[Indie] Benjamin Gibbard – Something’s Rattling (Cowpoke)

Just when you thought Benjamin Gibbard would be filling his forthcoming first solo album with typical Death Cab For Cutie-esque music, he goes and releases a track like this. Previously dropped single “Teardrop Windows” — which we featured here not too long ago — could have fit nicely on DCFC’s Plans or Transatlanticism, but “Something’s Rattling (Cowpoke)” has an entirely different vibe. Think melancholy pop backed by wistful strings and mariachi-inspired horns à la bands like Beirut or Devotchka. It’s a nice little tune and one that shows off Gibbard’s versatility and range.

Former Lives comes out October 16th via Barsuk.

Benjamin Gibbard
Somethings Rattling (Cowpoke)
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[Throwback] The Elwins – Stuck in the Middle

Ontario based indie quartet, The Elwins, have already gained some attention, but unfortunately not from us. Well, that ends today! We’re pleased to bring you “Stuck in the Middle,” which came out about 6 months ago. Yes, we are a little behind in getting this to you, but, better late than never!

This track is a smile inducing, dancy, poppy, ray of sunshine that is reminicisnt of styles of the 60′s mixed with modern day indie rock goodness. Press play, swing your head back and forth, and have a good time.

Stuck In The Middle
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[NEW] Kid Cudi – King Wizard (Prod. Kid Cudi)

Over the summer, Cleveland’s Kid Cudi announced his upcoming project, Indicud, and gave his fans a reason for optimism with an anthem of a first single. This evening, he brings us the second glimpse into the project with “King Wizard.” Once again showing off his production chops, the moon man creates a simple, but effective, synth melody over which he delivers a confident chanting chorus with his highly expressive voice. He then proceeds to deliver several strong verses, assuring the listener that, despite a brief hiatus from hip-hop, the introspective rapping Cudi hasn’t gone anywhere.

Yesterday, “King Kendrick” was born and today we hear from “King Wizard” in what has already been an awesome week for hip-hop. Indicud is due out later this year and, with two solid releases, may be what many loyal fans have been waiting for. Stream and download this new cut below and let the speculation begin!

Kid Cudi
King Wizard (Prod. By Kid Cudi)
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[Glitch/Dubstep] Pretty Lights – So Bright

Derek Vincent Smith AKA Pretty Lights needs no introduction. Known for his signature hip-hop soul infused dubstep and glitch-hop tunes, Pretty Lights has without a doubt forged his role as one of the most dominant figures in all of EDM. Today, Pretty Lights released his latest effort “So Bright”. “So Bright” is reminescient of some of Smith’s older material featuring ominous deep bass, infectious piano melodies, and expertly selected vocal sampling. Soon after this tracks release Derek stated on Facebook that he was not intending to release this track before the release of his forthcoming album. As a result of the track leaking, Pretty Lights has stayed true to his belief that all his music should be available for free so definitely give this song a listen, snag a free download and if you’re a fan make sure to hop over and support PL on Beatport. Enjoy.

“So Bright” is out now on Beatport via Pretty Lights Music.

Pretty Lights
So Bright (Original Mix)
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Ellie Goulding – Some Nights (fun. cover, radio rip)

While on BBC’s Radio 1 this morning, the endlessly talented Ellie Goulding covered fun.’s hit “Some Nights”. By adding her wonderfully distinct and airy vocals, she’s made the already anthemic single more uplifting, graceful, and unsurprisingly, has turned it into a very interesting rendition. It’s not the most polished, obviously, given that it was done live, but still a must listen! Check out the radio rip below.

Ellie Goulding
Some Nights by Fun (BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge)

via Prefix

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (October 2012 Round #1)

Change is in the air as the transition from the hot and sweaty Summer to the cool and crisp Fall begins. And as much as we like to keep the Indie Dojo constant, every Tuesday comes a list of songs that are hand picked from previous days of searching the interwebs, we are going to roll with the leaves and try a little change ourselves. Although searching for songs to grace your loyal ears is one of the most rewarding hobbies around, it feels as if there are a million katrillion more wonderful songs we might be missing out on. So here’s the change a coming. If you think you or someone else has got the last puzzle piece to complete a week of the indie/folk theme of the Dojo, send it on over to allegra@themusicninja(dot)com and it will be auditioned for the part. The only condition is, there will be no promises your submissions will make it in. Think of it as a game of sharing with no expectations. Just a little change for the greater good of amazing, unheard music.

Download Zip: Indie Dojo [Mediafire]

Night Panther
Mind Enterprises
Summer War
The Sea and Cake
Gardens & Villas
Orange Blossom
Tu Fawning
To Kill A King




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[Massive] Kill The Noise & Feed Me – Thumbs Up (For Rock And Roll)

Did someone say Kill The Noise and Feed Me on the same track? Why make insane tunes by yourself when you can just team up with one of the other biggest names in the game. This is a collab for the record books featuring a hilarious sample from a little boy giving us speech to get you fired up for some brain scrambling filth from these two A-Listers. Both of their sounds complement each other perfectly delivering an extremely satisfying mix. The melody they use in the transitions is nothing short of amazing with monstrous synth work that grab you throughout the entire song. Turn this one up and enjoy this collab from these two bass gods. Cheers.

Kill The Noise & Feed Me
Thumbs Up (For Rock & Roll)
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