[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (October 2012 Round #1)

Change is in the air as the transition from the hot and sweaty Summer to the cool and crisp Fall begins. And as much as we like to keep the Indie Dojo constant, every Tuesday comes a list of songs that are hand picked from previous days of searching the interwebs, we are going to roll with the leaves and try a little change ourselves. Although searching for songs to grace your loyal ears is one of the most rewarding hobbies around, it feels as if there are a million katrillion more wonderful songs we might be missing out on. So here’s the change a coming. If you think you or someone else has got the last puzzle piece to complete a week of the indie/folk theme of the Dojo, send it on over to allegra@themusicninja(dot)com and it will be auditioned for the part. The only condition is, there will be no promises your submissions will make it in. Think of it as a game of sharing with no expectations. Just a little change for the greater good of amazing, unheard music.

Download Zip: Indie Dojo [Mediafire]

Night Panther
Mind Enterprises
Summer War
The Sea and Cake
Gardens & Villas
Orange Blossom
Tu Fawning
To Kill A King




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[Massive] Kill The Noise & Feed Me – Thumbs Up (For Rock And Roll)

Did someone say Kill The Noise and Feed Me on the same track? Why make insane tunes by yourself when you can just team up with one of the other biggest names in the game. This is a collab for the record books featuring a hilarious sample from a little boy giving us speech to get you fired up for some brain scrambling filth from these two A-Listers. Both of their sounds complement each other perfectly delivering an extremely satisfying mix. The melody they use in the transitions is nothing short of amazing with monstrous synth work that grab you throughout the entire song. Turn this one up and enjoy this collab from these two bass gods. Cheers.

Kill The Noise & Feed Me
Thumbs Up (For Rock & Roll)
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[MP3 Playlist] The Trap Dojo: Volume #7

The Trap Dojo is here once again to take over the world, infusing everything we can with 808s and snares. Forget about cowbells, we need more gunshots.

Oh Snap!! hits us first with “Watup Bitch” an absolute club banger that could make any dance floor go crazy, love the 90′s vibe coming off Flygirls vocals. No word on when this one is coming out though. “Flex” by Solice starts off with a dance beat to keep those feet moving but comes out of nowhere (just like Solace did) with a huge haunting bass drop. CRNKN has been on such a massive roll lately and brings us two new tracks this week. Both are simply oozing with gangster swag and filled to the brim with gunshots and heavy beats and hooks. Dupstep pioneer Caspa remixed this Ludacris track way back in 2010. It didn’t get much attention or an official release then, but was just put back up for free on his Soundcloud this week. Up next are a couple sounds by OG Status, definitely a group to keep an eye on. The rest of the list is hit after hit, with ETC!ETC!, Brillz, TrapZillas and Big Chocolate  all going hard. Godmode get dark with their own brand of “Satanic Trap,” and Baauer shows his incredible diversity and ability to produce hype anthems as well as tracks like this remix of Brick + Mortar. 

As usual, we’ve been nice enough to do all the work for you and give you all the free tracks RIGHT HERE.

Watup Bitch ft. Flygirl Tee (Oh Snap!! Trap Remix)
Expendable Youth & CRNKN
How Low (Caspa Remix)
Seven Figures
Brillz, ETC!ETC! & Smile Future
Represent Your City
Danny Brown
Lie4 (Kaytradamus Remix)
HULK (Buzz Trillington † Shooter McNappin bootleg) DL in description
Blue Milk
Zeds Dead & Omar Linx
Cowboy (Young Mush TRAP$TEP Remix)
Drippin (Flight Facilities X Adventure Club)
Brick + Mortar
Move to the Ocean (Baauer Remix)
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[Experimental] SBTRKT – Terminal

We haven’t heard too much from the innovative U.K. based producer SBTRKT since his debut self-titled album inspired awe among both fans and critics last year. Although SBTRKT is often placed in the EDM genre, his experimentation with bass and unique percussion truly separates him from his colleagues. His latest track, “Terminal,” perfectly embodies the masked artist’s style drawing the listener in with an addicting and evolving loop that warps for just a second creating a sort of anxiety for its return. Despite the low-key feel, you will find it difficult to resist a bouncy head nod induced by this original creation. Check it below!

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[NEW] Sufjan Stevens – Christmas Unicorn

It’s not quite Christmas, or even Halloween, but it sure feels like it thanks to Sufjan Stevens. Today, it was announced that he will be releasing a second holiday-themed box set on November 13th via Asthmatic Kitty called Silver & Gold: Songs For Christmas. Much like his 2006 Songs For Christmas, it will feature an epic number of covers and original tracks. How epic? The new release is equivalent to five EPs recorded between 2006-2010. In addition to the usual Sufjan signature sound, he will be joined by other contemporaries, such as The National‘s Aaron and Bryce Dessner, Arcade Fire‘s Richard Reed Parry, Cat Martino and more. As if all this wasn’t enough, the box set will also include stickers, lyric sheets, posters, temporary tattoos and more! AND to hold us over, Sufjan graced us with a 12-minute song called “Christmas Unicorn.” Check it out below. The guy knows how to give a gift, huh?

For more information on Silver & Gold: Songs For Christmas, including how to pre-order it, visit his website.

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[Indie Rock] Swim Deep – Honey

Hailing from the UK, indie rock four-piece Swim Deep first caught my eye with their surfy anthem “King City,” but have permanently made me a fan with “Honey,” their latest single and first release since signing with Chess Club Records. As its title implies, it’s a sugary, synth-tinged tune perfect for laid back hangouts, especially as the cooing chorus kicks in: “Don’t just dream in your sleep, it’s just lazy. Are we having fun? Or are we daze-y? Oooh, baby.” Stream both tracks below and don’t forget to check out the new fun and colorful video for “Honey” here.

Swim Deep

Swim Deep
King City
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Beast Patrol – Plaster (Video)

beast patrol plaster

In this new David Lynch-inspired music video for “Plaster,” Brooklyn’s Beast Patrol roll out a psychedelic, dream-like sequence that prescribes the idea: Let’s just get weird out in the woods! And they proceed to do so while riding motorcycles in scary masks, conducting late-night dance rituals and playing music in a blurry haze. But the Phil Knott-directed visuals, how ever odd, totally match the song’s delicious fuzzy-pop quality and singer/guitarist Vanessa Bley’s hypnotizing voice. Grab the single below for free!

“Plaster” is off Beast Patrol’s latest EP, Fierce & Grateful, out now on the band’s own Space Camp Radio Records.

Beast Patrol
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