Tom Swoon (feat Amba Shepherd) – Not Too Late (Bassnectar & PatrickReza Remix) [FRESH]

Tom Swoon
Not Too Late (Bassnectar & PatrickReza Remix)

Extending their working relationship one step further, Bassnectar collaborates with LA producer PatrickReza for another compulsively seductive remix. The track “Not Too Late” by Tom Swoon and featuring the vocals of Amba Shepherd has fallen victim to the creative ideas of this synergistic partnership. Bringing in an array of revolving wobbles over a landscape of melodic noise, it is really the continued use of Amba’s vocals that make this track stand out.

The song can be purchased on Beatport Today via Ultra Records

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Macklemore X Ryan Lewis – Irish Celebration

Macklemore X Ryan Lewis - Irish Celebration
Macklemore X Ryan Lewis
Irish Celebration

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are uploading today the Irish sounding single of a few years back, “Irish Celebration” through their Soundcloud and Free to download. The song exposes the history behind the celebration, with an insight look, in full honest and genuine Macklemore style as producer Ryan Lewis provides a strong melodic foundation for his rhymes.

So raise a pint for the people that aren’t with us and live tonight because you can’t take it with you

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day everyone!

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[ULTRA EXCLUSIVE] Tritonal Interview

Bring Me Home ft. Meredith Call
Air Up There Episode 99

Hands down one of the best parties that happened this weekend at Ultra was from Above & Beyond’s record label juggernaut label Anjunabeats. The pool party hosted performances by Mat Zo, Seven Lions, Norin & Rad, Andrew Bayer, Jaytech, Maor Levi and Beckwith. Soon after our interview with the eclectic Andrew Bayer, we got the chance to speak with Tritonal, the trance music duo consisting of producer/DJs Chad Cisneros and Dave Reed from Austin, Texas.

Tritonal may be a US based, but they are known world wide for their constant evolution and elevated sounds they produce with every single release. From giving us insight to how things came about, their working relationship and what is coming in the future, Tritonal spoke candidly with us in an in-depth interview below:

TMN: Thanks for sitting down with us. What does it mean for you guys to be here in Miami?

Dave: The funny thing is that we have always looked up to coming to Miami for a long time, especially when we started producing together and now that we have done it 3-4 different times it is still an honor to come here especially for Ultra and the random pool parties, you get to meet everybody and learn a bunch of new things. It is still a big privilege to be here.

TMN: You have played at the largest festivals, all over the world, where does Ultra/WMC rank amongst some of the other festivals?

Chad: That’s a good question. It is definitely one of the biggest in the world. I would put it in the top 5. I don’t know that I would necessarily rank Ultra as the number one right now; I think it might be EDC Las Vegas from an artist perspective not a fans perspective. And I say that because the amount of technology and production those guys bring in, not only with the LED walls and the sound and stage setup but also people dropping in on freaking airplanes, all the artwork they bring in from other artists, the choreographed dancers, and production and shows that goes on. It is just bigger because of the amount of space that they have. Last night we saw Ultra’s main stage and it was pretty kickass! So they did make some movement in that.

The US has Electric Zoo, EDC, ULTRA, Nocturnal and Beyond Wonderland, and they all huge festivals but there are also a lot of big festivals throughout the world like Tomorrowland and Sensation, Creamfields and Stereosonic, they all have their places too. Since we are in Miami right now and Dave and I are US guys, we are all about reppin’ the US and what a better time to do it than now. The US is THE market to play now and so many artists want to break this market so for us being from the States and being able to play all the festivals, college shows and club night, it is really good. We are completely blessed in that sense.

TMN: How do you feel about the communal feeling in Miami with electronic in general? Meeting people that you have collaborated with and talked via email and twitter.

Dave: It is very communal. Like I was saying, we are always looking forward to meeting artists and promoters and club owners and all kinds of people, it is a really cool event just for that. It is after all a conference.

Chad: You talk to people on twitter, you are supporting their tracks year round and you finally get to see Tommie Trash, Wolfgang, Andrew Bayer or Mat Zo or whoever, it doesn’t matter who they are, it is just good to finally say “oh There are those guys”, you catch up for a minute and you move along.

You also get to meet people that maybe you have not heard of. And things that you have not necessarily you thought about, publishing companies, different management team label owns and stuff like that. It’s great to see who are the people behind the artist that are sort of making moves at the moment.

TMN: You guys just released “Bullet that saved me” talk to us about how the production came along.

Dave: With all of our production we always try to aim for something new, we like to be fresh with our music. We want to learn, we want to grow, we want to expand and it really began with that, just trying to be unique. Get a good vocal on it, make something with a great tune and just make it playable and fun.
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[MP3 Playlist] The Chill Dojo #29

chill dojo

So in case you didn’t know, Ultra was this weekend. If you’re reading this post on Sunday, it’s more than likely that you’re not there. If so, you have two options:

1. Continue to check your Facebook news feed and feel immense jealousy for your friends that are there and regret that you are not there.

