El Ten Eleven at the Hi Dive: Some Serious Audio Joy

When Master Music Ninja Clayton Warwick texted me last week and asked me if I wanted to go to El Ten Eleven’s show at The Hi Dive in Denver, I jumped at the opportunity. Being a Master Ninja, Clayton knows good music, and I love getting out to shows. I checked out El Ten Eleven on Spotify during the week before the show to get acquainted with the band, and found myself nodding along to the feel good melodies while I hacked away at my office job. The music was great; really solid stuff that made tedious paperwork flow a little quicker. I highly recommend any of their albums.

But as good as the albums are do not miss an opportunity to see these guys live. Live is the way to see this band! Yes that was italics. Yes I mean it.

El Ten Eleven does so much in a live show it’s hard to catalog it all. They provide heavy shredding guitar riffs that make you want to bang your head. They blend complicated time signatures and looped melodies together seamlessly, creating songs within songs within songs. They branch out stylistically (guitarist/bassist Kristian Dunn was actually playing his guitar with what I believe was a cello bow at one point). They move the crowd emotionally with slow build ups and dramatic releases reminiscent of any good DJ. They provide a dazzling light show that impacts the performance as much as any big label band.

And yes, they even covered a Joy Division song.

So in the center of a very crowded dive bar off Broadway, surrounded by dudes with flowing beards and skin tight jeans that were at least 8 years younger than me, I stood slack jawed and bobbing next to my girlfriend and partook in some serious audio joy.

That’s really the best descriptor I can come up with for the music Kristian Dunn and Tim Fogerty create. Audio joy. Tunes that just make you happy, regardless of if you’re a music nerd or just someone that knows good tunes when you hear it. And apparently, tunes that make reviewers write in sentence fragments!

Check these guys out live and see what I’m talking about. You’ll be stammering too!

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[Massive] Marina And The Diamonds – Lies (Zeds Dead Remix)

Zeds Dead drop a nearly flawless remix of Marina And The Diamonds track “Lies”. This was ripped from their Mix of the Week for Mix Mag, and features these two Dubstep heavyweights showing off their diversity. Starting with a dreamy intro with some sexy spliced vocals, then slowly building into some poppy lyrics from Marina. The first drop is pure genius bringing some jaw dropping melodic wobbles that had me in awe throughout the entire first listen. The track ends at around 3 minutes, but can’t wait for the release which is still unknown. Cheers.

Marina and the Diamonds
Lies (Zeds Dead Remix)
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[Trap Anthem] Nero – Won’t You Be There (Club Cheval Remix)

Nero‘s track, “Won’t You Be There” is one of the biggest Dubstep tracks of the year. Club Cheval decided that they turn it into a one of the funkiest and filthiest Trap songs to hit the blogosphere in a while. Bringing an incredibly infectious melody featuring some squeaky wobbles backed up with a massive bass line. This is a rip from Skream & Benga‘s show on BBC Radio 1. Cheers.

Wont You Be There (Club Cheval Remix)

Release date is October 22nd via MTA Records

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[MP3 Playlist] The Chill Dojo #7

Each week there continues to be a healthy stream of chill tracks floating across the web, providing no shortage of potential additions to our Sunday playlist. You can be sure that as long as this river keeps flowing, we’ll keep bringing you the best discoveries so that every Sunday can be enjoyed as it should be.

