[Electro-House] Benny Benassi pres. The Biz – Satisfaction (Dada Life Remix)

We have already been blessed with possibly the most massive Trap track of the year, RL Grime‘s remix of “Satisfaction”. But this time Dada Life tackles this tune and drops some of their always satisfying Drum work over the funky melody of the Original. Sprinkled throughout with some swirling synths, and the completely transforming during the second half into some bouncy Electro. Cheers.

To buy this track, click here. 

Benny Benassi pres. The Biz
Satisfaction (Dada Life Remix)
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[Electro House] Justice – Helix (Gesaffelstein Vision Remix)

French producer Gesaffelstein has a dark, unique style that, to some, may be an acquired taste. If you are patient, though, and allow yourself to enter his trance, the reward is enormous. His latest reworking of the legendary Justice‘s “Helix” is a great example of Gesaff’s funky, filthy bass lines that dare you not to gig. Although it is just Monday, this progressive banger should help bring the weekend to your headphones a bit early. His sound also fits perfectly for inducing extreme focus while on the daily grind.

This remix will be featured on Justice’s upcoming Helix EP, due out tomorrow, January 7th, on iTunes courtesy of Ed Banger Records. Check it below!

Helix (Gesaffelstein Vision Remix)
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[Electro] Mikael Weermets – Make Some Noise

First unleashed to the world one thrilling evening at Tomorrowland 2012 in Belgium, the 25-year-old Swedish producer Mikael Weermets is now making his country proud with the release of ‘Make Some Noise’, out today January 7 on Garuda Music.

A musical nomad in the dance scene, Mikael Weermets does not adhere to a specific genre yet his style can always be classified as aggressive and elaborate. ‘Make Some Noise’ is a progressive rollercoaster combining high energy synths with utterly relentless throbbing basslines that only elevate the tracks already big room feel.

Mikael Weermets
Make Some Noise

Purchase it on beatport today.

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BOAT – Sharpshooters (Throw Me the Statue)

Seattle based Throw Me the Statue covers “Sharpshooters” off the upcoming BOAT LP “Pretend to be Brave.” out February 2013. The subtle simplicity and experimental nature that breaths around the minimal instrumentation just makes this track a joy to listen to. Check out more of Throw Me the Statue off their official site.

Sharpshooters (Throw Me the Statue)
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[Exclusive] CLMD – Falling Like Angels (Original Mix) + Interview + Mix

One of the highlights of the last few weeks in electronic music has definitely been our introduction to Norwegian duo Carl Louis and Martin Danielle, or CLMD. Harmonic electronics that can still cater to the global scene of house music is perhaps one of the most thought-out feature we look in all the electronic songs we post and CLMD deliver with overwhelmingly ease in their execution. Coming off their infectious number “Black Eyes & Blue” the does has released yet another satisfying big room track titled ‘Falling Like Angels’ featuring AJB.

Falling Like Angels (Original Mix)

You can purchase a copy of ‘Falling Like Angels’ on beatportand to celebrate a brand new year, CLMD sent us this must-listen exclusive banging mix combining their most recent original work as well as renditions from the best tracks of 2012. (Tracklist below after the jump)

The Music Ninja Exclusive: CLMD December Mix

Already counting the likes of Tiesto, David Guetta, Swedish House Mafia and more as fans, we where honored to talk to these guys and ask them a couple more questions about how it all came to be, and the very music they produce:

TMN: First off, what a phenomenal new single! “Falling like Angels” really blew us away and got us interested in learning more about you. Tell us the story behind CLMD, the name itself and how did you two meet?

Thank you!

We are just two guys from Norway who have been best friends since we were six. Somewhere along the way we got tangled into house music, which grew from an interest into info becoming our lives.

It all started out in high school. We had a friend who was really in to sound systems and always brought big PA to all the home alone parties we used to go to. He brought the sound and we brought the music. At one point we went from partying with the rest, to start turning knobs. And soon enough, we were hooked on dj’ing. Production followed from there.
The name CLMD is short for Carl Louis & Martin Danielle. Easy enough?

TMN: You guys have been active for a little more than 3 years now, how has your own music changed over the last 24 months with so much new content and many genres being fused together in the electronic dance scene?

As most other, we constantly develop our sound. But for us it has been very important to keep our signature. These days its all about being loud and bringing the most energy and intensity into the music, but we have been more focused on bringing out the emotion in the music. For us, emotional energy is the most important ingredient to our music, and we guess that why it’s a bit different? Change is good, but it’s important to remember the past too. We always try to bring the best of the old and fuse it with the new in our productions.

TMN: Tell us about some of your earliest memories and experiences with music. What songs/artists influence you the most. What are some of the artists you currently look up to?

We both agree that the song that made us go from interested in house to house heads was Axwells remix of C-mos 2million ways. [Martin]First time I heard it, I was speechless. It was hands down the best piece of music I had ever heard. It was so big, and fat, and new, and different. I had never heard anything like it before. It still is one of my favorite tracks!

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Active Child – His Eye Is On The Sparrow (Hymn Cover)

Often referred to as having a pristine indie “choir-like” voice, it’s both surprising and not to see Active Child taking on this classic Gospel hymn “His Eye Is On the Sparrow”. The song has seen many incarnations; it’s been covered by Whitney Houston and Jessica Simpson, but it might actually be most familiar to those fans of Whoopi Goldberg’s Sister Act 2. In the film, it’s performed by Lauryn Hill and Tanya Blount. Active Child makes it his own, but at the same time stays true to the original’s purity and ethereal power. Bravo, here.

His Eye Is On The Sparrow
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Darwin Deez – Free (Unicorn Kid Mix)

Indie musician Darwin Deez will release his sophomore album, Songs For Imaginative People, next month. He’s shared its first single, “Free (The Editorial Me)” and now he’s sharing its accompanying remix by Scottish producer Unicorn Kid. The rework is sparkly and synth-heavy, very fluid & feel-good, especially as it’s built around a loop of Deez just exclaiming “Cause I’m freeeeeee, yeah!”; if you’re low on chocolate or caffeine, consider this the little, sweet necessary kickoff to the workweek. Go on and get up out of your cubicle for this one.

Darwin Deez
Free (Unicorn Kid Mix)

Check out more music from Unicorn Kid on his Soundcloud.

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