[Hip-Hop] Wread Wrkr – Good Morning SF (Compilation Tape)

Native Mindstate
Glass Tables (prod. Causmic)

Over the last few months, we’ve introduced a couple fresh new artists from the Brooklyn and SF-based Wread Wrkr Media collective. Earlier this summer, WW delivered their first compilation featuring an array of artists and producers from both locales. Ninety, TRW, and Database  lead the charge, creating amply versatile, yet unified, sound spaces merging an array of genres and sounds–all indicative of the diverse locales and influences they habituate.The tape carries a distinctively laid-back feel melding positive vibes from both coasts fitting perfectly with the last month of summer.

Check out a few of our favorite tracks above and head over to Bandcamp to download the whole project: Wread Wrkr – Good Morning SF.

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[Indie-Pop] Sir Sly – You Haunt Me

Sir Sly
You Haunt Me

Howdy Ninjas! Now then, Sir Sly may have crept their way onto your musical radar earlier this year with their excellent cover of ‘Marvin’s Room’ by Drake. Or maybe you straight up had no idea about this cover but the name Sir Sly rings a bell somewhere in the back of your mind; well that may well be due to their earlier release ‘Gold’ featuring on the trailer for Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag – a move which catapulted the Los Angeles based indie poppers into the global spotlight.

Well now it appears they intend to stay in this new found spotlight and the release of their debut album ‘You Haunt Me’ will do just that i’m sure – at least if this title track we’ve been offered up is anything to go by.

This song is unusual as it manages to sound lovely and nice – making you feel all warm and fuzzy. But then at the same time the dreamy, melancholic lyrics set off a pang of sadness somewhere inside. The pain of loss is a theme running throughout, something i’m sure everyone one of us can relate to. This mix of emotions is certainly a weird experience but if anything it helps drive home the sheer beauty of this song.

Sir Sly are hitting the road next month for a tour of North America to coincide with the release of their album on September 29th. I would definitely be getting down to one of their shows if it didn’t involve being on a plane for roughly 10 hours and costing me hundreds of pounds I don’t have to get over from the UK, so I’m going to have to let you ninjas go there for me ok?

We’re really expecting great things from this band, make sure to check back towards to end of September when we can bring you the sounds of their whole album.

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[Remix Package] HELENA – Levity


Rewind a couple of months and rising star HELENA released the highly infectious ‘Levity’ ft. Shawnee Taylor on Ultra. It certainly hit the spot for fans and DJs alike and remains a staple on the electro house circuit to this day. Now, to be released on July 28th via the label, a four-track remix EP lands – manipulating the original’s vocal hook and pulsating rhythm to new territory.

Stepping up first is young New York producer Fareoh, who delivers a gently building remix based around the soft use of piano in the intro. For those wanting a deeper and slightly darker sound, Maarcos is your man. Going for a more tech-inspired rework, he uses the ricocheting pulse with intense detailing. None of the energy is lost, but it’s a chanced to delve beyond the obvious core of the tune. Italian duo Merk & Kremont provide the third addition, pouring in their trademark groove and bounce, and making their edit full of fun. The fourth and final remix is yet to be revealed, and HELENA will have selected a winner from a recent TalentHouse competition.

HELENA feat. Shawnee Taylor (Fareoh Remix)
HELENA feat Shawnee Taylor
Levity (Merk & Kremont Remix)
HELENA feat. Shawnee Taylor
Levity (Maarcos Remix)

This EP is a delicious collection of new sounds, taking an already classic sun-soaked anthem to new heights. Pre order a copy here.


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[Folk] Jeremy Loops – Skinny Blues

Jeremy Loops
Skinny Blues

In our eyes, the mark of a truly impressive folk song is the ability to completely submerge the listener in the artist’s story, making them feel an intimate connection with what’s being verbally illustrated.

Hailing from Cape Town, South Africa, Jeremy Loops has captured Americana effortlessly, combining engrossing story telling with upbeat percussion worthy of the dustiest of dive bars. Set with the backdrop of waves clashing against the shoreline, this tune is brought to life with intricate guitar work, delicate banjo picking, and stunning vocal harmonies. Most impressively though, we can’t seem to over the flawless switch between gritty southern rock vocals and falsetto howls which Loops nails with eye-opening ease.

If you’re in a shit-kickin’, boot-wearin’, beer-drinkin’ mood, look no further. “Skinny Blues” has all of that wrapped up to perfection in just over three minutes.

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[Indie Folk] The Travelling Band – Passing Ships

The Travelling Band
Passing Ships

Here’s a feel-good track for you. It has been a while since they last released something, but like many other British folk groups, The Travelling Band never disappoints. This recent single features a smooth and beautiful instrumental consisted of various instruments without overshadowing the vocals. This new sound in recent folk music is driving the indie scene and is used by front runners of the genre like Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Of Monster and Men, etc.

For those who’ve always been a sucker for songs that have a good buildup, this track delivers all that and more. The harmonization of the vocals, and the upbeat, yet subtle climb towards the end of the song just all come together magically. It reminds us of the famous one-hit wonder “Welcome Home” by Radical Face. In all honesty, it’s so good that you could imagine a snippet of this song being featured in a commercial, being listened to on the way to school or work in hopes of it brightening up your day.

With their new album releasing on Aug 25, the band is currently getting ready to go on tour in the UK starting August. Needless to say, we are really excited to see what new music this group has to offer.

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[Folk] Ánders – I Wish (You Were Mine)

I Wish (You Were Mine)

Let’s face it, there’s not a single one of you who can’t relate to this song. Through the years, we’ve all experienced a wistful longing for a member of the opposite, or same sex. There’s been that certain someone that just won’t leave your mind, no matter how hard you try, how much you drink, or how much you cry. Even if that person might not be the best thing for you, in your mind, they’re all that matters.

Swiss-Australian folk vocalist Ánders seems to capture the aforementioned situation perfectly, flawlessly tugging on listener’s heartstrings. Comprised of clean guitar work, subdued synths luscious vocals, “I Wish (You Were Mine)” carries a self-reflective message that hits close to home.

As a debut release, we can say that we’re overwhelmingly impressed, instantly expecting great things from this budding young artist. On top of a stellar first song, he also put together an impressive video featuring twelve strangers calling that one person they wish were theirs. Check it out below.

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[Trap] Bastille & Audien & Party Thieves – Pompeii (Slander Heaven Trap Edit)

artworks-000085950467-lts6kj-original (1)
Pompeii (Slander Heaven Trap Edit)
Bastille & Audien & Party Thieves

Tuesday seems to be an all-around disaster and we really need a good pick-me-up to turn that frown upside down. We think you all need a little dose of sunshine after SoundCloud decided to give up on us earlier this morning and afternoon. Now that SoundCloud got their crap together we can finally give you something to smile about all thanks to a TMN favorite, Slander.

The deep house, heaven trap producers have proved to us all that there really is no limitations when it comes to production. A few weeks ago the duo snagged the #1 spot on Hypem with their stunning deep house remix of Gorgon City’s, “Here For You” and we had some nice things to say about that remix in particular. Well ninjas, Slander is back at it again and this time with a melodic trap edit of Audien and Party Thieves remixes of Bastille’s famous song, “Pompeii”. From the very beginning, we are introduced with a synth-heavy lead, a wicked clap, and that oh so familiar Audien piano touch and uplifting progressive build. As soon as you reach the break you instantly feel as if you have been lifted up into the cosmos to float amidst an ocean full of beauty. We know that this tune will give you a much needed boost to get you through the rest of your day so press play and take off in your little spaceship to heaven.

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