Speaking of constant sources of mellow tunes, Chill Dojo favourite Gigamesh gave us another two stellar tracks within the space of only three days. When you put his name to a remix of Two Door Cinema Club, you know you’re about to hear something special, and that is definitely the case here with the producer putting his signature disco spin on the original. We already featured his recent edit of Fleetwood Mac’s ”Dreams” a few days ago, but it’s just so laid-back that we couldn’t resist giving it another mention. Tropical vibes are always a winner when it comes to song choice for this dojo, and this week’s dose of summer magic is brought to you by NY production duo Follow Me and their soothing remix of Alison Valentine’s single “Peanut Butter”.  Moving on to a different style now, 19 year old producer Different Sleep delivers an absolute trap delight with his remix of “Alone” by JMSN, matching the vocals perfectly with a beat that is just plain sex. Another standout this week comes courtesy of New Zealand producer Cross Them Out with a gorgeous chillstep arrangement which incorporates so many brilliant elements that will reach out and touch your soul. This song makes you float on a wave of serenity unlike anything I’ve heard before. Lastly, we have included a few tracks from The Stars EP by UK producer Catching Flies. The highlight of the bunch is definitely the title feature “The Stars,” a name influenced by the stunning sampling of Coldplay vocals layered across those hypnotic pads. Once again, there is so much to enjoy in this week’s selection, and I’m continually blown away by the amazing music that has been gracing my speakers of late. This stuff is made to be shared, so let the chill vibes spread.

On that note, to make things even easier for you, we’ve included zips of all the free downloads from week 1 until now, and will continue to provide this convenient package from here on out. Enjoy ninjas! Peace out.

Chill Dojo #1

Chill Dojo #2

Chill Dojo #3

Chill Dojo #4

Chill Dojo #5

Chill Dojo #6

Chill Dojo #7

Two Door Cinema Club
Sun (Gigamesh Remix)
Fleetwood Mac
Dreams (Gigamesh Edit) (DL link in description)
Peanut Butter (Follow Me Remix)
Alone (Different Sleep Remix)
Falling Deeper ft. Emily Underhill
The Stars
Mt. Wolf
Life Size Ghosts (Catching Flies Remix)
Wild Belle
Its Too Late (Snakehips Remix)
The XX
Angels (Atapy & Search DiP Rework)
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[Dubstep] Flinch feat. Ellie Goulding – You Don’t Know

WOW. Ellie Goulding delivers some amazing ear sex, teaming up with Bass powerhouse Flinch. This is a Rip from BBC Radio 1 but should be enough to hold you over until its release which has yet to announced. This collab is nothing short of amazing bringing Ellie’s empowering vocals mixed some some relentless melodic wobbles from Flinch. Cheers.

Plus Ellie also recently teamed up with Madeon and the track is titled “Stay Awake”, click here to listen.

You Dont Know (feat. Ellie Goulding) (BBC R1 Preview)
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[Filthy] Bassnectar – Hologram + Bassnectar & DC Breaks – Breathless feat. Mimi Page

More infectious filth from none other then San Francisco representer Bassnectar. This first is track titled “Hologram” starts off with some dreamy synth work and then brings some fierce and deep wobbles. He mixes it with some catchy melodies and funky sound design for yet another unique release.

The second tune features a collab with DC Breaks and sexy vocals from Mimi Page. They deliver some some hot and heavy Drum and Bass that hits incredibly hard. Both of these tunes are off his upcoming EP, “Freestyle” that will drop on October 16th.Cheers.

Make sure to check out his other recent releases, “Freestyle“, “Hexes” feat. Chino Moreno, and his massive Mix of all the tracks on his upcoming EP “Freestyle Mixtape”.

Bassnectar & DC Breaks
Breathless feat. Mimi Page
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Solange – Sleep in the Park (Twin Shadow Remodel ft D’Angelo Lacy)

Last week Solange Knowles debuted her new singles “Losing you” and “Sleep in the Park” on a A-B side single release. Now Beyonce’s eclectic younger sister is back with a remix of her grittier, darker track of “Sleep in the Park”. Remodeled and flipped by smooth new-wave artist Twin Shadow, it’s now an anthem for the clubs. With a dance beat, synths, and D’Angelo Lacy for additional vocals, the infectious, up-tempo head-nodder rework is one that you ninjas are sure to enjoy.

Sleep In The Park (Twin Shadow Remodel feat. DAngelo Lacy)
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