[Folk] Anand Wilder & Maxwell Kardon – Wedding Day

Anand Wilder and Maxwell Kardon
Wedding Day

Talk about an all-star cast: Yeasayer co-founder and multi-instrumentalist Anand Wilder and longtime friend and composer Maxwell Kardon have announced the completion of a new musical featuring fellow bandmates Ira Wolf Tuton and Chris Keating, James Richardson (MGMT), Christopher Powell and Ryan Kattner (Man Man), Rostam Batmanglij (Vampire Weekend), K Ishibashi (Kishi Bashi, of Montreal), Haley Dekle (Dirty Projectors), and more.

According to the press release, Break Line The Musical “harkens back to rock concept albums of the early 70′s,” exploring “the classic arc of lost love, betrayal, and pride,” and is based on “a labor conflict in a Western Pennsylvania coal town” that the duo’s fathers had discovered in “an old folk song taught in Quaker schools in the 1950s.”

Conceived six years ago, Wilder’s project began to take shape in between Yeasayer albums and is reminiscent of his band’s debut LP, with a lighter, springier version of All Hour Cymbals’ freakier folksy vibe. Taking inspiration from The Kinks and The Byrds, the musical puts a contemporary twist on a classic art form.

Ahead of Break Line’s release this July 15th on Secretly Canadian (July 14th, rest of the world via Mute), Wilder and Kardon have given us a small taste of what’s to come with ‘Wedding Day,’ a sleepy track that begins with children’s laughter and reversed guitar strums before Wilder’s croons raise the tempo into full-blown folk-pop festivity.

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Sunday Night Soul [Vol. 28]

Sunday Night Soul

It’s hard to believe ninjas, but it’s already June 1st, which means we’re nearly halfway through the year. We’ve heard so many amazing songs in the last five months alone, and we know with summer upon us now, things are bound to only get even more soulful. Why take our word for it though? Take a look at the sampling we have prepared for you below. With the sun beaming down brightly from the sky, our favorite producers and crooners are as inspired as ever. Contributions from Prince Ali, Tom Misch, Jerome Thomas, Rochelle Jordan, Tink, Leon Thomas, Raheem Bakaré, TCVVX, novellus, OffBeat Kid, ANDRU, Josh Pan, Myles.William & T.Hemingway, Aido, Haan808Sh?m, Moody Good, Tesher, Duncan Gerow, Vestige, SaneBeats, T-AARONmusic, YamillNight Cruise, king henry, salute, Booty Beaver and Louis Futon all serve as evidence to this cause. So, kick back, relax, and grab your beverage of choice, because we’ve got a long summer ahead of us.

Pacific Shore
Street Confusion Ft. Sarah Linhares
Joyce Write
DeVantes Interlude
Musiq Soulchild
Love (David So X Z.WOODS X Paul Kim Cover)
Foolish (feat. Ryan Ashley) (Tom Misch Remix)
Jerome Thomas
On Cruise (Prod. El. Train)
Naked (Prod. Russ)
CannaBis And Karaoke
Jean Deaux
Into The Water ft. TheMIND (prod. by THEMpeople)
Rochelle Jordan
Used 2 Know (Prod. Spaceman)
Tink x DJ Dahi
Men (Songs from Scratch)
Jhene Aiko
Stay Ready (J Henny Rap Verse)
Taking The City
Jagged Edge
Masspike Miles
2 Sides (prod. by Ryan Ryu Alexy)
Lauriana mae 
 Fly Away Feat. Mazon
Havok Jones
Rain (Cover) Prod. By Miykal Snoddy
Brittany Barber
Cant Raise A Man (Cover)
Leon Thomas
Show Us (Prod. By The Rascals)
Raheem Bakaré
Purple Sky
Mary Jane (Remix) feat. 50 Cent
Bando Jonez feat. Twista, B.o.B & T Pain
Sex You (Remix)
All For You
Mary J. Blige
Rico Love
Bitches Be Like #TTLO Remix
Ne Yo
Money Cant Buy featuring Jeezy (Explicit)