2. Throw away your phone for the day, sit back, and relax to this ultra chill playlist instead.

If you’re still reading, congrats on picking option number two. Your prize is gracing your ears with standout track of the week, the smoothest remix of ‘Suit & Tie’ courtesy of Aussie beatmaker Ta-Ku. Funky beats and groovy synths will put all thoughts of raging festivals out of your mind, and make you wonder why JT never took this direction with the original to begin with. And while your mind is wandering away, make sure to soak up the next few serene selections, including a summer-infused Goldroom classic from Wax Nostalgic, and a slice of aural paradise from Swiss producer Dinka’s latest Closer EP. Rameses B hits us with some gorgeous liquid dnb, while Sizzlebird again showcases another beautiful feature, ‘Life Eclipse’ from his forthcoming Alive EP, which is sure to contain many more like it. Fellow UK dojo favourite, Maths Times Joy also previewed his stunning remix of DrDr, which blends those stunning vocals with magical swirling pads to perfection. There’s also some fresh trap reworks of big name tracks from Flume and Ellie Goulding, as well as plenty of unique beats to vibe to as always.

So forget about what everyone else is doing and whatever is going on at this point in time in the world. You’re hear now, so just enjoy the moment. Peace out.

Chill Dojo #29 zip

Justin Timberlake
Suit & Tie (Ta ku Remix)
Sweetness Alive (Wax Nostalgic Remix)
Take Me
Style Of Eye
Norway feat. Bessem
Spring Valley (Original Mix).mp3
Rameses B
Meaning Of Life
Life Eclipse
Addicted (Maths Time Joy Remix).mp3
Sleepless (The Ninetys Remix)
Ellie Goulding
Hanging On (Lex Supreme x Quality Remix)
Laura Mvula
She (Eagles For Hands Remix)
Major Lazer
Get Free feat. Amber Coffman (Blood Diamonds Remix)
Grooving on for Miles(ZurichTakes beat2)
Never Felt Real
Time To Move On (Breakout EP)
Looking Forward To
Greyhat & Finn
Wouldnt It Be Good If It Was True (ENiGMA Dubz Mix)
nExow & JacM
CMA & nExow
Lost Dreams

3 Days (Saux Remix)
Ra Ra Riot
When I Dream (Pacific Air Remix)
Comet (feat. BeuKes)
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[ULTRA EXCLUSIVE] Thomas Gold Interview

thomas gold
Thomas Gold
Thomas Gold Presents Fanfare Episode 38

Thomas Gold, the German producer and International superstar that needs no introduction, is also one of the nicest guys we have come across. We were able to catch up with him at WALL and ask him about his expectations for Ultra, his musical upbringing and what is coming out for 2013.

TMN: Thomas! Thank you so much for sitting down with us tonight. We’re excited to see your set here at WALL. First off, talk to us about what the energy and vibe is like in Miami for both UMF and WMC.

I have not been to Ultra yet, I am going tomorrow, but as far as I can see, it is amazing again this year. You can really see it filling up. We arrived here on Thursday night and it was still a little bit quite but you could feel that there was something going on. On Friday all the people came in and now you can see it is busy here, it is busy at the pool area, on the streets, traffic jams everywhere! I am super excited happy. I played at Space last night and it was a great night, so much fun. I am really looking forward to the next days.

TMN: We know you tend to go on pretty long extended tours, how do you handling time between performing and producing?

Actually I try to but I am not really handling it well at the moment, I must admit. I am still trying to because I am traveling a lot and it is hard to find a quiet, long period of time to really get into it and switch your brain to the music and dive into it.

So, of course I do a lot of stuff on my laptop and on the plane, at the airport and in the hotels. I have a keyboard with me so I can play melodies and chords, but it is super different from being in a real studio with speakers because on headphones it always sounds different; you don’t feel the music you just hear it. I prefer to be in a proper studio with a nice sound system. I have been touring a lot in the past months and mostly outside Europe so that means I don’t have much time to spend on the studio.
I was touring Europe for the last few weeks and in between the shows on the weekend I can go home to Berlin in my studio, so that means I had a little bit of time but still there was still so much other stuff to do. I am actually taking a couple of days off after Miami just to be in the studio and I am really hoping about getting this stuff done. I am working on my next single and it is just an issue of timing.

TMN: It there any food or drink item that you bring from home that you have to have with you while you are on the road.

No I just bring my instant coffee pack with me [laughs] So that is the only thing I bring and I am glad I have not had any problems through customs. [laughs]

TMN: Is there anything you look forward to when you are touring through American that you like? A certain food or drink?

Yes I love the steakhouses and I love sushi. There are a couple of really nice places in Miami and New York. I just love the food here.

TMN: You’ve played at the largest festivals, venues, and clubs all over the world. Are there any that stand out above the rest? Continue reading

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