[TMN Resident Artist] The Chainsmokers chat us up on NYC, not being selfie experts, and how they came to be

Guy Sebastian
Like A Drum (The Chainsmokers Remix)

TMN: Say hello to our handsome, furry browed Resident Artists for the month of June, Alex and Drew, or as many of you know them, the boys behind Chainsmokers. Gentlemen, welcome and thank you so much for being a part of the ninja family this month!

TMN: Well usually interviews go from the beginning until the present but because we think you appreciate a little backwards banter, let’s start from today and work our way back. You are currently in Australia on tour, how are you enjoying your time down under?

Chain: Its been incredible. Neither of us have ever been to this side of the world so that alone as an adventure has been great, we have surfed bet koalas, ate kangaroo and drank a ton of beer. That aside the shows all have been so fun and the cool thing about OZ is the ppl here really know their music. The dance scene has been prominent for ages and you can feel it at the shows. Its also crazy to see that your music has reached a place so far away. Oh and OZ girls are really fit….

TMN: Right now, you boys are quite a hot commodity in the EDM world and honestly, in a larger music scene. A lot of this success can be credited to the almost instant fame of your hit song ‘SELFIE’ which can be heard in any club, car, or gym. Talk to us about the how the concept came up for that song and if you guys will continue on the one word song with another trending subject?

Chain: We have talked about this song a lot so we really aren’t going to go into much depth. It was a fun idea we had to promote a party we had at Miami’s nightclub Liv. We were toying with the concept of a song about club girls and being vain and selfies. It really materialized in about 1 hour and we gave it originally as a free download. Haha we love the idea of working music together with good packaging be that artwork, marketing, live elements whatever it may be, so moving forward we will always try and figure out unique interesting ways to deliver our music, but with that said we have no interest in being the artist of social media and cultural trends. We struck gold with selfie but we just thought it was a funny idea, that’s all… Moving forward we do love pop culture, and we love the idea of our music being enjoyed by as many ppl as possible, and that’s something that’s always interested us, so our future tracks will surely have those underlying elements, but we will just continue to do what we think is cool and not let the world dictate our sound.

TMN: Do you both take good selfies? What kind of selfie takers are you, the mirror type, the turn the camera around and through up a duck face type, the selfie with the ladies type, or all of the above?

Chain: We made the song, but we don’t give a shit about selfies… You want a selfie go for it, hell we will gladly be in it, but we refuse to be any authority on the proper way to take one haha…

TMN: Now before the current success, you boys kind of found your niche with remixing songs. From artists like Ellie Goulding to BANKS (one of my favorites just fyi) to Little Daylight, all of your remixes have a unique and individual sound to them. You have such a range of remixing, from calm songs to upbeat songs, how did and do you go about figuring out a song to remix? And being a duo, do you both have to like the song or has there ever been an overriding if one of you just absolutely feels one song?

Chain: Why thank you :) We definitely love the banks remix cause it showed a real range in our production and type of music we enjoy. We definitely don’t want to be pigeonholed in anyway. Kaskade once said to his fans that artists grow, and naturually tastes evolve as do interests, making music is a very emotional and refractory. So we always find ourselves pulling from different genres and wanting to try new things out. When it came to figuring out what to remix, initially it was a question of knocking on 20 doors and getting two to open. We wanted to make original music but we had no fan base and no good vocals. We saw remixing as the perfect way to show our talents and style as producers in that we could use vocals we really loved and re-imagine songs we liked, sort of like a shortcut almost. Also, they provided us with a great way to peel fans off other artists and sort of attract ppl to what we were doing by the means of other artists popularity like Phoenix. The factors of a remix always change though, we could simply love the song and have a great idea or it could be a quid pro quo situation, usually its both. We love to release lots of content and this is a fun way to create different styles of chainsmokers’ music with out buying the house per se. As for us, we really always see eye to eye on songs, its funny but our taste in music is very very similar and the way we look at music isn’t necessarily the same but we both walk away with the same feeling from a song we like, so often that part is very easy. A good remix for us takes about a day to make…

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[NEW] Ab-Soul – Hunnid Stax (feat. ScHoolboy Q)

Hunnid Stax Ft. ScHoolboy Q

Ab-Souls long-anticipated sophomore album is set to drop in two weeks and, earlier today, the LA-based emcee unleashed a dope track featuring fellow Top Dawg Entertainment representative, Schoolboy Q“Hunnid Stax” opens with Soul stating, “people treat you real nice when you’ve got $50 draws on” before the menacing, hazy production of Kenny Beats takes a hold.

While the title suggests a stereotypical rap song about money, reminiscent of Odd Future’s recent skit, fans of Ab-Soul’s first album, Control System, will recognize the implied irony in his bars. ScHoolboy Q’s gritty vocals could not fit the beat better and Mac Miller contributes a brief chorus of sorts that helps add to the mischievous vibe. Enjoy this one above and keep an eye out for These Days…, which drops on June 24th.

