[TMN Exclusive Interview] Talking Music, Performance and Brotherhood with The Bots


The Bots
All I Really Want

With every generation comes a new wave of artists who, while often influenced by their predecessors, push music forward reflecting the collective consciousness of their time. Mikaiah and Anaiah Lei, 21 and 17 respectively, are certainly representatives of this emerging class but, considering how long the duo has been making music as The Bots, they’ve got a solid head start on most of their peers. The LA-bred brothers recorded their first album nearly 6 years ago and have been rocking the festival circuit, starting with appearances on Warped Tour, ever since.

Musically, The Bots brand of rock is certainly a product of some of the great musicians of the past ranging from punk’s roots to contemporary icons in the genre. In fact, they’ve seemingly followed a chronological trajectory of the genre, fusing styles and injecting their unique twist along the way. In mastering the craft of those that came before them, The Bots have truly found their artistic identity and are poised to make an impact with their forthcoming album, Pink Palms, which will be released on October 14th via Fader Label.

We had a chance to catch up with the promising band at this year’s Outside Lands finding the brothers, as we expected, to exude an aura of youthful creativity. Check the conversation below, stream the first single from Pink Palms above and, if you’re digging it, grab the track on iTunes as well.

TMN: When did you first start listening to music and what was the first artist that you really got into?

Mikaiah: Our parents showed us a lot of good oldies and reggae growing up. I was listening to a lot of MTV stuff so that was, at the time, NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, Avril Lavigne, Green Day

Anaiah: Do you even know a Backstreet Boys album?

Mikaiah: No, but that’s what I listened to!

Anaiah: I liked a lot of Reggae and Punk Rock music.

Mikaiah: Commercial radio and stuff like that was what I was into, but then I grew up. After the punk thing, I was like, okay, this is real cool music. I started weeding through all the other types of music and figuring out what I really liked. As I grew a bit older, I realized I shouldn’t be so worried about what people think if I like Madonna or whatever. I listen to everything now, but back then it was a lot of Reggae and Oldies. When we came to a certain age, our father introduced more 80s hard core. It was a lot of Black Flag. Also, Rock ’n Roll like Ramones and, everything more classic, like Led Zeppelin and ACDC—it was punk and then all the rock bands. That’s when we found out what we really like. We like rock music. Anaiah listens to a bunch of stuff, I listen to a bunch of stuff. We share music and that’s how we keep things interesting in the band itself when writing. Continue reading

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[Electronica] James Blake – 200 Press

James Blake
200 Press

After his last album, James Blake has stayed relatively quiet during summer. But we are very excited to present to you all his brand new track titled “200 Press”, because according to Mr. Blake, “only 200 are going to be pressed up”.

James Blake released this track during a radio residency session with BBC Radio 1. If you’re a James Blake fan, you probably already know about his exquisite skill set of using loops. Like many of his other songs, he takes this vocal sample and builds it up with unique beats and his occasional vocals. This song is based on this sample that goes “Gather ’round the beat like campfire…”, and with his quirky input into the beat, it turns into this creepy, mysterious and futuristic tune. It’s almost like he’s building a snowman from scratch, but it turns out to be looking like a scarecrow (excuse the excessive imagination).

This song could be a good preview to whatever Sir James got in store for us. Needless to say, we really like where he is going with his music.

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[Secret Ninja Pass] This Week at Beta 8/28 – 8/30


Alright, ninjas. We’ve been hooking you up with free entry to Beta over the past year. We know you’ve have some epic times, catching some of the most legendary talent EDM has to offer, and we’re on board to keep this thing going. So, we’re once again giving you an opportunity to check out the best night club in North America for free. What all do you have to do to get in? It’s pretty damn easy. Just follow these steps:

– Head to the front door and enter the club before 11 pm
– Show this post to the cashier (Valid for 21+ only)

That’s it! Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it’s not. Head to Beta and see for yourself.

Maor Levi + Oliver Smith - Aug 28
’Coldplay – The Escapist (Maor Levi’s Starlight Mix)’

Mt. Eden - August 29
’Mt Eden & Reign Ft. Diaz Grimm – Hash Tag It (OUT NOW)’

Amine Edge and Dance - August
’Amine Edge & DANCE Feat. O.D. Flash, Roach Gigz & Kreayshawn – Pussy Magnet (Original Mix)’
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Keys N Krates on their new EP, their influences, and Ligers [TMN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Keys N Krates
Are We Faded

TMN: Hey Guys! Thank you for taking some time to sit down with us today. First off, let’s talk about the EP, which is due out September 23rd. What can people come to expect from Every Nite?

