Two Door Cinema Club Interview, Talks ‘Changing of the Seasons’, Performing live, Collab with Madeon and Pineapples [TMN EXCLUSIVE]

two door cienma club

A few days before Halloween, we headed up to the Ogden Theater to sit down with one of the hottest bands in music, Two Door Cinema Club. Armed with a sheet of questions, our iPhone and a huge toothy grin, we sat down with bassist Kevin Baird and covered as much as we could in twenty minutes. Check out what he had to say about Halloween in the States, Guinness and working with Madeon.

TMN: Hey guys, welcome back to Colorado! Your guys’ first visit here was at the Bluebird, on Halloween night. I believe you guys said on stage that this was your first Halloween in America, correct? Now that you’re back here in the states again for Halloween, do you have costumes planned?

I think it would have been. Yes, that was a bit of an experience. We do not quite do Halloween the same way in Ireland so much, but it was fun.

We are in the process of working out [costumes] because we are playing in San Diego on Halloween night, so I think we are going to have to dress up. We are trying to brainstorm ideas, even though we have no idea what we are going to be. Should be a good surprise.

Photgraphy by Jen "videoqueen" TMN: Speaking of that show, you guys were on your first headlining tour and played for a pretty small crowd. What was it like to return to Denver to a sold out show here at the Ogden?

It’s great! Denver, especially. It’s not exactly the same as New York or Los Angeles, where you have this big influence of European music. Other places can carry through – if you do a big show in London you can probably do a sizable show in New York, but maybe not in Denver or Texas. Thinking that is when you start to feel like you are actually doing something real, and it’s not just based on hipsters in the biggest cities. I think to come back, after not having much radio or whatever, and do Ogden, is great because it’s the only parameter that we have that more people are finding us and coming to the shows, buying the tickets.

Music sales and streams is all a bit warped because it’s really hard to analyze what’s really going on from that. Shows are the only real parameter that you have for it.

TMN: Alright, let’s talk about the early days. Alex, you and Sam met in Grammar school and then after a few other projects you guys created Two Door Cinema Club. What was the very first song you guys wrote together?

We wrote three songs in like a week. One of them is “Undercover Martin,” which we still play today, and the other two got phased out quite quickly as they weren’t very good. I think one was called “Secret Circus,” and it was very rubbish. Continue reading

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[Yum] Candyland – Breathless

Breathless ft. Michelle Quezada (Out November 25th)

Who doesn’t want to find that one person that can leave you breathless?

Candyland takes that feeling and puts their electronic touch to the story for their new original song “Breathless” off their label Sweet Shop Records. The full song comes out November 25 but the duo dropped a little taste of the song a few days ago to get their fans excited. The song features the vocals of the talented Michelle Quezada who is a perfect match to Candyland’s festival sound. The vocals and melody start off with a simple upbeat pace before Candyland takes the listener for a drop with a hard, constant almost trap like beat. The repeating vocals add to the power of the song leaving us with that breathless feeling. Excited to hear the final product in a few weeks and see just how breathless we are after that.

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[Fresh] Flux Pavilion – Freeway EP


A new EP by one of our favorite bleached blonde producers from the UK?

Count me in Flux, count me in.

Yesterday, Flux Pavilion dropped his new EP ‘Freeway’, 5 tracks that all show just how diverse of an artist he truly is by the beats, the melodies and who he collaborates with to make this EP one for the books. Teaming up with Steve Aoki for ‘Steve French’ then pairing his intense beats with Dillon Francis’ light hearted electronic flow for ‘I’m The One’, Flux shows he is the man of the hour. Flux’s song ‘Gold Love’ with the vocals of miss Rosie Oddie is one of my favorites. Hard and intense electronic beats, what we have come to know and love from Flux, drives this song with the high pitched, unique vocals of Oddie. Then there is ‘Freeway’, a different sound for Flux, where he has decided to slow down his intensity and flow the electronic melodies from one measure to the next. The song tells the journey, a musical journey and an intimate journey to find oneself. Flux also changes it up with the last song on the EP ‘Mountains And Molehills’ featuring Turin Brakes. Taking on an almost rock sound mixed in with the right electronic twists, this song feels like something out of a video game.