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[Zouk Bass] JSTJR – Party

Party (Free Download)

JSTJR may be an unfamiliar name to you ninjas, or it may not. Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s lay down the pronunciation of JSTJR. JSTJR is not pronounced ‘Just Junior.’ JSTJR is pronounced like ‘gesture’, and he did us a kind gesture by letting us premiere his new tune “Party”. Located out of New Hampshire, JSTJR is laying down some serious work with Moombahton, Zouk Bass, Twerk, and more. JSTJR lays down some Brazilian vibes on his most recent work “Party”. With “Baile Funk” vocal chants, some fat horns and crazy vocal manipulation, “Party” is bound to go off every time. If you’re a fan of amazing mid tempo music, you better get that name stuck in your head.

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Broke For Free – Summer Spliffs


Yet another amazing release from Oakland based Broke For Free. This is off of part 1 of his album “Petal” that just dropped earlier this week. It’s titled “Summer Spliffs” and delivers some vibes suitable for any occasion, whether your posted twisting up a spliff, or just trying to study for finals. This track will do the trick. Also make sure to check out some of the other tracks off the album that we selected below. Cheers.

Everything is available for FREE download.

Broke For Free
Summer Spliffs
Broke For Free
Add And
Broke For Free
Golden Hour
Broke For Free
Wash Out
Broke For Free
A Beautiful Life
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[MP3 Playlist] The Chill Dojo #88

chill dojo

When new Wave Racer makes a splash on the net, there’s never any doubt that you’ll be hearing those sweet bouncy sounds right here in this playlist. For dojo #88, he brings the very best of his infectious happiness in an official remix for Foster The People, with all those signature trimmings that have made this style a worldwide phenomenon. The rising success of the Australian sound has plenty more champions behind it though, and this past week revealed an incredible collab between Sydney’s Cosmo’s Midnight and Norwegian talent Lido for an official remix of AlunaGeorge’s ‘Superstar’. The title does well to describe the quality names behind this one, and we knew this track was going to be something special well before we hit play. Many repeated plays since has reaffirmed it time and time again. That wasn’t all from Lido for one week though, for he also had a Bastille remix to unleash as well, and this one is every bit as addictive as the last. The pacing and vocal work behind his music keep the listener hanging on every moment, and yet every production continues to amaze and push things to the next level. The same could be said for French group Point Point, who had us absolutely awestruck by their first track ‘Life in Grey’. Proving they can back it up and then some, their second release ‘Morning BJ’ is as pleasurable to the ears as well…you know. With a mind-blowing progression and uniqueness to their sound, these guys are as fresh as it gets. And when it comes to new ideas, the wave of young musical talent are leading the way and making their mark in this era of the industry. 16 year-old WRLD is one of these we speak of, and his latest release under the Monstercat label will prove just how much there is to look forward to in the near future. This is pop music done right, with the beat and production at the forefront of everything that makes this song so good.

Continue down the list and there are plenty more examples of just how good we music fans have it at this present time. There’s an endless supply of innovative productions out there, and even more inspired artists emerging as a result. We’ll be the ones who are happy to share it. Peace out.

Chill Dojo #88 zip

Foster The People
Best Friend (Wave Racer Remix)

Superstar (Cosmos Midnight x Lido Remix)

Bad Blood (Lido Remix)

Point Point
Morning BJ

Orbit (feat. Richard Caddock)

Strehlow x Dehku

Jailo & Kappa Kavi

What You Gonna Do


Drowning (Love Thy Brother Remix)

La Madrague (MrCØ Remix)

5 Reasons
Tales Of Love (feat. Patrick Baker)

Glen Check
Pacific (Glen Check Summer Remix)

Glen Check
Pacific (Moullinex Remix)

Glen Check
Pacific (Les Loups Remix)

Milky Chance
Stolen Dance (Embody Remix)

Jealous (I Aint With It) (Jerry Folk Remix)

Pharrell Williams
Happy (Lenno Remix)

Lykke Li
No Rest For The Wicked (Figgy Remix)

Midnight (Rezonate Remix)

Moon Boots
Whatever You Need

Kyla La Grange
The Knife (Regulators Remix)

Alina Baraz & Galimatias
Make You Feel (VESTIGE Remix)

Chandelier (ViLLAGE Remix)

Crow (VIP)


Tokyo Pt. 2 (Feat. Sango)

Stick Figure
Smokin Love Ft. Collie Buddz
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[Trap] Gold Top & Soulja Boy – Gold Like This

Gold Cover
Gold Top
Gold Like This (Feat. Soulja Boy)

Luke Skywalker Indiana Jones (yes, that’s his legal name) AKA Gold Top, is back with yet another floor-shaking sound that is self-described “gold”. To much surprise, hip-hop king Soulja Boy makes an EDM debut, with booming, incessant vocals that appropriately tie in with the track’s bass vibes. This three-and-a-half track throws in a blend of Gold Top’s signature samples, as well as some new and unheard of orchestral structures, which are all wrapped neatly into one aggressive tune. After releasing his free single “I Know” just a few months ago, he bursts back onto the scene with a masterpiece that is nothing short of amazing.

