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the Hongs

Did someone just turn on the Playstation 2 and put in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City? This latest track from Miami-based outfit The Hongs (off their forthcoming Pet Scans EP) features Aaron “Abomb” Johnson of the Brazilian Girls on drums. The band has taken us back a few decades with electro pop feel that calls on memories of Duran Duran, DeLoreans, and the big 80′s hair.

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[Pop Folk] Percy and the Gunslinger – Andrew EP

PATGS005BW1500 (1)

A large part of the business is heavily rooted in relationships. You connect with people. You connect with artists. Through those connections you hear random side projects from the connections you’ve made. Percy and the Gunslingers is a new project from a very talented musician in Santa Monica, and we couldn’t be happier that he IMed us today.

Frankie Pedano is a seasoned musician, but this project we found particularly interesting. Part Fleetwood Mac, part Lana Del Rey, Percy and the Gunslingers have a truly classic and infectious sound. Take “Andrew” for example. Lead singer Ali Mills emotionally charged lyrics leads you to associations of Lana Del Rey and BETS. The simplistic rhythmic drumming compliments the soft guitar strumming and trumpets, and magnifies Mills’ haunting vocals. “Gunslinger” on the other hand has a pop structure with catchy powerful bluesy guitar riffs and saloon style piano breakdown. With such a dance inducing pop folk feel, pretty much anyone that hears this tune can’t help but picture themselves drinking some Coors Original dancin’ around a dive bar. Yes, I’m a Colorado boy, and enjoy the banquet beer. I digress.

Take a gander at these three tunes from their debut EP by clicking on the links below. These guys are already gaining attention, and it won’t be long before they get the attention they deserve.

Percy and the Gunslingers
Percy and the Gunslingers
Gunslinger Shuffle
Percy and the Gunslingers
Magnetic Metal
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[Indie] HAIM – The Wire

The Wire

The LA sister trio immersed us in their vivacious number, “Falling”  in February but hung us out to dry for the months after that. We’re glad that HAIM returns with their newly unveiled single, “The Wire”, which engulfs us wholeheartedly. We’re pretty sure that the three-part harmonies, rhythmic lyrics and effervescence of the song will be leaving you with fingers snapping at the very least – characteristics that we know their freshly completed debut album is sure to embody.

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[House] option4 – All the Girls

All The Girls
option4 (Original Mix) FREE DL

House maven option4 has been seeing his stock rise both locally, nationally and internationally on the heels of an ever-burgeoning and soulful catalogue. Today, the Denver based producer has lit up our ears again with another club-centric, peak-hour original tune “All the Girls” out on Night Supply Records. “All the Girls” takes its listener on a sonically textured journey, employing a swinging house beat, beautifully rendered synth line and rhythmically dominating pads culminating in an effort sure to flood dance-floors all across the world. Wrapping this Deep-House gem up in a nice and tidy little bow was a seemingly superlative chopped and spliced vocal sample from another more straight forward club anthem- N.E.R.D.’s “Everyone Nose”. This one is sure to induce a healthy dose of twerkage from our TMN contingent, and as an added bonus, option4 is giving away the track in exchange for the price of one Facebook “like” here. Stream “All the Girls” above.

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[Video] The 1975 – Sex (NSFW)

The 1975

Northwest England’s The 1975 has been a group for whom almost our entire staff here at TMN has developed somewhat of a musical crush on over the course of their past few releases. So… it’s pretty standard for this writer to languish in the wave of middle school euphoric giddiness with every awaiting e-mail from the indie-rock quartet. Today, their official music video for “Sex”, a track in which we featured about a month ago hit the airwaves, and we just had to let our Ninjas get their proverbial hands on it as well. Lead vocalist Matthew Healy summed up the experience quite well in stating : “The main idea behind the new video for “Sex” was centered around us wanting to incorporate a narrative that acted out the lyrical content of the song. The makeup of our music is centered around the juxtaposition of very honest often self deprecating personal stories set against uplifting major chord progressions. It is this dualism and notion of ‘sound tracking’ our own lives which makes us cite John Hughes as such an important influence.”

