[Chill/Future/Trap] The Weeknd – Often (Free n Losh Remix)

The Weeknd
Often (Free n Losh Remix)

Rolling off of the wave of success experienced on their first original release, “Lost”, Free n Losh have returned to remix “Often” from one of R&B’s most intriguing artists, and a favorite of quite a few Ninjas here; The Weeknd. Perhaps some of the most versatile electronic producers at the moment with credits on Mac Miller tunes, an official Pretty Lights remix and multiple trips to the almighty Hype Machine Top Ten charts through gleaming and cutting edge takes on dance genres; Free n Losh have peeled back yet another layer of their collective production psyche with this latest remix. The Canadian duo blends a distinct steel drum over a luscious two-step melody and  and layer it all seductively amongst a sea of contorted snare kicks and hi-claps for a sound completely their own. With every passing release Free n Losh continually impress the hell out of our ears, and this cut might be one of our favorite from their entire catalogue. Grab the free download here, and slip into something sexy for this one, it might get a little hot.


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Klingande – Jubel (Tube & Berger Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

Jubel (Tube & Berger Remix)

Something about Pre-Friday just gets us all aflutter. Oh, you don’t know what Pre-Friday is? Well, given the close proximity to the weekend, we’ve decided to rename Thursdays as Pre-Fridays. It sounds like it’s so much closer to the weekend when you put it like that, right? Feel free to use that one, if you’d like.

As we dip our toes into the refreshing pool that is the almost-weekend, we’re of course looking for those vibe heavy tracks to get us primed and ready. Luckily for us, we have the opportunity to premiere this take on one of the hottest songs at the moment, “Jubel,” originally created by French deep house producer/DJ Klingande.

Deutschland duo Tube & Berger dialed up a completely different look and feel on this Ultra release, infusing a hollow kick drum, bolstered by rising pads to start things off. The beautiful bass line swings into deeper territory with all the pop danceability from the original, providing some almost nu-disco vibes to the mix. The original vocals, which were once light and airy, get pitched down with an almost masculine feel, creating the perfect compliment for the driving, deep synths you would expect in a club like Berlin’s Berghain.

Songs like this pair perfectly with a frosty adult beverage for your Pre-Friday festivities. Press play, take a sip, and relax – the weekend is almost here.

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[Melodic Trap] Adventure Club – Gold ft. Yuna (Candyland & REVOKE Remix)

Adventure Club- Gold (Candyland & REVOKE Remix)

If there is one song that truly captured all of our attention and helped prepare us for a weekend under the electric sky, it was “Gold” by Adventure Club. Notorious for making us want to cry and dance all at the same time, Adventure Club has definitely become an artist we’ve grown to love since day 1.

With “Gold” being a pivotal song for 2014, it was about time that someone put on their adult underwear and took on this emotional piece of art. Santa Barbara natives and beat masters, Candyland, decided to put their spin on this Adventure Club gem alongside the works of Venice resident, Revoke. The trio combined forces and turned the original feeler into something truly magical. Taking on a more melodic trap mindset, Candyland and Revoke each infused their unique sounds and created an euphoric experience full of heavy synths, heavenly kicks, and some 808’s to make us all literally feel some type of way.

Grab this tune while it’s hot and still free. We all love that glorious “F” word so take advantage of it while you can.

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[Progressive House] Tiger La – Now You Know (Bobby Green Remix)

Tiger La - Now You Know (Bobby Green Remix)
Tiger La
Now You Know (Bobby Green Remix)

It’s the middle of the week and the ninjas are biting at the bit to finish up the day and prepare for 2 more days of monotony at work. Just because we still have 2 days left doesn’t mean we aren’t allowed to get up and groove through our hump day the right way.

Just yesterday, Bobby Green dropped an insane new remix of Tiger La’s tune, “Now You Know”. Not only does it have a feel good melody, a synth heavy vibe, and a mellow tempo to help keep us sane, but it gives us a reason to drift away from our worries and spend a few minutes in a trance like state of mind. Bobby Green definitely takes us back to the 2007/2008 era of dance music with this one and we aren’t complaining in the slightest. Thanks Bobby, it’s not even Throwback Thursday and we’re already experiencing a serious wave of nostalgia.


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[Chill/House] Bad Suns – We Move Like The Ocean (Sebastian Carter Remix)

Bad Suns
We Move Like The Ocean (Sebastian Carter Remix)

It’s so wonderful when two of our favorite acts from opposite ends of the musical spectrum come crashing together. So when 20 year old TMN favorite Sebastian Carter was tabbed to remix Bad Suns‘ latest single “We Move Like The Ocean”, it seemed like it was crafted specifically for us. Carter, who last graced our hallowed pages with a remix of The 1975’s “You“, tools with a simple but gorgeous piano chord progression that paints a buoyant feel on top of Bad Suns’ original track, and work even more gracefully with lead vocalist Christo Bowman’s authoritative incantations. Sebastian Carter has quickly become one of our favorite young dance producers, and we haven’t once been let down by his sultry brand of chilled-out house. Once again, this one is being gifted to us as a free download, so grab it here, slink back in your office chair or your couch at home and have a listen above.

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[Vibes] Dawn Golden – All I Want (Manila Killa Remix)

Dawn Golden
All I Want (Manila Killa Remix)

There are numerous ways you can cure those mid-workweek blues. You could find ways to systematically annoy your boss. You could orchestrate a creative way to quit your job, forever living in YouTube lore (which is like for two weeks, in YouTube time). You could also have the ever-so-effective lunch beer. However, before you start spending too much time on any of those previously mentioned methods, we invite you to press play and relax. See? Isn’t all of your stress slowly melting away?

Celebrating his birthday in the complete opposite way than most do, which none of us can really seem to recall for some reason, Manila Killa has dialed up a sultry trop-house remix of Chicago sad boy Dawn Golden’s smash hit, “All I Want.” Creating an alternate universe where this intensely beautiful “cry into a glass of bourbon at home” song is now a whimsical escape, this transcontinental producer will inevitably make you smile, shake your hips and tap your foot. As an added bonus, we’re pretty sure tapping your foot will annoy your boss, which only adds to your overall enjoyment.

Snag this bad boy for free on Manila Killa’s soundcloud page and get over the hump. Just think, two more days till the weekend.

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Manicanparty – Rakim (Dead Can Dance Cover)

Rakim (Dead Can Dance cover)

It’s always a bold step when deciding to take on a cover. You delve into a world of criticism much larger than your own fan base, taking on the original artist and their fans as well. While that task can seem daunting for any artist’s work, special consideration has to be taken on when considering covering a Dead Can Dance song. With an incredibly worldly approach to music, fusing together African polyrhythms, Gaelic folk, Gregorian chant, Middle Eastern mantras and art rock, a cover of their work could seem overwhelming, to say the least.

Luckily for us, Brooklyn-based tribal pop duo Manicanparty not only gave us a modern interpretation of “Rakim”, but also crafted it in a way that would make Lisa Gerrard and Brendan Perry proud. Effortlessly carrying the memory of the original song through booming African drums, that unforgettable melody, and Jess Corazza’s sunning vocals, this coveted tune can now be revived to be enjoyed and appreciated with younger generations of music lovers.

In a world of what’s next, what’s new, what’s hip, and what’s trending, we applaud Manicanparty  for taking a step back and reflecting on musical influences that helped shape some of the artists that we’ve come to know and love.

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