[Remix] Kanye West x Chromatics – Lady High (Carlos Serrano Mix)

San Diego based producer/mash-up artist Carlos Serrano blessed us a few days ago with an awesome take on Kanye West‘s “Get ‘ Em High,” featuring the Chromatic‘s “Lady” as the backdrop. Using the remix-friendly throwback Yeezy vocals, Serrano manages to completely transform the feel of the original with the steadily climbing instrumental and beautiful chorus of the Chromatic’s Ruth Radelet.

Give this creative mix a listen and download below and make sure to also check out Serrano’s awesome Kanye x Washed Out mash-up, “Diamonds From Far Away,” which is included as well. If you’re feeling the tracks, make sure to head over to his SoundCloud for plenty more cool music and free downloads.

Kanye West vs. Chromatics
Lady High (Carlos Serrano Mix)
Kanye West vs. Washed Out
Diamonds From Far Away (Carlos Serrano Mix)
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[Indie Pop] Furns – Love Aches

When the chaos in our lives needs some desperate untangling, we should thank our stars for bands like Copenhagen’s Furns. This new girl-boy duo make lush, dreamy indie pop that hits the spot. Take for example their latest single “Love Aches” — it’s soothing, moving and enthralling, despite its low-key status and simplicity. It puts you at ease, embracing you until you start to feel like you’re floating away. The strikingly lovely and powerful vocals possess a texture that calls to mind a cross between Florence Welch and Cat Power. Listen to “Love Aches” below, along with two bonuses: “Power” and a preview of a new song called “Go”.

“Love Aches” is out now on Lilystar Records. A debut full-length is expected in 2013.

Love Aches (Out now on Lilystars Records)



Go (Preview)
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[Chill] Broke For Free – The Gold Lining

California musician Tom Cascino, who plays under the moniker Broke For Free, makes fresh and dreamy chillwave. His latest track “The Gold Lining,” full of ambient and sunny textures, is the perfect example. Though it’s mostly a weaving 5-minute instrumental number with barely audible vocals/noises blurring in the background, its relaxing feel-good vibes will leave you swimming in bliss. Download it for free!

Broke For Free
The Gold Lining

Check out more music from Broke For Free, including his latest album Leaf which he’s giving away, on his Bandcamp page.

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[Indie] Plum – Fade To Dust

The trio Plum — made up of Evan Roman, Jeff Mackey, and Sean How — have been around the music scene for a couple of years now. They put out their first EP in 2010 and have since followed up with Lullaby. The band explains that their most recent release was “created to give comfort to those in need” and after giving Lullaby a listen, that statement rings true. The minimalism of “Fade To Dust” just works. Simple piano and guitar chords coupled with Roman’s raw, yet silky-smooth vocals serve as a great pop ballad. Overall, Lullaby has you feeling all sorts of sadness at first, but ultimately leaves you on hopeful note.

Fade to Dust

Check out the rest of Plum’s EP, Lullaby on Bandcamp.

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Bat For Lashes – All Your Gold (Video)


Natasha Khan, AKA Bat For Lashes, released a new video for her latest single “All Your Gold”. Directed by Noel Paul — who also worked on the visuals for “Laura” — it is basic in theory: black-and-white scheme, beach scene, camera focus on Khan. But for whatever reason, whether it’s Khan’s captivating nature, the song’s allure, or maybe we just really like beaches, we can’t help but watch and hit repeat over and over.

Bat For Lashes forthcoming album, The Haunted Man, comes out October 23rd on Capitol.

Bat For Lashes
All Your Gold
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Alabama Shakes – I Ain’t The Same (Video)


As an obsessive music fan and “journalist,” I often wonder how some acts literally blow the fuck up, skyrocketing from buzz band status to “Top 10 Of the Year” lists in what feels like a matter of months. Sometimes this kind of trajectory is built on hype and hype alone, but that’s certainly not the case here with Alabama Shakes. Packed with style and soul swagger — not to mention just great songwriting skills — the Alabama indie rock band’s got all the talent to back up each and every one of its praises. Their newest video for “I Ain’t The Same” plays it cool and gets back to the basics: showin’ off the group’s performance chops.

Alabama Shakes’ album Boys & Girls is out now on ATO Records.

Alabama Shakes
I Aint the Same
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[Snippet] Chuckie & Junxterjack – Make Some Noise

It is about time Chuckie shows some light at the end of the tunnel. For way too long this tune tune has only been dropped live so, Chuckie and Junxterjack, thank you for sharing this little teaser. “Make Some Noise” starts off with some grimey and insane Electro, featuring some anthem-worthy samples. The drop is similar to other dance floor anthems such as “Atom” and “Epic” with a hard hitting bass line that is unreal live. Two minutes is barely enough but should hold you over for now. Cheers.

Chuckie & Junxterjack
Make Some Noise (Snippet)

Release date is October 22nd via Big Beat.

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