M.I.A. – Paper Planes (3.A.M. Remix)

Toronto’s 3.A.M. take “Paper Planes,” the 2007 hit from M.I.A. (whoa, that was 5 years ago), and stuff it in a violent blender. The result is a remix so screwy and unnerving, it’s like there’s a warped buzz saw in your brain — the good kind at least. Though it includes only bits and pieces of the original, those modest hints keep the whole track grounded, and the fact that it doesn’t rely heavily on M.I.A. also proves that 3.A.M. have set out to make a true remix here. Free download below!

Paper Planes (3.A.M. Remix)
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Chad Valley – I Owe You This (feat. Twin Shadow)

As the release date of Chad Valley‘s debut album Young Hunger draws near, the momentum behind the UK artist (whose real name is Hugo Manuel) only increases, especially when he drops tracks like this. “I Owe You This” is a somber, but catchy synth-laden plea, featuring the silky aching vocals of Twin Shadow. Hot on the heels of last week’s “Tell All Your Friends,” Valley continues to prove he’s got a pretty genius grasp of pop songwriting.

Young Hunger comes out October 30th via Cascine Records.

Chad Valley
I Owe You This (feat. Twin Shadow)
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Yeasayer – Reagan’s Skeleton (Video)


In August, New York’s experimental indie group Yeasayer released their third full-length album Fragrant World on Secretly Canadian Records. The track “Reagan’s Skeleton” is off it, and today they share its official music video directed by Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard. The reverb-heavy song appropriately gets doused with grainy and lo-fi visuals for a retro, unfinished look.

Reagans Skeleton
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[TMN EXCLUSIVE] Interview with Vacationer, Part 2


No Rules

Summer End

Great Love

Check out Part 1 here.

On the Cameo Gallery stage Kenny Vasoli was like a giddy child on his way to Disney World — he was all smiles, bouncy and upbeat, and so sincerely happy to be there that everyone was in good spirits barely five minutes into the set. Sadly, many bands today seem kind of lifeless and miserable during their performances, or at the very least, plain indifferent. Bands forget that fun is infectious, that what happens on the stage is felt throughout the entire venue. The more electrifying your performance, the more charged your audience.

Maybe it’s the 10 years that Vasoli has spent honing his musical craft, or maybe it’s just in his nature to have a good time; either way, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of watching a band that you enjoy actually enjoy what they do. With that said, here is the second and final part of my interview with Vacationer, where we talk about his inspirational dog Ollie, the vacation that inspired much of the record, Skrillex, and the band’s future.

TMN: What’s your favorite song on Gone?
I’m bad at judging my own lyrics. I try not to make them embarrassing [laughs]. If I’m not embarrassed by reading them, I’ve done a good job. I don’t find anything particularly profound about what I’m saying. I like “Be With You” a lot. I like “Good As New” a lot because that’s the only one that’s not about the girl that was the center of the subject matter of the record and who I’m not really on good terms with anymore unfortunately.

What is “Good As New” about then?
It’s about my dog! [laughs] I got my first dog of my life when I was making the record. And I was feeling good about how I could write a love song about something that wasn’t even a person, but this creature that was giving me so much love. I remember he was in the room while I was writing it.

I wonder if he knows that there’s a Vacationer song dedicated to him.
[Laughs] When I’m away, my parents play Vacationer music for him because it’s my voice and all. And they say he seems to enjoy it [laughs]. But who knows.

You mentioned that you don’t necessarily find your lyrics to be profound. How do you think you’ve changed as a lyricist over the 10+ years you’ve been writing?
I don’t know…I’d like to think that I’ve improved and am definitely less embarrassing. That’s kind of the common thread [laughs]. Forget about the stuff when I was 16 years old, obviously that’s going to have some cheese on it, but even the stuff from when I was 22 and 23, I feel like I needed to be Bob Dylan or Thom Yorke and tried writing super introspective, “inside my head” lyrics that had poetic twists on them. And when you shoot for that too much it can come out pretty awkward. It’s just like… overdoing the vocabulary sometimes.

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[Soul/Hip-Hop] ZZ Ward – Cry Wolf feat. Kendrick Lamar

After covering one of Kendrick Lamar‘s singles on her Eleven Roses mixtape, soul singer ZZ Ward teams with the Compton rising star for her latest release “Cryin’ Wolf”. This dusty acoustic rock and gritty blues song is emphasized by Ward’s tough, no bullsh*t attitude lyrics about dropping a dude that can’t drop his addiction. Paired with a hand-clap chorus and an effortlessly dope rhyme from Dre’s protege, this track has an organically beautiful and strong vibe. Mixing some blues, folk, and hip-hop elements, Ward delivers a confident intro for her upcoming debut Til The Casket Drops, out October 16th

ZZ Ward & Kendrick Lamar
Cryin Wolf
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[Electro Soul] Rhye – The Fall (Video)


Just the other week we shared a precious song called “The Fall” by Los Angeles duo Rhye. Today we bring you the accompanying music video. Directed by Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen, it’s a moving story about a man who, amidst his strained current relationship, is haunted by a past one — one when he was still young, carefree, and so obviously smitten. The situation’s conflict and complexity is heightened beautifully by the chilling track.

Rhye’s The Fall EP is out today via Innovative Leisure. Included on it is a stirring live version of the track, which you must check out below.

The Fall (Live)
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[Electro] Ellie Goulding – Stay Awake (prod by Madeon)

Ellie Goulding just released her sophmore album, the undeniably fantastic Halcyon. Included on the record is this bonus track with production by none other than Madeon. Because of his presence, the song has a great electrconic vibe going on. He’s brought phenomenal heavy electro bass lines and chords to the song, while Goulding delivers beautiful vocals as always. The two of them have blended their skills so well in this production and it shows. So check it out below and don’t forget to purchase Halcyon!

Ellie Goulding
Stay Awake (prod. by Madeon)
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