Matisse: Weird rap beats that are emotional but still warrant a dance party. Pitched up vocals, morphed samples, synths, bangin rap drums.

TMN: Following up on that, is this EP more of a concept piece, or a collection of songs? Do you envision people listening from song one to the finish, or shuffling it up a bit?

Flo: Yes definitely! We set out to make a sort of mini-album that has some interludes and is a good listen all the way through as opposed to just some cool tracks thrown together. The whole thing is meant to capture the vibe of the night. With regards to how ppl listen to it, we know that’s sort of out of our control, but we hope ppl take it in as the entire ep.

TMN: You just released the first single, “Are We Faded,” which is an absolutely monstrous tune, which focuses highly on a beautiful combination of melodic synths, future bass, and expert vocal sampling. Where did the inspiration come from on this particular song?

Tune: We wanted to make something bangin and beautiful sounding at the same time. We also wanted it to sound optimistic and summer-ish, as the rest of the ep is quite a bit darker. We definitely took some influence from guys like Nadus, Cashmere Cat, Lido, Waveracer and Minnesota on this one cause those guys are all so great with pad synths and emotional chords.

TMN: You guys flexed your musical muscle with a diverse blend of styles in this EP. How did that come to be? Did you intentionally set out to cover different styles music, or did it just flow naturally in the production?
Continue reading

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[Chill House] LANY – ILYSB (Ferdinand Weber Remix)

ILYSB (Ferdinand Weber Remix)

There’s no doubting that the heartfelt original from LANY delivered some unreal emotions and powerful lyrics for the lovesick individual. But for those craving a little more groove to go along with their feels, Ferdinand Weber has bumped things up in that signature chill style we love so much. He may be without his partner in crime Fabich this time, but even without all its parts, there’s no stopping this German machine from producing quality summer vibes for your listening pleasure. The bright leads and bouncing piano melodies would fool you into believing the vocals were always built for a track like this, and that’s the kind of polish that makes for the perfect official remix.

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[House] Richard Vission and NGHTMRE feat. Jackie Boyz – Walking On Sunshine

Richard Vission and NGHTMRE feat. Jackie Boyz
Walking On Sunshine

After a successful hit with his remix of Elliphant & Skrillex’s song, “Only Getting Younger” alongside fellow producer Imanos, it became apparent to us that NGHTMRE has been turning heads from all angles of the industry. We have been keeping a close eye on the Los Angeles producer and have watched his productions progress into something truly unique. Now that we have heard the wide range of sounds this young man has come up with, we have been anxiously awaiting the next anthem to send us right back into festival mode. Well ninjas, we’re here to settle that anxiety with a new tune from NGHTMRE, Richard Vission, and Jackie Boyz in their latest hit, “Walking On Sunshine”.

“Walking On Sunshine” gives you those big clubby breakdowns, piercing futuristic synths, and a bassline heavy enough to take you back to those classic 90’s throwback days of big hair and sassy attitudes. In fact, if we had to describe this song in one word it would be DIVA because it exudes a type of attitude that only a Regina George would understand. So press that play button and go walk on sunshine for a bit because you won’t be able to fight that urge to dance. Make sure to catch this track on Ultra Records on September 2nd!

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[House] Golden Features – Tell Me Ft. Nicole Millar (Bixel Boys Remix)

Golden Features
Tell Me Ft. Nicole Millar (Bixel Boys Remix)

After coming off hot from a sensational performances at EDC Las Vegas, HARD Summer, and most recently, Splash House, the Bixel Boys seem to be an unstoppable force in todays dance music world. The dynamic duo are starting to take the underground house music and bring it out onto the surface for all of us to groove to. “From their more tropical “Love Like This” to the heavier club riser “Black December”, the duo’s production diversity and unique voice stand far above the rest in their class.”

Today we are pleased to present you ninjas with the Bixel Boys’ latest remix of Golden Features’, “Tell Me” which features the lovely vocals from Nicole Millar. From beginning to end, this remix makes you want to hop into a time machine and go back to your favorite festival moments where we did not have a single care in the world. The Bixel Boys stepped their production game up with this project and transformed the original poolside tune into a festival anthem set to tear apart every mainstage for the rest of the year. Without straying too far from the original melody or aggressive vibe, the boys added their signature percussion, some industrial samples, and a well-balanced vocal from Nicole Millar to cohesively bring this song to an entirely new level. Only 4 more days until Friday, so might as well let Bixel Boys help ease you through the rest of your week with a bitchin’ remix to get you on your feet.

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