[TMN PREMIERE] Cazzette – Sleepless (Young Bombs Remix)

Sleepless (Young Bombs Remix)

Ok first things first, ninjas, we need you to go hop in a time machine and set the dial to 2011 because you’re about to take a trip back to a time where Tiesto once made us shed tears of pure progressive feels. We don’t know about you, but we remember when we used to PLUR out before it was the “cool” thing to do. You can just call us the hipsters of dance music.

It appears to us that the emotive value of progressive house has somewhat fallen off the radar over the years. With a surge of new genres making their way to the forefront of electronic music, it’s easy to pinpoint why some categories fade out. Well ninjas, we want to bring you back to those unforgettable moments where the music just seemed to understand you more than anyone else around you. You can’t tell us you’ve never once in your life said “wow – this song just gets me. I don’t think anyone knows how this song makes me feel.” Guilty.

We here at TMN are happy to bring those oh so familiar misunderstood feelings back with the latest progressive feeler from Canadian duo, Young Bombs. Today, Canada’s brightest are unleashing their latest remix of the popular Cazette song, “Sleepless” in which they  “mashed a few genres together including big room, indie, deep house [as well as] some tropical textures to capture a happy, summer feeling.” From the very beginning we are introduced with a cheerful synth melody that intricately progresses into a cry-worthy breakdown full of enough emotion to make that one meathead at the gym take a moment to collect himself. We guarantee you will go on a progressive house binge after hearing this gem so get your free download and add it to the list of songs that make you feel some type of way.

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[Tropical House] Wet – Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl (Thero Remix)

Wet - Don't Wanna Be Your Girl (Thero Remix)
Don't Wanna Be Your Girl (Thero Remix)

Following the release of his Noosa remix, Floridian producer Thero came out with a remix of this Wet’s tune titled “Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl”. Looking to set off this tropical house craze even more, Thero is definitely one of the front runners in the genre.

The synths are consonant with the original song and they always bring a smile to your face. It’s so pleasurable to listen to, you can imagine it being used in a Donkey Kong video game, or played at a Hawaiian beach restaurant. Similar to most of his other mixes, Thero always seals the deal with that killer saxophone sample throughout the song and leaving you in infatuation. The bar is set pretty high in the revival movement of tropical music, soon enough he’ll be mentioned together with names like Kygo and Klingande. Needless to say, Thero is an exciting artist to watch for.

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[Summer] The Knocks – Classic (RAC Mix)

The Knocks
Classic (RAC Mix)

Well the internet is about to explode because The Knocks just put out their latest remix of RAC’s Summery tune, “Cheap Sunglasses” featuring the lovely vocals of Matthew Komawhich we literally just posted not too long ago. However, to make matters worse (and we mean that in a good way), RAC just dropped his remix for The Knocks’ latest jam, “Classic” featuring Powers. Ninja Clayton and I came up with the theory that these two artists came together and said, “”hey, let’s remix each other’s songs, release them one after another, and see how much the internet freaks out.” Well ninjas, their plan of taking over the internet is in full force and we’re just here waiting for SoundCloud to shut down so we can go make some popcorn and watch our social media timelines freak out.

Now that the pandemonium has been unleashed, we can share our thoughts on the latest RAC remix and praise these artists for being neat as hell. Recently, The Knocks released their newest song with Powers, titled “Classic” to which everyone was out buying apple pie and singin’ to their baes each and every day. Honing down on his ability to throw in his oh-so-calssic RAC guitar riffs, the master of remixes takes us to new heights with this stunning number. We can’t help but feel all warm and fuzzy inside and we hope you do to.

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[Dance] RAC – Cheap Sunglasses Ft. Matthew Koma (The Knocks Remix)

Cheap Sunglasses Ft. Matthew Koma (The Knocks Remix)

Earlier this year, we witnessed what would become one of our favorite songs for the summer. With Matthew Koma’s distinctive vocals laid over a light, playful, and understated bassline, RAC brought us something that’s graced our cars, pool parties and BBQs over the past few months. In all honesty, it had such a regular spot in the rotation, that we were starting to get a little tired of it. No offense to RAC or Matthew Koma, but we all know how those things go.

