[Progressive House] Down With Webster – Chills (Shaun Frank Remix)

Down With Webster
Chills (Shaun Frank Remix)

If you’re getting ready to head to bed right now, don’t press play. Actually, do press play. You have it in you to get up and boogie for a couple of minutes before you call it a night.

Originally composed by Down With Webster, whom also reside in Toronto, “Chills” is a pop/hip hop tune that gained quite a bit of attention just six months ago. With an anthemic chorus, one could see why an artist would take on remixing a tune like this.

Torontonian beatsmith Shaun Frank has a crafted a progressive house remix rife with big room bounce, glitchy electro house elements, and a melody that will get stuck in your head for days. Soloing out perfectly timed vocal samples provides this energetic, melodic backdrop with the type of mental associations that occur in some of the catchiest pop songs. It’s because of this, that we’re not only posting this song, but also why we simply can’t stop singing:

They came from you. They came from you
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Eric Sharp & Sir DSS ft. Katxx – And Work! [TMN PREMIERE]

unnamed (1)

We can picture it now: a mysterious warehouse, bass reverberating off the walls and out the singular open door, which has a line of neon lit party-goers anxiously awaiting to get in and start dancing. Yes, Eric Sharp has effectively taken us to an underground party, and we haven’t even left our desk.

This Los Angeles based DJ/Producer not only has the best mustache in the biz, but he’s also one of Vibe’s Top Ten DJs You Should Know By Name. Throwing genre barriers to the wind, Sharp cites musical influences from early Chicago and New York house, giving a mighty nod to the likes of Farley Jackmaster Funk, Green Velvet and Armand Van Helden through his production style.

In his latest release (dropping tomorrow via Love F.A.M.E. Records), Sharp teamed up with Sir DSS and Katxx (owner of the aforementioned label). Comprised of a gloriously industrial soundscape, drippy acid house synths and the obviously suggestive lyrics, this original has all the necessary energy for your late night cravings. Just don’t blame us if you wake up with a wicked hangover from partying till 5AM.

Keep an eye out next week as well, as Sharp has teamed up with Tommie Sunshine’s Brooklyn Fire Records to drop a new original and a remix from Tommie himself.

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[Pop/House] Blonde – Higher Ground (feat. Charli Taft)

Higher Ground (feat. Charli Taft)

Fresh off of web-spanning single “Foolish” which included a stay at #1 in the ‘Popular’ charts on the almighty blog aggregator Hype Machine, consistent play on Radio One and over 1.5 million Soundcloud plays; the Bristol based electronic duo of Adam Englefield and Jacob Manson, more readily accessible as Blonde are back with another single shot in the pop-house revolution, “Higher Ground”. Featuring an ethereal and soaring vocal top line from Liverpool singer/songwriter Charli Taft, “Higher Ground” arrives synchronously with the recent wave of warm weather stateside behind an early 90’s house backbone, sunny synth line and sleek R&B structural sensibility which all culminate to send its listener smack dab in the middle of a figurative sunny rooftop terrace. “Higher Ground” functions as the lead track from an impending EP of the same name due out August 10 through FFRR, and if its supporting tunes remain as pristine and full as Blonde’s last few original production entries, we think it may surely end up as one of those envious crossover records on multiple end-of-year lists in 2014. Blonde is currently getting prepared for a hectic slew of performances during festival season with sets scheduled at Creamfields, Bestival, Wireless and Glastonbury just to name a few, which for our U.K. and proper house fans should incite a little wave of musical euphoria as it did with us ninjas. So in anticipation, check out “Higher Ground” from Blonde above.

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Qtier – Set Me On (Edu Imbernon On Fayer Remix) [TMN EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE]

Set Me On (Edu Imbernon On Fayer Remix)

It’s always tough when you look ahead in your calendar and see four more full days of work ahead of you. It’s time like these we need to dig deep and find some amazing music to get us through the bulk of it. Bourbon also helps, but we certainly don’t encourage that while at work.

Electronic soul outfit Qtier released the sultry “Set On Me” just last month, gaining some significant attention with music lovers all over the world. With a funky, soulful bassline layered with atmospheric elements, sexy vocals and industrial percussion, it was only natural to see some solid remixes loaded up in the queue.

Today we’re offered up Valencia based Edu Imbernon’s remix of this tune, premiered exclusively here on The Music Ninja. In this groovy interpretation, we get a glimpse at some rhythmic cymbal work that provides a dancier feel that the original. Keeping the vocals intact, Imbernon has elevated this tune in tempo while still maintaining the engaging vibe set by Qtier.

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cln – Sideways EP [TMN Premiere]


We here at TMN have come to the conclusion that the Aussie’s know a thing or two about music. Not only have they cultivated their own genre of music (ADM), but they continue to push production towards a more forward thinking level. One such artist that has caught the likes of our attention is 19-year-old Brisbane native, Callan Alexander, or as we know him, cln. After stumbling upon his SoundCloud, we instantly became drawn to his style of music and his ability to capture our attention at the drop of a beat.

Well ninjas, we are extremely happy to announce the premiere of his debut EP, Sideways. The EP contains 5 tracks in which each song tells a story in and of itself through cln’s intricate style of production. Last month he released the lead single, “Better Than”, and received an overwhelming response from people all over the world. We are stoked to have been apart of that particular mass of people to have come across this extremely talented producer and felt the dire need to share his artistry with all of you.