Purchase your copy of “Gold Like This” via Dirty Duck Audio exclusively on Beatport today!

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Sunday Night Soul [Vol. 29]

Sunday Night Soul

As my first declaration of the summer, I determined that I would post all future Sunday Night Soul entries directly from the beach. That idea quickly went south however, once I came to the crippling realization that the beach doesn’t have WiFi, and before I knew it, I was back in the comfort of my own bed, writing from the same familiar spot where so much of my inspiration has sprung from before. While I don’t get the benefits of being outdoors, at least I don’t have to worry about cleaning any pesky grains of sand from the space between my toes. On top of that, I still have some pretty talented artists to keep me company, like Saux, GDNA, Bayou, Azekel, Roses Gabor, TIAAN, Mae Oriel, Trey Songz, Kay Cola, Netta Brielle, Joe Hertz, Tim Vocals, Ikeda, Solboi, khadisma, Teen Flirt, XONA, Duncan Gerow, Nanpa NOIR, Cosmo’s Midnight & Lido, Mikos Da Gawd, GEOTHEORY, Cavalier Beats, and Charlemagne Tango among others. So, while I wasn’t able to make it out to the beach tonight, I still encourage the rest of you out there to explore the great outdoors, gaze up at the stars, and maybe use the playlist below as your accompanying soundtrack.

You Aint Making Me Wanna Dance (feat. Timantti)
Duan & Only
Latch Disclosure (Cover)
J Dilla
Think Twice // GDNA (RE)Vision
b a y o u
Jackson Breit
Never Gonna Let You Go
Brave Williams
Oooh (Luv Ya)
Addicted To You Ft. Olivia Noelle
Rebecca James
Thinkin Bout Me
Ray Class
True Story
New Romance
Roses Gabor
Apollo 9
No Lies
Denise Renee
Adore You (Remake) Miley Cyrus/ Denise Renee
Luke Pickett
Loving You Is Wrong
Bridget Kelly
I Wont Cry/Almost More
Black Cars
Jared Evan
Better Now (Unreleased
Luke James feat. Rick Ross
Christon Gray
Vanish (feat. Swoope)
Mae Oriel
Trey Songz
Whats Best For You
Sydney Jay
Kay Cola
Soft Kisses
down 4 u
Netta Brielle
Come Close (Rework)
Bailey Wiley
IXL ft. Raiza Biza (Radio Edit)
Oscar Key Sung
Holograms (Amin Payne Remix)
Veto (DomOfTheYear Remix)
Joe Hertz
Isolate (ft. Kaleem Taylor)
4 U (Pham Bootleg)
Poter Elvinger
How To Dress Well
Face Again
Tim Vocals
Look Both Ways (prod by Baauer)
Rainy Day (Too Much x Drake Remix)
APCH (Solboi Remix)
Plue Starfox
Sugg Manor Savage Island ( Verses By Sugg Savage )
endless.love (ft. arethra franklin x weeknd)
Danny Glover ft. Gaïa (Young Thug Cover)
Every Little Word (Abhi Dijon Remix)
Girl With The Tattoo (Yamill Remix)
Michael Jackson
Rock With You (SteLouse Flip)
Me dê Amor (El. Train Bootleg Edit)
Teen Flirt
eu IV
Indias Interlude
Not For Long (SAINT PEPSI Remix)
Latch (XONA Remix) Longer Version
Duncan Gerow
Craig David + Evil Needle = Fill Me In
Good Kisser (Nanpa NOIR Remix)
Id Rather Have Love (XXYYXX Remix)
lovin x elkco
Party Girls (Nanpa NOIR Remix) w/ KR$CHN & BeatsByCMyles
Roses (Kero One Remix 2014) *NEW*
Happy (Lenno Remix)
Superstar (Cosmos Midnight x Lido Remix)
Dugong Jr x Mindless Behaviour
Hello (CAPSUN Flip)
Sock It 2 Me
Gil Scott Heron
Song Of The Wind (Filthy Romeo Remix)
Moon Boots
Whatever You Need
Pieter T
Miss December ( Matt Miller Remix)
What You Gonna Do
1 Thing (GT Future Japan Edit)
Goldroom x Color K.
Birthday Sex (Cavalier Beats remix)
Drowning (Akeda Flip)
How Many Drinks? (Charlemagne Tango Remix)
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