[Chill-House] Of Monsters and Men – Little Talks (Thomas Jack Remix)

Little Talks (Thomas Jack Remix)
Of Monsters and Men

20 year-old house wunderkind Thomas Jack has been blessed with the King Midas touch as of late (speaking of course in terms of production), spawning four #1 stints upon the Hype Machine charts within only two months, and his latest remix effort will surely follow suit. The native of Sydney, Australia has taken indie-folk superstars Of Monsters and Men’s uber-successful single “Little Talks” and flipped it into a surprisingly workable, tropical house rhythm. Never once when perusing through the original did we dream of taking Of Monsters and Men to the dance hall, but once again Thomas Jack has sprinkled some more of that Down Under fairy dust all over the tune and fostered another chilled out, but vibrant and catchy piece of dance music. Once again, all it takes is a Facebook like to take this one home, so be sure to hop on it.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (October 2013 Round #1)


If any of you currently reside or have resided in a traffic ridden city, then you are fully aware of what a difference a simple 5 minutes can make. For example, if you leave at 4:59 pm, you could possibly be throwing yourself into moving at the speed of snail all the way home, but it you leave at 5:04, you’re golden. Straight shot to the promise land. 5 minutes will make you or break you. Luckily, this playlist you find below, and every one before and after it, is a continuous play of wonderful, stress reducing indie masterpieces to help you through your ride home, no matter if you are trapped in a gridlock of madness or you are flying through lanes with your hair blowing in the smog. Don’t worry your pretty little head. The Indie Dojos got you.

Jordan Klassen
Piano Brother
Evan & The Brave
Lil Monster
The Little Kicks
All I Need
Spark Alaska
Hidden Edelweiss
Andy Clockwise
Murphys Law
Son Lux
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[Vibes] Lana Del Rey – Blue Jeans (Manilla Killa Remix)

Blue Jeans (Manila Killa Remix)
Lana Del Rey

We feel that we’re at the point where we can start hearing remixes of this tune again. For a while, it got a little out of hand, as do a lot of a tracks that hit the blogosphere and blow up. While a lot of you will hear numerous remixes on tracks like these, we can assure you that we hear many, many more. Blogger issues aside, Lana’s sultry Americana-rich vocals are perfect remixing material.

Now that some time has passed, we actually appreciate hearing a different take on this infectious tune. And we especially love hearing something as unique and well crafted as this. Manila and DC based producer Manila Killa has created a nice blend of love trap, with big synths, military style snare hits, and carefully chosen strings. It has calls on associations of producers like Cashmere Cat, who effortless blend negative soundscape with atmospheric elements and smooth, rolling bass. It’s quite delectable.

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[House] Eric Lam – Beam (Original Mix)

Eric Lam
Beam (Original Mix)

Native Philadelphian, Indiana University graduate Los Angeles based…wait, we just lost track. Regardless of where Eric Lam is at in the world, we know one thing. He’s in our headphones right now with his latest original mix. This young, up-and-coming producer, who just graduated with a degree in Arts Management and a minor in music, has graced the walls of TMN before with party inducing remixes for our Party Playlists. Today is a different story though. “Beam” is deserving of a post all of it’s own.

While we normally have an aversion to the word beam (courtesy of Jim Beam), we’re all over this huge electro house tune. This former writer of the music for Dr. Oz show (no joke) has a melody driven electro house gem that’s well extremely well crafted. With big popping bass hits and a beautiful melodic progression, we just can’t help but listen to this track again and again.

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[Folk] Fossil Collective – Half Light

Fossil Collective
Half Light

There’s something to be said about being swaddled as a child. You may have just read that first sentence and wondered what the hell i’m talking about, but stay with me. Swaddling comforts and infant child. We can’t really tightly wrap ourselves in a blanket at this age though. For one, everyone would think we’re crazy. Secondly, we couldn’t access our glass of bourbon or iPhone. So, we have to result to something else.

Enter Fossil Collective. This Leeds based indie folk outfit just wrapped us up in a blanket full of vocals and put us to bed. No fussing. No tossing and turning. Lights out. Coupled with those comforting vocals are folk sounds that are as classic as the day is long. With soft strumming guitars, understated keys and a slow repitious percussion, we’re lost in a pacifying world of familiarity.

The new song appears on their self-produced EP, The Water, which will be released digitally on October 29th. Keep an eye out for it.

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[Event Preview] Coastline Festival – Tampa 11/9, West Palm Beach 11/10


Beer! Food! Art! There’s something else that we’re missing here…oh yeah. Music! The Coastline Festival is shaping up to be something that pretty much anyone would love to attend. The combination of all of these wonderful things will surely culminate into one hell of a good time. Whether you head out to the Tampa date, or the West Palm Beach date, you pretty much can’t miss. Let’s break down each section of amazingness, so you can pull the trigger if you’re on the fence. By the way, after reading this you totally won’t be on the fence anymore.

Beer – Coastline Festival’s “Craft Beer Cove” will feature over 25 different selections from Florida’s elite craftsman and a sprinkling of some of the best craft beers from around the country. Featuring both sampling and full glass servings, you can expect to see this line up of brewers, serving up bubbly helpings of liquid awesome:

Tampa: Cigar City Brewing, Florida Avenue Ales, Tequesta Brewing Company, Sweetwater Brewing Company, Kona Brewing Company, Magic Hat Brewery, Widmer Brothers Brewing, Southern Tier Brewing Company, Abita Brewing Company, New Belgium Brewing Company, Lagunitas Brewing Company and Goose Island.

