Aylen – Goosebumps (Halloween 2012 Mix)

Our thoughts go out to everyone currently on the east coast that unfortunately will be experiencing a different kind of monster this Halloween. Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy is nothing to take lightly and we only urge those of you to remain safe throughout this week.

However, those blessed with normal weather condition still in need of an extra dose of filthy dance music, Aylen new halloween will leave you satisfied with an enormous amount of dark and dirty basslines.

Goosebumps (Halloween 2012 Mix)

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Jake Bugg – Two Fingers

Indie Acoustic at its finest comes a wonderful melodically light track from UK folk artist Jake Bugg off his self-titled debut album. “Two fingers” is reminiscent of a warm summer day woven over a heavy-hearted story about forgetting the past and moving forward. Jake Bugg’s style is something far too many artist fail to replicate because throughout every song, not a single verse or guitar strum is ever forced. His fluidity compliments his genuineness emotions makig his self-titled debut an exquisite musical experience all should indulge.

Two Fingers

Jake Buggs self titled debut was released October 12, via Mercury Record. Purchase it on iTunes Today.

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[Electronica] Atlas Genius – Back Seat (Goldroom Remix)

Los Angeles’ Josh Legg, who performs under the name Goldroom and is co-owner of Binary Entertainment, has been throwing out dreamy electro-pop tunes and remixes like an overheated machine. Even though summer’s long gone (at least on the “Frankenstorm”-battered East Coast) and there’s a chill bite in the air, his 2011 Angeles EP is quite the reprieve; it’s like sunny beaches and palm trees gifted into blissful audio form. It doesn’t stop there: after taking on the CMJ Music Marathon the other week — we listed him as one of the “20 Must See Acts” — Goldroom has released a brand new remix of the Atlas Genius track “Back Seat”. Its breezy, dancey, tropical tones are perfect for the shore. Stream it below and grab a FREE download here.

Atlas Genius
Back Seat (Goldroom Remix)
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[Groove] The Isley Brothers – Prize Possession (Follow Me Remix)

Follow Me, the extra dimensional shamans hailing from New York are back again with yet another cathartic tune guiding us to a higher sense of enlightenment. Follow Me once again demonstrates their unparalleled ability to transform R&B classics into sensual deep house anthems. Their latest effort, a remix of The Isley Brothers “Prize Possession” is pure gold. Pulsating bass, luscious vocals and groovy melodies revamp this soul-filled original in a manner one could only expect from Follow Me. Monday just got a little bit sweeter so make sure to show Follow Me some love on Facebook and snag this free track! Enjoy.

Isley Brothers
Prize Possession (Follow Me Remix)
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Angus Stone – True Colors (Cyndi Lauper Cover)

Pretty sure the original version of “True Colors” by Cyndi Lauper hit the airwaves just before I was born. It’s a tune I grew up with and because it’s one of those ’80s classics forever embedded in your mind — tagged specifically with Lauper’s unique vocals — it’s difficult to hear it done any other way. But somehow Australian singer-songwriter Angus Stone (who we’ve covered before) makes it possible, effortless and enjoyable, turning the song into an ultra cool, wooing, folky-blues track.

Angus Stone
True Colors (Cyndi Lauper)
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[Indie] PAPA – Put Me To Work

There are songs that, upon first listen, don’t quite click. Maybe after a few spins, some research and a little persuasion from the internet crowd, they grow to our liking. Whereas all of that sounds like a longwinded courtship out of a 17th century-set romance novel, this track by new LA-based band PAPA can be likened to instantaneous, all-consuming love at first sight. From the get go, “Put Me To Work” charges with chiming piano, blaring guitars, pounding organs, and an irresistible melody, calling to mind all the best aspects of groups like Arcade Fire, The National and Wolf Parade. Their debut album is expected some time next year, watch out for these guys.

Put Me To Work
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[Hip-Hop] Angel Haze – New York (King Krule Rework)

Rising 20-year-old rapper Angel Haze has wasted no time making her presence known in the hip-hop world this year. During the summer, she released her excellent Reservation EP and just a few days ago the Brooklynite dropped her Classick mixtape, where she spits over hits by Missy Elliot, Jay-Z and Lauryn Hill. One special stunner off that collection was her take on Eminem‘s classic “Cleaning Out My Closet,” which she infused with just the right amount of anger, fortitude and swagger to make even Shady himself proud. Check out that cover below and that mixtape here.

This week, she continues to push out more material; this time Angel gets some help from King Krule, a British singer-songwriter with a penchant for bluesy, jazzy rock, for a swirling, somber remix of her single “New York”.

Angel Haze – New York (King Krule Rework)

Angel Haze Cleaning Out My Closet
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