[Chill] Mos Def- Ms Fat Booty (WoodysProduce Summer Citrus Remix)

Mos Def
Ms Fat Booty (WoodysProduce Summer Citrus Remix)

Mos Def may go down in the history books as one of the greatest hip-hop lyricists of all time. As far as I’m concerned, it’s and Andre 3000’s game to lose at this point. Though he has moved into new mediums, there is no denying his artistic capabilities and Ms. Fat Booty was years ahead of its time when it first came out. WoodysProduce is quickly becoming one of Los Angeles’ best kept secret and on his last effort for his Summer Citrus series, he brings new school sounds to the old school classic. Laying down some original guitar work and resampling Aretha’s “One Step Ahead”, the entire composition of the track is shifted and we think you’ll find this version is better suited for your partying needs.

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[Chill] Coldplay – Midnight (Carneyval Remix)

Midnight (Carneyval Remix)

Whether you like their music or not, there is no denying that Coldplay has one of the most dynamic sounds in the mainstream music arena today. No two songs are alike and Chris Martin is like the male Ellie Goulding. Therefore, it’s easy to see why every one is eager is to not only seek musical influence from the juggernauts but also feed off their creativity with their own pieces. Take Carneyval’s remix of “Midnight” for example. By reading the title, you may think the budding New Orleans soundscaper simply reworked a melody or two and called it his own and that is where you are wrong. Carneyval, quite a musician himself, wrote and performed the melodies you hear above on his own piano as well as every other component of the track as well. Yes, that is original saxophone we are hearing as well. The only Coldplay in this song is Martin’s vocals, a true remix.

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[Chill] Loston – Drown


Loston is the best producer you’ve never heard of. With the Australian electronic music scene bursting at the seams, it is all too easy for some to slip through the cracks, but hopefully the young beatmaker won’t go unnoticed much longer after this. “Drown” is an absolutely gorgeous composition from start to finish, there is no contesting that at all. As the “Death Coast” artist continues to charter his own path in original productions, look for more gems like this to come in the future. If you for some reason aren’t really clicking with this one, his remixes are next level and can help ease you into the Loston hypetrain.

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[Electronic] ALEXA & Unkle Ricky – Luv Sick ($aturn Remix)

ALEXA & Unkle Ricky
Luv Sick ($aturn Remix)

For better or worse, the chill trap sound looks like it’ll stick around for a while thanks to the meteoric rise of artists like Slander and 20syl. As long as they keep sounding like this $aturn remix, we aren’t complaining one bit. If this kid is really only 16 years old, the future is brighter than any of us could have ever predicted. This new effort by $aturn will pull at your heartstrings and get your feet moving simultaneously, a very rare feat in today’s music scene. Smooth, polished, and crisp; this song is next level and is coming to you from a high schooler for free.99!

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[Disco] Tobtek ft. Emil Heró – Higher (Avenue Remix)

Tobtok ft. Emil Heró
Higher (Avenue Remix)

This past July, we sat down with Tobtek for an interview and a sweet Summer Mix. After learning more about this Swedish DJ/producer, we could not get enough of his incredible song, “Higher” featuring Emil Heró. One of our TMN regulars, Avenue, decided to take us on a groovy detour in his latest remix of “Higher”, in which he sends us soaring into the clouds. Filled with atmospheric reverberated vocals, some spine-tingling synth stabs and a funky, feel good vibe, Avenue takes us higher than we could ever imagine. We guarantee you’ll have this on repeat all afternoon, so make sure to turn the volume to full blast and go get your dancin’ map out – we can’t afford to lose you down this avenue.

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[Future Bass] Kasbo – Kaleidoscope


Monstercat does it again, and by ‘again’, we mean every single day. Earlier this week, Monstercat kitten and Future Bass beat maker, Kasbo, unleashed a mesmerizing new original, “Kaleidoscope”. This colorful, futuristic track is highly reminiscent for all those times we get caught up in something truly inspiring. Kasbo captures us all with “Kaleidoscope” and welcomes us with open arms in this piano-heavy, electrifying song. The sensual percussive elements blend together so smoothly with progressive synths, futuristic breakdowns, and an ethereal melody that leaves you breathless. We can’t stop swooning over here, so press play and enter into the void full of moving colors. Get your copy of “Kaleidoscope” today on Monstercat.

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[Chill] olnbtz – Don’t Think About the Choices

Don't think about the choices

Who would have though that we would come across 18-year-old Russian producer, olnbtz? The musical Gods must be watching over us right now because this kid makes the most incredible beats for someone his age. Refined and tuned to perfection, olnbtz sets us off on a beautiful journey in his most recent production, “Don’t Think About the Choices”. This orchestral, chill trap track has us spinning in all sorts of directions. We’re not sure who this kid is, or where exactly he came from, but all we know is that he is on a much higher level than we can fully comprehend. Prepare for an epic amount of feels in this one, ninjas, and make sure to download this sadboi track for free.

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