Ginette Claudette


Crystals 4e Remix

My Nina
Your Own Song
Jacques Greene
No Excuse (Yung Gud ☹ Remix)
I Be U (Maarius remix)
Tinashe & Drake
2 On (A JAYBeatz Mashup)
2 On Ft ScHoolboy Q (Chop Not Slop Remix)
Days In SA
Mike Jay
Or NAh (Remix)
The Weeknd
Twenty Eight ( OffBeatKid Remix )
The Wave (Prod. By Jalen)
NOT THIS WAY (feat. Carson Hayes)
Né Sous Le Sun
Jordan Rakei
Selfish Sh?m Bootleg Remix
Moody Good
Raindrips (feat. Ruby Lee Ryder)
Somebody New (SaneBeats Remix)
Denitia & Sene
Divided (Wordy Soulspeak Remix)
Micetro & BRRIO
Adventure Club
Wonder (Josh Pan Remix)
Johnny Rain x Aldo x djin
Take Care
Alina Baraz
Make You Feel (Myles.William X T.Hemingway Remix)
Man X Woman (Mar Remix)
Journey To The Middle East/ft Vanessa Elisha {THANK THEM ALBUM/LINK IN DESCRIPTION}
James Blake
Life Round Here Sh?m Bootleg Remix
Moody Good
Bubbles (feat. Harleighblu)
Drunk In Love 4U (Beyonce x fxdslxsh)
Duncan Gerow
Ciara + Djemba Djemba = Sorry
Alina Baraz & Galimatias
Make You Feel (VESTIGE Remix)
U Dont Know
Brandy (Free D/L)
Justin Bieber
Change Me (Yamill Remix)
Nicki Minaj
pills n potions (T AARONmusic remix)
U Got Me (ft. Jon B)
The Dream
Shawty Is A Ten (Quinn Kyle Remix)
(`∀ )Ψ Jhene Aiko
The Worst (pooh bear remix)
Medusa Feat. Rush Davis (Falcons Remix)

Eighty4 Fly
Let Me In (RCADE Remix)

Chandelier (Night Cruise Bootleg)
T Pain
Drankin Patna (Cazz Major remix)
king henry
Party Gurls
Sevyn Streeter Ft. Chris Brown
It Wont Stop (Manila Killa & Hunt For the Breeze Remix)
90s Music (M Phazes Remix)
Play, Pause (featuring RobLaw)
Booty Beaver
Crew Love
Louis Futon
Sir Rock
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[Chill] Haan808 – Journey To The Middle East (Feat. Vanessa Elisha)

Thank Them
Journey To The Middle East/ft-Vanessa Elisha

Let’s take a trip. Better yet, a journey. A “Journey To The Middle East” where if they had more music like this, peace might be a more attainable aspiration. Coming through with your weekly dose of Friday feels is Haan808, who brings us this mind-numbingly beautiful piece, plucked straight from his recently released Thank Them EP. The “them” we should be thanking in this case are the talented New Zealand based producer, and his wonderful partner, the gorgeous and gifted Vanessa Elisha, who’ve teamed up for one of the most gloriously mesmerizing numbers we’ve heard in quite some time.  As the gates to heaven slowly creak open, we find ourselves greeted by Elisha’s soothing, yet sultry angelic vocals. While her presence shortly fades out, we’re left immersed in a complete state of euphoria, surrounded by wavey synths and varied endearing percussion. We found ourselves locked in the single’s spellbinding grasp more than a few times during the lead-up to this post, and we’re confident you’ll lose yourself in the experience as well. Check out the miraculous single above, and be sure to thank Haan by snagging a copy of his EP over on Bandcamp.

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Phantogram Talk Psychic Connections, Childhood Memories and Musical Influences at Sasquatch! 2014 [TMN Exclusive Interview]


Black Out Days

Experimental-pop duo Phantogram have continued their incredible run of the last few years with the February release of their second album, Voicesa project incepted in the midst of a seemingly never-ending string of quality sold-out shows and festival appearances. Band members Josh Carter and Sarah Barthel have a knack for melding deeply emotional undertones with euphoric melodies and hip-hop inspired rhythms resulting in a larger-than-life sound. Nowhere is this style more pronounced and evolved than on Voices, their major label debut, which serves as an organic progression that takes their music to a new level of intensity.

I was lucky enough to sit down with Josh and Sarah shortly before their performance at this year’s Sasquatch! Music Festival to learn about their journey thus far. Phantogram’s show at the Gorge’s Bigfoot Stage truly embodied their collaborative artistic growth with a perfectly synced, powerful and mesmerizing experience. Check out the conversation below and make sure to catch Phantogram on one of their upcoming tour dates–it’s definitely not a show you will want to miss.