The 1975′s music video for “Sex” was shot in Los Angeles by director Adam Powell and plays on back and forth shots between the band’s visual aesthetic of muted black and whites set against a series of cinematic band shots which set the video’s narrative perfectly into motion. Check it out below, and if you haven’t already, you can pick up The 1975′s latest EP IV is out now on Dirty Hit Records. “Sex” will be featured on The 1975′s self titled debut album which is out Sept. 2 on Dirty Hit in the UK and Sept. 3 on Interscope/Vagrant in the US. Pre-order here.

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[TMN Resident Artist] Inpetto’s top 5 must listen to songs


Summer is slowly fleeting before our eyes and another month down means we have to say goodbye to our boys of Inpetto. They of course were kind enough to send over their 5 favorite tracks, along with the reasoning behind loving each track. We have to say, they have this spot on with these choices and we know regardless of the songs being EDM or now, these are some legit choices.

So, farewell you wonderful German brothers, thanks for a wonderful month and best of luck in the upcoming months and year.

Lucky Date – Freak – The track we most looking forward to play on every gig. Perfect banging in a cool way.

Daughter – Youth – Big fans of this group. Its no EDM track, but on heavy rotation in the car.

Zedd – Clarity (Original Mix) – Perfect vocals, perfect production.

Charles Gudagafva – Adam (David West Remix) – One of our all time favorites. Awesome chords and synthlines.

Avicii – Wake Me Up (Original Mix) – Genius mixture between different styles. Every single Number 1 is deserved.

Lucky Date
Freak (Original Mix)
Clarity (feat. Foxes)
Charles Gudagafva
Adam (David West Remix)
Wake Me Up (Extended Mix)
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The Trap Dojo #49


Now that twerking has come back in a big way, blowing through the underground trap scene into the mainstream… or at least one member of the mainstream, its time to bring “Jacking” back. Breach has already restarted the “Jack” movement with his massive house track and this week Sleepy Tom throws a massive trap beat over it that will guarantee a packed dancefloor of jackers.  UZ knows how to keep a party turnt up, and with a brand new song to add to his Trap Shit series, he comes through with his claim that “all we do is turn up”. I already know what you’re thinking about this next track: “not another f-ing Bugatti remix!” but hear me out. If you can stand listening to Future‘s hook for the five millionth time, you won’t be disappointed by the massive electro house drop waiting for you on the other side, and a crazy trap drop after the five millionth and one time having to hear the hook. . Keeping the Hip-Hop vibe going, we get more than a hook for the next few remixes including Lords Sound Division, Danny Brown, and Rich Homie Quan. The next few tracks go hard with favorites like Meyhem and Ookay providing the heat. The bangers just keep coming with a huge list of fire to keep the feet moving and fists banging. Of course all fires must eventually be put out, so the moombah-ish Donkong remix kicks off a series of more and more chilled out trap and lovetrap from new faces like Blackbird Blackbird and old favorites like Sango to take you out.

Jack (Sleepy Tom Bootleg)
ŤɌ∆Ҏ ᶊῌῗ† √15
Bugatti (Diamond Pistols Unoriginal Mix) Free Download
PRAYER ( Lords Sound Division Remix )prod. by Konrad OldMoney
Blunt After Blunt by Danny Brown (Big Dope P Remix)
Antiserum & Mayhem
Carnage & Tony Junior
Michael Jordan (Ookay Remix)*OUT NOW*
SNAILS x Kai Wachi
Hypnosis  FREE DOWNLOAD (Click Buy Link)
Lucky Date
Freak (Gold Top Official Remix)
Whats Up Suckaz (Ricky Vaughn Trapd Rework)
Bro Safari x UFO!
Drama (Party Favor Remix)
Hit Da Flo
Party Favor & Posso
Candyland & MakO Ft. Maksim
All You Gotta Do (Them Lost Boys Remix)
Henrix & Jakob Liedholm
Close Your Eyes (Flaxo Remix)
Ray Complex
Yeezus Saves
Jay Danko x TastyTreat
Tell Em (Original Mix) *FREE DOWNLOAD*
Bill Withers
Aint No Sunshine (Team Bayside High Bootleg)
Irie Maffia
Cross The Roads Ft Beenie Man (Donkong Remix)
Let Loose (JayCeeOh & BSides Remix)
All I Want Is You (Blackbird Blackbird Remix)
Affection (Feat. JMSN)
Wifey (Fwdslxsh Edit)
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