[House] AC Slater & Anna Lunoe – “All Night” (Cover of Power Trip by J. Cole)


One of the hottest songs over the radio this summer has just gotten a tune up at the music store. J. Cole’s “Power Trip” is a sexy and seductive songs that has been playing for a few months now. But today, producer AC Slater and the very talented vocalist Anna Lunoe, teamed up to do their own version of the song, calling it “All Night”. This tantalizing cover captures the sex appeal that is in the original song while adding an electronic feel into the mix. Slater does a great job with the up and dancing beats while Lunoe’s sweet yet seductive voice carefully plays out the lyrics, not to mention they both co-produced this piece. This song comes along with the announcement of Lunoe’s North American tour this fall supporting none other than The Weeknd. One this is for sure, whatever song this Australian beauty lends her voice to will leave any listener wanting more.

AC Slater & Anna Lunoe
All Night (Cover Of Power Trip By J. Cole)
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[TMN Premiere] Follow Me – Somethin’ Bout You (Inner Worlds Remix)

Follow Me
Follow Me
Somethin' Bout You (inner worlds Remix)

For the past few months, TMN favorites, Follow Me have been basking in the glory of their debut single “Somethin’ Bout You” and the slew of top-notch remixes that have followed. Today, it is our pleasure to premiere the final remix of their single from none other than the Brooklyn duo’s close friend, Inner Worlds. Supporting the original vocal sample with a lush background of dreamy, swelling synths, Inner World’s rather eclectic remix spins the original in a completely different direction. Pulling from a myriad of genres, Inner World’s rendition is nearly impossible to classify but still manages to make one thing evidently clear, his music and creative vision know no bounds. Grab the free download, this tune is a must have. Enjoy.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (July 2013 Round #4)


Life is too short to sweat the small stuff, but sometimes we are so overwhelmed with the world around us we forget how simple life can be. So remember to never go to bed angry, live in the moment, focus on what you do have not what you don’t, and never…….ever….skip the weekly indie dojo. Follow this path and the rest will be a cake walk…

Die Mason Die
Youre Lonely
Laura Veirs
Sun Song
Freedom Fry
With The New Crowd
Jake Klar
Devils Bread
St. South
Aint No Sunshine (Bill Withers cover)
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[Rock] Tango Alpha Tango – Black Cloud


I’ll quote Homer Simpson here, as I describe the effect that Black Cloud had on me:

“Now, when I listen to a really good song, I start nodding my head like I’m saying yes to every beat. ‘Yes! Yes! Yes, this rocks, this rocks!’ And then sometimes I switch up with ‘No! No! No, don’t stop a’ rockin!’”

Tango Alpha Tango is the most fun I’ve had in a long time. The four piece band from Portland is now giving hipsters permission to ditch the 80′s (those horrific, horizontally striped tank tops can officially die. Thank God) and go back in time to the early 70′s. Black Cloud is a loving homage to Led Zeppelin, Cream, Lynyrd Skynrd and pretty much everything that made music from the 70′s awesome. Expect aggressive blues and folk touches. Expect gritty vocals, swing beats flattened out into rock songs, guitar solos, keyboard additions. Expect…excuse me, I’m drooling on my keyboard.

“Black Cloud,” starts out with a twangy, bluesy guitar riff that instantly transports you to the deep south. The lyrics are a kick and the song bursts into a full blown rock song quickly. If you like New Orleans’ Clutch, you’ll love this track.  ”The Simplest Song,” showcases the band’s versatility: simple acoustic guitar work gives way to a male/female duet. The feeling is folky but not overly so.

Finally, I have to mention Tango Alpha Tango’s cover of Led Zeppelin’s “In My Time of Dying.” Now, this listener is a huge Led Zeppelin fan and may or may not have a vinyl second pressing of IV hanging on his wall: I was really looking to zing this band for daring to cover the gods. But they did it so well I can’t fault them. Dammit. It’s freaking awesome. The mood of the song is somehow darker than the original and the structure is a little different. It’s almost like they took the mood of “No Quarter,” and transplanted into “In My Time of Dying.” It’s a creative, exceptional take on the original and I love it.

The band notes that the album is a concept one and should be listened from start to finish, but in all honesty I jumped around the first time and feel the album can be listened to either way (usually a sign of a good concept album). Obviously, this album worked very well for me, but anyone that likes well constructed music should dig this. 

I’m dying to see them live!

Black Cloud
Simplest Song

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[New Track out 8/6] Dillon Francis ft Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Without You

DF_without you

Whenever Dillon Francis comes out with a new song, one can expect anything from moombahton to trap to dubstep. Well now the producer is throwing a different sound into the mix; a upbeat electronic melody that shows a bit of the man behind the music. Francis teamed up with Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (TEED) to create the song “Without You” which will be out on August 6 via Mad Decent. TEED’s lyrics are softly stunning and mixed with Francis’ poetic electric beats this song is sure to be big. Not to mention Francis was going through relationship issues when he was making this piece and TEED wrote the lyrics about the whole situation. Just goes to show, everyone has their relationship ups and downs but the great thing about musicians is, they can take all that and make it into one killer track.

Without You feat. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (Radio Rip)
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[Hip-Hop] Big Sean – Fire

Big Sean

Detroit’s been going through some rough times lately, especially with the recent news that they’re filing for bankruptcy. However, the Motor City still has at least one thing to be proud of, with Big Sean returning to light a “Fire” under their ass. Sean first premiered the single live in London back in March, but now we get a chance to hear the inspirational tune in its full, CDQ glory. Big Sean’s sophomore effort, Hall of Fame, is only less than a month away, with the album set to drop on August 27th. If you’d like to get a sneak peek at the album’s packaging, you can check out Sean’s (hilarious) reveal from his Instagram account after the jump. Continue reading

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[ANTHEM] Calvin Harris feat. Ayah Maar – Thinking About You (Firebeatz Remix)

Thinking About You
Calvin Harris feat. Ayah Maar
Thinking About You (Firebeatz Remix)

Firebeatz absolutely murders this remix of Calvin Harris and Ayah Maar‘s track “Thinking About You”. This track first caught my attention when hearing in a recent Knife Party set, and it’s nothing short of amazing. At first I couldn’t  figure out what was more surprising; the fact that Knife Party played a Calvin Harris song, or the fact that it was legendary. None the less this song gives summer some more life, and is sure to hit every festival soon enough. Cheers.

via Neighbors Hate Us

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