[Acoustic] The Western Settlers – A Monster

A Monster
Acoustic Draft

It could quite possibly be our Rye-induced state that’s making us drawn to music of the acoustical nature. There’s something about those simplistic guitar chords coupled with a singular vocalist and harmonica player that send us into a booze-fueled dizzy, and to be honest, we’re overwhelmingly grateful for that fact.

You see, there’s something to be said about the simplicity in life. Sitting at home, drinking a wonderful Rye whiskey, and listening to some calming folk music is nothing short of amazing at this age. Looking at what other people are up to on a night like tonight, we’ll gladly opt for some large ice cubes and unfiltered music. Call us old fashioned, but we like some of the more basic indulgences, and we salute The Western Settlers for providing one song in our brown-bottle soundtrack.

Coming out just hours ago, “A Monster” was released as an acoustic draft. It’s pure, raw, and engaging, providing us with a reason to stop and hit repeat over and over again.

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[Aww Yeah] Body Language – Philadelphia : PA

Body Language
Philadelphia : PA

If you’re staying in with that certain someone this evening, it’s important for you to have the right playlist. If you go full on RnB, they might think you’re a bit too cheesy. If you go full EDM, they might think you’re too much of a party kid. Why not fall right in-between, closing the gap on the best of both worlds?

Released in their Beats Diary, this sixth track from Brooklyn-based Body Language has us all worked up. The sexy bassline, the wavering synths, the crackling atmospheric elements, and the vibey soul vocals all culminate in a listening experience worthy of a bottle of Courvoisier, some massage oils, and a solid set of speakers.

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[Future] Childish Gambino- 3OO5 (Jauz’s Future Remix)

JAUZ Official
Childish Gambino- 3OO5 (Jauz's Future Remix) @jauzofficial

Hey there, ninjas. What are you up to right now? Maybe getting ready to head out for the night? Maybe calling it a night, yet not able to peel yourself away from the computer? Well, whichever camp you fall into, Jauz has a delectable take on Childish Gambino’s “3005” that you should really stop and listen to.

Taking verses from one of our favorites in the game, Jauz has deconstructed then resurrected “3005” with some booming future bass stylings that have us wishing we were out and about, instead of at home, in front of a laptop. However, if the latter weren’t true, you wouldn’t know about this fresh new tune.

Released a few months ago, yet never posted to Soundcloud, this remix boasts incredible percussion work that help to define this stellar remix. It’s playful, refined, respectful of the origins, yet completely unique, as we’ve come to expect from this LA-based baron of bass.

Download this sucka fo free and have yo self a bad ass weekend, and keep in mind that it pained us to write like that.

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[Get Crunk x 2] Friday Party Playlist (Vol. 121)


Has it really been 2 weeks since the last Friday Party Playlist?! Geez…where does the time go these days? Well, now that we have recovered from last weekends intense blogathon, it’s time to get back in the swing of things and get you ninjas your party anthems to help carry you through these next couple of days.

Since I decided to rain check ya’ll last week, I put together a MASSIVE Friday Party Playlist that can literally last you until next week. This girl doesn’t play around, so get up, get movin’, and shake what yo mama gave you.

Until next week, we ask that you #danceirresponsibly.

