[Snippet] Chuckie & Junxterjack – Make Some Noise

It is about time Chuckie shows some light at the end of the tunnel. For way too long this tune tune has only been dropped live so, Chuckie and Junxterjack, thank you for sharing this little teaser. “Make Some Noise” starts off with some grimey and insane Electro, featuring some anthem-worthy samples. The drop is similar to other dance floor anthems such as “Atom” and “Epic” with a hard hitting bass line that is unreal live. Two minutes is barely enough but should hold you over for now. Cheers.

Chuckie & Junxterjack
Make Some Noise (Snippet)

Release date is October 22nd via Big Beat.

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[Experimental] Rockwell feat. Kito & Sam Frank – Childhood Memories (Original Mix)

Ahh, experimental.. No rules, no boundaries; the listener is entirely at the mercy of the artist’s wildest imaginations.

Straying far from the comfort of his usual DnB trademark, London-based producer Thomas Green, aka Rockwell, drops down to head-turning 85-beats-per-minute with his latest masterpiece, “Childhood Memories”. Featuring talents from fellow UK producer, Kito and vocalist Sam Frank, the track is a nonstop flow of hard, head bobbin’ kicks, intricate synth alchemy, and beautifully atmospheric vocals – a product of experimentation at its best.

Rockwell’s “Childhood Memories” feat. Kito and Sam Frank is out now and is available for purchase on iTunes. I beg you – do have a listen.

Rockwell ft. Kito & Sam Frank
Childhood Memories *CLIP*

Check out the music video, too.

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[Indie] Kyla La Grange – Vampire Smile

kyla la grange vampire smile

We’ve been loving rising British indie star Kyla La Grange’s record Ashes ever since it dropped, so we thought we’d share one of our favourite tracks from the album, the beautiful “Vampire Smile”. As with most of her tracks, “Vampire Smile” centres on Kyla’s smoky yet powerful vocals, allowing her to create a sultry vibe against the fairly simple guitar accompaniment. With intense lyrics delivered to a wrongful lover, it has everything you’d expect from Kyla and more. Stream this below and also catch the Atatika remix of “To Be Torn”.

Kyla La Grange
Vampire Smile
Kyla La Grange
To Be Torn (Atatika Remix)
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[Electronica] AlunaGeorge – Your Drums, Your Love (Friendly Fires Remix)


Indie darlings AlunaGeorge have captured the underground’s hearts with their quietly sensual indie-electro, and now our favourite party boys Friendly Fires have got in on the act to remix them. The St. Albans trio have given AlunaGeorge’s new single “Your Drums, Your Love” a tropical-infused reworking that dials it down a notch and adds an intimate vibe – think lying on a beach at sunset, holding your new crush’s hand, with the waves breaking at your feet. One to celebrate the end of summer, stream the remix below. The original mix of “Your Drums, Your Love” officially drops October 15.

Your Drums, Your Love (Friendly Fires Remix)
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[MP3 Playlist] The Chill Dojo #5

Tired? Stressed? 9 out of 10 doctors recommend The Chill Dojo as the most effective drug-free cure for whatever plagues you this Sunday. The 10th doctor suggested we buy some of the home-made herbal remedy he has growing in his basement, but we wouldn’t trust it. What you can count on though is this week’s selection of good vibrations guaranteed to keep it chill once again.

Kicking off this week is some magic chillstep from Rameses B, meshing together the gorgeous vocals of Zoë Philips with hypnotic basslines and melodies to create something that is impossible not to fall in love with. With submissions recently opening up for Flume’s ‘Sleepless’ Remix Contest, LA producers Vindata have thrown their hat in the ring with a slowed down version of the mellow original which infuses it with some extra bass and trap beats. Speaking of trap, after consistent features in the weekly trap dojo, prodigy ∆lex Young makes his debut here with something different to his usual style, but perfectly suited to this Sunday playlist. This chill dojo also features some other notable names in the trap scene, with Bauuer and SWEATER BEATS putting their mellow side on display. We conclude things this week with a unique spin on “Make It Bun Dem,” with Dreadsquad cutting through the oversaturation of filthy bass-loaded remixes using live instruments and an infectious reggae vibe, which in hindsight, was always the perfect direction to take the original.

This is the prescription to get you through this week so make sure to take regular doses when required. Peace out.

Zoë Phillips
Boat (Rameses B Remix) (FREE)
Sleepless feat. Jezzabell Doran (Vindata Remix)
▲lex Young
Winter Is All Over You (Baauer Remix).mp3
Southern Nights
Adorn (Sammy Bananas Adlib Dub)
Satin Jackets, Natalie Conway
One More Chance (Original Mix).mp3
Happy (Skreams Wayfarer Remix).mp3
Skrillex & Damian Marley
Make it bun dem (Dreadsquad remix) FREE DOWNLOAD
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[Pop] Lisa Mitchell – Bless This Mess

Lisa Mitchell bless this mess

Australian singer-songwriter Lisa Mitchell is all set to drop her new record next month, so to get you excited we present the title track “Bless This Mess”. Taking some uplifting pop instrumentals and heartfelt lyrics and turning them into chart-topping smash hits is no mean feat, but Mitchell makes it sound so easy on this track. Nice though the song may be, it’s Mitchell’s feather-light vocals which transform “Bless This Mess” into a soaring beauty that will fill you with joy. Definitely one for fans of upbeat female-fronted pop, the album Bless This Mess is out on October 12.

Lisa Mitchell
Bless This Mess
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[Electro-Soul] Rhye – The Fall

“Ooh, make love to me, one more time before you go away.” And with just the first sentence, Rhye has already put a spell on us. The jazzy and soulful “The Fall” is the perfect late night soundtrack for seduction, especially with the silky Sade-like vocals that flow effortlessly like a hillside stream and seem to melt the minute they hit your ears. The track’s general tone, including the soft looping piano and subtle drum machine beats, somewhat remind of the ambient chill of Thom Yorke‘s Eraser and the enticing pop balladry of Jessie Ware‘s Devotion. Below check out “The Fall” and another stunner “Open,” that I could not stop listening to when it was first released earlier in the year.

“The Fall” is part of an EP of the same name scheduled to drop October 9th via Innovative Leisure/Seven Four.

The Fall

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