[Gorgeous] Badlands – Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty

One of our favorite parts of being music bloggers is stumbling across relatively unknown artists. Don’t get us wrong, we love hearing stuff from our favorites, but there’s also something about hearing someone completely new that’s just downright exciting.

Meet Badlands. This is their first song. The lead singer’s voice and harmonies carry effortlessly over the dark shoegazey rythmic drumming. Her repetitious use of “I’ll dream for you” helps create an atmospheric vibe that’s both welcoming and haunting. Badlands truly creates an experience with their track “Sleeping Beauty,” which is more than impressive for their first release.

Definitely keep your ears open for these guys, as we’re sure you’ll be hearing more from them as time goes on.

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[Hip-Hop] Gilbere Forté – PRAY


Gilbere Forté first made waves a few years back when he appeared on the remix of “Alors on Danse” alongside Stromae and Kanye West. Fresh off the release of his debut mixtape at the time, 87 Dreams, the Philly native parlayed his newfound stardom to obtain guest appearances on remixes of tracks like “Up All Night” by Alex Clare and Florence + The Machine‘s “Dog Days Are Over.” In 2013, Forté is ready to launch his star to new heights with his most anticipated mixtape yet, PRAY.

Although the first single dropped late last year, Forté’s  been on a promotional tear lately, releasing singles left and right in preparation for his new project. With his third effort, the recent EPIC Records signee proves his sound has definitely matured over the last three years. Alongside producer RAAK, Forté is able to craft bass rattling bangers with crossover appeal that are both fresh and empowering. At only ten tracks, the mixtape may seem a bit short at first, but that really means that Gilbere decided to provide us with only the highest quality material to work with. Peep a few of our favorites from PRAY below, and make sure to download the entire tape from his official website.

DOWNLOAD: Gilbere Forté - PRAY

Gilbere Forté
Gilbere Forté
Nolita (feat. Active Child)
Gilbere Forté
Gilbere Forté
Gilbere Forté
Down For The Ride (feat. De Carlo)
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[Hip Hop] Jez Dior – Hide

Jez Dior

Two things come with each Jez Dior release. The first is a post from a ninja that doesn’t listen to a ton of hip hop. Sure, I’ve had my moments of hip hop patronage in the past. I can recite every line of Wu Tang’s 36 Chambers (and did at Coachella). I dig the incredible story telling abilities of Slick Rick. I’ve pined over girls while listening to Atmosphere. However, if you’ve read this blog for long enough, you’d know that I don’t take on many hip hop projects. I tend to stick to EDM and indie rock, except when it comes to Jez. The first thing that draws me to his style is the smooth production from his team. Take “Hide” for example. The clean bluesy guitar riff repetitiously glides over a steady beat, soft vocal samples, and crackling distortion. It’s chill, calming and creates the perfect backdrop for Jez’s vocals.

The other thing that comes with each Jez Dior release is an impressive video. At the young age of 20, this rapper’s vision is far older than his age. His lyrics drip with emotional experiences of a person much older. His videos visually represent that as well. “Hide” shows Jez seemingly on the back of a car continually moving, and continually hiding. Call it a quarter life crisis…call it dealing with the day to day struggles of life. Whatever you take from this, know that he can make you feel his music, which is the mark of an incredible musician.

“Hide” is the third single off the new Jez Dior’s mixtape/album “Scarlett Sage”. It is a free download, which means you have absolutely no reason to pick this up.

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[R&B/Soul] Mayer Hawthorne – Her Favorite Song (Feat. Jessie Ware)

Mayer Hawthorne - Her Favorite Song
Mayer Hawthorne
Her Favorite Song

We think Mayer Hawthorne got the title of his brand new single all wrong, because this is really our favorite new song. Complimented by the buttery vocals of British songstress Jessie Ware, Hawthorne makes yet another case for the title of “King of Soul” in 2013. The funky tune revolves around a female who considers her iTunes library to be a sanctuary from all the pressures of the world (which may sound familiar to many of you out there). It’s impossible to listen to this number without singing along, and you’ll find yourself hitting the rewind button more than a few times today. Once you’ve finished your umpteenth play-through, make sure to check out the quirky trailer for Mayer’s upcoming album, Where Does This Door Go, which will be in stores July 16th.

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[Dream-Pop] The 1975 – fallingforyou

The 1975

Thank goodness we didn’t have to wait long for the latest offering from Manchester minimal-poppers The 1975 and their forthcoming EP IV which is set to release May 20, with freshly minted single “fallingforyou”.  Last week, we gave you Ninjas the drop on the dreary cut “Haunt // Bed”, and today follows suit with that slow-burning aesthetic spearheaded by Matthew Healy’s longing coo, steeped in a blanket of shoegazey reverb. At the heart of “fallingforyou”, beats a faint, driving synth just audible enough to get your hips swinging while lost in The 1975’s stimulating wave of melancholia. It is a track recalling some of The xx’s earliest and best work, but is also completely unique on its own. It seems with every release The 1975 are becoming more confident in building their sound, and haven’t once missed the mark production wise. Stream “fallingforyou” above and check out their latest North American tour dates in support of The Neighbourhood here.

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[Denver Event] The Hood Internet/Black Moth Super Rainbow (5/17)


Chicago mashup royalty The Hood Internet are making their way to Denver, and we couldn’t me more excited. ABX and STV SLV are known for the genre jumping mashups that grace the Popular Charts of Hype Machine on the regular. Their ability to fuse songs and styles together is impeccable, and from what we hear, we can expect the same at a live show. While we’re stoked to hear all of our favorite mashups that we’ve come to love over the past few years, we’re also looking forward to hearing some original productions from their latest release, FEAT.

This Windy City duo is coming via way of experimental synthpop enigmas Black Moth Super Rainbow. The solo project of front man TOBACCO came to be a full band back in 2003, and has since toured with the likes of the Flaming Lips, and others. That’s some pretty good company to keep. Their music is bizarre at times, transcending traditional song structure diving into pyschadelic synth heaven.

We’ll be heading down to the Bluebird this Friday. You should too. Tickets are just $17.

The Hood Internet
Suit And Commercial (Justin Timberlake x Daft Punk)
The Hood Internet
Adornocene (Bon Iver x Miguel)
TOBACCO Heavy Makeup
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[Resident Artist] PatrickReza’s Top 5 Summer Tunes


We are mixing things up a bit this month, moving the top 5 songs of our resident artist up to this week. Why you may ask? It is because Reza is coming to Colorado this weekend to play at a huge Music Ninja party and we are doing a face-to-face interview. So you will have to wait another week for that bad boy. But while you are waiting, grab these five favorite jams of Reza’s and turn them out loud because they are not songs to be messed with, enjoy.

Whoops – 12th Planet & Mayhem Feat Pennybirdrabbit
Next Order – Dog Blood
Black & White (Ft. Benny Banks) – Loadstar
Blow The Roof – Flux Pavillon
More Than You – Koven

12th Planet & Mayhem
Whoops ft PennyBirdRabbit
Dog Blood
Next Order
Black & White (Ft. Benny Banks)
Flux Pavilion
Blow The Roof
More Than You by Koven
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