[House] Jimmy Le Mac – Down 4 The Ride EP


I stumbled across the debut of EP from Jimmy Le Mac today, upon hearing a premiere of one of the tracks as recommended by a good (and musically alert friend). Le Mac, originally born in the UK and now living in Australia, creates house/bass tunes alongside running Loophole Records with FliP 3K. Upon checking out his SoundCloud profile, it’s clear to see he’s pretty undiscovered at the moment, with just a handful of remix bootlegs to check out. However, this week is his time to present himself on a bigger scale, as Micropope released his “Down 4 The Ride.”

Spanning three tracks in length, just one listen through the full collection gives you the idea that Le Mac is an artist with a lot to give. Working seamlessly through bass, house and even elements of techno, his production consistency stands out. The experimental, space-filled “I’m Down” is in contrast to the title track, which offers a classic House beat with plenty of melodic emphasis. “Do Your Thang” (as the title suggests), is a funk-filled offering, with repeated vocal hooks backing the charging rhythm.

This is an example of all tracks in one collection being as strong as each other – the technical level across “Down 4 The Ride” is seriously good. If you enjoy the tracks below, you can purchase a copy of the EP here. 

’Down 4 The Ride (Original Mix)’
’Do Your Thang (Original Mix)’
’I’m Down (Original Mix)’
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[TOP NINJA] 2014 Blog-a-thon Winner Jordan Grammer

We are the Champions

A few weeks back, we had a good, old fashioned blog-a-thon, which spanned an entire weekend. From Friday to Sunday, our writers were pitted against each other, whipping out posts left and right until there were no musical stones unturned. The end result? A shit load of amazing music was shared.

Aside from a cash reward, some TMN merch, and living in blogger infamy, the winner of this contest was also promised a congratulatory post on the site. So, I’d like to take a moment to recognize the greatness that is Jordan Grammer. Facing off against some of the meanest bloggers in the game, this guy cranked out over 40 posts in the span of 72 hours. That’s pretty unbelievable. On top of which, every single post was top-notch, well written, and was on a song released within a month’s time. Even more remarkable was the fact that he cancelled a date just to compete. That’s dedication.

So, congrats Jordan. You’re the champion of the 2014 TMN Summer Blog-a-thon. Enjoy your riches, fame, and space in TMN history.

If you’d like to scope Jordan’s work here on TMN, do so by clicking here.

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[Hip-Hop] Joey Bada$$ – Get Paid

Joey Bada$$
Get Paid

NYC emcee Joey Bada$$ is back with a new tune that is a dose of that throwback rap. The single “Get Paid” is a dope, head-nodding track that gives off a 90’s basement rap feel with knocking bass and cool lyrics that don’t sell him out as an emcee. The young rap star puts his Pro Era team on as he gives listeners a sense of what drives him–money, the mythical root of all evil and driving force of capitalism. As soon as the boom-bap production of DJ Relly Rell hits, Joey is poised on the track and commands the mic with an aggressive flow.

This is the second single off Joey’s upcoming debut album, B4DA$$. Although no drop date has been confirmed yet for the project, fans can whet their appetites knowing that production from Statik Selektah, DJ Premier, and Hit-Boy will be featured on the LP. Take a listen to the fresh single now and be sure to catch him on his latest tour.

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[Hip-Hop/R&B] Tory Lanez – I-95 (Prod. RL Grime, Tory Lanez, Noah Breakfast x Grave Goods)

Tory Lanez I95
Tory Lanez
I-95 (Prod. RL Grime, Tory Lanez, Noah Breakfast x Grave Goods)

With the imminent release of his debut album Lost Cause right around the corner, Tory Lanez has decided to let go of one last single to tease his fans during the short wait. Bringing forth a team effort on this one, the talented Canadian links up with a couple TMN favorites, RL Grime and Noah Breakfast, to help expand his Toronto sound. Aiming for a more introspective vibe with this track, we find Tory shuffling through his thoughts as he cruises down “I-95.” Talented as he is, “I-95” once again allows Tory to flex his gifts as a versatile star, kicking around a few eloquent bars and vaunting his syrupy vocals on the hook. The tune serves as another fascinating glimpse into what Tory has in store for us on Lost Cause, which will finally be out this Monday.