Another grand EP from the man FP, keep rocking you dirty blonde UK man.

Flux Pavilion feat. Steve Aoki
Steve French
Flux Pavilion
Gold Love (feat. Rosie Oddie)
Flux Pavilion and Dillon Francis
Im The One
Flux Pavilion
Flux Pavilion
Mountains And Molehills feat. Turin Brakes
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The Landing – Anxieties [TMN PREMEIRE]

The Landing

New York based space pop group The Landing is an act of creation and discovery. With little information out this newcomer, all we have to talk about is the music.

Today we’re excited to offer up a premiere of “Anxieties” from this mysterious, soft-sung pop outfit. With calmly welcoming outer worldly notes fluttering across a slow, repetitious beat, we’re left focusing in on the lead singer’s voice, which is quite enjoyable. In the same vein as Mansions on the Moon or Carousel, these guys (and/or gals) have a good thing going with just their second tune. We’re already looking forward to their next release.

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[Album Review] Eminem – The Marshall Mathers LP 2

Love Game (Feat. Kendrick Lamar)
Bad Guy
Headlights (Feat. Nate Ruess)

In the entertainment world, the mention of a sequel to an original work that was borderline perfect is usually a polarizing experience. When you first hear it, you are excited because the original story was so great but you are also nervous because the follow-up could just ruin the first. Unfortunately, most of the time, sequels fall into the latter and are never anywhere close to the quality of the original. Such can also be said for Eminem‘s 10th studio album The Marshall Mathers LP 2.

When you mention some of the greats in hip-hop, Eminem should be one of the first names out of your mouth. For 17 years, the Detroit emcee has changed the game by breaking through multiple barriers of the corny white rapper (Marky Mark, Vanilla Ice, etc.) and delivering a raw flow that is as equally controversial as it is dope and cynical. The one thing that separated Em from his counterparts was that he had no shame on the mic; no pop-culture icon nor topic was really off limits for his comedic and aggressive rhymes. From detailing  his dark upbringing in an abusive home to his battles with addiction and later his recovery, Marshall Mathers’ trauma has fueled some awesome music. Now at 41, he drops a sequel to his iconic third album The Marshall Mathers LP that attempts to continues his story and sets out to trump the mediocrity of his last few albums.

Continue reading

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (November 2013 Round #2)


Why does it feel like the moment your paycheck hits the bank, it’s gone before you even offer to buy it a drink? Can’t it just stay for a while? Just a little? If you feel abandoned by your hard working dollars, no need to fret. You’ve got the Indie Dojo to get you through the next excruciating couple weeks before your next one arrives. Not only is the Dojo as frequent, if not more, than a weekly paycheck,  it’s free-er than air, requires no hard work and stays in the internet bank from the first playlist deposited. Consider it a savings account that continues to grow will little to no effort. And the best part of it is?….It wants nothing more then spend time with you….

Pet Carrot
The Daydream Club
Soundwaves of Gold (Remix)
Second Hand Heart
Spending My Time
Magic Trick
Come Inside
Keston Cobblers Club
A Scene of Plenty


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[Remix] Kenna – Relations (Feat. Childish Gambino)

Relations Featuring Childish Gambino

Childish Gambino has been all over the place lately as he prepares for the release of his upcoming album, Because The Internet. This time he teams up with Kenna, hopping on the remix of his recent single, “Relations.” You know Bino knows a thing or two about relationships, which is exactly why he fits right in with the kooky 80’s inspired atmosphere, complimenting the funky vibes with some bold punchlines and hilarious ad-libs. Check out the single above, and stay on the lookout for Childish’s next project, set to drop next month.

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