[NEW] Chromeo – Jealous (I Ain’t With It)

Jealous (I Aint With It)
Jealous (I Ain't With It)

In preparation for their upcoming 4th studio album, electro-funk legends Chromeo have dropped a number of incredibly addictive, feel-good songs in the last few months. Today, the Canadian duo unleashed “Jealous,” yet another testament to their ability to capture the groove of old-school funk, while utilizing the new age sounds of EDM.

This is one that will have you dancing regardless of where you are or who is watching–or maybe that’s just me. Enjoy above and look out for White Women, which is set to drop in May and has all the makings of a great project.

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[Hip-Hop] Big K.R.I.T. – New Agenda (Feat. Rick Ross)

new agenda
Big K.R.I.T. feat. Rick Ross
New Agenda (Prod. By Big K.R.I.T.)

Although Big K.R.I.T.‘s 2012 debut album Live From The Underground received widespread critical appraise, it never really made the commercial impact to help the Mississippi native breakthrough to the mainstream. After returning back to the underground and releasing his King Remembered In Time mixtape in 2013, it appears K.R.I.T. has finally reemerged with a “New Agenda” to seize the throne. Teaming up with Rick Ross on this bonafide Southern cooked banger, “New Agenda” serves as the first single from Cadillactica, K.R.I.T’s sophomore project, and helps kick off the “Week of K.R.I.T.” in which the artist plans to release seven new singles from today through Sunday.

Grab a free download of the single above, and stay tuned to hear what other gold K.R.I.T. has for us in the coming week.

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[Drum and Bass] Taiwan Mc ft. Biga Ranx – Mojo Rydim (Jamie Bostron Remix)

Taiwan Mc ft. Biga Ranx
Mojo Rydim (Jamie Bostron Remix)

Okay, so we all know that every now and again an artist will decide to do a remix competition; release their track then let DJs all over the world muck about with it. Now a lot of these remixes can suck with these kinda comps, but every now and again you get an absolute gem. This is the case with this track.

Jamie Bostron (J Bostron for short) is an up and comer from Glasgow, Scotland. Because of that there isn’t a huge amount we can tell you about the guy. This isn’t the kind of song to suit if you’re having a lazy Sunday but if you feel like taking a break from doing sweet F A then have a listen to this. J Bostron has taken Taiwan MC & Biga Ranx’ new track “Mojo Rydim” and made it his own. Expect elements of that ragga sound, some real nice dubwise beats and a drop that will make you wanna get up and stomp around.

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[Electronic] Daniel Ryan – The Sun/Monster


Originally from Santa Barbara, California, Daniel Ryan’s indie style hits a high note in his recently released collaborative EP, The Sun, featuring two tracks: “The Sun” and “Monster.” “The Sun” is a fresh track that stands out because it perfectly combines the relaxing sounds of indie-rock with unique electronic beats.

With influences like Pretty Lights and Bonobo, Ryan mirrors these stand-alone artists by creating a sound unique to him. Delivering on originality, “The Sun” begins with a soft instrumental intro that meshes into an electric harmony between Ryan and Molly Williams. Not only is there one amazing voice showcased throughout the track, Williams adds an unmatchable quality with her sound that connects beautifully to the pulsating electronic beats in the background. This mix between indie and electronic simply radiates good vibes and an electric energy.

With an anywhere, any time type of melody, this is a must listen to track that will leave you pressing the play button over and over again.

The Sun (feat. Molly Williams)
Monster (Feat. Molly Williams)
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Exclusive Interview with TMN Resident Artist Marika Hackman

Marika Hackman by Pip for Dirty Hit Records
Marika Hackman
'81 (Joanna Newsom cover)

As we wind down our Residency with Miss Marika Hackman, we had the opportunity to shoot over a few choice questions, in hopes of getting to know this unique and alluring artist a little bit better. From her musical upbringing to who some of her biggest influences were, check out what this indie UK artist had to say.

TMN: First and foremost, we can’t tell you how excited we were to have you as our Resident Artist for this month. You’re not only our first female musician, but also our first non-EDM artist. We realize we’re not the only blog that’s given you love though, so talk to us about what the blogosphere and Hype Machine means to smaller artists such as yourself.

MH: I think they’re incredibly important as they provide an instant platform for up and coming artists, especially those without backing from a label or management. It’s great to know that there are blogs with real clout in the industry constantly searching for new exciting stuff, and sharing it.

TMN: So, we have to imagine that you had a musical upbringing as a child. Were your parents musically gifted, or did they just notice your talents at a young age?

MH: yeah both of my parents play a variety of instruments, and my grandparents too. We always had music playing in the house when i was growing up so its been at the forefront of my life for a while. I started having piano lessons when i was about 4 which also gave me a musical understanding from a very young age, although i was never particularly good at it. i then went on to have lessons in the bass guitar and drums, so i guess my parents were keen to let me explore the more musical side of myself.

