, except for the mashup of Jackal, Boombox Cartel and House of Pain, which makes for a nice break from the heavenly sounds Sam puts forth in the other songs. Like we said, this is a giveaway, so get your goodie bag right here.

Martin Garrix Feat Usher
Dont Look Down (Prince Fox Bootleg)
Martin Garrix Feat Usher
Dont Look Down (Prince Fox Bootleg)
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