West Palm Beach: Due South Brewing Company, Funky Buddah Brewery, The Native Brewing Company, Dogfish Head, Ballast Point Brewing Company, Blue Point Brewing Company, Rooney’s Beer, Tequesta Brewing Company, Founders Brewing Company and Inlet Brewing Company.

Food – The self appointed “Foodtrucktopia” will feature an eclectic mix of the world’s finest cuisine’s from Mediterranean to the America’s to middle eastern and beyond. To soak up all that beer you just drank from the paragraph above, you can expect epicurean delights from:

Tampa: Taco Bus, Bubba Q’s, Not Your Ordinary Food Truck, The Inside Scoop Italian Ice, Pitas on the Run, The Dude and His Food and Pao Truck.

West Palm Beach: The Rolling Stove, Ms. Cheezious, Pescados Unidos, Che Grill, Moty’s Grill, Slow Food Truck, Big Kahuna, BC Tacos and Gozen Yogurt.

Art – The “Isle of Art” allow festival goers to actively engage with critically-acclaimed artists from around the region in Florida’s progressive art scene.

Music – Ahh. As much as we love beer, food and art, music is our one true love. While you would surely assume that a festival packed with this much unadulterated fun would have an average musical line up, you would assume wrong. The talent at the Coastline festival is nothing short of spectacular, featuring bands like:

Tampa: Passion Pit, Two Door Cinema Club, Matt & Kim, Fitz & The Tantrums, The Joy Formidable, The Mowgli’s, Surfer Blood, Blondfire, St. Lucia, The Royal Concept plus a special guest to be added.

West Palm Beach: Passion Pit, Two Door Cinema Club, Matt & Kim, Fitz & The Tantrums, Joy Formidable, Capital Cities, The Neighbourhood, The Mowgli’s, Surfer Blood, St. Lucia, The Royal Concept

Take a gander at a small selection of music from some of the featured artists, and then head over and pick up your tickets.

Constant Conversation
(featuring Juicy J)
Two Door Cinema Club: Changing Of The Seasons (Hottest Record radio rip)
Matt and Kim
Lets Go
Fitz and the Tantrums
Merry Go Round
The Leopard and the Lung
Safe and Sound
Surfer Blood
Drinking Problem
The Neighbourhood
Sweater Weather
San Francisco
St. Lucia
Too Close
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[TMN Resident Artist] Rusko’s ‘Lift Me Up’ US Fall Tour

Rusko tour

We love fall at TMN and you know why that is? Because of the fall tours that tear up every city around our fine nation. Our Resident Artist for the month Rusko starts his fall ‘Lift Me Up’ tour this coming weekend and this is one tour you don’t want to miss. If you are looking for a dubstep show that will make your feet not stop moving, your face not stop smiling and your heart not stop beating to the incredible rhythms, Rusko is the man to see.

Fri 10/4    SANTA ANA, CA    Yost
Mon 10/7    GAINESVILLE, FL    Forum
Tues 10/8    TAMPA, FL    Ritz Ybor
Wed 10/9    ORLANDO, FL    House Of Blues
Thurs 10/10    MIAMI, FL    Fillmore
Fri 10/11    TALLAHASSEE, FL    Coliseum
Mon 10/14    KNOXVILLE, TN    NV
Tues 10/15    ASHEVILLE, NC    The Orange Peel
Wed 10/16    CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA    The Jefferson
Thurs 10/17    RICHMOND, VA    The National
Fri 10/18    SILVER SPRING, MD    Fillmore
Mon 10/21    CLIFTON PARK, NY    Upstate Concert Hall
Thurs 10/24    HARTFORD, CT    Webster Theater
Fri 10/25    MONTREAL, QC    Telus Theater
Sat 10/26    TORONTO, ON    Sound Academy
Mon 10/28    BUFFALO, NY    Town Ballroom
Tues 10/29    CLEVELAND, OH    House Of Blues
Wed 10/30    CINCINNATI, OH    Bogart’s
Thurs 10/31    CHAMPAIGN, IL    Canopy Club
Fri 11/1    MADISON, WI    Majestic
Tues 11/5    MINNEAPOLIS, MN    Skyway Theater
Wed 11/6    WINNIPEG, MB    Republic
Sun 11/10    VANCOUVER, BC    Celebrities
Tues 11/12    PORTLAND, OR    Roseland
Thurs 11/14    EUGENE, OR    Lane Events Center
Fri 11/15    SAN FRANCISCO, CA    1015 Folsom
Sat 11/16    SAN DIEGO, CA    House Of Blues
Mon 11/18    PHOENIX, AZ    Monarch
Thurs 11/21    AUSTIN, TX    Emo’s East
Fri 11/22    HOUSTON, TX    House Of Blues
Sat 11/23    DALLAS, TX    Lizard Lounge
Mon 11/25    KANSAS CITY, MO    Uptown Theater
Wed 11/27    DENVER, CO    Fillmore

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: http://ruskoonfire.com/

TWITTER: http://twitter.com/#!/ruskoofficial

SOUNDCLOUD: http://bit.ly/RuskoSoundCloud

YOUTUBE: http://bit.ly/RuskoYouTube

RUSKO on iTunes: http://bit.ly/RuskoItunes

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