’Party Favor – Bap U (JEFF085)’
’Hydraulix & Oski vs Creaky Jackals – Grind’
’Hudmo – Chimes (Maxx Baer Re
’Flume & Chet Faker – Drop the Game (Sweater Beats Remix)’
’Tame Impala – Feels Like We Only Go Backwards (IckyBob Bootleg)’
’Jennifer Lopez ft. Iggy Izalea – Booty (DeafMind Bootleg)’
’T Mass  & PatrickReza – Faith’
’Kito & Reija Lee – Sweet Talk (Lazerdisk Remix)’
’AutoLaser – Ya Comin Home (Future Fridays)’
’C2C – Down The Road (Beataucue Remix)’
’BISHU – Standby’
’Green Gardens (Djemba’s Fest Edit)’
’Wuki – Hot (Buku Remix)’
’Will Sparks & Zoolanda – Drop That (Tomsize Remix)’
’Losco – Drop’
’Oliver Heldens X Madonna – Gecko Music (TKDJS Mashup)’
’Artistic Raw – Miami (Havok Roth & HLTR$KLTR Remix)’
’Dillon Francis & Dj Snake – Get Low (The Rebirth In Paris)’
’Mr. Carmack – terra instro’
’Woolymammoth – CULT’
’Revolvr & Genisis Ft Splitbreed – Unstoppable (Aero Chord Remix)’
’Justice – Phantom (Our Time Remix)’
’Nelly Furtado x Timbaland – Promiscuous (Dr. Fresch Remix)’
’Future – Covered In Money (GVME OVER Bootleg)’
’JayCeeOh And Woogie – 2THAWALL (Original Mix)’
’Migos – Fight Night (Lambo Remix)’
’Round2Crew – Booty Had Me Like (Club Killers Remix)’
’Derek Rhodes x Reid Stefan x Juicy J – AlleyOop’
’Aquadrop – Changes’
’Valentino Khan feat. DJ Kool – Make Some Noise’
’BnW – I Don’t Like It’
’Sikdope Ft. Ash Riser – Never Wanna Leave (Ash Riser VIP)’
’Tear Rambo Up (Koyote Edit) Alesso // Deorro // J
’Long Shot (Cash Cash X Clean Bandit X The Chainsmokers)’
’Magic! & Zedd – Rude (Instant Party! Remix)’
’Ellie Goulding – Beating Heart (Steve James Remix)’
’Charli XCX – Break The Rules (Sava&Razz Remix)’
’Route 94 – My Love feat. Jess Glynne (Young Bombs Remix’
’Clean Bandit – Rather Be (Modern Machines Remix)’
’SomeKindaWonderful – Reverse (Special Features Remix)’
’Parliament – Flash Light (Slynk Remix)’
’Edward Maya – Stereo Love (Kings Remix)’
’Young Franco Ft Joy – Close 2 U (Benson Remix)’
J – Hunger Of The Pine (The Golden Pony Remix)’
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[House] Jessie Ware – Say You Love Me (Gorgon City Remix)

Jessie Ware
Say You Love Me (Gorgon City Remix)

The anticipation is building for the forthcoming album from talented songstress, Jessie Ware. Today, the UK’s Gorgon City help contribute to the momentum with their remix of her beautiful single, “Say You Love Me.” The original version is a slow, emotional ballad, but the talented production duo pick up the tempo transforming it into one of their signature house anthems. Gorgon City often feature strong female vocalists on their tracks making this feel like it could easily be an original from them with Ware’s potent vocals taking it to a whole new level. Kick off your weekend right and grab a free download above. Jessie Ware’s Tough Love is out on October 21st.

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Henry Fong & J-Trick – Scream [TMN Premiere]

MF Henry Fong & J-Trick  -Scream (style4_05 - 3) (1)
Henry Fong & J-Trick
Scream (Original Mix)

Do you know what today is, ninjas? Well you better get ready to scream this one at the top of your lungs because it’s Friday and we’re just about ready to turn our weirdness levels up so high that we surpass any and all signs of normality. Kicking us out of our mundane weekly routines and into a 3 day mindset of poor decision-making are two artists that know how to take us 0 to 100 more than Drake. Seriously.

Los Angeles’, Henry Fong, and Australia’s J-Trick are both notorious for their impeccable DJing skills and genre-blending productions. The two decided to combine Big Room House with Melbourne Bounce in their new original collaboration, “Scream”. After its debut at Tomorrowland during Martin Garrix’s  epic performance, it was obvious that Henry Fong and J-Trick had created easily one of the most talked about songs of festival season. Bursting with Fong’s signature Big Room synth melodies and J-Tricks Melbourne Bounce-style breakdowns, “Scream” mixes together a variety of badass elements that ultimately make us wish we could rage our butts off like we did all Summer long. If you think you can go without screaming during this song, then you’re in for one helluva wake up call.

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[Acoustic] The DuBarrys – Undress Your Soul

The DuBarrys
Undress Your Soul

With our day finally coming to a slow halt, we’ve about reached that time where we can finally kick off our workin’ shoes and replace them with our favorite fuzzy bunny slippers. While we’re at it, we might as well open up a bottle of Chardonnay and get into a more relaxed state of mind. Helping sooth our aching minds with some refreshing acoustic melodies are The DuBarry’s and their soul-quenching new original, “Undress Your Soul”.  The DuBarry’s have completely stripped us of our worries and exposed our ears to a beautifully arranged set of impeccable instrumentals, tranquilizing harmonies, and intrinsically moving lyrics.

Don’t give it up, no, oh, you said to me..

Who would have thought that being vulnerable could translate into complete and utter euphoria? “Undress Your Soul” exudes an incredible wave of emotion over us as it effortlessly builds into a true crescendo, only to subtly dissolve itself into a lingering trail of elusive notes. The DuBarry’s have really caught our attention with this delightful number, and we’re about on the edge of our seats just waiting for what is to come next.

Stay connected with The DuBarry’s on Twitter, Facebook, and Soundcloud.

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