[Amazing Feature] Sleepy Tom – “Currency” DJ Mix


Oh Canada.
Our neighbors to the north are constantly surprising us with more and more talented musicians arising to take over the music scene and newcomer Sleepy Tom is no exception. Do not let the name fool you, his upbeat, catchy and rhythmic electronic sound is far from sleepy. Tom started off playing at local parties and DJ sets in his hometown of Vancouver alongside some big names in electronic music. Now, he is receiving praise and support from Zeds Dead, Grandtheft, Mat Zo and A-Trak to name just a few. Recently releasing his first EP “The Currency”, Tom shows why he is quickly gaining national recognition. Mixing drums, electronic melodies, laser riffs and captivating dance beats, Tom makes your body want to do everything and anything but sleep. Today we have the pleasure of featuring his insane “Currency” DJ mix. Also, his “Currency” EP is available on iTunes and Beatport today so show the artist some music love. A mix of his own work plus some intense remixes of some favorites, Sleepy Tom is here to keep fans bodies and minds wide awake.

Sleepy Tom – Let It Go [Fool's Gold]
Wolfgang Gartner – Flexx [Ultra]
DJ Snake vs Junior Senior – Move Your Feet (Parisian Vision)
Djemba Djemba – Stahp (Astronomar Untrapped edit)
Foxsky – The Whip (The Reef Remix) [Mad Decent]
Breach – Jack (Sleepy Tom Bootleg)
Sleepy Tom – Throwing Plates [Fool's Gold]
The Partysquad & Punish – Pullup 2012 [Mad Decent]
GTA – Booty Bounce feat. DJ Funk (Juyen Sebulba Remix) [Mad Decent]
Diplo – Set It Off feat. Lazerdisk Party Sex (Sleepy Tom Remix) [Mad Decent]
Bot – Vamos! (ft DJ Orion) [Dim Mak]
Salva – Drop That B (Astronomar Untrapped edit)
Zeds Dead – Rumble in the Jungle (Sleepy Tom Edit)
Flosstradamus & DJ Sliink – CROWD CTRL [Fool's Gold]
Krusha & Sleepy Tom – Jobless [unreleased]
Destructo – Higher (Tommy Trash Remix)
Boys Noize – Ich R U (Jacques Lu Cont Remix) [BNR]
Mat Zo & Porter Robinson – Easy (Botnek Remix) [Astralwerks]
BS1 – Blow Me Away [BNR]
Sleepy Tom – Snap Back Bounce [Fool's Gold]
Clockwork – Titan (Congorock Safari Edit) [Mad Decent]
Sleepy Tom – The Currency [Fool's Gold]

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[TMN PREMIERE] Disco Fries – Open Your Eyes (Psychic Type Remix)

Disco Fries
Open Your Eyes (Revelation) [Psychic Type Remix]

If there’s one thing that you can say about NYC based DJ duo The Disco Fries, it’s that they know how to write tracks that get the club moving. The gritty electro house bangers these two churn out on the regular grace our Party Playlists on a weekly basis. One of our all time favorites was “Open Your Eyes,” features buzzing synths layered over melodic build ups and dance inducing beats.

Today we’re bringing you something slightly different. This time around, Psychic Type has turned “Open Your Eyes” on it’s back end with a proper trap treatment. This track would surely light up a festival, or at the very least make you want to twerk at your desk. If you partake in the ladder, don’t worry, we won’t judge.

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[TMN PREMIERE] Freeze-Tag – Fall In Love (Video)


Last week we shared with you the incredible new single from Cleveland producer/singer Freeze-Tag entitled, “Fall In Love.” Today we’re proud to bring you the official video for the track, which splices together clips from the Salvador Dali & Luis Buñuel film, Un Chien AndalouCombined together, these two elements compose one of the strangest visual pieces you’ll ever lay your eyes upon. It makes for a difficult story to follow, but there does seem to be an overarching theme highlighting the differences between forced love and true love. You might be better off though taking a gander for yourself to determine your own interpretation behind the visuals. Let us know your thoughts below, and please make sure to check out Freeze-Tag’s wonderful Eskimo EP, available now.

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[NEW] Empire Of The Sun – DNA + Full Album Stream

Ice On The Dune
Empire Of The Sun

You didn’t think “Alive” would be the only record we’d be hearing from Empire Of The Sun’s new album did you? After nearly overloading us with remixes of their first single, the Australian duo is back again to show us that making great music is in their “DNA.” Seriously, if this stunning new piece doesn’t get you amped up for Ice On The Dune, I don’t know what will. Well, an advance stream of the full project might help. Head over to Rolling Stone to get a free preview of the album before it hits our shores on June 18th.

