[House] Dragon and Jontron ft. Lea Luna – Loud and Proud

Dragon & Jontron ft Lea Luna
Loud & Proud (PREVIEW)

You have to give it to Lea Luna. She continues to prove time and time again that she knows how to craft party inducing lyrics that carry perfectly over big buzzing beats. We especially love the underlying “Mile High” messaging, as Lea is originally from there, as well as Dragon and Jontron.

“Loud and Proud” is the latest release from this collaboration. In true D&J fashion, it boasts a slow melodic build that let Lea’s vocals really shine. The drop is a big, bass-laden electro house dance floor killer that is smooth yet aggressive. Another familiar face shows up in this joint effort, which is Denver based music videographers, Blurred Pictures. Their crew was once again slated to put the visuals to this monstrous track. They chose the stage at Skylab 2012 this time around, and if you watch carefully, you may catch a ninja in there. Keep your eyes peeled at 2:40. Ha!

Head over to Beatport and grab a copy of “Loud and Proud” out now via Black Hole.

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[Hip-Hop] Casey Veggies – Young Niggas ft Juicy J


Underground phenom Casey Veggies comes through this week with a new head banging, street-single titled “Young Niggas”. The new tune sounds very raw and Veggies takes to the mic to rep for the young generation on their grind. Teaming up with Juicy J for a tight verse and strong hook, the 19 year-old Odd Future affiliate delivers over this Futuristik‘s produced beat. Take a listen to the free track below.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (April 2013 Round #5)

When you are down in the dumps, music can be the perfect amount of motivation you need to get right back up to solid ground . And sometimes, if you decide to stew in your own misery and turn on the “broken hearts club” playlist, it can drag you down right along with it. Funny how strong of a hold it has on us. We are basically putty in the hands of music. So whether you are having a good day or a shitastic one, let the indie dojo be your motivational speaker for the next 20 minutes. This particular list just happens to have a PowerPoint of positive vibes all prepared and ready to go….

You and I
Bronze Radio Return
Further On
Timid, the Brave
The Riverside
Times Goin
Owen Steel et al
Twig Eater
The Green Apple Sea
Please Slow Down
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[NEW] J. Cole – Cole Summer

Cole Summer
J. Cole
Cole Summer

With J. Cole‘s sophomore effort, Born Sinner, hitting shelves on June 25th, fans have been itching for a taste of the new album. While Cole assures us this new freebie isn’t a preview of what to expect from the record, it’s still a pleasant surprise nonetheless. “Cole Summer” serves as a vehicle for J. Cole to reflect about his life and his spot in the game. It’s nearly five minutes of pure stream of consciousness rap over a chopped up sample of Lauryn Hill‘s “Nothing Even Matters.” No chorus. No hook. No bullshit. Grab the free download, and stay tuned for more music from Cole before his album drops.

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[Indie Rock] SWIM DEEP – Simmer


Dreamy Birmingham indie rock quartet SWIM DEEP is back with another absolutely gorgeous tune to get you prepped and ready for summer. This time around we’re bringing you “Simmer” which is the b-side to “She Changes The Weather’” (13th May Chess Club / RCA). Make sure to pick this up when it’s released. It’s sure to get a spot in the regular rotation.

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[Album Review] EELS – Wonderful, Glorious

EELS is certainly not a new comer to the music scene. E’s (the lead singer) been prolifically cranking out gravely voiced, angst driven tunes for over two decades and now EELS has a nice fat double album for us!  The effort is extremely enjoyable and accessible: the rock tunes are catchy and slower songs stirring. Best of all, whether you’ve been a fan of EELS since the 90’s or if you’re just discovering them for the first time (admittedly, in the case of this reviewer), you’ll enjoy this bluesy, crunchy, effective album from a seasoned band.

The album begins with the track “Bombs Away,” a gritty little track that launches with some top shelf drumming and a scratchy electric guitar as E growls a decidedly fed up lyrical message. Like the majority of the album, “Bombs Away” is immediately contagious and will stay with you as you walk out of your car and into work. “Peach Blossom” offers an interesting change up, beginning with some stomping percussion and distorted guitar that breaks periodically for strange but effective interludes of guitar and keyboards. It’s a fun, upbeat song. Finally, “On the Ropes” shows off E’s knack for songwriting, providing the listener with a folksy, simple and lyrically eloquent tune.

The back half of the album warrants its own review (the double album is a total of 26 songs) and contains some pretty impressive live music. The entire effort is worth the download. Listen to a few tracks here–

Peach Blossom
New Alphabet
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[Electronic] Danny Darko & Dionne Lightwood – Visible

Danny Darko & Dionne Lightwood

Start watching this new video by Italian electric artist and record producer Danny Darko and you will immediately get chills. This beautiful song has the vocals of the talented Dionne Lightwood sung overtop of Darko’s amazing musical mix. The song begins with a violin melody, haunting yet inviting to the listener as Lightwood’s echoing lyrics slowly carry into the song. Then, Darko takes control of the instrumentals in this piece, adding in electronic beats, piano and drums before taking the song for its first drop at :54. The song continues with a layering of Lightwood’s captivating voice with the mix of Darko’s undeniable ear for electronic music. This video tells the story that many of us know; we just want to be visible to the one person who we feel invisible to. The video has some beautiful outdoor imagery with the final minute of the song escalading to Darko disappearing before Lightwood’s eyes. Darko is a newcomer to the electric scene but his ear for mixing musical instruments and electric sounds is sure to make him visible in the electric music world.

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