Free n Losh – A World Within EP + Exclusive Interview


Like the colorful imagination of a young child, Free N Losh are uninhibited by any societal musical expectations or norms. Allowing their creativity to shine through, these two have created a daydreamers’ fantasy, illustrating what a lot of us hear as we’re careening through the thoughts that make us warm ‘n fuzzy.

This latest EP is even more imaginative and dreamlike than anything we’ve heard from them previously. Of course you’re already familiar with “What We’ll See,” from our earlier post on it. And while it has some chillstep inspired smooth rolling basslines, in “The World Within,” we’re offered up something quite different. This tune, heavily rooted in classic jazz, focused highly on the combination of different instrumental sampling. Despite the fluttering synths layered into it, you can actually still picture listening to this in a darkened jazz club. You quickly forget that you’re listening to a form of electronica.

“Spaceships vs Submarines” probably resembles what we’re used to in mainstream EDM, with lasers, carefully placed vocal samples and some trap style synths. However, the progression of the song is anything but, as it curves away from the big bass and into a drum and bass style breakdown. Finally we’re left with our personal favorite on the EP: “Open Your Eyes”.

I grew up on the Temptations. My mom always leaned away from rock and roll, and leaned towards soul, RnB and eventually disco. So, hearing this silky smooth interpretation really took me to another place. It’s so natural, undemanding and meticulously put together. This track is the epitome of how I see Free n Losh.

After sampling this EP on repeat, we reached out to ask some questions to this Toronto based duo. From the early days, to what’s in store next, check out what they had to say.

Free n Losh
Close Your Eyes (Intro)
Free n Losh
What Well See
Free n Losh
The World Within
Free n Losh
Spaceships vs. Submarines
Free n Losh
Open Your Eyes

TMN: Hey guys, thanks so much for taking some time to sit down with us. First off, talk to us about how this project came to be. When did you two come together to form Free n Losh?

Free: We met up at university through mutual friends. I stopped by Losh’s room with my buddy who knew him and when I walked in I saw Big L and Pharcyde posters and we got to talking…

Losh: Free had been producing already for a couple years when we met and when I told him I always wanted to give it a shot, he encouraged me to try it out. So I did, and I got addicted to it. It all grew from there.

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[Garage Band Grown-Up] She Might Bite – The Key

She Might Bite
She Might Bite
The Key

There’s a little bit of filth, and a little bit of punk, don’t forget the blues sound and oh yeah, the garage rock roughness. All of those words have been used to describe Tara Kimes voice and her band She Might Bite. Started in 2011 the band has gone through a few member changes but has continued to keep the wonderful sound that fans know and admire. Kimes voice is thick and a little rough around the edges but full of life and intensity. Off their upcoming EP out October 27th, “Don’t Entertain”, they released “The Key” a song full of beautiful guitar melodies and stunning vocals by Kimes mixed in with percussion. Add in a dusting of tambourine and Kime’s Lotetta Lynn sound carries this wonderful song.

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Smoko Ono – Pass The Flame (Feat. Jarred A.G., Saba & Sterling Hayes) [TMN PREMIERE]

Pass The Flame
Smoko Ono
Pass The Flame ft. Jarred A.G. x Saba x Sterling Hayes

Yesterday I mentioned how we couldn’t get enough of the Chicago hip-hop scene, and today we have yet another prime example why. Last we heard from Smoko Ono, he was teaming up with his big brother Jarred A.G. to produce the psychedelic heater, “So I Go.” The duo collaborate once again for a satisfyingly gritty cut alongside fellow Chitown residents, Saba and Sterling Hayes. “Pass The Flame” lives up to its title, as the triumvirate exchange scorching verses potent enough to make Smokey The Bear shoot a new PSA about the dangers of playing with fire. The single promises to be the first of many bangers from Smoko’s upcoming compilation, Smoko and Friends, due out early next year.

(Artwork by JC Rivera)

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Digital Farm Animals – Buggin’ ft. Tyson [TMN Premiere]

Digital Farm Animals
Buggin' Feat Tyson

With only the third single to his name which rounds out a brief extended play entitled Bugged Out, London’s Digital Farm Animals has already put together quite the impressive group of tracks. Fusing the stylings of synth-pop, nu-wave, house and a solid sprinkling of pop influenced instrumentation, DFA quickly slid onto our radar, and has remained near the top of our ‘artists to watch’ in 2013. The latest effort “Buggin'”, featuring the vocal stylings of Tyson, finds the young producer tackling a much more club-centered dancefloor vibe, pumped up by very retro and 80’s leaning synthesizers  and a glittery kick-drum. Now that we’ve had the chance to feature all three tracks from Bugged Out over the last few months, including “Adore You” and “Bad Idea” as well as a revealing personal interview, it’s your turn to take our advice to go ahead and download the entire EP for the hefty price of one “Facebook Like” (which you can complete here) and start getting your Digital Farm Animals on.

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[MP3 Playlist} Indie Dojo (September 2013 Round #4)



In a music lull? Yeah, it happens to the best of us. Even though we are constantly inundated with new music at every moment, we damn well know quantity does not equal quality. But no need to fret, being the ninjas we are we like to scour around the internets looking for that one new song to reignite your dying flame. And if not this week, try again next week. Our persistence is bound to pay off at some point…..


Ciaran Lavery
Awful Love
Daniel James
A Lonely Man
Super Food
Carpet Burns
Dog Is Dead
Get Low
Joshua Burnside
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[Festival House] DVBBS & Borgeous – Tsunami (Ahzee Remix)

DVBBS & Borgeous
Tsunami(Ahzee Remix)

Our favorite, up-and-coming New Yorker is back at it again. This time around he stayed true to form, choosing to tackle one of the biggest tracks in EDM at the moment. “Tsunami,” by way of DVBBS and Borgeous, lit up festivals and the blogosphere in a matter of days, with it’s larger than life, anthemic structure. Ahzee has done the track justice, paying homage to the original and putting his own spin on it at the same time.

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Skylab Chats with Morgan Page [TMN EXCLUSIVE]

Morgan Page
In The Air

Morgan Page is one of those household EDM names that you can’t help but get excited about. With a long list of impressive releases and sets at every major night club and festival, an interview with this storied producer is always something to look forward to. As the imposing Skylab party launched in Denver just a few weeks ago, we were happy to take a moment to sit down with the Vermont native before his insane 3D set up.

TMN: Hey Morgan! Thanks for taking some time to sit down with us today. Welcome to the Mile High City, a place you’re very familiar with. Your set at Red Rocks two years ago was definitely one of our favorites!

MP: Awesome. Thanks a lot.

TMN: Alright, let’s talk about the elephant in the room. You brought with you a 3D visual system for your set tonight, something you just started playing with recently. Explain what exactly it is, and what brought it about.

MP: Basically I wanted to do something different than everyone else was doing. No DJ has brought hi res 3D LED wall on tour. Primus has brought a wall, so one band has done it. But we heard about it and thought, “this could be a really cool vehicle to express the songs, use it with lyrics, immersive landscapes.” I wanted to take the music to another level. And it’s crazy because it might change the way I compose music. It’s like a festival at an IMAX.

TMN: This tour you’re in the midst over spans 55 cities across North America. That’s a pretty daunting number. How do you prepare yourself from being away from home for that long?

MP: Ignorance (laughs). I don’t know. I’ve never done a bus tour before, of any size, so there’s been lots of fights. It’s very different. You go to bed, you wake up in the next city. I prepared as much as I could, but it’s the only way to bring the 3D wall, merch and production out.

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