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[TMN Resident Artist] Celebrating 10 years of Celldweller


In any industry there are huge accomplishments to achieve. Whether it is winning a gold medal, being recognized nationally for your talents, or taking home numerous awards, each person in these industries has goals and dreams they wish to reach. Ten years ago, Celldweller released his first cd of music for the world to experience and since then, his popularity has only grown and the love for his music has flourished among his numerous fans. Today, Celldweller has released a ten year anniversary edition to celebrate his great accomplishments and to show his fans just how much he appreciates their support over the years.
Check out this amazing behind the scenes mini documentary on the making of this ten-year edition and enjoy the insane beats that Celldweller continues to master up to this day. Already at #10 on the electronic charts in iTunes since being released this morning, this collection is sure to keep rocking for ten more years to come.

Cell #1
Stay With Me (Unlikely)
The Last Firstborn
Under My Feet
I Believe You
Afraid This Time
Cell #2
So Sorry To Say
Own Little World
Unlikely (Stay With Me)
One Good Reason
The Stars Of Orion
Cell #3
Welcome To The End
Ghosts (Feat. Tom Salta)
Goodbye (Remixed by Klayton)
The Last Firstborn (Remixed by Klayton)
Frozen (CPR Remix By Copy Paste Repeat)
Switchback (Remixed by Klayton)
Atmospheric Light (Demo Redux)
Own Little World (Remixed by Blue Stahli)
Shapeshifter (Remixed by Klayton)
Waiting (Unreleased Demo 2005)
Waiting For So Long (Unreleased Demo 2006)
Blood From the Stone (Unreleased Demo 2006)
IRIA (Unreleased Demo 2005)
Switchback (Dead By Dawn Remix by No Im Not)
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The Hip-Hop Dojo [Vol. 12]

TMN Hip Hop Dojo 2

Things are running a bit off schedule this week with The Hip-Hop Dojo, so I want to apologize. However, I assure you that the extra wait will certainly be worth it. Given the long wait, I want to cut the clutter down as much as possible so you can get right to the music.

We start things off with Blame One who explores some existential themes, even delving into potential philosophical and religious differences between him and the outside world. Things liven up a bit as we switch over to IAMSU! who dedicates this title to all the “Hipster Girls” obsessed with their Instagram feeds and Tumblr pages. F.Stokes is quickly becoming one of my favorite emcees out of the Chi, as he seizes the beat on “Carpe Diem.” Kanye West has undoubtably had an immense influence on the young minds of Chicago hip-hop, so what better way to pay homage than by crafting a sequel to one of his absolute classics?” Alex Wiley and Chance The Rapper attempt to capture the essence of the original with their rendition of “Spaceship II,” even snagging a feature from GLC who appears on both versions. Bird‘s new single, “Still Shine” features the first sighting of Little Brother we’ve seen in quite awhile. Before you get ahead of yourselves about a potential reunion however, be careful to note that the verses were actually recorded a few years back. Nevertheless, some new Phonte is always welcome in the Dojo. In preparation for his upcoming album, Watching Movies With The Sound Off on June 18th, Mac Miller decided to share two of the album’s most anticipated tracks, neither of which disappoint. C’mon, new Jay Electronica is still good for something right?

For some reason, this week featured a vast array of songs that incorporated incredibly dark tones and heavy content. Guys like Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire, Danny Brown, Flatbush Zombies, Ibn Inglor, Denzel Curry, Sir Michael Rocks, and A$AP Rocky all got in on the action, but there’s one artist I’d like to focus on in particular: Dillan Ponders. While little is known about the young Toronto native, one thing is clear: he has an extremely unique sound–so unique in fact, that I just had to share two of his singles with you all this week. If you’re feeling the material we’ve posted so far, I highly suggest checking out his full Overdose project as soon as possible. Additionally, I’d like to highlight another artist who coincidentally also hails from Toronto, P. Reign, who seems to have big plans for 2013 with his Dear America mixtape, set to drop later this year with features from the likes of Drake, French Montana, and Waka Flocka Flame. As he nears the one year anniversary of his signing with MMG, Rockie Fresh praises God for all the blessings  he’s received since.

If there’s one thing you take away from Action Bronson‘s “Strictly 4 My Jeeps” remix, it’s that LL Cool J can still rip beats with the best of them. Seriously, why can’t hear verses like this from him more often? It’s definitely a major upgrade over “Accidental Racist.” Smoke DZA and Harry Fraud prove they’re still winning as they bring us a triumphant anthem that sounds unlike anything we’ve heard from either of them before. With three straight hits under his belt now, I’m convinced that Hayk truly represents the “The Future” of hip-hop. Check out his latest track which features a fiery hot dubbed out sample of Boy Crisis‘ “Dressed To Digress.” Following in the same vein is West Coaster Jez Dior, who rips apart another dubbed out sample, this time Lana Del Rey’s Dark Paradise.” We’re really excited about what we’ve heard from Jez Dior this year, and are eager to hear what he has in store for us when his new project, Scarlett Sage, drops tomorrow. Make sure to check out the the trippy visuals for “Move On” as well. Angel Haze might be the hottest female emcee in the game right now. She’s murdered just about every instrumental she’s stepped on during the last few months, which now include the phenomenal remix to WoodkidsI Love You” and her latest single, “No Bueno.” Finally, we wrap things up with two Brits, who bring us a few feel good singles to jam out to all summer. The first of the pair features Amplify Dot (sounds like the name of a Kendrick song) flexing her skills alongside well-known veteran Busta Rhymes on “I’m Good.” Meanwhile, Londoners Rizzle Kicks attempt to resurrect the classic sound of the Roaring 20s on their upcoming album, which is available for pre-order now.

