[Jersey Club] Zhu – Faded (Vices & Jailo Remix)

zhu faded vices jailo remix
Faded (Vices & Jailo Remix)

Has your interest “Faded” yet? Well, ours hasn’t even began to start. This Zhu track became such an anthem over this summer, and possibly hundreds of artists gave it their own spin. One genre the remixes seemed to lack was Jersey Club. We waited and waited until an artist made the perfect club remix, and it just never seemed to happen. Finally the moment we’ve all waited for has came, and it’s just perfect.

Vices has been one of our favorite acts for the past few months, and they just never disappoint. This go around, they teamed up with one of Netherland’s finest, Jailo. The Orlando duo and the Dutch producer some how found their hands on the stems of the track, and created what may be the best “Faded” remix yet. Sometimes we may all have a tendency to skip through tracks, but with this one you won’t.

The replay value on this remix is unreal. It is the musical value of Lay’s potato chips; you won’t be able to just play it once. The sample from Kendrick Lamar’s “Swimming Pools” is an extremely clever addition that we didn’t hear in any other “Faded” remixes.  As a whole, The Music Ninja doesn’t have enough thumbs on board to give this track – two just wouldn’t do the justice.

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[Electronica] Jaymes Young – Come Back For Me

Jaymes Young - Come Back For Me
Jaymes Young
Come Back For Me

There’s no question that Jaymes Young is a talented musician. His Dark Star EP pretty much set a benchmark for the indie pop genre when it comes to mixing vocals with heavy electronic instrumentals. This is a selection from his up and coming Habits Of My Heart EP called “Come Back For Me”.

The clever use of sound samples and his signature heavy bass waves are the highlights of this new tune. Young possesses this magnetic and seductive voice that can woo over any human within a 10-mile radius. They all mix well together with his electric guitar and the subtle rhythmic drums. What we have is a product of musical genius, something so unique sounding and amazing that it has its own character, telling us a sad love story.

Go give the song a listen and be amazed by his voice and creativity. Better yet, listen to the whole EP here and be prepared to get sucked into the magical world of Jaymes Young.

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[TMN Exclusive Interview] Trails and Ways Talk Influences, Covers and the Bay Area at Outside Lands 2014


’Trails and Ways – Mtn Tune’

Oakland-based band, Trails and Ways, first surfaced back in 2012 with a string of impressive covers that reinvented some of the year’s strongest pop songs in unexpected and refreshing ways. Unsurprisingly, their subsequent debut EP, Trilingual, proved that their unique style is displayed in an even more powerful way through their original music. The 5-song project, true to its title, features lyrics in English, Spanish and Portuguese–a reflection of the group’s travels in Spain and Brazil. Aside from the evident international influence, Trails and Ways have an incredible take on dreamy California pop, teaming addicting lush acoustic and electronic melodies with the diverse vocals of all 4 band members.

We had a chance to catch up with Keith Brower Brown (guitar, synths) and Ian Quirk (drums) at this year’s Outside Lands to discuss their travels, musical influences and fantastic covers among other topics. Considering the quality of their library thus far, we could not be more excited for what Trails and Ways have in store in the next year.

TMN: First of all, we’re here at Outside Lands. Did you come here when you were at UC Berkeley?


Ian Quirk of Trails and Ways

Ian: I’m from the East Bay. Hayward, which is a little south of where we live now in Oakland. I went to Outside Lands twice growing up. One of the most memorable experiences was at Radiohead. The sound went out, like the main speakers went out during their set, but they totally just kept playing. Everybody was dead silent—it was crazy at a festival that big—just trying to hear basically the stage monitors and a few little speakers. I’ve never seen that before at a festival where there’s dead silence. And then the sound came back on and after the most quiet I’d ever heard, it was the loudest thing I’ve ever heard immediately afterward.

TMN: Did the whole band live together in college?

