[Deep/Future-House] Nelly Furtado – Promiscuous ft. Timbaland (Dr. Fresch Remix)

Dr. Fresch - Promiscuous
Nelly Furtado x Timbaland
Promiscuous (Dr. Fresch Remix)

With every passing release, it seems L.A. dance maestro Dr. Fresch peels back yet another refined layer of production psyche. The utterly talented dance constructor’s  latest remix of Nelly Furtado & Timbaland’s 2006 top-40 hit “Promiscuous” is perhaps the Dr.’s most straightforward and to the point  deep club track yet. We’re falling all over those hollow synths which bounce brilliantly off of Nelly & Timba’s playful vocal track, but after your first listen it’s apparent the tune’s focal point comes in the form of one of the most commanding bass lines we’ve had the pleasure of twerking to this year. About his latest remix Dr. Fresch stated: “It’s been way too long since I heard ‘Promiscuous’ played out in the club – I had to give the track a facelift so I could start dropping it in my sets and bring the heat back. The project clicked for me instantly, because of how the vocals lent themselves to be remixed from both a deep approach and a future approach as well. I’m excited to hear this one played out!” One of our most admired So-Cal house slingers certainly brought the heat on this one, as was intended, so we strongly advise you snag the free download here whether you’re one of our DJ friends looking to add a clever punch to your sets or just need it on your computers in general. But, since you’re already here stream Dr. Fresch’s remix of “Promiscuous” above.

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Party Favor talks music, quokkas, and that one time a fan humped a subwoofer box [TMN Exclusive Interview]


When it comes to booty music, we tend to find the kind of artists that make us want to go from a modest person out in public to a shameless person twerking dat ass like we were blessed by Miley Cyrus herself. A few weeks ago, we had a few moments to chat with one such artist that makes us do all of the above. Los Angeles based producer, Party Favor, encompasses everything that our young dance music culture embraces – literally. Not only does he have show-goers humping the shit out of subwoofers during sets (continue reading), but he continues to craft and develop his music/brand in which they collectively help draw in listeners from all over. With so much hype tied around trap and bass music, Party Favor shares with us his 6 year long journey of how he went from the typical mash-up DJ to a bedroom producer, all the way to performing with the big dogs at EDC this year. This touching interview will leave you inspired, excited, but most importantly, it will make you utilize your Google search bar more than ever before. Enjoy ninjas!

’Bro Safari & UFO! – Drama (Party Favor Remix)’

TMN: So, you’re having quite the year this year! You recently landed one of the biggest gigs of your life back in June for EDC Las Vegas – we got a chance to catch that set and it was pretty absurd. What was it like reaching that milestone?

PF: I think that question goes without saying. As someone who has loved this style of music for such a long time, not only was it so humbling and exciting for me but I got to play alongside people I have looked up to for so many years. It was completely surreal. EDC has grown each and every year, and so has dance music and this stage that 7UP set up was better than I could have even imagined. EDC was also a great way to show people who never believed in me before that I’m here to stay. It was way better than I even hoped and still can’t believe how well the crowd responded. Now I have another Insomniac show to look forward to in September: Beyond Wonderland Bay Area!

Check out the official Party Favor EDC After Movie & Download Party Favor’s EDC set here

TMN: Let’s rewind things a little bit – first tell us a little bit about yourself and how you made Party Favor into a career?

PF: So I have always had this infatuation with music but never really found a way to connect these sounds and thoughts into a music that fit my style. I tried the guitar, the piano and eventually gave up thinking I was musically talented enough. It wasn’t until I was in college (studying film) that I started to dabble in some film scoring and different audio programs/courses and it kind of re-sparked my interest. Mashups were actually what got me into House music in general. 6 years ago house music was so different and on a much smaller scale. I was listening to heavy electro house out of Europe mashed with top 40 tracks from the US and I started to hear the beat behind it and realized I loved how that music made me feel and how much it connected on the most basic level. I started playing it out to people in my social circles and became the guy who “had the cool mashups” (laughs). Eventually it snowballed into DJ’ing and then slowly but surely I attempted producing stuff that wasn’t garbage. I hustled myself at clubs/promoters and then eventually got an agent. Now here I am six years later – still trying not to make music that sounds like garbage (laughs).

TMN: (Laughs) Thank goodness you decided to pick things up where you left off. On that note, at what point did you know that things were starting to take off for you as a producer/DJ?

PF: There have been a few WOW moments that i’ve looked to as milestones; moments that really made me feel like things were taking off. On the music side, it was kind of the one-two punch of my official remix of Bro Safari & UFO!’s ”Drama” (which got a lot of industry support) and then my official remix of Showtek’s massive hit, “Booyah”. The response it first received really made me feel like things were moving  in the right direction. In fact, it still does. The energy of “Booyah” is hard to match and I think it was the first time that people got to hear me on such a massive scale. Some of the biggest DJ’s in the world immediately began playing it out and it was at that moment that I knew that something had finally clicked. I still play out the VIP now and it goes off even harder.
’Showtek – Booyah (Party Favor Remix)’

TMN: “Booyah” is definitely one of our favorite remixes of yours. Hands down.