We hope you guys enjoyed our twelfth edition of The Hip-Hop Dojo as much as we did! As always, you can send all submissions/suggestions to baseer@themusicninja.com.


Blame One & J57
They Dont Know (feat. Akie Bermiss)
Hipster Girls
Warm Brew
Congregate ft. OxyXMoron
Chase N. Cashe
Me & Mine (feat. Casey Veggies)
Carpe Diem
Frank Leone
Dont Fight The Rain (Produced by Pigeon DO)
For You (prod. zuCYDE)
Alex Wiley
Spaceship II feat. Chance The Rapper & GLC
Still Shine (Feat. Little Brother & Notes To Self)
Nipsey Hussle
All Get Right ft. J Stone
Mac Miller
Suplexes Inside Of Complexes And Duplexes (feat. Jay Electronica)
Mac Miller
Geez (feat. Schoolboy Q) (Prod. Chuck Inglish)
Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire
Tomorrows Gone ft. Danny Brown, Nacho Picasso & Flatbush Zombies (prod. by DJ SicksentZ)
Ibn Inglor
Track 6
Dillan Ponders
Empty Pool (p. Portishead)
Dillan Ponders
Just Drive
Denzel Curry x Nell
Shepherd ft. Sir Michael Rocks
P. Reign
We Them Niggas ft. A$AP Rocky (Prod. Pro Logic)
The KickDrums & OnCue
Rockie Fresh
God Is Great
Action Bronson
Strictly 4 My Jeeps (Remix) f. LL Cool J x Lloyd Banks
Winners Circle
Runner Up ft. Nipsey Hussle (produced by DJ Pain1)
Harry Fraud & Smoke DZA
Irv Da Phenom
Y.B.W. REMIX (ft Dizzy Wright & Jarren Benton)
The Future (prod. EVO Productions)
Jez Dior
Move On
I Love You feat. Angel Haze
Angel Haze
No Bueno
Amplify Dot
Im Good (Feat. Busta Rhymes)

Rizzle Kicks
Thats Classic

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[Hip-Hop] Kings Dead – Revenge Of The Beast

Revenge Of The Beast

Here it is folks, the moment you’ve all been waiting for (at least you should’ve been). Today is the day that Kings Dead brings us the first album under their new moniker, Revenge Of The Beast. After steadily building a large following under the name The Dean’s List, the group faced a large amount of criticism and backlash when they decided to undergo their recent rebranding. While a full explanation can be found on their updated Facebook page, it’s through their music that you can truly witness this transformation take place. One of the most decisive events of the past year was when band member Sonny Shotz was unexpectedly assaulted in Spain, leaving him with a broken jaw that needed to be wired shut for twelve weeks. It’s the type of experience that could alter anyone’s perspective on life, and possibly the catalyst behind the shift in the group’s sonic identity.

Revenge Of The Beast signifies the group removing the shackles of expectations, and taking a step forward in an entirely new direction. However, fans of The Dean’s List needn’t fear as the group doesn’t completely shed the remnants of their old sound; they just take a natural progression forward. Lead singles “94″ and “Over Dinner” for instance demonstrate a more elaborate and cinematic musicality to them, while tunes like “Simple Times” and “Proud Of Me” seem more in line with what we’ve previously heard. Another admirable quality about Kings Dead is that they tackle their controversy head on in the intro track, “Beauty & The Beast,” where they highlight many of the questions they’ve faced over the past few months. The most appropriate summation of their evolution may come from the band themselves who state,“We haven’t changed, only grown.” The truth of the matter is The Dean’s List has graduated, and we couldn’t be prouder of who they’ve become.

Check out a few of our favorites from the album below, and support the group by either downloading the mixtape for free, or purchasing a copy through iTunes. You can also catch a full stream of the project on their official SoundCloud page.

DOWNLOAD: Kings Dead - Revenge Of The Beast

Kings Dead
Beauty & The Beast (Intro)
Kings Dead
My New Shit (ft. Alexus Lee)

Kings Dead

Kings Dead
Over Dinner
Kings Dead
Shooting Star Ft. Alexus Lee

Kings Dead
Good Rebels (ft. Moonflwr)

Kings Dead
The Reunion (ft. Sebastian Mikael)
Kings Dead
Not A Worry
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