TMN: Walk us through being a teenage Marika Hackman. What were you listening to? What were you dressed like? What kinds of kids did you run around with?

MH: i think i had two or three versions of the same navy blue hoody so that i could wash them on a rota which meant i could wear one every day haha. quite the fashionista. I guess i was really getting into Laura Veirs at that point, and the Shins as well. I think i just had both of them on repeat for a good few years. I went to quite a progressive school and it was very small so there weren’t really any cliques or anything like that, so most of the people i hung out with just normal teenagers i suppose.

TMN: Fast forward to working with Dirty Hit. This label has churned out some really impressive artists. What does it mean to you having them at your back, supporting you along the way?

MH: Its amazing to know that i have people behind me who understand what i’m trying to achieve, and who are trying to pave the way for me to do that rather than put their stamp all over me. i guess it’s just nice to know that my artistic integrity will never be put on the line and i can knuckle down and focus on writing the songs i want to write.

Continue reading

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[MP3 Playlist] The Chill Dojo #74

chill dojo

It’s always an exciting week for the Chill Dojo when new Snakehips hits the blogosphere. Couple that with the fact that it’s a remix of The Weeknd no less, and you better believe it caught our attention immediately. It’s been too long since our last hit of that signature sound from the UK act, and luckily this track is everything and more. If that’s not enough, it comes with the promise of more music to come which is no doubt the best news we’ve heard all week. More music to our ears for edition #74 was a new dose of funk from La Felix, backing up his outrageously infectious remix of DCUP’s ‘Don’t Be Shy’ with another spin on his latest catchy release ‘Someone Told Me’. There was certainly high expectations riding on this one given his previous effort, and it’s safe to say he’s raised the bar once again. Don’t sleep on the original either, cos the groovy Australian sure knows how to make a jam you won’t soon forget.  Another name that’s been missing from the dojo for a while is London’s MJ Cole, so consider this edition a reunion with his trademark flow. Those keys just ooze a smoothness and summer vibe we can’t get enough of. Rhye’s ‘Open’ has seen it’s fair share of mellow interpretations in past playlists, but it would be hard to argue against Wiley Webb’s as the chillest so far. The masterfully crafted tempo combined with the sensual ebbs and flows make for the perfect addition to any bedroom soundtrack. It’s time for a generous helping of beats now as we introduce Sydney’s Paisley as a new name amongst our ever growing list of favourite beatmakers. It’s not a decision made in haste either, as one listen to his arsenal of laid back dopeness will more than prove he can hold his own. Better still, he releases new material at a Mr.Carmack-like rate. Yes, that is a legitimate measure of frequency, and if you’re not convinced then we have a new one from the maestro himself too.

It feels like a second Christmas with all these big names returning with more chill greatness. Don’t wait any longer to unwrap the goods. Peace out

Chill Dojo #74 zip

The Weeknd
Wanderlust (Snakehips Remix)
Someone Told Me (La Felix Remix)
Someone Told Me (Extended)
Raleigh Ritchie
Stronger Than Ever (MJ Cole Remix)
Open (Wiley Webb Remix)
Dolphin Ocean
Mr. Carmack
I Wish (J Dilla & Nujabes Birthday Tribute)
Jay Z feat. Pharrell
I Know (Zuper Remix)
Skye Chai
Feel Blue (Zuper Remix)
Sommerregen (Original)
Syn Cole
Miami 82 (Kygo Remix)
Miami Horror
Real Slow (Avenue Remix)
Lana Del Ray
Summertime Sadness (Lets Go To The Beach Mix)
Some People Dont Fall (Edward Newgate Remix)
Chris Malinchak
Nuits Fauves (TEEMID Edit)
Still (SCHORUM Interpretation)
Follow Me
If You Leave
Satin Jackets
Night Keys
Pete Oak feat. Emeron & Fox
Prizm & Robin Thicke
We Were Evergreen
Daughters (Aeroplane Remix )
If Only You
You Too
Sir Sly
Gold (Phazz Remix)


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[NEW] Coldplay – Magic


When Coldplay first debuted the music video for “Midnight” last week, fans were left both impressed and puzzled with the band’s new sound. Drawing countless comparisons to Bon Iver, many of us didn’t know what to make of it, and began wondering about the possibilities of a new album, as well as what sonic direction we could expect from the group going forward. Well, today we can at least get some of those questions answered, as the UK natives have announced plans to release their sixth studio album, Ghost Stories, on May 19th. Accompanying that piece of news is the album’s first single, “Magic.” Harnessing plenty of charm and positive vibes delivered through Chris Martin‘s soft, angelic falsetto, “Magic” sounds a little more like the Coldplay we’re familiar with.

Pre-orders for Ghost Stories are already available on iTunes, and those who purchase the album will be able to get a copy of “Magic” today.

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