[Indie] AOSOON – Under

What Is This About

Britain based duo AOSOON has an endearing sound in their track “Under.” The thoughtfully crafted lyrics sung through the heartwarming London accent of lead singer Marisa Hylton (who is also playing guitar) resonate instantly. This is one of those tracks that you hear and instantly feel emotion within the first thirty seconds. That’s damn impressive.

This duo, comprised of Hylton and Manny Folorunso, have truly created A Lot Of Something Out of Nothing (AOSOON) by crafting this tune from nothing more than their god given talents. After only playing together for over a year, they have managed to generate quite a buzz through their debut single “Skinny Strong,” which tickled the fancy of DJ Target on his “100% Homegrown Show”.

“Under” will be due out on their first EP, “What Is This About”, is due out Thursday on their Soundcloud as a free download. So, it’s true when they say the best things in life are free.

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[Alternative] Mazzy Star – California

Mazzy Star

I don’t think I can reiterate this enough. 2013 will officially go down in the history books as “The Year of The Comeback.” While Mazzy Star doesn’t hold quite the same weight as names like Daft Punk and Justin Timberlake, their place in fans’ hearts is just as special. Known best for their single “Fade Into You,” (released nearly 20 years ago!) Mazzy Star was one of the definitive bands of the early 90′s. With their fourth studio album, Seasons Of Your Day scheduled for release on September 24th, the group seems primed to pick up right where they left off 17 years ago. The dreary, psychedelic alt-rock track, “California” sounds like it was plucked right out of the 90′s; however, that’s not necessarily a bad sign, as it means the band’s sound is as unique as ever. We’re certainly looking forward to hearing what Mazzy Starr has for us in the coming months.

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[MP3 Playlist] The Chill Dojo #43

chill dojo

Chill Dojo #43, where have you been hiding? For any keen ninjas playing along at home, you may have thought we’d gone and jumped straight to #44 and skipped out on a key edition. For anyone who didn’t realize, congrats anyway because we have another playlist of great music to make up for the lack of chill last week. Everyone’s a winner!

And what better prize than our first track from Danish musician Galimatias which is an absolute delight. There is certainly something going on in Scandinavia right now when you have artists like this and Norway’s Cashmere Cat producing some truly special sounds that are taking the world by storm. ‘Marshmallow Grove’ and ‘Lakeside Blu’ are just a few examples of this magic being brewed for our ears. And if we’re talking global sensations, Bondax have certainly been gaining attention far beyond their UK homeland, and their latest summer jam ‘Giving it All’ is certain to keep that momentum going. But it’s not all happening in Europe, and there’s plenty to enjoy from US artists as well. This sexy remix of ‘Her Favorite Song’ from Oliver is out to prove just that,  as well as another batch of ‘C O O L’ remixes with the release of Le Youth’s EP. Dojo favourite Lane 8 is our pick of the bunch, so if you’ve happened to miss all the other versions we’ve featured, make sure not to sleep on this one.  Now it’s been a while since we’ve ended the playlist with a fun little novelty track, and in late celebration of the 4th of July, we’ve got Giraffage’s hilarious remake of ‘Party in the USA’. As amusing as it is, it’s actually quite impressive how the quality production transforms the grating tone of the Miley Cyrus original into something so listenable.

But no matter where you hail from, we’re celebrating the amazing sounds coming from all corners of the globe. That’s what music is all about. Peace out.

Chill Dojo #43 zip

Marshmallow Grove
Galimatias & Soundtale
06 Lakeside Blu (Young Chimera EP)
Giving It All (Radio Edit)
Her Favorite Song (Oliver Remix)
Le Youth
C O O L (Lane 8 Remix)
Le Youth
C O O L (Henry Krinkle Remix)
Justin Timberlake
Suit & Tie (Oliver Nelson Remix)
Trying To Be Cool (Edwin Van Cleef Remix)
Raton Laveur (Radio Edit)
Keep On
My Baby
City Life (Moods Remix)
Miley Cyrus
Party In The USA (Giraffage Remix)
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[Video] Earl Sweatshirt – Hive (Feat. Vince Staples & Casey Veggies)

Earl Sweatshirt
Hive (feat. Vince Staples and Casey Veggies)

Fans who missed out on Earl Sweatshirt‘s vitaminwater x The FADER’s Uncapped show in New York were treated with another little surprise last night in the form of a brand new single, “Hive.” Also featuring Casey Veggies and Vince Staples, the video is edgy and dark, yet still quirky enough to make sure you don’t forget it’s an Odd Future production. Doris is set to finally drop on August 20th, and we can’t wait to hear what Earl has in store for us. Make sure to grab yourself a copy of “Hive” on iTunes, available now.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (July 2013 Round #3)


As we get older, the summer doesn’t quite live up to what it did as a kid. 3 months to do absolutely nothing is far out in our distant dreams and all we do is whine and complain about how f’n hot it is. Did we do that as kids? Hell no. We ran through the sprinklers and got over it. Yeah sure, as adults we might not have an entire summer to kick back and do shit, but it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t take a little bit of time to enjoy that sunshine. Because seriously, before we know it we’ll move right on along to complaining about how F’n cold it is. So this week, take a much deserved summer break and let the streaming indie dojo whisk you through the stay-cation of your dreams.

Marcus Blacke
Master of Eden
skinny strong
Kellen and Me
The Earth, Someday…
And The Grenadines
The Soil & the Sun
Owsey & Dustin Christensen
Carry Me, Ohio
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[R&B] Miguel – Adorn (Remix) (Feat. Jessie Ware)

Adorn Remix
Adorn Feat Jessie Ware

Miguel lit up the airwaves last summer with his sultry single “Adorn.” Now it looks like he’s trying to replicate that dominance, repackaging the track with some added vocals from TMN favorite, Jessie Ware. While the UK crooner doesn’t add much to the song in terms of depth, her presence is certainly welcome. The simple analogy is like having the perfect hot fudge sundae, and then adding some sprinkles on top. You can NEVER go wrong with sprinkles. We have no idea where this one will live, but all we know is we have a new excuse to bump this all summer again.

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[Video] The Weeknd – Belong To The World

the weeknd
The Weeknd
Belong To The World

It might still be Monday, but The Weeknd‘s already returned (I know, bad pun) to give us yet another glimpse of the mysterious realm known as Kiss Land. Possibly the most powerful single from the Toronto native yet, “Belong To The World” comes with its fair share of controversy. The track utilizes an unauthorized sample of Portishead’s “Machine Gun,” of which lead guitarist Geoff Barrow made his disapproval abundantly clear (in a somewhat bizarre fashion, checkout all the backlash Barrow’s received on his Twitter feed). Legally sampled or not, Abel makes good use of the source material, amping us up for what may be his most emotionally driven project to date. Be on the lookout for the release of Kiss Land, which is currently scheduled for release on August 27th.

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