TMN: I know that you two have known each other since middle school, growing up together in New York. Were you guys already involved in playing music at all back then? Was there any indication that you might be in a band when you were older, or was that not at all in your minds yet? 

Josh: When I was a teenager, I was just really into skateboarding a lot. I was skate or die. Music was always a huge part of my life, and when I think back at growing up, I didn’t make music or anything, but I was always kind of writing songs in my head and thinking up beats. When I wasn’t skating around with headphones on, I was always kind of making beats in my head. So I should’ve known better that maybe I would start doing it, but music came into my life later. When I was in my late teens/early twenties was when I got really into it. I learned how to play guitar, drums and piano.

Sarah: For me, it was the same kind of idea. When I was a kid, I would always sing along to songs, but I didn’t think that I was going to sing. And not even close to being in a band and writing, producing and creating music until Josh and I met up together.

TMN: Does having that friendship for such a long time play a large role in your dynamic as musicians? 

Josh: Yeah, I mean, we are like brother and sister. And kind of like psychic twins artistically and emotionally too, which has a huge role in how we make music because we’re very connected and in-tune with each other’s emotions and experiences in life. Without that, I don’t think we’d make music that is so personal and emotional. I really do think that our music has a certain emotion behind it that would be lacking if we weren’t so connected.

TMN: Talk a bit about the formation of the band because I know you both were working on some music of your own at the time you joined forces, and had a band under a different name at first. How did Phantogram come to fruition?

Josh: I was playing in a band with my brother in New York and then I decided I just wanted to work on my solo career, which was basically working on my own stuff at home. Sarah and I started hanging out a lot when I moved from NYC to upstate New York, closer to where we grew up. She had finished college and came back to our home area and I was playing her a lot of my demos and solo stuff. I just asked her if she wanted to sing on some of them and she did and I think we kind of looked at each other and were like, “this sounds awesome. let’s start a band.” And then we just did it. Continue reading

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Kingdom (feat. Vince Staples)

Veteran Chi-town emcee, Common, takes a break from acting to deliver some new music of the street gospel variety on “Kingdom”. After … Continue reading »

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[Get Crunk] The (Most Epic) Friday Party Playlist (Vol. 107)



Now that I got that little disclaimer out of the way I can finally get you pumped for one of the greatest playlists ever made. So before you emerge yourself into the madness upon which we are sending you, we recommend the following:

1. Depend adult diapers – you may or may not lose all control of your bodily functions, so it’s best to be prepared at all times

2. That one friend that just can’t even – they’ll keep you in a literal state of death at all times.

3. A blindfold to prevent your head from exploding when the bass drops.

and of course, our favorite post-party remedy…

4. Tylenol – everyone’s favorite pal to hangout with on those foggy Sunday mornings

We hope you’re prepared for this one…because we aren’t quite there yet.


Low Rider (LooKas Remix)
Justice (Rage Logic Remix)
Triad Dragons
Chaos (Original Mix)
Kalyko X Waka Flocka
Go (Prod. The Hi
We Are Your Friends (Dani Deahl Purrrnt Up Remix)
Tommie Sunshine & Disco Fries feat. Kid Sister
Cool Without You (Audien Remix)
Excision & Space Laces
Destroid 7 Bounce (Antiserum & Mayhem Remix)
Monsta (Original Mix)
When Will The Bass Drop (Koyote Edit)Lonely Island // Sean & Bobo // Davvincii // Lil Jon // Sam F
Chinese Man
Ive Got That Tune (Tha Trickaz Remix)
Culture Code & Regoton
Waking Up Feat. Jonny Rose (Original Mix)
Audien & P
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A Talk With Apashe [TMN Exclusive Interview]

Golden Empire (EP Preview Mix)

French-born, Canadian-based, the talented upcoming bass-music connoisseur known as Apashe has been making big waves in the electronic music scene as of late. From working his day job as a Sound Designer in Apollo Studios, to playing live-energy sets at Montreal’s most notorious nightclub, Le Belmont, this one brings the full package. Recently, The Music Ninja had the great pleasure of speaking with Apashe, to talk about his upcoming EP which he just released previews for yesterday, Golden Empire on Kannibalen Records. The producer talks about inspiration behind the release, and how he was able to garner such a following as an artist:

TMN: Thanks for taking the time to do this interview with us today, John. For people who have never heard of you, describe the music you make in three words.