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GoldLink Hangs with Rick Rubin at 1015 Folsom in SF, 9/25 [Event Review]

Bedtime Story [Prod. Louie Lastic]

Upon our first listen of GoldLink’s debut project, The God Complex, we immediately knew he had the potential to change the landscape of hip-hop. From a technical perspective, the DMV-bred emcee has an impressive, quick-hitting flow with an equally adept vocal range making for a versatile, dynamic sound. What really sets him apart, though, is his openness to work with forward-thinking producers and, maybe even more importantly, the connection his unique, unabashed lyrics find with his audience. Whether it be fun tracks like “Ay Ay” or more introspective cuts like “When I Die,” GoldLink very much feels like a genuine voice that can represent his generation for years to come.

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[Album Review/Stream] Lincoln Jesser – Modern Color


Much of today’s musical release climate is permeated by a steady influx of gigantic marketing campaigns behind singles, the occasional EP, and everything in between. Sadly, the disappearance of countless independent labels over the past 15  or so years has left this writer’s favorite release format, the long player, as somewhat of a novelty and a major gamble for smaller artists not signed to a major. So when one of our favorite rising sons of synth; indie-pop architect, Lincoln Jesser, announced the impending release of a debut LP, Modern Color, we were all ears on deck. To see such quality and a clear conceptual path put forth into an album format in 2014 without the backing of at least some type of indie is refreshing to say the least. Bending a bevy of electronic pop buoyed with a slick indie sensibility has been the auditory bait for more than a few of us Ninjas, as Jesser has become a regular amongst the pages of TMN over the past year through singles like “We’ll Be Fine”, “Wicked Son”, “Untold” (both of which can be found on Modern Color), “After_Love” and he’s put together quite the diverse, but focused collection of tunes to create his debut album.

Kicking off with an atmospheric, saccharine slice of indie-pop on “We’ll Be Fine”, Modern Color quickly highlights its superlative attributes through its opening tune: hooky, modulated synth lines and Jesser’s penetrating incantations. While “We’ll Be Fine”, a pop song in pure form, paces the LP; much of Jesser’s musical perspective on this one comes in the form of slower burning fragments. Tracks like “Untold”, and “Supertouch” provide an insightful glimpse into Jesser’s more emotive musical outlook on which Modern Color’s most poignant moments take place. But without the LP’s poppy respites on cuts like “Tops” & “Certainty” -which both dip into club-house territory along a flowing four-four kick and minimal electro house vibrations- and “Wicked Son”; those moments don’t feel like they’d come across as impactful. Modern Color closes its doors on the heels of two previously unreleased tunes, “Rolling Stones” and “Time Apart”; and both are an incredible close to a very worthy debut entry into the album form from Lincoln Jesser.

Modern Color is out now digitally and can be purchased on the cheap through iTunes, and for such a well thought out LP inauguration, we think it’s completely worth the squeeze. Stream Lincoln Jesser’s Modern Color below in its entirety

’We’ll Be Fine’
’Wicked Son’
’Something Right’
’Rolling Stones’
’Time Apart’
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[Hip-Hop] Jon Waltz – College Girl

Jon Waltz - College Girl
Jon Waltz
College Girl

Jon Waltz is a part of a growing wave of multifaceted artists in the hip-hop realm who can handle everything from rapping and singing to production. It’s not a stretch by any means to say Waltz is the most talented of the bunch. Don’t believe us? Well, the evidence is plastered all over his SoundCloud page, but if you need a little more convincing, look no further than his latest track, “College Girl.”

One of the more exciting singles he’s released, “College Girl” finds the emcee flaunting his dexterity on the mic and behind the boards, with lyrics flying off the tongue at a breakneck pace to keep up with the fast-paced rhythm of the pulsating instrumental. As we all know though, Waltz has no issue with switching up the tempo, slowing things down midway through the number to pen a more reflective verse. This cut is just a preview of what to expect from Jon’s upcoming Alyss EP, which is set to drop next week.

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