Sunday Night Soul [Vol. 6]


Hope your chestnuts are roasting over an open fire, because tis the season to be soulful (or something to that effect). Here at The Music Ninja, we’ve really gotten into the spirit of the Holidays. While none of these tracks are explicitly Christmas themed, we believe we have the right mix here to keep your spirits up and your hearts warm. From remixes of classics by Alicia Keys, Lloyd, and Drake, to new melodies by artists like Tom MischThe Internet, Blackbear, T. Mills, and Py, there’s enough stocking stuffers here to keep everyone in the family happy. So gather around the tree, take a seat in a comfy pair of pajamas, and hold that mistletoe steady, because we hope this edition of Sunday Night Soul is one of the best gifts you unwrap all week (we think Santa would be very proud.)

Tom and Laura Misch
The Internet ft. NickyDavey
Terrace Martin
Hey You! (Feat. Preston)
Ruth Koleva
What Am I Supposed To
Zara McFarlane
Open Heart
Michael Carreon . Joyce Wrice
I Like It
K.Raydio & Psymun
Reva DeVito
Sweetest Taboo
Victoria Brooke
Anywhere (Produced by J1K)
T. Mills
Coldest Winter ft. BLACKBEAR
Your New Girl
Travis Garland
Let Me Show You
Tipping Point (featuring Echo)
Swimming Slow
Flash Light feat Oddisee
Miami Vice (ft. Freddie Jackson)
True Love From The Future
Virgo ft. Shay Lia (Jarreau Vandal Rework)
WhateverUNeed (ft. JBird)
Get It Shawty / Professa Remix
Alicia Keys
UDntKnwMyNme (RJ Tripps Remix)
Alicia Keys + Sango
Rihanna vs. Daft Punk
Stay In The Horizon (Carlos Serrano Mix)
Drake x Jhené Aiko
From Time (Full Crate Remix)
Chloe Martini
Temptation (Khadisma Remix)
Hesitant Oath
(Re)Fixing Bad Habits
Overdose (Dave Luxe Remix)
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[Jazz] Jaze Baqti – Without A Word

Day 02 : Jaze Baqti
Without A Word (Free Download)

We rarely feature jazz here on TMN, but after hearing Jaze Baqti’s “Without a Word,” we might have to start seeking more out. This Auckland based producer is best known for his hip hop production, but today we’re presenting his latest tune, which is heavily rooted in classic jazz stylings.

Draped over a sexy hip hop beat, this tune will take you straight into a smokey Chicago club circa 1940. With understated percussions, a reptitious piano melody and frenetic bouts of trumpeting, this is an easy one to get lost in. We suggest you pour yourself a rocks glass of whisky, and really soak this one in.

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[Groovy] Busta Rhymes – Dangerous (Primat Remix)

Day 00 : Busta Rhymes
Dangerous (Primat Remix) (Free Download)

Just last month, French producer Primat dropped a unique remix, and we’re just now stumbling across it. Kicking ourselves over missing this change of pace interpretation of Busta’s “Dangerous,” this remix is groovy, simplistic and makes you want to press play again and again.

The playful, dialed back nature fits impeccably with Busta’s quick fire flow, providing us with a really addicting tune.

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[Aww Yeah ] Juan Cristobal – Coconuts, Palm Trees & Bikinis

Day 22 : Juan Cristobal
Coconuts, Palm Trees & Bikinis

Mele Kalikimaka, ninjas! The purveyor of tasty island inspired, down-tempo beats has just served up another warm weather stunner to take you away from your snowy surroundings.

Juan Cristobal continues to develop his knack for making sexy tunes, packed with tropical tones and slow, rolling basslines. Grab a bottle of suntan lotion, some rum and head for the beach. If you don’t have a beach, your neighbors hot tub will have to do.

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[Goodness] Lonely Child – Tuesday

Lonely Child

As we wind down the week before Christmas, we’re all looking for a way to escape the madness. The holidays have seemingly become a whirlwind of mass consumerism, driving each of us to kill ourselves trying to find the perfect gift, or squeeze in time for those we may have not have spent that much time with over the course of the year. In the hectic nature of the season, it’s a real treat to kick back and listen to the message that Lonely Child is sending our way.

This one man recording act has a delightfully orchestrated tune in “Tuesday,” which urges to fall back on the ones we love in times of stress. The soothing messages are coupled with his reassuring tone, wavering in and out of clicking percussions, enticing guitar riffs and haunting synths.

This track is the second in his five track EP, which is being distributed in an interesting way. Check out what Bryan Ray (Lonely Child) had to say about it:

The Monday EP is a 5 song EP that you have just subscribed to. Your subscription gets you each album track and its instrumental version two weeks before the public release date. The coolest part is that you get to hear the album as I make it, knowing that while you wait for the next track, I’m working tirelessly to write and produce the best music I can to make I’m proud of and that you’re a part of.
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[Folk] Oh Hellos – Family Christmas Album


It’s that time of year. For the past month we’ve been barraged with the likes of Bing Crosby, Andy Williams, Dean Martin and all of the rest of those iconic Christmas crooners. The classics have their place in infamy, solidifying themselves in Christmas lore from the day they were released till the end of time.

While we will always appreciate these, and admittedly just listened to the “A Charlie Brown Christmas” soundtrack, we love when people add in a little modern flare to these timeless tunes. That’s exactly what we’re highlighting today, spreading the Christmas cheer by serving up four new tunes from the Oh Hellos.

With a folk driven interpretation, this Texas based indie outfit have covered some solid holiday songs. The EP, which just dropped a few days ago, features “Begin and Never Cease,” “Silent Night, Holy Night,” “Every Bell on Earth Will Ring,” and “Rejoice! Rejoice!”

Whether you’re sick of the holiday tunes or not, these are well put together, overflowing with twangy folk goodness. So, get in the holiday spirit. Invite some friends or family over for dinner, throw this EP on and have a happy holiday.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, ninjas. We wish you and your families good health, wellness and joy.

The Oh Hellos Family Christmas Album
Rejoice! Rejoice!
The Oh Hellos Family Christmas Album
Begin and Never Cease
The Oh Hellos Family Christmas Album
Silent Night, Holy Night
The Oh Hellos Family Christmas Album
Every Bell On Earth Will Ring
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[Trap] Lunice – Steady Flexin

Steady Flexin

While EDM Trap has become increasingly saturated in 2013, artists like Lunice, of the pioneering duo TNGHT, continue to display the genre’s potential to bridge the gap between electronic music and hip-hop. The latest track from the Montreal-based producer, “Stay Flexin,” serves as a prime example of this synergy with its uniquely hard-hitting 808 percussion that begs for emcee accompaniment–a ScHoolboy Q verse would fit perfectly. This gem is part of LuckyMe’s advent calendar, which offers free downloads for every day of this month.  Peep above and, if you’re up for it, give a quick freestyle a try!

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