[Indie Rock] Surfer Blood – Demon Dance

After releasing “Weird Shapes” not too long ago, Florida indie rockers Surfer Blood are back with another new fuzzy-pop tune called “Demon Dance”. Wailing vocals meet up with equally wailing guitar-driven melodies for a track that’ll make you remember just why you might’ve fallen in love with the band’s debut Astro Coast and subsequent EP Tarot Classics. You may detect some Weezer in there, too, which is never, ever a bad thing.

“Weird Shapes” and “Demon Dance” will appear on Surfer Blood’s forthcoming album, Pythons, due out June 11th.

Surfer Blood
Demon Dance
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St. Lucia
St. Lucia
Before The Dive (CHVRCHES Remix)

Electro-pop party here, ninjas! New York’s own one-man project St. Lucia gets reworked by rising Scottish synth-heavy outfit CHVRCHES. Stunning, shimmery and bright vibes emanate … Continue reading »

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[Festie Preview] Snowball Music Festival – Winter Park, CO

Snow and music, music and snow, I mean this combination ranks up there with good ideas right alongside peanut butter mixing up with that jelly.

Only three years young, the Snowball Music Festival of Colorado is back this coming weekend, March 8-10, and this year the artists are bigger and better than ever. There is always that tough decision to make as a festival go-er; if two artists are on at the same time that you just have to see, how do you decide which artist to go get down with? Do you flip a coin? Have your best friend pick a number between one and ten? Or maybe, just maybe, the festival takes place in such an amazing outdoor venue that you have the ability to catch the first half of one of your favorite artists’ acts and then mosey on over to the other stage where your second favorite artist is laying down hard, hard beats. I’ll plead the third please and thank you.

This year, Snowball is taking place in the beautiful mountain city of Winter Park and as I mentioned before, this line-up would make any music lover blush with anticipation. So who to see? Well as much as I wish I could take up more precious space on the TMN site, I think I will break it down to one artist for each day that this ninja is beyond excited to see.

Friday, I’ve got to get a taste of that poetic justice with Kendrick Lamar. This 23-year-old Compton native has been taking the rap scene by storm in the past couple of years and he continues to turn out hits on every music piece he touches. Lamar’s music shows a candid vulnerability. Pair that with his smoky seducing voice and you have yourself one ear thrilling musician.

Saturday is an all day event and I may be biased but there is one artist who lights up the stage with not only his unbelievable set but also his soul sweeping music, Colorado’s own Pretty Lights. Derek Smith started off playing music at parties in Boulder and today is one of the most renowned artists of the music scene. Lately Smith has been saying he is trying out some new things and as a fan I’ve got to say I am always excited to see what new music Smith brings to the stage. Here’s to a late night of lights, instrumental persuasion, and body swooning melodies.

On Sunday, the final day of no rest, it is time to let digital freedom take over with the mad liberations of Griz and Gramatik or as the mash-up goes, Grizmatik. What can I say I’m a sucker for both of these insane electronic producers and when you put them together it just is double the pleasure double the fun. These two bring out the soul and the funk while not forgetting about your desire for the bass drops and hand-raising beats. A perfect duo to end of what is sure to be an amazing music utopia weekend.

Here’s to all the music, dancing and s-n-o-w this weekend Rado music lovers, see you there!

Digital Liberation Is Mad Freedom

Play Hard EP
Available Now on Beatport.com

Pretty Lights vs. The End Of The World 2012

Porter Robinson & Mat Zo

Kendrick Lamar
Bitch, Dont Kill My Vibe

1. Datsik
Cold Blooded

Take My Pain Away (Gigamesh Remix)

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[New] M.I.A. – MATANAGI mix for Kenzo

MATANGI Mix for Kenzo

As fans patiently wait for M.I.A.‘s new album MATANAGI to drop this April, she teases them with a new mix. The track, which serves as a prequel to her upcoming effort, is a collaborative effort with fashion house Kenzo. Mixing some tribal sounds, Hindi chants, heavy drums, the Sri Lankan artist jumps on about 4 minutes into the track and switches up the beat  for a hip-hop mix coupled with a “thankful” rap. Although the track is 8-minutes long, it sounds like a perfect mash-up of multiple songs and rhythms that make for an infectious listen. Check out the dance track below.

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[TMN EXCLUSIVE] Jono Fernandez & Pauls Paris ft Amba Shepherd – Let It Out (HELENA Remix)

What’s up, party people? We’re sure you’re counting down the calendar days right now, because we sure as hell are. Miami is right around the corner and we’re getting more and more excited. As it gets closer to Ultra and WMC, we’re going to bring you more and more content to get you pumped up.

Today we’re excited to share and exclusive extended clip of the UK born and Australian bred Helena’s remix of Jono Fernandez & Pauls Paris’s track “Let it Out.” This anthemic progressive house gem has driving basslines, gorgeous vocals from fellow Aussie Amba Shepard, and energetic melodic synths. This will most definitely get playtime in Miami at all of Helena’s shows, which include the following:

03/15 – Ultra Music Festival
03/15 – SET
03/22 – Bamboo
03/23 – Avicii Hotel
03/24 – National Hotel

‘Let It Out’ is out on One Love Music on March 15th , the same day that she makes history as the first solo female DJ to play the main stage at Ultra Music Festival. Make sure to catch her set!

Jono Fernandez & Pauls Paris ft Amba Shepherd
Let It Out (HELENA Remix) (Onelove)
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[Hip-Hop] Danny Brown – #HottestMC (Prod. Harry Fraud)

It’s that time of year again when MTV releases its “Hottest MCs in The Game” list, which is always bound to stir up some controversy. A plethora of rappers have already expressed that they feel slighted by their rank, including Kanye West and A$AP Rocky. Now Danny Brown‘s stepped up to give us his two cents. Rather than phoning into any radio shows though, Danny demonstrates why he belongs to be mentioned amongst the top emcees with this brand new Harry Fraud-produced track. Brown comes packing heat on this one, leaving no doubt in our minds that he’s one of the best rappers out there right now.

#HottestMC Produced By Harry Fraud
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[Dubstep] Alvin Risk – Skyclad

It’s been quite awhile since Alvin Risk has blessed us with an original mix of his own. With “Skyclad,” he assures us that it was well worth the wait. “Skyclad” is a dichotomy of sorts, a song of epic proportions with two drastically different sides representing the same coin. This may sound lame, but envision the song as a heated battle in Dragonball Z for just a second.

The minute and a half build up would represent the training and preparation needed for the huge duel. Once you hit the break though, you’re nose diving into the heart of battle, and all hell breaks loose. Risk pretty much removes all bars from there until about two and a half minutes in when the song calms down again for just a moment. That would be the period when Goku prepares his finishing move and then proceeds to unleash his entire strength on the baddie, finally ending the fight. I now expect any future fan videos to provide credit to me for bringing up the idea. Honestly, you could imagine almost any heroic scenario there, but the point is that Risk is able to create an atmosphere unlike anything else with his music. If you want to relive that fight again, I’d suggest purchasing the track, available now on iTunes.

Alvin Risk
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