Owl Eyes
Closure (Giraffage Remix)

Again, the San Francisco producer Giraffage lays his remix magic, this time on Owl Eyes’ original “Closure”, twisting, flipping and slooooowing down … Continue reading »

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[New] Jessie Ware – Love…Thy Will Be Done


Rising British songstress Jessie Ware takes listeners back in time with her latest single “Love…Thy Will Be Done”. The throwback track is a modern re-make of Martika‘s early 90′s hit of the same name (co-written by Prince). Driven by a subtle beat of synth rhythms, light guitars, and soft drums, this smooth tune allows the singer/songwriter to showcase the range of her vocal abilities. What could easily be mistaken as a “best of the 80s/90′s” romance tune, is given a new life with Ware’s impressively soothing vocals. Fans can hear more of her music on her excellent debut album, Devotion.

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[NEW] The xx – Together (from The Great Gatsby)

The xx

While I sometimes find myself shying away from those gaudy, hyper-active commercials for the revamped 2013 version of The Great Gatsby, there’s no denying that the film’s got a super hot, Grade-A soundtrack. We’ve already heard Florence and the Machine’s “Over The Love”, Lana Del Rey’s “Young & Beautiful”, and Nero’s “Into The Past”. Now, the latest track to surface from the OST is this bone-chilling, slow-thumper “Together” by The xx, maestros of haunting subtlety. If you know what Fitzgerald’s story is all about, you’ll know this song is perfect for it. Stream The xx’s “Together”.

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[NEW] Kelis – Call on Me


It has been sometime since we heard some new material from the eccentric artist Kelis, but today she breaks her musical silence and drops her latest single titled “Call on Me”. After a brief romance with electronic and heavy synth beats on her last album, Fleshtone, the talented singer experiments with a more organic sound on the TV on the Radio’s Dave Sitek’s production. With some funky rhythms, horn and drum driven beat, Kelis brings some old school feel with a modern touch. Her melodic but varying vocals find a home on this smooth beat. Not known whether this is going to be the lead single of any upcoming effort, but take a listen to the upbeat track below.

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baby alpaca - sea of dreams
Baby Alpaca
Sea of Dreams

Baby Alpaca — yes, cue those fawning “aww’s” — is a new, New York based group led by singer-songwriter Chris Kittrell. “Sea … Continue reading »

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Drake & Beyonce
We All Love Beyonce (A JAYBeatz Mashup)

After the drop of Drake‘s infectious tune “Girls Love Beyonce”, DJ JAYBeatz took the time out to put his remix expertise on the new track. … Continue reading »

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[Awesome] Crystal Fighters – You & I

Crystal Fighters
Crystal Fighters
You & I

With an (oh so) feel good blend of earth-toned acoustic instruments and flashy, fun sweeping pop on “You & I”, the UK’s Crystal Fighters continue to build up the anticipation for their new album, Cave Rave, due out this May. Just try to wiggle out of the grips of its charming chorus or that pretty, all-consuming little breakdown towards the end. Listen above and be sure to peep its newly released music video here.

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