The Sideways EP has spoken something extremely rare to us and coming from a team of experts who have such a dellectable taste in music, there aren’t too many artists at cln’s age that have made us rethink everything about the external world around us like he has. His sound resonates the type of vibe that only the introverted mind can truly wrap their minds around and understand the story that each song tells us. Cln is approaching the classic Aussie style of production in an entirely different way when compared to the big dogs in the game like Flume, What So Not, L D R U, Kilter, Yahtzel, and many more. In all honesty, cln has the knowledge, the skills, and the emotive tie to music that sets him apart from these guys and we could not be any more excited for what he has in store for us now that his career is taking off.

So before you press play and zone out into a new dimension of thought, we suggest that you go sit outside and soak in the ray of sunshine that permeates every barrier that lie within you. Let the entirety of this EP take you on a journey towards a more elevated state of mind and feel each song in their organic form. We promise you’ll come back to reality with clarity, peace, and a rejuvenated soul to get you through the rest of the week. So as we welcome all of you music fanatics to the enchanting side of the world, just know that we wouldn’t want to introduce you to this side of the spectrum with anyone else but cln. Cheers, ninjas!

Better Than
What You Said
Golden Vessel
Stairwell (cln Remix)
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (June 2014 Round #4)


It’s Tuesday morning. It’s almost summer. It’s time for an Indie Dojo.

Overcome feat. Potato Potato
Jack + Eliza
Hold The Line
Bootleg Rascal
The Code
Nouv Shy
Henrik José
Fallacy (Exclusive)


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[MP3 Playlist] The Chill Dojo #89

chill dojo

Usually when we write about young talent in this era of music, we focus on the wave of teen producers and their knack for fresh sounds, but let’s not forget that there are those of similar age who are just as capable of wowing us with their voice. 13 year-old Jasmine Thompson is one of these artists, and her arsenal of beautiful song covers on her Soundcloud will prove that she’s no one-hit-wonder. Self-declared ’emotional’ producer Addal recognized the potential in these vocals as well, and with a little magic touch the feels on this Ed Sheeran cover have been escalated to powerful levels. And speaking of feels, 21 year old UK producer Samuel boasts a formidable array of tropical remixes that will hit you straight in the sweet spot. We were so impressed and overcome at the same time, we needed to share 5 of them in this week’s playlist so you could feel the same kind of way. Porter Robinson’s ‘Sad Machine’ had a similar effect when we first heard it, and this liquid interpretation from Tut Tut Child incorporates that power into an invigorating burst of DnB goodness, made all the more sweeter by that glorious atmosphere. We’ve said time and time again that genres don’t matter when we stay in touch with how the music makes us feel. That’s why we can move straight into this progressive house gem from Bobby Green without a second thought, because underneath that swinging groove is a vibe that’s undeniably chill. Next up is a dose of golden summer sounds from German group MYNGA, who team up with Cosmo Klein for a track that’s bursting with feel-good sensations ready to fuel all your sun-soaked moments this year. The addition of sax is always a winner with us, and its use here caps off one stellar production. We end the write-up with another track written with the sun very much in mind, as NY’s The Golden Pony breathe new life into another classic courtesy of their signature laid-back funk. Whether it’s sunup or sundown, this kind of music won’t fail to hypnotize a crowd into grooving along to its infectious rhythm.

Another big week for the playlist, and we’re pretty confident you’ll be feelin it too. Peace out.

Chill Dojo #89 zip

I See Fire (Feat. Jasmine Thompson)

Acoustic Cuts
Show Me Love (Samuel Remix)

Gabrielle Aplin
Mountains (Samuel Remix)

Rachel Christina
Say Goodbye (Samuel Remix)

The Weeknd
Devil May Cry (Samuel Remix)

Circles (Samuel Remix)

Porter Robinson
Sad Machine (Tut Tut Child Remix)

Bobby Green
Changing Me (feat. Sean Michael Murray)

MYNGA feat. Cosmo Klein
Back Home (Original Mix)

The Grateful Dead
Casey Jones (The Golden Pony Golden Classics Remix)

Gorgon City
Here For You ft. Laura Welsh (GRMM Remix)


You Know Me

Baby Bash
Suga Suga (Royal Refix)

Rob ez
Trill Waves

Pokemon RSE
Title Screen (Rob ez Remix)

Feel U

Freaky Frog
Right There

Leisurely Lion


Cashmere Cat
Mirror Maru (Katuchat Remix)


G Unit
Stunt 101 (Cookin Soul remix)

Chet Faker
Talk Is Cheap (Kaytranada Flip)

Fall In Love Too Fast (Exmag Remix)

Mark Tarmonea
So Berlin (Freddy Verano Radio Edit)

Julian Perretta
Wildfire (Anoraak radio remix)

Parov Stelar
The Sun Feat. Graham Candy (LCAW Remix)

James Bay
Hear Your Heart (Tontario Edit)

Neptune Safari
The Edge Of Night


The Knocks
Modern Hearts Feat. St. Lucia (Dynamique Remix)

Mix Chopin
T.U.I.L. ft Courtney

Flight Facilities
Crave You (Le Croquant & Antis Remix)

José González
Crosses (Midliife Remix)

Starships & Galaxies

Evil Needle & Sivey
Constructive Interference

Dirty Chocolate
The Peak

InTheAir(Love Is)

dream beach
Heart Tones

All This Love

Ongoing Thing


50 Cent
in da club... (SILK PANGEA remix)




Blue In Green (DIVERSA Flip)

Tsubakis Room. (subdaio edit)

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