Apashe: Heavy, Epic, Trap

TMN: How did you finally come to the name ‘Apashe’ when beginning music production?

Apashe: It’s a really long story, but to keep it short: my friends used to call me ‘L’indien’, which means ‘Indian’ in French, just because I’m 1/4 Indian. However, when I started making music, I searched for a cool name that I never found so I though “f**k it, I’ll just call myself ‘Lindien’. I thought it was kind of cool until I started playing for people who did not speak French.  Then I realize how terrible it sounded in other languages. At that moment, I searched for an alternative and another friend came up with ‘Apache’. We found it bada**!  The only thing was that there were already a band called ‘Apache’ as well as an MC by the name of ‘UK Apache’.  To make sure I could distinguish myself from the others, I just changed the ‘c’ for an ’s’.

TMN: The guys from Kannibalen Records have certainly played a big role in your career. How do you feel they’ve helped to establish you as an artist and when did you first meet them?

Apashe: I first met them three years ago when I freshly moved from Belgium to Quebec for studying. A friend ‘Lektrique’ introduced me to them. I thought it would be good to work with them a bit in order for me to meet new people and learn more about the scene in Montreal… I never would’ve thought of it leading to this. Today, I believe it might be the best thing that ever happened to me. How I feel they’ve helped me; besides, from the fact that they work really really hard to push me, I think they’ve helped me getting the “self-confidence” I needed to succeed in life. I have always been doubtful about everything I was doing. Is my music good? What am I really doing of my life? They made me realize that it doesn’t matter if what you do is good or not as long as you keep working to get where you want. If you don’t give up I don’t see why you wouldn’t progress and at a certain point getting at a good level. If I look at everything I’ve done in those three years, quite a lot wouldn’t have happened if they weren’t there. Today, we’re like a family, yet a bloody family that is really hungry and not afraid to struggle to achieve our goals. Watch out!

TMN: Who are you most influenced by and who were some of your inspirations before electronic music?

Apashe: There was no ‘before’ electronic music for me, I was born in 1992. I’ve always been into electronic music. My dad used to listen to plenty of musical genres. Classic, Jazz, Metal, as well as electronic music. I can’t remember the first time I heard a Prodigy track but I’m sure I was hearing it before I even knew what music was.

My influences (electronic music): Most of my inspiration does not come from electronic music but if it does I would say Prodigy for the energy and originality, Fat Boy Slim for the grooves, and Noisia for their tight drums, basslines and heaviness.

My influences  (not electronic music): Danny Elfman who compose all the soundtracks for Tim Burton’s film has something really unique that I admire. Hans Zimmer for his Epic orchestrations in films like Inception, Batman, Gladiator etc… Then completely different, but I really like Dr Dre and the way he re-samples old funk hits to create new Hip-Hop hits.

TMN: What was your musical background like while growing up? Did you have any knowledge of organic instruments?

Apashe: My dad has played in several bands when he was younger. For him it was really important for my sisters and me to learn an instrument. So, I use to play drums and then I took some music theory classes when I was a child. However, I was too young and forgot everything. Ten years later, I had to learn everything again in university for some orchestration classes.

TMN: Your upcoming EP ‘Golden Empire’ has certainly been quite an interesting topic of discussion lately. How did the collaborations with Zitaa & Odalisk come about and where did you get the inspiration from?

Apashe: Zitaa and I work both for Apollo, the studios where I work at. It only takes a second for us to jump in a studio and try out something. I was working on ‘Golden Empire’ and though it had be cool to have her singing on it. So one day I just ask her “Hey, want to sing on something?” It took us two hours to brainstorm, write the lyrics, record and edit her voice and we were both damn happy with the result!

The other track Sand Storm, I got the same feeling as with my other track ‘No Twerk’. It’s violent and has a lot of heaviness in the lows. Therefore, it needed some high-pitched violence. I immediately thought about Odalisk who delivers exactly what the track needed, some bad a** female violence.

TMN: Thanks for the interview, John. Any new and exciting projects you think we should know about?

Apashe: After this upcoming EP, I want to take some time to finish up some secret collabs I’m working on. All I can say is there will be collabs with sick French producers as well as Hype Americans Producers. I’m also preparing a videoclip that should be ready in the early fall. Be sure to keep an eye out this Tuesday for my release on Kannibalen!

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