TMN: Moving forward, it’s pretty obvious that you have a growing fan base, a hardworking team behind you, and a credible track record that has been catching the attention of some of the big dogs in the league such as Diplo. In fact, you just released a Diplo & Friends BBC Radio 1 Mix you did for his show this past August – that’s definitely something every artist wants to cross off their bucket list. How did you react when he reached out to you about doing a mix?

PF: Oh its phenomenal. I think as someone who is very hard on my own work, to hear from someone like Diplo that what i’m doing is cool is the ultimate reassurance.  BBC is a huge checklist item for every electronic artist, or any talent now for that matter, and i’m honored to have gotten a spot on his show to play out some of my newest tracks. That’s what it’s all about. I think getting a chance to showcase your sound and style to a completely new fan base is absolutely incredible and there are not many media platforms for our scene that have the kind of reach BBC does.

Download Party Favor’s exclusive Diplo & Friends BBC Radio 1 Mix 

Continue reading

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Sia – Chandelier (Happy Accidents Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

Chandelier (Happy Accidents Vocal Remix)

It feels like such a long time since we last saw Happy Accidents make their way onto our stomping grounds, but it was only a couple of months ago! This past June, we came across their Mapei vocal remix of “Don’t Wait” and instantly made us all fall in love with their version that much more. 2 months have gone by since their last release and today Happy Accidents are crashing into our music feeds at full speed, ready to spin our wheels of feels out of control in their latest remix of Sia’s “Chandelier”. With this song powering its way across the dance music world, it was only a matter of time before Happy Accidents gave this lovely track a touch of sugar, spice, and every nice.

We are very happy to be sharing the latest from these talented producers in the form of a premiere. Amped with their signature indie vibe, a retrograde of timeless synths layered on top of their own  original vocals, Happy Accidents transform this song into a smooth, creamy, “I can’t believe it’s not butter” remix of the week. We guarantee you’ll have this one on repeat for the remainder of the week because we can’t seem to stop pressing play.

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[Deep House] Florence + The Machine – You’ve Got The Love (Dennis Kruissen Remix)

Florence + The Machine
You've Got The Love (Dennis Kruissen Remix)

The iconic voice of Florence Welch has been a staple of club mixes and DJ sets ever since the release of ‘You’ve Got The Love’ back in 09. Some may think it worn after its fair share of handling over time, but five years later and it’s clear that the electronic scene still has more to offer this timeless anthem. Enter Dutchman Dennis Kruissen, wielding a slick blend of deep garage beats to breathe new life and dance-ability into the heavily rinsed original. Forget the long-winded buildups and generic base-filled drops, every part of this track has been crafted with the vocals at center stage, leading the listener into each new surprise that the producer has left in store. That sweet sax breakdown is our favorite shining moment and caps off the unique interpretation that this song truly deserves.

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[Chill] Emily Wells x Mapps – Juicy (AA ‘Elation’ Bootleg)

Emily_Wells photo Deb Lopez
’Emily Wells x Mapps – Juicy (AA Elation Bootleg).mp3′

It’s been a little while since our last dose of bootleg action from DJ AA, but he’s broken the drought with one of his best efforts yet. Seamlessness is the best indicator of a top notch vocal mix, and he definitely has us believing that this indie-style cover of Biggie from Emily Wells was always made for this glorious instrumental from Mapps. It’s a perfect match to our ears, and another downtempo success to add to his library of chill goodness. Soundcloud may not appreciate his craft in the same way that we do, but we’ve got the exclusive free download to make sure you can have this ready whenever you’re in the mood for some serious lounging.

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[Electronic] ODESZA – In Return LP

In Return Megamix

Never heard of ODESZA? Well, here’s an album that deserves to make you sit up and pay attention. Released on September 9th via Ninja Tune subsidiary Counter Records, “In Return” is thirteen tracks of some of the finest electronica to be heard this year. An absorbing and utter engrossing listen from the get go, ODESZA members Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight, who formed the outfit back in 2012, have an ear for melodies, samples and beats. There are wistful tracks like album opener “Always This Late”, the choppy funk of single “Say My Name” ft. Zyra, and even tinges of dubstep on the superb “Echoes”.

With guest vocalists such as Zyra, Jenni Potts and British born singer Py, “In Return” balances instrumental and song-led tracks perfectly. A stunning collection of music, “In Return” is a welcome addition in any music lovers collection. You can purchase a copy here

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[Indie with a teaspoon of Pop] Prinze George – Don’t Speak To Me

Prinze George
Don't Speak To Me

“Oh, don’t speak to me, I don’t want to know…” are the starting lyrics to this wonderfully whimsical single ‘Don’t Speak To Me’ by the trio Prinze George. Made up of Naomi Almquist, Kenny Grimm and Isabelle De Leon who currently reside in Brooklyn. The melody of this song is a mix of soft electronic beats mixed with the quietly seductive vocals. I would encourage you to listen to more of this groups songs, they are one to keep on your radar and one you would definitely want to speak to if you got the chance.

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