Keith: Three of us lived in a building called Lothlorien, not the the Land of the Elves although I’d love to live there. This was a co-op at Berkeley—one of the student bought houses. Hannah, the lead guitarist, lived very briefly there for a summer, but we all went to school at Berkeley. Graduated a few years ago. Continue reading

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[Synth/Indie-Pop] Lincoln Jesser – After_Love [TMN Premiere]

Lincoln Jesser

L.A. native Lincoln Jesser has displayed his deft touch within the pop genre time and time again. So, when we heard his latest tune would be a repurposed interpolation of Cher’s “Believe” we weren’t skeptical in the slightest as it was coming from one of our most revered indie artists throughout the entire musical landscape. Jesser has won our hearts through his opulent, pop tinged indie compositions, most recently on “Untold”, and today he’s hit the mark again with “After_Love”. The tune gets behind an appropriately borrowed hook from the original, but it’s been executed within a slick slate of melancholy, lightly drawn synths for a feel that we never would have dreamt of within a Cher cut. We’re quite excited to be premiering this one, so why not bask in our collective Lincoln Jesser glow. “After_Love” is being given away as a free download on Lincoln Jesser’s Soundcloud, and his Modern Color LP drops this September 23 which you can pre-order on iTunes here. Stay tuned.

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[Dreamstep] Stvrchvsr – Robophant

avatars-000094548480-sc92s2-original (1)
Robophant (Available on Beatport Oct. 7th)

A few months back, we happened to stumble on Houston-based baron of bass, Stvchvsr. After imbibing in his ear-shattering tune, “Chainwax,” we’ve been anxiously awaiting to see another tasty treat to come our way.

“Robophant” just released minutes ago, giving listeners a more melodic approach to his artistry. Gone are the razor sharp synths, in their place are fluttering, uplifting and ethereal chords, leading this experience into a much more cerebral one than we’ve been used to in the past.

While it’s not a free download, and it’s not released on Beatport, we do recommend following Stvrchvsr on soundcloud so you can enjoy this, and the rest of his catalog.

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[Dreamy] slow skies – Ice Fields

slow skies
Ice Field

As we wind down from a busy day of reviewing music, we’re switching over to the slower and dreamier variety of tunes to help us escape the endless onslaught on internet communications. Luckily for us, Irish singer/songwriter slow skies just released a deliciously dreamy tune to unwind to

“Ice Fields” beckons on associations of cold winter nights, making us call on foreshadowing of blankets, fireplaces, and spiked hot cocoa beverages. Karen Sheridan’s soul-captivating vocals remind us of a combination of Sigur Ros and Bjork, leading us down a calming, cinematic journey.

This ambient gem just dropped two days ago, and it’s surely populating everybody’s “Chill Out” playlists as we speak. If you’re not hip to it yet, you are now.

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[Event Review] Feed Me (with Teeth) – 8/27

Feed Me
Time For Myself

Even though summer’s waning, legs starting to ache from almost-endless dancing, heads reeling with delight from coast-to-coast festivals, there’s no reason to turn down now. Keeping true, I was fortunate enough to experience the reality-melting, immersive odyssey better known as Feed Me’s Psychedelic Journey at Denver’s  Ogden Theater.

Though I’d seen Feed Me several times previously, the surprises seemed endless. For those that haven’t seen Feed Me’s with Teeth live show, here’s a quick breakdown: a wall to wall, devious glowing grin gnashes at the crowd, in tandem with explosive beats and soundscapes that stretch the entire sonic spectrum. London’s Jon Gooch is at the helm, masterminding it all. For those that have seen it before, picture it all again, but magnified, amplified, re-energized and reconsidered.

Delta Heavy heavily instigated the entire party, igniting the crowd with dance-heavy hits, peppered with bass-soaked favorites along with tracks wholly new, such as Knife Party’s “Resistance,” a set which truly showcased DJ virtuosity and complete crowd awareness. When the time came for the curtains to drop and bare the Teeth, the crowd was properly charged.
Continue reading

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