[Electro Pop] Blackbird Blackbird – All

San Francisco-based Mikey Maramag, AKA Blackbird Blackbird, dubs his music “dreamy folktronica,” which oddly enough, is the perfect description. His latest single, “All,” is a slow-burning mesmerizer. His soft, soothing vocals accompanied by a faint, echoing guitar set a minimalistic tone from the start, reminiscent somewhat of The xx. But the beauty is in the details that Maramag sprinkles all across the track, especially towards the end when he really lets loose and gets creative: glimmering synths, tropical island vibes, choir-like chanting, and more. “All” is the gift that keeps on giving.

Check out the music video for “All” here. Blackbird Blackbird’s EP Boracay Planet comes out October 16th via Lavish Habits.

Blackbird Blackbird
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[Electronica] SNAKADAKTAL – Dance Bear (AMTRAC Remix)

Indie dream pop rocker’s SNAKADAKTAL, coming off their debut self titled EP, get a groovy remix of their track Dance Bear at the hands of the talented, multi-instrumentalist/producer AMTRAC. A student of pop sonic dance, AMTRAC adapts the piece into a smooth rendition heavily weighted on clipped and ambient vocals. The sound is entirely re-envisioned and suited for an audience in search of a serene and fluid experience. Best for a drive along a large body of water amidst warm and calming colours.

You can catch the best of AMTRAC at his Soundcloud and SNAKADAKTAL’s self titled EP via I OH YOU Records on itunes.



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[Remix] J. Cole x Major Lazer – Get Free ColeWorld

Exactly one year from the release of J. Cole‘s stellar debut album, Cole World: The Sideline Story, he gives us an absolutely awesome remix. I feel like I shouldn’t have to say much to convince you to check out Cole World and Major Lazer on the same track. The North Carolina representer throws some of his so-dope bars over his rendition of the incredibly chill Major Lazer hit, “Get Free.”  Enjoy this treat below and look out for J. Cole to take over this year.

J. Cole x Major Lazer
Get Free ColeWorld
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[Trap] Zatox & Nikkita – Poltergeist (Carnage Festival Trap Remix)

MUAHAHAHA hope your ready for some dark and eery Trap from Carnage. He tackles Zatox and Nikkita‘s track “Poltergiest” and completely transforms it into an anthem that could tear down entire cities if played loud enough. This track utilizes the vocals perfectly creating a terrifying atmosphere followed by ridiculous booming synths. Carnage has recently been pumping out some insane anthems remixing Afrojack‘s track “Annie’s Theme” and Hardwell’s track “Spaceman”. He has perfected the formula for massive Trap bangers, and I can’t wait to hear more like these. Cheers.

Zatox & Nikkita
Poltergeist (Carnage Festival Trap Remix)
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Lianne La Havas – Age (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)

After reworking Frank Ocean, Grimes, and more, in-demand remix genius Ryan Hemsworth is at it again, this time working his magic on a hot rising star: soulful English singer-songwriter Lianne La Havas. It’s true — combining two powerhouse talents can end in either a massive letdown or an epic success. But c’mon now…look who we are dealing with. This “Age” remix is sensual, twisting and addictive, a total winner through and through.

Lianne La Havas’ latest album is called Is Your Love Big Enough? and Ryan Hemsworth’s latest EP is called Last Words. Both are out now, so go get ‘em!

Lianne La Havas
Age (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)


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[Folk Pop] Siobhan Wilson – All Dressed Up

From start to finish “All Dressed Up” is an absolute charmer. But it’s the 24-year-old Scottish singer-songwriter Siobhan Wilson who really sells the folk-pop track. Amidst the simple but warm acoustic guitar, floats her lovely, angelic and sometimes breathy vocals. They are elegant, but teeming with a real, palpable sense of longing for the one she loves (but who sadly doesn’t feel the same). Who could possibly resist such a porcelain voice?

Siobhan Wilson’s latest EP is called Glorified Demons and you can purchase it on her Bandcamp page.

Siobhan Wilson
All Dressed Up
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[Groove] TLC – Unpretty (Follow Me Remix)

TLC, the legendary American R&B trio, may have often times been better acknowledged for their incendiary offstage reputation rather than their seemingly vapid attempts to produce music for the soul. Regardless, TLC forged themselves an infamous role in late 90’s R&B with countless chart-topping singles. Today, Follow Me, a dynamic duo hailing from New York City; have transformed TLC’s single “Unpretty” into a groovy soul-filled ballad. This track demonstrates Follow Me’s impressive ability to expertly add copious amounts of groove to a truly nostalgic song in order to create what they call “Midnight Memories”. If you’re a fan make sure to download this free track and show Follow Me some love on Facebook.

Unpretty (Follow Me Remix)
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