[DubHop] Nexus x Hi-Rez feat. Kyle B – We Got It (Original Mix)

Nexus x Hi-Rez feat. Kyle B
We Got It (Original Mix)

At this point, you’re no stranger to Nexus’ bass heavy dubstep sounds. This young Floridian producer has graced our blog numerous times, and he’s back again with his latest track, “We Got It.” This track is a slight change of gears for Nexus, which is actually quite refreshing. This time around he’s paired up with hip hop rhyme-slinger Hi-Rez and vocalist Kyle B.

This trio has developed a hot summer time jam. Hi-Rez has a speedy at times, yet always smooth delivery that plays perfectly with the silky vocals of Kyle B. Couple that with Nexus’ buzzing dubstep synths and you have a solid tune to crank with your windows down.

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[NEW] Janelle Monae – Q.U.E.E.N. (ft Erykah Badu)


Dropping today with a new single, the eccentric and creative Janelle Monáe treats fans to the uplifting “Q.U.E.E.N.”. It has been quite some time since we last heard some new material from the southern singer and she definitely takes listeners to the dancefloor with this funky tune. Teaming with fellow crooner and the always innovative Erykah Badu, the two bring the fun and dance rhythms over some soulful Nate Rock Wonder production. This is the first single off Monáe’s follow up album The Electric Lady, dropping later this summer.

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[NEW] Nero – Into The Past

Nero - Into The Past
Into The Past

The Great Gatsby continues to astonish us with each and every new release from its soundtrack. Amongst names like Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Florence + The Machine, and Lana Del Rey, Nero definitely sticks out like a sore thumb. However, the UK trio proves they more than belong with that collection of heavyweights through their latest effort. The group temporarily leaves their dubstep roots behind to bring us a gorgeous, illustrious landscape with looming, ominous undertones on “Into The Past.” Alanna Watson‘s labored breathing coupled with her haunting and elegant vocals is what really sets the tone for the piece. The group had this to say about the shaping of the sound, and the tune’s central themes:

One of the cues we’d written then developed into a full original song [“Into the Past”], with vocals from Alana. It’s based around one of the central themes of the story, that of memory and Gatsby’s drive to reshape past events.

If you’d like to learn more about how this song came to life, be sure to check out Nero’s exlusive interview with Billboard. Stay tuned for future updates from this outstanding soundtrack, and make sure to grab yourself a copy when it drops on May 7th.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (April 2013 Round #4)

As music lovers, we are constantly on the search, whether consciously or subconsciously, for a musical soul-mate. One who will enjoy the same genre as we do or is completely open to listening to something new. Which makes us feel really cool ’cause that means we get to introduce someone to something they have never heard before. And if the relationship, friend or lover, decides to fizzle, we have forever engraved our presence into their brain. That song = our face.

In our minds, to be with someone who despises the music library we have spent years piecing together would only be relationship murder.  This can definitely make the search for the one a little more complicated then we would like to believe. So, if you happen to be so lucky to have found the ying to your musical yang, cheers to you. If you are still kicking dirt down the long and windy road of failed love connections, don’t worry, we won’t judge. In fact, think of the Indie Dojo as your booty call. We will always be here when you need us. And when things get serious with someone else, we won’t be jells. Just promise not to fall into the black hole of a relationship and come say hi every once in while. In return, we promise to not make it awkward…

The Mast
UpUpUp (Original)
Natural Self
The Valleys (Feat Tanya Auclair & Milly Blue)
Strange Days
Trouble In The Wind
Barnaby Saints
Over and Over
Annie and The Beekeepers
Wake Up Mama
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[FULL STREAM] Chuckie vs Dzeko & Torres – Down To This

Chuckie vs Dzeko & Torres
Down To This (Original Mix)

Up until a minute ago, everyone could only enjoy a clip of “Down to This”. Thanks to some crafty ninja work, everyone can now enjoy the full stream. Tonight we’re bringing you dirty dutch master Chuckie coupled with Toronto based duo Dzeko and Torres. These two met up and produced one of the heaviest hitting tracks we’ve heard in a while. This one has it all. Driving bass? Check. Beautiful melody? You betcha. Huge festival style drop? Absolutely.

Take one listen to this massive tune and try your hardest not to dance. When you’re done shaking your ass in your seat, head over to and pick up a copy for yourself.

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[Dubstep] Bingo Players – Out Of My Mind (Case & Point Remix)

Bingo Players
Out Of My Mind (Case & Point Remix)

Case and Point are no strangers to TMN. We’ve posted their tunes before, and we will continue to do so. This DJ/Producer duo caught our hearts and ears with their Kavinsky vs Dada Life mashup, and now they’ve got us once again with their remix of Bingo Player’s “Out of My Mind.”

Bingo Player’s massive festie tune has been transformed by C&P. They left key elements perfectly in place but recreated the tune with a slowed down BPM. The end result? One god damn hell of a dubstep banger. Don’t take our word for it though, take one listen. Just don’t break your neck when the drop comes.

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[Hip Hop/Soul] Bass Physics – Old School Melody

Bass Physics
Old School Melody

Ah, Colorado in the springtime. There’s nothing quite like the crisp mile high air whipping against your face as you cruise around with your windows down. That is, until it snows the very next day. Regardless of our wacky weather patterns, every good Coloradoan knows the importance of good tunes on a sunny day. Don’t take our word for it, just listen to this latest release from Denver duo Bass Physics.

Applied Physics (A.P. Adair) and DataBass (Luke Sims) have never graced the walls of our website, but we’re happy to feature them today. “Old School Melody” is a chill, soulful electronic hip hop track that is sure to get some playtime this summer. Once it stops snowing, crank this up, and roll the windows down.

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