In a fortuitous turn of events, another one of our favorite artists released their take on this hit minutes ago. That’s right, we said minutes.

Taking it out of the backyards, NYC duo The Knocks, have brought this tune to the club, putting Koma’s vocals to a darker and slightly aggressive bassline. Elements of the original melody are apparent, but take a back seat in comparison to the bassline. With heavy attention on the kicks, we’re offered up something that would be perfect for the dance floor, which is sure to happen this weekend.

If you need a new take on one of your favorites, we’ve consistently found that The Knocks never disappoint. From HAIM to The 1975, these guys have always impressed us, and this track furthers that adoration even more.

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[Deep House] Cyril Hahn – Open ft. Ryan Ashley

Cyril Hahn
Open ft. Ryan Ashley

This weekend Canada’s Cyril Hahn will wrap up his five-city She’s Different tour, just in time to prepare for the big unveiling of Voices, his forthcoming EP. While the official release date has not yet been announced, not all hope is lost. Our day has been made with the news that Hahn has shared another single off the EP via SoundCloud.

A month ago we saw the release of “Slow” featuring Rochelle Jordan, and now we’re gifted with “Open” featuring Ryan Ashley. “Open” pulls from deep house influences, resulting in an expertly crafted track that is both complex and emotionally invoking. Hahn’s signature sound breathes fervor into “Open,” and we’re extremely pleased with the silky smooth single. “Open” will be featured on Voices, which will be out soon on PMR Records.

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[Indie] Hurry Death – Goodbye, Lyla Garrity

Hurry Death
Goodbye, Lyla Garrity

Remember being demurely distressed? Standing alone somewhere, pining for a love lost or after a cake when the cake shop shut. Imagining if your life were to take film form for a moment, a sad-scape would creep into the backdrop and pathetic fallacy would take it’s course. Fear not. Tuck your tears in. We have a soundtrack to accompany any morose moment. Hurry Death, an LA based and hard to categorize collective, have released an emotionally charged dream riddled record.

Understated and sentimental, “Goodbye, Lyla Garrity” is perfectly poignant. Whilst Hurry Death in it’s name may emit visions of thrashing metal mosh pits, by nature, the product couldn’t be more removed. Emotionally charged, but distilled amidst a dreamy motionless five minutes: Hurry Death have bottled sadness, then diluted it across a hazy accolade to heartbreak. The simmering, mournful sound will gently fizz it’s way into your bones. If ever a song so encompassed the loneliness of longing and the torturous dread of departure; we hadn’t heard it until now.

It’s not often such a simply stated sadness avoids the emo label so smoothly. But side stepping any cheesy traps, Hurry Death ensure that the scenery of farewell never sounded so nostalgic. I don’t know who Lyla Garrity is, but this is certainly a grabbing goodbye.

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Johnny Green – Oneiro feat. Mammals [TMN VIDEO PREMIERE]


Whether we want to admit this or not (which we are happily admitting), Australian music has come to point where their sound and productions are far beyond anything we can logically conceptualize. We have become fascinated with everything about their culture, their music, and their adorable accents. Whenever we receive something from down under, we cannot help but feel like a 6 year-old child in candy store – the excitement is that real.

Today we have a stunning video to share with all of you from Sydney producer, Johnny Green. We are so fortunate to have gotten this opportunity to premiere this video with all of you ninjas because our jaws dropped and our minds opened up as soon as we finished watching this original piece of art. Johnny Green takes us all on a visually seductive journey in his latest track, “Oneiro” (Greek word for ‘dream’), to which we shoot straight through the clouds and into an entirely different realm of the universe. After having been inspired by the aesthetically pleasing sights of Casa China Blanca in Punta de Mita, Mexico, Johnny immediately escaped from his reality and entered into his “Oneiro” only to return to earth with an artistic vision that led to the inspiration of this song and video. It is clear that the Sydney producer wants to take his music and his listeners to new elevations in this mind-melting, bone-chilling, aquatic masterpiece. With a stunning synth progression, a smooth organic percussion, and a haunting vocal from Mammals singer, Guy Brown, “Oneiro” is bound to send you all into state of celestial bliss.

“Oneiro” is out now on  DJ & producer, KatXX’s label Love F.A.M.E Records and can be purchased on Beatport as well!

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