[NEW] Chance The Rapper – Save Yourself First

Chance The Rapper
Save Yourself First (Social Experiment original vs.)

Chance The Rapper and James Blake surprised us all last year when they teamed up for a hip-hop infused remix of Blake’s “Life Round Here.”  Now that the pair are rooming together, the Windy City native has decided to release the verse that didn’t make the final cut. This version is far more subdued than the one that first saw the light of day, and plays closer to the tone of the Overgrown original. While the uptempo nature of the previous remix almost made it sound like a celebration of life, this tune is far more heartfelt and reflective, allowing Chance to show off his vocal chops and really dig deeper into what life around the streets of Chicago really means to him.

Chances are this won’t be featured on any projects in the near future, but given the frenzy with which the young emcee has returned in the last few weeks, you’ve gotta think an announcement of some sort is on its way soon.

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[Hip-Hop] The Underachievers – Incandescent (Prod. Ryan Hemsworth)

The Underachievers

The Underachievers break their recent mute 2014 status with a dope new track for our listening enjoyment. The Ryan Hemsworth-produced single “Incandescent” is something a little different from their previous body of work. The rap duo make their return to the webs with a dark, moody vibe and gritty, menacing lyrics to match. Paired with some heavy drum work and harsh keys, the underground crew try to come hard with this new sound. Signed to Flying Lotus‘ Brainfeeder imprint, you can expect the Brooklyn group’s debut album, Cellar Door: Terminus Ut Exordium, later this year.

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Stafford Brothers and CID – SomethingBig 58 + $500 Prize Pack Giveaway!

#058: TheMusicNinja.com presents #SomethingBIG
Stafford Brothers & CID

We’d be stoked enough to bring you an exclusive look at the latest episode of the Stafford Brother’s weekly show, Something Big, especially after having already premiered an episode last year. This time around though, this Gold Coast based brotherly duo have coupled in a massive giveaway, providing fans with the chance to win a pair of SOL REPUBLIC headphones and a membership to the Stafford Brothers very own online DJ Master Course, valued at $500!

So, before you hit that play button and enjoy those fifteen monster tracks brought to you from Stafford Brothers and CID, make sure you enter for your chance to win. Winner will be contacted via email on the day after the contest ends.

Disclaimer: The prize pack of SOL Headphones and the DJ Master Course is valued at $500. It is not a cash offer, nor can you choose a cash offer instead. :)

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[Indie/Pop/Folk] Zella Day – 1965

Zella Day

Arizona native artist Zella Day released ‘1965’ yesterday, the B-side of her forthcoming debut 7” to be released April 7th.

It is safe to say, this indie pop artist with a twist of influences from her Western life is quickly becoming one of my favorite new artists. Her almost electronic melodies mixed with her intense and captivating vocals is a collaboration like none other. Then put in the story her lyrics tell in a matter-of-fact manner and magic happens. Her ‘1965’ is a beautiful tale of love and of a world that two people once had with one another, as Day puts it, “…cut like diamonds we were made to last”. And last Day will, she has taken inspiration from artists such as Elvis Presley and Bob Dylan to find a voice and sound all of her own, assembled with her Western upbringing, Day will entice all who listen.

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[True Beauty] The Night VI – Sienna

The Night

The first line to the song really says it all, “I hope you are happier with Sienna”, and from there, The Night VI tell the tale of watching someone you loved love someone else. VI is a wonderful six-piece group of male and female artists who bring vocals and instrumentals to a level of pure elegance with a twist of reality. When asked about their new single, ‘Sienna’, the group says that the song came about when a member of their troop came to a writing session one Monday morning telling about meeting his new girlfriend’s ex the evening before and how the encounter went sour quickly. The whole band got thinking then about their own past relationships, especially ones in which they had been left, and patched together this simply stunning song.

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[Indie] Sharon Van Etten – Taking Chances

Sharon Van Etten
Taking Chances


Smooth, mellow, and everything seductive is the way I would describe Sharon Van Etten’s new track ‘Taking Chances’. The song off her upcoming album ‘Are We There Yet?’ out May 27th, Van Etten offers us a relaxed look into her music. The song carries piano, drums, and a little guitar that intertwine with her voice to provide a magical story of love and taking chances on it all. Van Etten’s voice is soft and strong with a bit of darkness behind her singing. A beautiful song to play while sipping on a cup of coffee welcoming these fresh spring days.

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[Deep House] Pete Tha Zouk & Mitch lj – Monsoon (Rashid Ajami Remix)

Pete Tha Zouk - Monsoon (Rashid Ajami Remix)
Pete Tha Zouk & Mitch lj
Monsoon (Rashid Ajami Remix)

The day after St. Patrick’s Day – or as I like to call it St. “Drink All Day” – is always going to be a fuzzy night we almost never remember. However, the hangover that follows the next day is just enough to remind you of the consequences of drinking one too many Irish Car Bombs. Well, you’re in luck because we have the perfect tune from Rashid Ajami to remedy your pounding head.

Ajami takes us one level deeper with his rendition of Pete Tha Zouk & Mitch Ij’s track, “Monsoon.  As soon as it starts, you immediately transcend into a trance-like state of mind that only intensifies as the layers become heavier and the synths become creamier. The melancholic melodies resonate a certain level of depth and darkness in which you are thrown into an involuntary state of introspection. Ajami transforms this song into an enchanting, exotic, and elegant form of art. Not only does this deep house track have a tropical vibe going on, but the accompanied video is equally as enticing. Watch as the colors blend with the beautiful beats and let your mind cure itself of that gnarly hangover.

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